Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 107 Extra: Egg Baby Part 2

Nie Bufan’s current life was extremely pleasant, and the most common thing he did every day was to train chickens, collect eggs and play with the babies. Seeing the cute appearance of the little babies sleeping, he couldn’t help but feel his hands itching. He always liked to poke and prod with his fingers until it woke the babies, and then he would then be able to hear a period of earth-shattering crying.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The dad gongs were furious, and what they now had to do every day was to prevent thieves and beasts, strictly forbidden on a certain someone from approaching the babies within ten feet of them while they were sleeping. However, a certain someone never took these words to heart, and stretched out his evil fingers whenever he had the opportunity.

However, he also sometimes manifested a father’s love. For example, he occasionally held Little A and pointed at the livestock in the village, saying arrogantly: “Son, you are the eldest son of Chicken Nest Village, and you will inherit this place from now on and replace me as the King of Chicken Nest Village. What do you think, isn’t it awesome?”

As soon as the words fell, Nie Bufan seemed to see a light of contempt flashing in the eyes of a certain baby. Immediately, he would then be quickly taken away by Wang Shichan.

“Bufan, we should just let him decide on his own future.” Inherit Chicken Nest Village? Please have mercy.

“If we don’t decide on the heir sooner, what if his younger brothers and sisters fight with him over it in the future?” Nie Bufan was worried about inexplicable things once again.

Wang Shichan had an exasperated expression: “They won’t, they will definitely get along and love each other, and they will never have conflict on the issue of inheriting Chicken Nest Village.”

“Really?” Nie Bufan hesitated for a moment, then smiled brightly, “Yes, after all how can the children raised by me, Nie Bufan, be lacking in any way?”

“…..” Wang Shichan calmly remained silent.

“Ah, it’s time for Little B to bask in the sunlight.” Nie Bufan ran into the house like a gust of wind. He believed that photosynthesis would help the growth of young saplings, so he would carry Little B out to bask in the sunlight every day. Wang Shichan saw that it was early autumn, so he didn’t stop it. If it was winter or summer, he definitely couldn’t let him do this.

After Wei Di left, Little B was also raised by Wang Shichan, with Tu Beng assisting. Leader Wei naturally would not be completely worry free. He originally sent a few nannies over, but they all escaped because they couldn’t stand the harmonious atmosphere of the army of animals in Chicken Nest Village.

“Move a bit.” Nie Bufan nudged the tiger lying dozing in the yard with his foot, and then put the cradle next to it.

The tiger stood up, roared a few times in dissatisfaction, then walked lazily to the cradle. It then put its tiger head into the cradle, its breaths blowing Little B’s hair up.

Little B giggled, reaching out and grabbing the tiger’s whiskers.

The tiger’s fur instantly stood on end, and it quickly ran backwards, grimacing in pain.

“Hahaha.” Little A clapped his hands and laughed, causing the tiger to glare over fiercely. But seeing his innocent and childish expression, it decided to ignore him, turning its head and walking away arrogantly.

Wang Shichan placed Little A on the carpet next to the cradle and said, “Don’t make trouble, get along with your sister.”

Little A glanced at his sister in the cradle, and then turned over on the carpet, showing his contempt for this sister with his butt.

Nie Bufan patted his little butt and scolded: “Little guy, actually daring to act so stuck up. In the future, all delicious food and drink will be given to your sister and not to you.”

Little A licked his lips, for a little monster that could only drink milk, what delicious food and drink were there?

Nie Bufan lifted him up and spoke with eyes to eyes, “Not allowed to throw a temper tantrum! Looking at your scorn filled expression that invites a good beating, I wonder why you haven’t inherited either my modesty or Wang Fifth’s grace?”

Wang Fifth looked up at the sky. Little A also looked up at the sky, but the degree in which he looked up at the sky was a little too big and it turned into an eye roll.

“Ya, you dare to roll your eyes!” Nie Bufan pinched his face with both hands and rubbed it.

Wang Shichan hurriedly came to the rescue, smoothing Nie Bufan’s ruffled feathers while comforting Little A who was currently brewing up a good cry.

The family of four, looking very warm and harmonious from a distance, caused Li Yi to be very envious and look forward to Nie Bufan giving birth to his child as well. But who understood the bitterness in Father Wang Fifth’s heart?

Soon, his wish was realized, and it was realized thoroughly——Nie Bufan gave birth to a pair of yellow eggs for him! One pregnancy and now he had both a son and a daughter.

Li Yile was crazy with happiness, and wanted nothing more than to tell the whole world of the good news. Even when kneading the dough it would somehow turn into twisted smiley faces.

However, this joy completely collapsed five days after he personally began to take care of the little monsters. He now deeply understood the hardship of caring for a baby, and sometimes he even felt an urge to shove them back into their eggs and recreate them.

Little C and Little D could be regarded as real demon babies. The older brother ate a lot and made a lot of fuss, grew fast and had great strength; the younger sister was as profound and shrewd as an old demon spirit who had cultivated for thousands of years, so quiet that she practically gave no sense of existence and when in a bad mood she liked to go on a cold war with people.

Li Yi was really exhausted. Zhang Junshi couldn’t watch any longer, and planned to go to the city to transport over a dozen nannies and nurses into the village, but Nie Bufan rejected this.

He said: “It’s easy for outsiders to have a bad influence on the children, so it is better to bring them up by ourselves.”

The gongs all fell silent: You are the only one who would have a bad influence on the children here!

Nie Bufan waved his hand and threw the little monsters into the wolf lair and sheep pen, letting them survive on their own.

Both wolves and sheep were the second generation of chickens specially cultivated by Nie Bufan in order to provide the children with food and playmates. Smart, agile, loyal, and easy to push down, they were practically a must-have companion for home and travel.

The dad gongs nervously watched their babies lying under the belly of the she-wolf drinking milk, for fear that the she-wolf would slap them to death if it suddenly got upset.

Fortunately, the milk drinking process went smoothly. The little monsters adapted well and fell asleep after drinking.

Nie Bufan leaned on the door, and said, “That’s how you’ll feed them in the future. You people really don’t know how to use resources. The animals in the village are full of love, gentle and meticulous, and they are all qualified nannies. Why didn’t you know to recruit their services earlier?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The gongs were speechless, who had such a high level and could order around those big bosses in the village like you?

In any case, the worries of the several big men raising babies have been temporarily resolved. In the harmonious Chicken Nest Village, they would definitely be able to thrive and grow up in harmony.

When E, F, G, H, I, J…..were born, born, born..…

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