After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 076 MV Styling

Tao Mu hung up the phone and suddenly felt his heart become clear and open. Even the overcast and snowy weather outside the window had somewhat of a hint of brilliance.

Regardless of whether it was a person or a situation, in fact, they were all afraid of comparison. In the same horrible situation, during the previous life all the people scorned and abandoned him, but in this life most of the netizens were able to treat the situation sensibly and differently, and all his family and friends stood by his side to help him speak out without hesitation. So his frame of mind naturally became immediately different.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Tao Mu therefore felt that even if he had been miserable in his previous life, it didn’t matter any longer——he had experienced the most sinister human heart, the worst situations. Living life again, so long as there were people who could give him a little kindness when he met trouble, for him, it was like the first rain after a long drought. Like a traveler who had walked in darkness for many years suddenly seeing a little light that could illuminate the whole world.

“Smelly brat, are you at ease now?” Liu Yao snorted coldly, and put his warm and thick palm on Tao Mu’s head and rubbed it vigorously, directly rubbing Tao Mu’s hair into a mess: “Look at you, hiding in the bed and crying cat urine for such a trivial matter. Is that really necessary?”

With a messy head, Tao Mu asked in a muffled voice, “Xiao Qi Dad, Yao Dad, why do you believe me so?”

Tao Mu stretched out his hand and scratched his head, still a little unsure and asked: “In case I am really like what those people said, I was born bad to my bones, I was jealous that those two people treated their own child better than me, so deliberately committed baby abuse?”

“That’s also the fault of thay couple first. What can a five-year-old child know? Just throwing you back to the orphanage when they got a biological son, anyone with a working brain should know that these two people are not in the right. It’s just that they didn’t show up before. After all, it happened more than ten years ago. I would look petty if I flipped the old accounts for no reason. But since they dare to show up and make trouble, if I don’t teach them a lesson, they  will really think that my people can be bullied casually!”

Liu Yao snorted heavily, already thinking about how to make a fuss about the couple sending Tao Mu back to the orphanage. Don’t know if it was feasible to sue those two people for abandonment.

Liu Yao rubbed his chin, and suddenly remembered something: “It was Guo Yaning who called you just now? That female celebrity? What did she want with you?”

“Oh. I promised to help her shoot the MV for the new album. She just called and asked me when I could start filming.”

Liu Yao smiled, his anger turning into joy: “Count her as having good vision for knowing that you know these bells and whistles best. Then you must help her take a good video. If someone can take the initiative to ask you to shoot the MV at this time, you can trust them. Don’t be affected by these bad things.”

Meng Qi also smiled and said: “It’s good to go help a friend to shoot a MV and change your mood. Don’t worry about the bad people and bad things. After all, as long as you are alive, you will meet all kinds of people. Instead of wasting time being angry with these shameless, heartless people, it’s better to find a way to make yourself happy. By the way, when are you going to help her shoot the MV, your Yao Dad and I will drop you off.”

Tao Mu was about to refuse, but Liu Yao interrupted: “It’s decided. You didn’t sleep all night last night, and now you’re barely on your feet. It will be bad if something happens  while you drive yourself.”

Tao Mu was instantly speechless. He could only laugh and say, “I made an appointment with her. Just this morning, I will first meet in her studio.”

So Liu Yao drove his Grand Cherokee, and the co-pilot was as usual sitting Meng Qi, with their precious son in the back, taking Tao Mu all the way to the lobby of Guo Yaning’s studio.

When Tao Mu got out of the car, Meng Qi rolled down the car window, stuck his head out of the window, and shouted to Tao Mu: “Go straight back to the orphanage in the evening, your Yao Dad and I will also go over to pick up Grandpa Song. We will meet up in the orphanage in the evening to make dumplings. Da Mao, Xiao Pang, Gou Rixin and your friends from H Town will also be there. You can see if you want to call anyone else. Dean Tao said that the more the merrier.”

Tao Mu immediately understood why everyone did this. Nodding again and again: “…..I will definitely go back on time.”

Liu Yao and Meng Qi sat in the car and kept watch as Tao Mu entered the building. Liu Yao said in a deep voice, “That couple hadn’t been heard from for so many years. Suddenly jumping out at this juncture, it couldn’t be because of the Yao family’s money, could it?”

“Just ask someone to check it.” Meng Qi said, “If they really took bribe money, it will be easier to deal with.”

Tao Mu took the elevator directly to the top floor, Guo Yaning’s private studio.

Guo Yaning and her agent Zhou Fengxuan have been waiting in the VIP reception room for a long time.

Seeing Tao Mu coming in, Sister Xuan stood up and said with a smile, “Mr. Tao is really busy. We have been waiting so long the dishes have gone cold. You have finally taken the time in your busy schedule to come over, huh?”

Tao Mu heard this and said apologetically: “I’m really sorry, there have been too many things recently——”

“I’m joking.” Zhou Fengxuan chuckled before Tao Mu finished speaking, “I can see it. CEO Tao probably has the fire element in your fate, and therefore can make headlines and make a sensation at every turn. This luck is really impressive. It really makes one envious.”

Zhou Fengxuan pointed to Guo Yaning: “…..Every time, in order to get a headline, it costs me 1.8 million yuan. And this is not a guarantee that she will be in the headline. Even if she is in the headline, we can’t guarantee the effect of publicity. If our Ya Ning has even half the luck of CEO Tao, I will be able to wake up laughing.” Just how much money could be saved!

Tao Mu shook his head and smiled bitterly: “Sister Xuan, don’t tease me. I really don’t want to make headlines like this.”

“Isn’t it good if someone spends free money to let you make headlines?” Sister Xuan said seriously: “I want to persuade Mr. Tao, you have to think about it another way. This is obviously a slander of your reputation, but just a little maneuvering and it can have a good publicity effect. At that time, the more fiercely the netizens scold you, the more they will feel guilty after the truth is revealed. For us artists, such a large degree of attention and such a strong degree of discussion mean the same as real gold and silver. If Ya Ning was in your place, I would be so happy.”

Zhou Fengxuan was still the staunch supporter of the theory “I am not afraid of being scolded, I am afraid that no one is scolding”, “black red is also red, and red means making money”.

“As far as our Ya Ning is concerned, every time a new work is released, I have to spend money to win over two groups of reporters. One group praises Ya Ning while the other scolds her. When the heat gets up, then people will pay attention to her new movies or TV series.”

Zhou Fengxuan looked at Tao Mu with an expression of “you don’t even know your blessings”, and confessed to Tao Mu: “Same with Ya Ning releasing a new album in February. At first, no one paid attention. But didn’t Ya Ning ask Mr. Tao to help shoot the MV? Mr. Tao has been stirring up bloody wind and storms recently. You see, hasn’t the attention come up all at once?”

Zhou Fengxuan smiled and said, “This is the principle of one not having heat and therefore must rub off on other’s heat. So CEO Tao really doesn’t need to take it seriously. Now, how many of the people who praise you and those who scold you are really concerned about the matter itself? Most of them are just rubbing against the heat to increase their visibility. No more than three days, if there is more breaking news, they will definitely be chasing new hot spots. Who will still care about your old sesame seeds and rotten grains.”

It was just a five-year-old making a one-year-old cry. It was not like a five-year-old killed a one-year-old. If Zhou Fengxuan were to say something unkind, even if there was really hot news about a five-year-old kid killing a one-year-old kid, how many days would it even remain hot for?

Netizens were forgetful. They only cared about sensational news. Who had the time to ponder the old things that happened in everyday life?

A past event that Tao Mu was so concerned about was nothing more than a piece of conversation material for after-dinner talk in the eyes of others. Since it was a conversation topic, then like eating dinner and drinking alcohol, after digestion, it all turned into excrement to be flushed into the toilet the next day. Who could keep hold on it into the third day?

Although Zhou Fengxuan’s thoughts were a bit extreme, they successfully convinced Tao Mu.

Tao Mu nodded at Zhou Fengxuan, and said gratefully: “Thank you Sister Xuan for enlightening me, I have thought it through now.”

“Thank me for what. I just flapped my mouth. I’m a typical case of speaking while standing and not feeling a bit of pain at all.” Zhou Fengxuan said with a smile, “If I was in your place and was so judged by others and maliciously speculated by people who didn’t know me, having my nose pointed at while being scolded, I might be so angry that smoke will come out of my ears.”

“It’s good if Mr. Tao has brushed the matter aside. If you really want to thank me, then shoot a beautiful video for our Ya Ning. I have seen the video you shot of Ya Ning in H Town, it’s really great. I even have the heart to take that material to make Ya Ning’s MV.”

Guo Yaning, who had not spoken much, said with a smile: “Next, I will have to trouble CEO Tao.”

“Don’t call me Mr. Tao, just call me Tao Mu.” Tao Mu smiled and said, “Everyone is so familiar already. Always calling me CEO Tao or Mr. Tao, I’m too embarrassed.”

“Then I won’t be courteous.” Zhou Fengxuan said with a smile: “But Tao Mu, I have to give you a suggestion. You are also an actor from a professional acting school, you can’t be so easily embarrassed in the future.”

With the chat with Zhou Fengxuan, the atmosphere immediately became much more harmonious.

The several people went to the studio together. The lighting and scenery were already ready. Today they would be shooting the indoor part first.

Although Guo Yaning wanted to ask Tao Mu to help her shoot the MV, but considering Tao Mu’s lack of experience, she still didn’t dare to hand over the MVs to the new album’s main songs, as well as those MVs with strong styles and complicated plots, to Tao Mu for shooting.

The MV she asked Tao Mu to shoot could be said to be the simplest in the entire album. The name of the song was “First Love”. It told the story of a mature woman in her late thirties who accidentally ran into her first love boyfriend, and returned home and lamented the passing of time. There were also scenes of the heroine reminiscing about the past. Guo Yaning needed to sit in the classroom and sing in a school girl’s uniform.

Generally speaking, the plot was relatively simple.

The part Tao Mu was going to film today was the scene where the mature heroine, who was nearly 30 years old, returned home after seeing her first love boyfriend, while cooking and recalling the past.

The makeup artist painted Guo Yaning a very professional workplace makeup. The makeup style was a bit similar to the makeup looks of the heroines of various workplace TV dramas in the 1990s in Hong Kong, a particularly classic makeup. It was also very suitable for Guo Yaning’s face. The makeup was then paired with a classic OL suit with white shirt and black suit skirt. But how to say it, from the aesthetic point of view of Tao Mu who was from ten years in the future, this makeup and dress, which while classic enough and beautiful enough, was a bit dull and not fashionable enough, not stunning enough.

It seemed to no match with the MV shooting as well.

Tao Mu, who was particularly obsessive-compulsive, said immediately: “This style is not good. It doesn’t match the image of a mature white-collar lady in my imagination. I want to change your look.”

Tao Mu’s state after entering work was a bit ruthless. To be more precise, he was quibbling, stubborn, mulish, and possessed an uncontrollable perfectionist obsessive-compulsive disorder. This was also an important reason why he was able to break through the obstacles to gain a place in the entertainment circle despite being under the heavy pressure of Shen Yu’s admirers in his previous life.

The kind of muslish, powerful aura of “I have the only say” would directly affect the people who cooperated with him. Tao Mu simply quibbled with himself most of the time. For shots that were unsatisfactory to himself, he would ask the director to NG again and again, regardless of the shooting progress, until he was satisfied. Also pulling the actors in the crew together to NG with him.

So this was also an important reason why many actors in the same crew who had worked with him felt that Tao Mu was arrogant and domineering on the set.

After rebirth, Tao Mu had already tried his best to restrain his personality’s shortcomings, but sometimes he couldn’t bear it at all.

For example, if he didn’t agree to shoot Guo Yaning’s MV, then whatever. But since he agreed, he must shoot the best version of the MV in his heart, and polish out all the most stunning parts of Guo Yaning behind the lens.

He must at least let Guo Yaning’s beauty stun the entire entertainment circle with this MV.

The team of professional stylists who were responsible for styling Guo Yaning were also well-known elite makeup artists in China. So it was inevitable to be a little uncomfortable for them to hear this. However, due to Tao Mu’s identity as the CEO of FlyNews, the makeup artists did not dare to show dissatisfaction——the people who succeeded best in the entertainment circle could always keep in mind the golden rule not to provoke capital. They could only look sheepishly at Guo Yaning.

Since Guo Yaning dared to ask Tao Mu to shoot the MV for her, at least she believed in Tao Mu’s aesthetic ability and photographic ability. Hearing this, she smiled calmly and asked, “What kind of look do you think I should change to?”

Tao Muzi carefully looked at Guo Yaning for a while: “First of all, I have to change your hairstyle.”

The hairstyle that Guo Yaning’s stylist gave Guo Yaning was a very common long hair style with a little wave, but the simple styling could make Guo Yaning look mature and beautiful.

Tao Mu styled Guo Yaning’s hair into a South Korean style bob and then dyed it an ash brown. The makeup style was also a very popular South Korean style makeup in the later years. In fact, before Tao Mu’s rebirth, the domestic entertainment industry and fashion circles were deeply influenced by South Korea, with South Korean style eyebrows and nude makeup being seen everywhere.

Although Tao Mu also appreciated the charm of the actresses of Hong Kong in the 1980s and 1990s, he had to admit that if you wanted to shoot an MV, South Korean style makeup was actually easier to highlight the fashion sense of the style. After all, the Chinese people had long become used to the many styles of the actresses of Hong Kong from the 1980s and 1990s.

With these rare beauties in front, Guo Yaning’s imitation makeup, while also beautiful, would definitely not give people the shock of “stunning beauty”.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

But the South Korean style makeup that was born more than ten years later was different. No one had done it before, and naturally no one had seen it before. Making its first appearance with Guo Yaning, it was easy to create the stunning effect Tao Mu needed.

Tao Mu spent five or six hours in the dressing room for just the single style alone. But when Guo Yaning appeared in front of people with the completely new look, as expected, everyone was stunned.

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  1. I’m so so glad for Mumu’s life this time around, having the support system of his friends and family. Being unreasonably slandered again and again for the most ridiculous things definitely will chipped away his spirit, even if he does have the cheatskills of his past lifetime’s experience.
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  3. “Tao Mu’s state after entering work was a bit ruthless. To be more precise, he was quibbling, stubborn, mulish, and possessed an uncontrollable perfectionist obsessive-compulsive disorder.” Relatable AF! If you can’t do it perfectly, then don’t do it at all 🤷‍♀️


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