Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 106 Extra: Egg Baby Part 1

In the second year, Nie Bufan’s second egg was born. Unlike the first time which passed without any waves, this time almost all the gongs knew about it. Although he hid in the chicken coop ahead of time to make a nest, his miserable screams, which seemed to be those of one suffering from constipation, almost caused a landslide.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The flocks of chickens all guarded outside the chicken coop, not allowing the anxious crowd of gongs into the nest.

Wang Shichan let out a light cough and said mildly: “Don’t worry, he is just giving birth.”

The rest of the people looked at him, and most of them did not respond. They just wondered what exactly was Nie Bufan “giving birth” to?

Wang Shichan said again: “To be more precise, he is giving birth to a child.”

Giving birth to a baby? A baby? A baby!

Everyone instantly felt that the earth was spinning and the sky was thundering.

Wang Shichan showed off the child in his arms and smiled: “See, this is my son.”

“No, wait, wasn’t he picked up from the woods?” Tai Bai asked in shock.

“No, he’s my biological son, Bufan gave birth to him for me.” Wang Shichan smiled particularly brightly, and the others immediately looked hostile.

“In other words, you knew about this a long time ago?” Li Yi’s voice was sinister.

“It’s you all who are too slow.”

As soon as the words fell, various hidden weapons rushed towards him.

Wang Shichan flashed away and disappeared gracefully.

At this moment, a loud baby cry came from inside the chicken coop.

The baby’s here! Everyone was so excited that they completely forgot to investigate the irrationality of men giving birth. Under the influence of a certain someone, their ability to accept the previously impossible had reached the realm of transcendence and sanctification.

Tai Bai suddenly asked, “Who is the father?”

Everyone’s expression stiffened, glanced at each other suspiciously, and then fell into contemplation. Ten months ago, who was the one who had sex with Bufan the most? It seemed that the number was about the same. Except for the guerrilla member Wei Di and the external member Tai Bai, Wang Shichan, Zhang Junshi, Li Yi, and Fan Luo divided the world into fourths, each with their own means, and with time intervals that were not all that long.

So, who could it be?

At this time, the divine doctor walked out holding the baby. The crowd of gongs flew over and surrounded him, staring at the little wrinkled face of the baby, trying to find evidence similar to them in facial features.

“These eyebrows look quite like mine.” Zhang Junshi pondered.

“Where does it look similar? There are barely any eyebrow hairs.” Li Yi retorted, and then his tone turned, “This expression has quite the similar charm of me back then.”

“Do you even remember what you looked like back then as an infant?” Zhang Junshi casted him a look of contempt.

The rest of the people also gathered closer to study the breed of the child.

The divine doctor watched the show for a long time before interrupting everyone’s discussion: “Village Head Nie said, this child’s father is Leader Wei.”

“What? Why?” Why did a person who only stayed for a few days every several months get to be the winner?

“What? Mine?” Wei Di tried to restrain his excitement, but the corners of his mouth rose uncontrollably.

“Yes, the child’s yours.” The divine doctor nodded.

“Why so sure?” Wei Di confirmed again.

“This child has the same five-star birthmark as you on the butt.”


Bathed in the envy and resentment of everyone, Wei Di laughed happily: “Hahahaha, this is ability, you can’t but accept the fact!”

Murderous auras rose from the surroundings, the flames of anger raging.

“Haha, my Wei family has an heir now!” Wei Di was so ecstatic that he couldn’t help himself.

“Uh, Leader Wei.”


“This is a girl.”


“Hahaha.” Tai Bai laughed loudly, “Congratulations, Leader Wei.”

Zhang Third and the others’ indignation were inexplicably balanced out. Each said “congratulations” and then walked inside to look at Bufan.

Wei Di held his daughter and snorted coldly, “What’s wrong with a daughter, none of you even have a single child!”

With his abilities, how difficult was it to have Bufan give birth to another child?

Everyone slowed down, and suddenly realized that a certain someone could give birth to children. How could this not make the men who had already prepared themselves to have no heirs crazy with excitement?

So, a battle for children officially kicked off.

After giving birth to his second egg baby, Nie Bufan was treated to emperor level care and service. He only needed to stretch out his arms to get dressed, open his mouth to be hand fed, and he had no need to bother about what to eat or drink as everything was prepared and ready. These days, the normally proud people who usually ignored any orders or bossing around were now obedient and docile, not even talking back once.

After recuperating for half a month, Nie Bufan gained a whole layer of fat, his whole person raised fat and sturdy, tender and delicious.

So, the eager gongs began to sharpen their knives and prepared to eat up.

However, while a pig could be eaten by many people together, a person, even if the chrysanthemum bloomed into a sunflower, could not bless everyone. Therefore, when the night was black and the wind was high, the gongs turned into beasts, kidnapping or deceiving, using every means they could.

Although Wang Shichan, who already had a son and was perfectly content, did not participate in the competition, Wei Di, Li Yi, and Fan Luo all possessed martial arts; Zhang Junshi was gentle on the outside but shrewd on the inside; and Tai Bai was also eager to add to the chaos. It all caused Nie Bufan to be unable to sleep peacefully even once.

Finally, Village Head Nie exploded: “Enough of you all! I, will, be, practicing contraception!”

This roar could be described as deafening and vigorous, instantly freezing the excitement of the gongs.

A certain Nie someone had done the calculations carefully. If he lay an egg for everyone, even if he did not rest and lay one each year, it would still take as long as his 30s. Normally pregnant women still have a vacancy period, and they give birth after one or two years of rest. So why must he keep giving birth like he was in a rush?

Damn them, give them some sunlight and they’ll just shine brightly. Did they take this Village Head to be a breeder pig?

All of you, go stand facing the wall and reflect on yourselves!

The gongs went to face the wall, but the determination to have children had already become their lifelong pursuit!

As long as a certain someone’s vitality remained, perhaps he might give birth until old age…..

Nie Bufan didn’t know his gong’s wretched thoughts, otherwise he would have immediately exploded. He was pleased with the effectiveness of his prestige, and walked around proudly and arrogantly.

Wang Shichan said to the other people: “The days ahead are long, why rush? I have a proposal. I wonder if you all are willing?”

“What proposal?”

“From now on, everyone’s turn with Bufan will be for two months at a time. If he does not get pregnant after two months, he must be handed over to another person. Those with no children get priority. Therefore, Leader Wei, you should come back to the fight in half a year.”

Wei Di had a sullen face, sitting on the bench with his daughter in his arms, but did not refute the proposal.

Wang Shichan’s proposal was passed unanimously very quickly.

At this time, Tai Bai’s weak voice sounded: “Brother Wang, am I counted as well?”

The five people and ten eyes all stared at him coldly.

Tai Bai bursted into tears immediately, the big brothers ate meat every day, yet they won’t even let him drink soup! Too cruel!

“In addition,” Wang Shichan added, “Leader Wei, you can’t take your child away for the time being, Bufan won’t be able to bear it. Later, when she grows up a bit more, she can decide where she wants to go. You can just visit her regularly.”

Wei Di frowned, his face full of dismay.

Wang Shichan smiled and said, “Bufan said that he hopes to see a team of little carrot heads running around the mountains and fields one day.”

Everyone had exasperated expressions and could not imagine what a frightening future that would be. If the little monsters all inherited Nie Bufan’s character, the world was probably not far from destruction.

Wei Di was a little frightened, and looked at his daughter with pity in his eyes. Afterwards, he gritted his teeth: “Okay, I’ll leave her here.”

At this moment, Nie Bufan’s energetic shout suddenly came from outside the house: “Wang Fifth, where have you been? Little A has been riding on a pig, won’t you hurry and bring him back?”

Little A was the nickname of Wang Fifth’s son, which was given by Nie Bufan. In order to save trouble, he had long ago decided to name the children A, B, C, D…..

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Therefore, Wei Di’s daughter was called “Little B”.

Alas, with such an irresponsible dad, it was really an eight lifetimes of misfortune.

However, children born to an oddball were also not in the category of normal people…..

AN: I am thinking, if the descendants of the most powerful families in the kingdom are all children of Nie Bufan, then…..

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