Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 105 Secluded Paradise

“Zhang Third, do you feel as if there have been a lot of strange people around Chicken Nest Village recently?”

That was because Chicken Nest Village has become famous! Zhang Junshi did his calculations on the abacus and ignored him, just letting out a careless “en”.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Nie Bufan held his chin, his eyes sparkling, and said, “Say, should I expand my business?”

“Expand what business?”

“The integration of accommodation, food, and entertainment, completely shaping our village into a beautiful resort with taste, interest and pursuit.” Nie Bufan announced with a look of longing, as if he was seeing countless copper coins flying towards him.

A village full of dilapidated houses, tables, chairs and bed cabinets that were full of traps, exactly how tasteful could such a village be?

Zhang Junshi stopped working and said to Nie Bufan earnestly: “Bufan, let go of those pitiful people.”

Nie Bufan squinted at him, and said with discontent: “What do you mean by that? You sound like I will do harm to them?”

Wouldn’t you? The people who stayed in your village either died without an intact corpse, or they were bent by your alluringness. Throwing you onto the battlefield would perhaps even lead to world peace!

Zhang Junshi straightened out his expression and put it another way: “If you think about it this way, once the village is opened to the outside world, there will be a large number of idle people flocking over. Taking care of their daily lives will require a lot of servants. You have to recruit people and with too many people, you have to spend energy in managing them as well as adjust the relationship between these outsiders and the chickens. If there is an accident, it might cause a big battle, which will only end in tragedy. Do you want to see such a scene?”

“Huh.” Nie Bufan leaned on the table, a battle between heaven and man raking place inside him.

Zhang Junshi patted his head and comforted: “If you are bored, then train some more fighter chickens. Recently, the combat power has been insufficient, so leave the moneymaking to me. I will take care of outside matters, and you can be in charge of inside affairs. In this way, what is there to worry about life without taste, interest, and pursuit?”

Nie Bufan considered it again and again, but in the end he reluctantly agreed.

Zhang Junshi was secretly relieved, it was fortunate he dismissed the idea in time. If he were to really rent out Chicken Nest Village residences, the consequences would be unimaginable. He had enough merit (gong), no need to continue to add more. What was more, this was their home with Bufan, so how could they tolerate other monsters and ghosts entering the inner chamber after stepping through the main room?

Time passed busily and full of joy, and soon it was the end of the year without knowing it. Li Yi rushed back to Chicken Nest Village the day before the New Year’s. Nie Bufan gave him a warm bear hug, and then stretched out his hand: “Happy New Year’s, hand over the red envelope. “

Li Yi dug into his pockets and handed him a bronze tablet.

“This is?”

“My identity token, it will be given to you from now on.”

Nie Bufan suddenly felt that colorful bubbles were filling up the whole world. He smiled so wide his face looked like a chrysanthemum and patted Li Yi’s shoulder, saying: “Li Fourth, don’t worry, after following me, in the future you will eat and drink deliciously, if I have a bed then we’ll sleep together and if I have pants then we’ll both wear it, I will definitely not treat you badly.”

“En.” Li Yi said calmly, “If you treat me wrongly, I will drag you into the coffin and we’ll sleep together forever.”

“It’s the New Year’s, can you say something auspicious?”

“Then, help me wash my back later.”


The quiet mountain village, the snow-white earth, and the pace of the New Year’s moved lightly.

Zhang Junshi, Li Yi, and Wang Shichan accompanied Nie Bufan to make dumplings, stick red paper designs, stay up past midnight, set off firecrackers, enjoy moon watching, taste wine, tell stories, and then…..sleep together…..

Nie Bufan smiled extremely sweetly in his dream, and his whole body exuded the brilliance of happiness.

Two days later, Chicken Nest Village received New Year’s gifts from various parties, including Wei Di, Li Huai, Si Chenyu, Tai Bai, and the emperor.

Emperor Ming was very sinister, knowing that Nie Bufan raised a village full of chickens, he sent ten weasels, ten foxes, and ten bobcats in order to eat up his chickens. Unfortunately, he miscalculated!

“I was just worried about the lack of combat power in Chicken Nest Village, then the emperor sent these over. I am so grateful to his venerable old self!” Nie Bufan laughed loudly three times and greeted warmly as he opened the cages, “Welcome, welcome.”

The animals darted out of the cages, ran away like they were escaping for their lives, and then….. chicken transformed.

Nie Bufan’s delight did not stop here. The missing Gold finally came back, and it also brought back a little jumping tiger with black stripes on yellow fur with a circle of white fluff around its neck.

“This is…..your son?” Nie Bufan pinched the soft fur on the little tiger’s neck, the little tiger cub waving its limbs in the air in response.

Gold stood still calmly, glanced at the little tiger lightly, then left gracefully and walked towards his reserved nest.

Nie Bufan was shocked. He really didn’t expect his chicken could actually enlarge a big tiger’s belly! This world was too crazy! Was that white tiger still okay…..

In the following dozens of days, the chickens who went out returned to the village one after another, and brought back all kinds of animals, such as wild boars, wolves, bear cubs, owls, moles, peacocks, foxes, minks, etc. Chicken Nest Village all of a sudden became very lively.

These animals, even if they were all carnivorous, did not eat chickens. They coexisted magically and peacefully with the chickens in Chicken Nest Village.

After communicating with them for a few days, Nie Bufan picked a wild boar, a tortoise and a little monkey, and gave them to Wang Shichan together, and said: “They will be raised by you in the future.”

Wang Shichan looked at the wild boar rolling in the mud and asked, “Why give them to me?”

“They are your disciples, Wukong, Bajie, Sha Wujing.” Nie Bufan pointed them out with their respective names. (TN: a monkey, pig and fish spirit respectively from the Journey to the West, they were disciples to Tang Seng, a Buddhist monk)

“Why do I have to accept a pig, a monkey, and a tortoise as disciples?”

“Wang Fifth, believe me, they all have wisdom roots and will protect you.” Nie Bufan said sincerely, “There will be benefits to reciting scriptures to them every day.”

“…..” Sometimes, he really didn’t know how this guy’s head was structured!

Afterwards, Nie Bufan gave Zhang Junshi a rather dumb wild cat, in the name of: “Lucky Cat.” (TN: maneki-neko or “lucky cat”, Japanese figurine cat usually found at the entrance of shops, restaurants etc, believed to bring good fortune)

What he gifted Li Yi was a bat. Both of them were very similar no matter personality or dressing style. There were no better partners to be friends with than these two.

Since the return of these animals, the idlers who used to hang around Chicken Nest Village disappeared, and Chicken Nest Village had become a secluded place where idlers were exempted from entering.

When the flowers were blooming and spring arrived, Tai Bai came to Chicken Nest Village with large and small luggage bags, intending to live permanently. He had persuaded his father to establish a trade relationship with Chicken Nest Village and was responsible for promoting “chicken pets” that would be sold at home and abroad. However, this required the buyer to personally come to Chicken Nest Village to let the chickens pick them. That’s right, the chickens would be doing the picking. If there was no chicken that took a liking to you, then this sale would not be made.

Today’s Chicken Nest Village was no longer a run-down mountain village that was unknown to the world. Since Gold defeated the tiger back when the Xitu Kingdom’s envoys visited, the fame of the chickens in the Ming Kingdom had spread all over the surrounding countries through foreign envoys. There was an endless stream of people coming to the Ming Kingdom to buy chickens. However, most of them could only buy counterfeit chickens as the chickens in Chicken Nest Village were only open to a few people.

And Tai Bai, not long afterwards, also officially became a well-known “Chicken Young Master”. It was just that in the battle for Nie Bufan, his victory still remained at zero.

Fan Luo also returned to Chicken Nest Village, letting go of all his burdens, and building a wine cellar on the edge of Chicken Nest Village to have a few drinks in his leisure time. Once new wine was brewed, Zhang Junshi would be responsible for its promotion. The jars of fine wine found in the Duobao Sage’s treasure trove were all embezzled by Nie Bufan. And after Fan Luo tasted it, he managed to successfully brew several kinds among the stash, and used this to hook up with Nie Bufan several times.

Nie Bufan also gradually accepted his existence and drew him into his own circle.

Most of the gongs who were “tainted” by Nie Bufan recognized the existence of other gongs, except Wei Di. Wei Di still wanted to monopolize a certain someone, and although he missed the other, he disdained sharing his lover with others.

He said: “If what I get is not wholehearted, I would rather not have it.”

However, when he saw Nie Bufan’s smiling face, these words were immediately thrown out of the window.

After domineeringly sleeping with the other for one night, he said: “If I can’t get even a part of the other’s heart, do I still have the face to be this martial arts leader?”

This was the difference between before and after love…..

Spring passed, and Nie Bufan became lazy. He felt uncomfortable if he didn’t sleep for six or seven hours a day. In addition, he had a huge appetite and his temper also rose.

The several gongs felt uneasy, but the divine doctor said, “It’s a normal phenomenon.”

A normal phenomenon? What was so normal about it?

“Maybe he is pregnant,” said the divine doctor mysteriously.

Pregnant? It was not like Bufan was a woman. And it’s been a few months, and except for getting a little fatter, his belly was not big at all. Was this testing their common sense?

No one believed what the divine doctor said.

However, one morning a few months later, Nie Bufan suddenly carried a package to the back mountain quietly and subtly.

After making sure that there was no one around, he opened the package, revealing the bright white egg inside, the size of a soup bowl. Its surface was warm, and vibration could be felt coming from inside it.

After a while, the egg shell cracked, and a pink foot emerged from the crack.

“This is…..” Nie Bufan widened his eyes as he looked at the baby gradually breaking out of the shell, and muttered, “I say, no wonder my chrysanthemum kept convulsing like crazy, I didn’t expect it to lay an egg!”

He picked up the child in the eggshell, gently held it with both hands, listening to his energetic wailing. He suddenly felt an inexplicable feeling in his heart.

The surrounding chickens raised their heads and let out crows together, seeming to welcome the arrival of this little life.

Nie Bufan carefully wrapped the child in a blanket, and suddenly thought of a question: Exactly who was the father of this child…..

He took the child back, and immediately attracted crowds of onlookers.

His face remained unchanged as he said, “This baby boy was picked up in the woods just now. I decided to adopt it. Who of you wants to be his father?”

Wang Shichan came over and looked at the child, then said calmly: “Leave it to me.”

Nie Bufan was surprised. He didn’t expect that Wang Shichan, who had always been aloof and indifferent, would take on this job.

Wang Shichan held the child with a smile on his lips. Perhaps even Nie Bufan could not be sure, but he knew very well that Bufan’s first child was definitely his!

The rest of the people had no suspicions about his claim of having picked up the child. After all, such a thing as a man giving birth was unheard of, and it was beyond their common knowledge.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

However, this secret was finally made public when Nie Bufan laid an egg for the second time.

At that time, one could imagine what kind of fierce battle would follow…..

TN: lmao! The long awaited egg babies😂

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