After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 077 Filming The MV

Guo Yaning sported a combed bob in ash chestnut that gave people a stunning and domineering aura at just a glance. In addition, the big wave-like side bangs let Guo Yaning reveal a flawless forehead and the slightly messy inner curved tips not only gave Guo Yaning a capable look but also showed a bit of mature womanly charm.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Her makeup was also very special. The first part was the base makeup, and because Tao Mu only used a little base cream and cushion foundation, it gave Guo Yaning’s makeup look a very clean appearance, and the makeup feel was also relatively light, which made Guo Yaning’s skin have a creamy and white delicate texture. To the naked eye, there seemed to be almost no visible makeup product applied.

The second part was eye makeup. He did not use the painting method with pearlescent layers and smudges, which was very popular nowadays. Instead, he used a variety of dark pink and light pink eyeshadows to gently sweep a layer from one end of the eye to the other end of the eye, then applied a layer of light cinnamon eyeshadow for color, and then used fuchsia eye shadow to outline the end of the eye. The eyeliner used was brown, applied lightly to the upper eyelid while the inner eyelid was applied relatively heavier and curving up slightly at the end of the eye to match with the fuchsia eyeshadow. At first glance, the makeup was very neat and capable, but looking carefully there was an indescribably charming and enchanting allure.

There was no highlight, no trimming, and the lips were painted with matte lipstick in a rose color that was not very popular nowadays. However, with this set of makeup, there was an indescribable style, that was, the beauty of a domineering mature older sister.

In terms of styling, Tao Mu discarded the original white shirt and black suit and skirt he was particularly disdainful of. Instead, he chose a white shirt with a more transparent texture, with an open neckline and no accessories, just showing off white skin and slender neck. He then followed that up with a pair of wide and crisp black suit pants with a particular drape, marching that with a pair of pointed red high heels 10 cm high.

When Guo Yaning stepped out in a standard model walk, with a graceful figure and domineering aura, the stunning effect and visual shock created for everyone at that moment could hardly be described in words.

“Wow!” The people in the entire studio couldn’t help exclaiming. Guo Yaning’s assistant covered her mouth and screamed excitedly: “Sister Ya Ning, you are so handsome!”

——That’s right. Neither beautiful nor charming, but handsome.

The charm of mature women and the strong temperament of women in the workplace could be described as “handsome”.

Tao Mu crossed his arms over his chest, stood in front of the camera very contentedly, and began to instruct the lighting techs to re-do the lights. After fiddling with it for a long time, he still felt dissatisfied, and finally said to Guo Yaning: “I think we should change the script, what do you say?”

The previous MV script was that the heroine ran into her first love boyfriend outside, and returned home to reminisce about the youthful years.

But Tao Mu was not very satisfied with the lighting in the studio, nor was he very satisfied with the setting. He felt that the studio was too narrow, and there was no way to perfectly express the heroine’s domineering older sister aura. So he wanted to change the setting of the shoot.

“How about changing to the subway?” Tao Mu thought suddenly and began to sketch the picture in his mind: “At one o’clock in the morning, the female protagonist who finished working overtime rushed home on the subway and ran into her ex-boyfriend on the subway. After separation, the heroine stood inside the subway train, staring at the dark windows, reminiscing about the past.”

But in fact, these previous briefs were not important. Tao Mu just wanted to shoot the scene of the heroine walking on the runway of the subway station with her feet on high heels. Passing through the streets with neon lights, leaving behind the busy traffic, walking down the long steps, standing on the empty but coldly lit platform. In the unmanned subway late at night, the heroine stares at her mature face on the speeding train windows. The past years were like the scenery outside the windows, speeding by and then standing still in their youthful years.

“What do you think?” Tao Mu looked at Guo Yaning with bright eyes, trying to win the heroine’s consent: “I think the space in the studio is too narrow. We should shoot on location. Only the neon lights, luxurious and dazzling night view of Beijing, as well as the cold and empty subway station, can fully bring out your aura.”

“By the way, I think your posture when walking just now is too deliberate. It doesn’t look like a strong woman who is decisive and keeps her words in the workplace. I think you should find a professional teacher to practice your catwalk.” Tao Mu said frankly, “What I want is not ‘I am the most beautiful in the world’, what I want is the feeling of ‘this queen’s aura is 2.8 meters tall’, ‘everyone shall kneel in front of me’.”

Tao Mu looked at Guo Yaning eagerly: “You understand?”

Guo Yaning also beamed with excitement: “I understand!”

“I didn’t quite understand it at first, but when I saw this look, I fully understood it.” Before today, Guo Yaning couldn’t imagine that she could also carry off this style. Moreover, Guo Yaning was a domestic A-list superstar, and her most important source of income was to endorse various high-end luxury brands. But if one wants to win the favor of these high-end luxury brands, one must first win the recognition of the fashion circle.

On this point, Guo Yaning and her managing team have been doing well. However, after this year, Guo Yaning could almost swear that she would soon transform from a female artist who possessed a keen sense of fashion and was a fashion chaser, to an A-list celebrity who led fashion trends.

Tao Mu brought all of this to her.

Guo Yaning looked at Tao Mu with eager eyes——He was not only a golden thigh with great potential, but also a cornucopia that guaranteed money when cooperating with him!

As Guo Yaning’s agent, Zhou Fengxuan’s mobility and sense of publicity could only be more acute than Guo Yaning. Hearing Tao Mu’s words, Zhou Fengxuan said immediately: “Even if the MV is going to change the script, can we take a set of makeup photos first? Ya Ning’s look is really amazing. I hope we can take a few shots right away or publicize a few still photos. This way we can attract more people to pay attention to Ya Ning’s new album. If we are lucky, there may be fashion magazines offering interview invitations or even cover photos.”

Female celebrities, whether they were A-list superstars or 18th-line newcomers, whether they had good or bad acting, the most important thing was still that face.

As the agent who first promoted Guo Yaning to her current status, Zhou Fengxuan knew the advantages and selling points of her own artists best.

Which was the perfect face that was hailed by the media as “three hundred and sixty degrees flawless”. Of course, there was also the 36D breast cup, slim waist, perk bottom, and long legs that all composed the devilish figure. No need to go into more details here.

However, Guo Yaning was 28 years old this year, and 29 after the new year. In the past, she was able to pick up some glamorous or gentle and coquettish heroine scripts based on her youth and beauty. But Guo Yaning could not act as an 18-year-old girl forever. In the face of the embarrassing situation of nearing her thirties, Guo Yaning also had to think about transforming her image.

However, when it came to image transformation, there was also a risk of failure. But if they continued to be so conservative and stereotyped, the audience might be able to bear the 30-year-old Guo Yaning pretending to be an 18-year-old girl on the screen. But what about when Guo Yaning was thirty-five or forty years old?

The domestic entertainment industry had very strict requirements for female artists. Moreover, the younger generations of pretty and youthful girls were also continuously cropping up. Guo Yaning got to this position with luck and strength. In order to consolidate this position, Zhou Fengxuan and her managing team were more conscientious than ever and did not make a misstep.

However, today, Tao Mu’s appearance brought a glimmer of hope for Guo Yaning, who had been stuck for quite a while.

This look was the best opportunity for Guo Yaning to make her image transformation! Zhou Fengxuan had even planned it in her mind. When this set of makeup photos came out, they would seize the time to record the MV, and once the MV was recorded it would be broadcasted on Valentine’s Day for promotion. Publicity appearances on various TV stations and various music charts must dominate the screen for two months, during which she would then go on all magazine cover, and then find a director and get a good workplace script. At that point, Guo Yaning could take advantage of this momentum to play the image of a strong woman in the workplace, and slam the new image of a coldly glamorous and noble queen into the hearts of thousands of viewers.

Then the transformation would be successful!

The more Zhou Fengxuan thought about it, the more happy she felt, her eyes becoming shiny and sparkling when she looked at Tao Mu, wishing nothing more than for both her pupils to turn into a “¥” shape.

Therefore, a person should be kind, be tactful, and take action immediately when meeting a potential talent. The vision must be accurate, the attitude must be steady, and the show of sincerity must be ruthless. Just like Guo Yaning, she offered an olive branch when Tao Mu was mired in trouble, and what she harvested in return was crisp minted money, as well as the infinitely beautiful scenery from up high!

It was a pity that he was a little too young. Otherwise, they could create an older female younger male love sensation. The image of the domineering older sister would be completely guaranteed!

Zhou Fengxuan looked at Tao Mu reluctantly, her brainwaves practically about to break through the sky.

Tao Mu obviously didn’t know that Zhou Fengxuan had already imagined a CP pairing for him. Because both Guo Yaning and Zhou Fengxuan strongly requested to take makeup photos and cover photos, Tao Mu did not refute it and immediately began to direct the lighting and scenery.

The previous set up in the studio was built based on Guo Yaning’s previous makeup look. The style was similar to the designer home decoration over in Hong Kong, and of course the styles from Taiwan was also used for reference.

But this was understandable. At this time, the styles of the various urban dramas filmed on the mainland still remained a bit old fashionef such as family ethics dramas and mother-in-law dramas. Any styling team with a little sense of fashion would not be able to bear it. So everyone who wanted to shoot fashion-related MVs would refer to the style of the Hong Kong fashion dramas and the Taiwan idol dramas.

It was a pity that these scenes didn’t look all that good in Tao Mu’s eyes either. If fashion also existed in a cycle of reincarnation, then we have to admit that even in the fashion world that reincarnated once every twenty years, the details of various fashion elements in each cycle were still different. It was precisely these details that could create a fresher sense of fashion.

Having already lived a lifetime, Tao Mu’s aesthetic views were naturally also affected by later generations, especially when shooting beautiful and exquisite MVs. Tao Mu believed that his vision and sense of style was at least not worse than others.

Therefore, under Tao Mu’s various suggestions that were so detailed that it could be called obsessive, in just one hour, the setting in the studio changed drastically. All the furnishings that looked classic or old-fashioned in Tao Mu’s eyes were removed, and only a set board and a few shading cloths of various colors were left in the end.

White, black, red, blue.

Tao Mu stood in front of the studio with the camera in his hand. The surrounding lighting techs almost vomited from the workout they were put under, but still Tao Mu felt unsatisfied.

Then Tao Mu thought for a while, and directly brought the group of tortured people back to Guo Yaning’s studio.

The office area, composed of various grids, was blocked by transparent glass. Tao Mu asked to turn on all the lights in the office, and then continued to direct the lighting techs to adjust the lights he needed. Immediately after that, a long camera shot was taken, having Guo Yaning sit in Zhou Fengxuan’s office and pretend to be an OL lady, then standing up and walking to the floor-to-ceiling windows to stare at the night view outside.

It was already past six o’clock in the evening at this time, and the sky was completely dark. The dots of neon lights lit up the city, and Guo Yaning’s face was reflected in the dark floor-to-ceiling windows, figure half-hidden. Tao Mu’s camera advanced, and Guo Yaning, with delicate makeup and looking a little tired, stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows with her arms folded. The floor-to-ceiling windows were black, and most of the lights in the office appeared very dim. Only a desk lamp on the desk emitted a single warm yellow light.

The atmosphere came all at once. Tao Mu directly advanced the camera to take a close-up. Then Guo Yaning walked out of the office, passed through the empty office area, entered the elevator, and then went down to the first floor. The first-floor lobby was decorated in a very high-end office style. One could see one’s own reflection on the floor tiles. The elevator opened and Guo Yaning walked out of it. With red high heels stepping on the smooth and clean floor tiles, she walked out of the office building and down the stairs before arriving to stand in front of a bright red sports car.

Tao Mu refused to let Guo Yaning stage the pose for the shoot. Instead, he had Guo Yaning go down the stairs again and again, walk to the front of the sports car, bow her head to take out the key, bend down and enter the car, holding the wheel in her hand. Then come out again and repeat it over and over again.

Zhou Fengxuan was curious on the side, and couldn’t help asking: “Don’t you want Ya Ning to take the subway? Then why is she driving to the subway?”

“Who said that I want her to drive to the subway?” Tao Mu looked at Zhou Fengxuan blankly: “Did you not ask me take a cover photo?”

Zhou Fengxuan was also confused: “Then you have so many people following…..I thought you were filming the MV?”

Tao Mu pointed at Guo Yaning: “Do you think Sister Ya Ning is in the right state now? What I want is the ‘this queen’s aura is 2.8m tall.’ I feel that Sister Ya Ning’s performance just now is, at most, ‘I am seriously walking the red carpet’.”

Zhou Fengxuan: “…..”

Guo Yaning: “…..”

The group of people filming and eating melons: “…..”

They really didn’t expect CEO Tao to not only have sharp eyes, good skills, but also a very poisonous tongue.

The several cameramen who followed Tao Mu and listened to his command looked over with aggrieved expressions: Then why did you make us run around carrying the camera? Even arranging the camera track specially, this is very troublesome okay?

Tao Mu was a little embarrassed when he noticed the bitter eyes of the several cameramen, “…..I just want to create an atmosphere. I think it would be rigid and unnatural if you simply pose for shooting. After all, Sister Ya Ning is not a professional model. So I want Sister Ya Ning to be in an environment that makes her feel comfortable, but not lazy. This way, Sister Ya Ning’s body language can be fully mobilized. It is more convenient for me to take pictures.”

Everyone involved in the filming: “…..” Fine, you are the director and you say what goes. Anyway, it’s not like we dare to give you a beating, right?

This day of tossing around lasted until 7:30 in the evening, everyone was so tired that they practically wanted to pant with their tongues hanging out, before Tao Mu managed to harvest a few satisfactory snapshots.

——Tao Mu’s photography had a special characteristic. He didn’t like subjects to be posing for his photos, he prefered to capture candid photos. This was why he could discover the unique style of each girl in front of the camera.

However, the consequence of such shooting method was that those involved in the shooting would feel very tired. The lighting techs were tired, the cameramen and makeup artists were also very tired. Even Guo Yaning, who walked around the whole day, came away with sore feet. In the end, she sat in a chair and was so tired that she didn’t want to move a finger at all, but still couldn’t bear to remove the makeup. If not for the plan of surprising everyone with the new look, she probably would be unable to resist the urge to update her FlyNews page.

Tao Mu originally wanted to continue filming, but his passion for work was interrupted by a phone call.

Li Xiaoheng called and said that he wanted to invite Tao Mu to dinner. Tao Mu then remembered that he had promised Yao Dad and Xiao Qi Dad that he would go to the orphanage for dinner at night. It was almost eight o’clock in the evening when he finally glanced at his watch.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“I can’t go out to eat tonight. I promised my Dads that I’ll go back to the orphanage. Everyone is making dumplings.” Tao Mu said, and then remembered that Meng Qi had told him to bring any friends who were available if he wanted, and that the more the merrier and so on. After hesitating for a moment, he said, “If you don’t mind, I just want to ask, would you like to go back to the orphanage with me to eat dumplings?”

On the other end of the call, Li Xiaoheng played with the gift he wanted to give Tao Mu, and said with a warm smile: “I am willing.”

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    1. But exactly the type that the managers of those actors absolutely love. If you can come away from it tired but with impeccable photos and video, then it is worth it. Still not sure how it takes five hours to do hair and makeup, though. I’m impressed that he was allowed to actually dye and cut her hair. Must be because she and her manager were actively looking for an image change. Still, going from black hair to a cool auburn is going to make for a very high-maintenance style when you need to get the roots touched up. I wonder if he had the stylists do it for him or if he somehow has skills in hair dressing as well.


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