Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 109 Extra: Si Chenyu

After returning to his Prince’s Manor from Chicken Nest Village, Si Chenyu felt a little unused to everything for a long time. The hustle and bustle of the city, the magnificent residence, the subservient servants, and the ingratiating dignitaries all made him feel inexplicably irritable. In addition, the concubines he once favored could also no longer arouse his interest.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He refused to admit that this was a side effect that developed after provoking Nie Bufan, nor did he think the other was that important to him. Therefore, he bought a few pretty male pets to attend to his bed affairs. No one knew why the prince who only loved beauties was now interested in young men after a trip out. But several handsome servants even got the idea of ​​wanting to climb up onto their master’s bed.

However, after Si Chenyu summoned a male pet to serve him in bed, no one got such an idea anymore.

On the first day, a certain male pet was summoned over.

“Come here.” Si Chenyu leaned on the bed and hooked his finger at the young man. He was dressed in a black long robe, his hair was loose, and his collar was open, revealing his strong chest muscles. There was a sense of nobleness and seduction coming from his figure.

The young man blushed and with quick heartbeats he walked closer.

Si Chenyu lifted his chin with his fingers and asked lazily: “How old are you?”

“Answering my lord, this slave is 15.”

“Only 15? Why were you sold to the brothels?”

“Answering my lord, this slave’s family is poor, with an elder brother before me and a younger sister after me, and my family can’t afford to feed so many people.”

“Can’t afford it? In today’s peaceful and prosperous times, with a monarch who is wise, your family has strong able-bodied men and can make ends meet if you just find a job, so why did you willingly fall into depravity?”

“…..Answering my lord, this slave is physically weak and illiterate. Other than selling my body, this slave really doesn’t know what else to do?”

“Excuses.” Si Chenyu shook off his hand and said coldly, “You obviously can’t endure hardship! Looking at your smooth skin, you are clearly a person who has not done any rough work. Born in a poor family but does not know how to work, instead coveting ease and comfort, say, are you still a man?”

The young man knelt down in fear, his body trembling slightly. Secretly he wondered: Was it possible that this prince liked a tragic male lover who was accustomed to rough work, had experienced hardships, and possessed a firm will? Speaking of, just what did he buy a male pet for? Just to lecture and help the lost young man get on the right path?

Si Chenyu looked at the back of his head and felt vexation in his chest: “Did this prince make you kneel? Get up!”

The young man stood up tremblingly.

“Is this prince so scary? Speak with your head raised.”

“Answering, answering my lord, this slave dare not.”

“Dare not?” Si Chenyu became angrier when he saw his cowardly demeanor, “A man who has a temper like a little wife? Saying things like “answering my lord” and “this slave”, as if you are afraid no one would know that you are inferior?”

The young man trembled even more severely.

“Get out, hurry and get out, it’s annoying for this prince to watch.” Si Chenyu waved impatiently.

As if receiving an amnesty, the young man would not stay for even a second longer, and retracted back out with staggering steps.

On the second day, Si Chenyu summoned another male pet.

Si Chenyu had a “friendly” chat once again, and without exception, he only got conforming answers with ingratiating and humble expressions. Si Chenyu was furious, there was not a bit that did not make him feel awkward.

On the third day, it was still the same.

These young men were all good-looking and attractive, but their souls were all carved out of the same mold. Maybe they also had their special characteristics, but they couldn’t shake off the shackles of hierarchy enough to express it. They dared not look directly into his eyes, dared not express their emotions, and naturally it was also impossible for them to have the courage to stand beside him and share his joys and sorrows.

However, that guy dared. Since their first meeting, he had never been afraid of him. He dared to bargain with him, dared to anger him, and dared to tease him unscrupulously.

He had to admit that he wanted to find the other’s shadow on others, the shadow of that arrogant, hateful, immoral guy!

“Si Chenyu, you are done for!” Si Chenyu murmured while rubbing his forehead.

When he stayed together with him before, although he had desire for him, it never rose to the point of indispensability. He always regarded him as an existence he could tease and play with when he was bored, and the other did indeed bring him a lot of fun.

But now that they were separated, and there might not be any more communication in the future, the feeling of emptiness and anxiety swept over him unstoppably.

He had the status and wealth that others envied and looked up to. He enjoyed all the glory and wealth in the world, but after getting to know Nie Bufan, he felt the joy of letting go of all the shackles for the first time.

Just as Wang Shichan said, that guy was an oddball that existed uniquely in the world, and he might never meet any one similar in the future. So how was he willing to let go? But he was not as decisive and carefree as Wang Shichan and Li Yi. As part of the royal family, he must consider the honor and disgrace of the clan and the reproduction of offspring.

“Ai, how annoying.” Even as a prince, there was also no way to possess Nie Bufan as his own. A damned chicken farmer actually caused a dignified prince to be unable to forget him!

Si Chenyu was full of frustration, and even when dealing with his duties and affairs it was with a face full of bitterness. He decided to use his work and time to dilute a certain someone’s influence on him, but it had no effect.

After enduring it for more than a year, he finally couldn’t bear it anymore. He didn’t know why he had to bear it. He obviously could see that guy as long as he went to Chicken Nest Village. At that time he would rub the other however he wanted, and knead the other however he wanted. So why must he torture himself like this?

Si Chenyu, admit it, you just can’t lower this noble head, and you don’t want to submit to that hateful guy, nor are you willing to submit to the feelings in your heart.

Forget it, life was too short, so why hesitate and dawdle back and forth? Why couldn’t he take the step that others could take?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Si Chenyu dropped the documents on the desk and shouted: “Come, prepare this prince’s luggage and a carriage ready to go out tomorrow, this prince is going to Xishan City to play for half a month!”

But he didn’t know that when he stepped into Chicken Nest Village again, he would be pleasantly surprised to find that Chicken Nest Village was already occupied by an army of wild animals and small carrot heads. And he would also harvest one or two strange little fruits himself…..

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3 thoughts on “Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 109 Extra: Si Chenyu”

  1. Hey… I feel like the timeline is messed up a bit, We’re talking about Si Chenyu going back after a year and Nice Bufan already has his bunch of carrot heads.
    And like, he said he will use contraceptives, hahaha good joke

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  2. Tho, I feel like his overdoing it already , give him a break gongs!
    I’m wondering how old is he right now, i wanna know how much time ha it passed, like, his first child and second child have a two year old age gap

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I don’t think the time period is messed up because I don’t recall the author even specifying how long gestation is? Google says incubation is about 21 days for eggs, but that doesn’t include carrying term. But I’ll also confused since Bufan was agonizing over giving birth using years as a time frame. So idk if the author ever specified. It’s probably plausible there already are a lot of kids (and they never specified how many) and only a year passed or something.


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