The Cruel Tyrant CH 102 Making A Move

Ye Qingfeng snorted coldly: “Clan Master Xu, if you want to provoke the relationship between me and my fellow martial artists then you should at least find a reliable reason. Do you even believe what you say?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Xu Wei stood up slowly and walked back and forth in the courtyard, looking at the guests who came to the wedding banquet as if watching a joke. He said: “Three thousand soldiers from Qingyang County are making their way to the Menghu Mountain to suppress the bandits. Do you all still think Xu is being slanderous?”

There was a sudden commotion in the hall. After all, the Crown Prince’s notoriety had spread far and wide. Even though it had been almost two years since the Crown Prince had killed, no one could guarantee that the Crown Prince would always remain normal. If this time the Crown Prince was really going to kill them on a whim, it was not entirely impossible. Not to mention that these martial arts people had never seen eye to eye with the imperial court and had always provided obstacles for the court.

A middle-aged man walked forward and asked Xu Wei: “What you said is true?”

Xu Wei stared at the middle-aged man and said with a smile: “Whether it is true or not, you can find out yourself. Unless you think I can call over the Qingyang County government’s troops to put up a show for me?”

In half suspicion and half belief, Ye Haolin sent out spies down the mountain to investigate.

Ye Qingfeng continued speaking to Xu Wei: “You just want to provoke our fellow martial artists to oppose the imperial court. Do you think everyone is a fool, Clan Master Xu? That we are up to you to play with however you like?”

Xu Wei smiled and said, “Oh? You sound like you have a guilty conscience. Do you think that no one in the world knows that you are in cahoots with the Crown Prince and intends to entrap our fellow martial artists? I didn’t expect that a traitor like you would appear in Xuefeng Mountain Villa. What an unfilial son, Villa Master Ye.”

The previous middle-aged man looked at Ye Qingfeng suspiciously, and asked Ye Haolin, “What is going on, Villa Master Ye? Originally, it was rumored that Second Eldest Ye Gongzi and the Crown Prince had a very close relationship. We didn’t take it seriously but now shouldn’t you give us a reasonable explanation?”

Ye Haolin naturally did not believe that his son would do such a crazy thing, but he could not guarantee that the Crown Prince would not do something like this though. However, in the current situation he could not directly ask Su Mu in front of everyone. That would be the same as admitting to the accusations and moreover, it might even anger the Crown Prince. If the Crown Prince slaughtered all the people present regardless of whatever, he wouldn’t be able to explain himself even if he had a thousand mouths.

Ye Haolin had no choice but to deny: “It’s just a rumor, I must ask Clan Master Xie to be at ease.”

Xu Wei immediately laughed and said, “Hahahaha…..Villa Master Ye is a really loving father! Actually unwilling to even distinguish between right and wrong.”

Su Mu looked boredly at this group of people chattering, shook the folding fan in his hand and walked out of the crowd, saying: “Clan Master Xu is really idle indeed. Your Baigui Clan kills innocents and commits a lot of evil. The righteous martial artists have always been intolerant of you. So why are you so kindly worried today for your fellow martial artists?”

A trace of lust flashed in Xu Wei’s eyes, staring at Su Mu’s beautiful face he said: “Little brother, the waters of jianghu are deep, how can one easily see through the depths.”

Su Mu raised his eyebrows and smiled as he said, “I am a person with extraordinary talents, and I can tell who is a scumbag at a glance. For example, you are a real and utter scumbag, Clan Master Xu.”

“You…..” Xu Wei flushed red in anger and glared at Su Mu fiercely. He said: “Little boy, you dare to act impertinent in front of Ben Zuo, capture him for me!”

“Yes.” The warrior behind him immediately drew out his sword and stabbed it towards Su Mu.

Ye Qingfeng’s figure moved and he immediately disappeared in place. In an instant, the few warriors who had just pulled out their swords were unable to move any longer. In the blink of an eye, Ye Qingfeng returned to Su Mu’s side and said with an unkind expression: “This place is not your Baigui Clan’s territory, Clan Master Xu. The people here are not ones you can provoke either. If you know what’s good for you then I suggest you piss off.”

Suddenly, while the atmosphere became even more strained, a Jinglin disciple covered in blood rushed in and fell in front of Qin Wanli and Ye Haolin with a “thump”. He said with all his might: “Government soldiers…..attacking…..” But before he could finish speaking, he took his last breath.

Seeing the panicked expressions of everyone in the wedding hall, Xu Wei was secretly happy but expressed regret on the surface: “Xu came here to inform everyone but it’s a pity no one would believe it. Now that the government troops have come and attacked the mountain, Villa Master Ye should not have anything to say, yes?”

Ye Haolin looked up: “What does it matter to me?”

Xu Wei said: “It has already come to this, is it necessary for Villa Master Ye to pretend any longer? Even if you just directly say that you belong to the Crown Prince’s side, who can do anything to you?”

Ye Haolin said angrily: “Surnamed Xu, don’t slander people!”


When the shouts arrived, Ye Haolin suddenly stopped and stared fiercely at Su Mu, but Ye Qingfeng stood subtly in front of Su Mu to block the stare. At this moment, Ye Haolin did not have any time to do more, the shouts of killing were already nearing the outside of Jinglin Manor. If they continued to not act they would definitely die today.

Qin Wanli drew out his sword and shouted loudly: “Charge out!” Everyone immediately rushed towards the gates of Jinglin Manor.

Everyone was gone in an instant, and only Su Mu was still standing there. “Darling…..” Ye Qingfeng said anxiously. He was the first to not believe that the government troops were here to kill the martial arts people of jianghu, unless Su Mu’s head was kicked by a donkey. Otherwise, he would definitely not start an internal war on his own while under the siege of the four kingdoms. Wouldn’t that just be cutting a piece of flesh from himself?

“You stay away.” Su Mu said to Ye Qingfeng next to him. He then carelessly threw away the folding fan in his hand. There was still a smile on his face, but there was no warmth in it. The look in his eyes when looking at Xu Wei was like one looking at dead meat.

Ye Qingfeng had never personally seen the Crown Prince going completely mad and on an indiscriminate killing spree, so he did not leave, but directly attacked Xu Wei. But Xu Wei was a powerful martial artist, and although he could not land a hit on Ye Qingfeng, Ye Qingfeng could not hurt him either.

Su Mu swiftly arrived, sweeping a kick at Xu Wei who was fighting with Ye Qingfeng. The other didn’t expect that a young man would have such fast speed and such powerful martial arts inner force. In a moment of carelessness, Xu Wei was kicked by Su Mu and landed on the other side of the wall.

The group of black-robed guards slashed their swords towards Su Mu instantly. Su Mu didn’t even look at them however. He shot out his right hand horizontally like lightning, and accurately pierced through the clothing and skin of one of the black-robed man before the other’s sword could even land, precisely wrapping the still beating heart in his fist. With an audible sound, the still beating heart in Su Mu’s fist bursted into pieces. Afterwards, Su Mu continued to do the same with the rest of the black robed men and in less than half a minute, a couple dozen people in black robes all died from having their hearts crushed to pieces by Su Mu.

While feeling the blood flowing in his body begin to speed up, and the excitement in his mind that could no longer be restrained, Su Mu looked at the blood in his hand in disgust. Why did that idiot Su Mochi like this kind of bloody killing technique? Every time blood would drench him all over, it was incredibly disgusting.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Su Mu thought this way in his heart, but still did not hesitate and crushed the next person’s heart like it was an instinct.

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