The Cruel Tyrant CH 103 Captured

Blood spattered wherever Su Mu passed, and lives fell like straw being cut. Xu Wei was shocked and suddenly got a bad feeling. This killing technique that he had never seen before gave him a very familiar feeling, seeming to remind him of——the Crown Prince! The killing method used by the Crown Prince in the rumors!

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Looking at Su Mu, whose white robe was stained with blood and now appeared more like he was wearing a red robe instead, his smile like the poisonous poppy, Xu Wei slowly stepped back and asked vigilantly: “Who are you?”

At this moment, Su Mu’s eyes had become blood red. He tore up all the living people in the courtyard, leaving Xu Wei the last one remaining. Su Mu stared at Xu Wei like a wolf, ignoring whatever squeaking this bug was uttering, and instantly appeared in front of Xu Wei. Xu Wei’s pupils dilated and he hurriedly avoided the attack, but there was still a sharp pain in his chest, and a whole piece of flesh was torn off by Su Mu.

Too fast! There was simply no time to dodge! Xu Wei, who was completely at a disadvantage, barely avoided the rain of attacks in the courtyard with resentment and embarrassment. He was puzzled about why the Crown Prince had appeared here, and was full with so much regret that he wanted to slap himself to death.

“Princess Hongyun!” With difficulty, Xu Wei  managed to dodge Su Mu’s fatal clawing swipe. He fell to the ground and shouted in a pathetic state. At any rate, he was still a Clan Master and a well-known martial arts master in jianghu. Just thinking it over and he was able to realize that he had been used as a pawn.

Hearing the name of Princess Hongyun, Su Mu’s slender fingertips that appeared on Xu Wei’s neck stopped for a moment. He restrained his inner murderous intent and asked, “Where is she?”

Xu Wei: “I don’t know.”

With a soft “crack”, Su Mu twisted Xu Wei’s neck without hesitation. Arriving with majesty but dying miserably. The so-called martial arts master was not all he was cracked up to be it seemed. Su Mu thought with disdain, and then flew out of the courtyard. If Xu Wei knew Su Mu’s thoughts, he would probably be angered back into life.

Motherf**ker Who can compare with an inhuman fellow like you who cultivates martial arts with human life!

At this time, outside the Manor, Ye Haolin, Qin Wanli and the other people from jianghu were fighting hard. Ye Qingfeng had also rushed to the front when he saw Su Mu going on a rampage and clearly without any need for help. At this moment, everyone was in quite a sorry state.

Qin Wanli said angrily: “What kind of weapons are these government soldiers using? How is it that it is so powerful!”

A jianghu member who specialized in the sale of intelligence said: “It is gunpowder, which is unique to the Qing imperial court in the whole world. The last time, Shen Wei had used this weapon to win at the border.”

“It’s really the Crown Prince!”

The group of people was immediately filled with outrage and said angrily: “We have nothing to do with the imperial court. Why does the Crown Prince want to kill us?”

“This is not the first time that the Crown Prince is cruel and tyrannical, killing innocent people indiscriminately. Isn’t it the real abnormality that he has not killed people in the past two years?”

“Boom boom boom——”

Another round of offensive began, and the beautiful surrounding scenery turned into shambles in an instant.

Ye Haolin said: “Brother Qin, why have you not used your Qimen Grand Formation?”

“The mechanisms were blown up and can’t function normally.” Qin Wanli’s heart was dripping blood. The painstaking hard work passed down from generation to generation by his ancestors was destroyed by the explosion of such a few small things. How could he not feel distressed?

At this moment, there was a slight sound of footsteps behind them, and everyone immediately turned their heads vigilantly, only to see a shocking sight. Su Mu came from the end of the path with icy blood red eyes. It seemed that even the light around him dimmed in response, looking like a living god of hell.

People of jianghu were accustomed to killing and fighting, but they have never seen such a person who completely regarded human lives as ants, easily harvesting life like one did with grain.

The entire forest was silent and no one made a noise. Su Mu restrained his murderous intent and sneered coldly: “Princess Hongyun honors us with your arrival, but why don’t you come out for a greeting?”

There was a sound of horseshoes, and Sun Hongyun slowly appeared from a small trail on a horse. There was no one around her. Her face was covered with a veil and her red dress was like burning prairie fire: “Long time no see, Crown Prince Su is still as radiant as ever.”

Su Mu said in an unkind tone: “Thanks to you, I haven’t died under the siege of the four kingdoms yet.”

Princess Hongyun chuckled softly: “The siege of the four kingdoms, I was originally quite confident that I would take over your Qing Kingdom, but who knew that you can always unexpectedly come up with things that defy the natural order like gunpowder. Leaving you alone is a huge threat to the Wu Kingdom, so I also had no choice but to take a risk.”

Su Mu stepped forward and looked at the veiled Princess Hongyun and said, “Do you think a little gunpowder can kill me?”

Princess Hongyun shook her head and said: “Only gunpowder will of course be unable to take down Crown Prince Su who possesses unrivaled martial arts. These gunpowder are only what is left of the gunpowder seized from the Qing Kingdom army. Naturally, I can’t possibly waste it like this, so I added a layer of inner force dispelling drug on the gunpowder. It has now spread to the entire Jinglin Manor. Crown Prince Su might as well try and see if you can still use your internal force. In addition, Your Highness does not need to expect Gu Yunzhou to come save you. Everyone in Lingyun Pavilion is trapped in the prison of the Wu Kingdom and is currently expecting their master to come to their rescue.”

On the side, Ye Qingfeng hurriedly tried to circulate his inner force, and then his face instantly changed. He whispered to Su Mu: “What she said is true.”

Su Mu also tried to circulate his own internal force, and discovered that it really was gradually dissipating. He actually tripped up in the hands of a woman. Su Mu said with a dark expression: “What do you want to do? Kill me? Then why aren’t you making a move now?”

Soon a team of soldiers rushed forward to surround Su Mu. Princess Hongyun approached Su Mu and smiled with inquiring eyes: “Your Highness is such a stunning and talented person. It is a shame for you to die in such obscurity. Now, as long as you are willing to be used by our Wu Kingdom, when our Kingdom unifies the world in the future, naturally we will not mistreat Your Highness.”

Su Mu smiled coldly and said: “Rather than being part of the conquered people, I am more willing to do the conquering. The princess has really wasted your breath.”

Princess Hongyun said: “I know that Your Highness is ambitious and refuses to succumb to others, but please believe in the sincerity of my royal brother. Come, take Crown Prince Su away.”

Su Mu lost his inner force and was in no way able to beat a group of well-trained soldiers, so he did not resist and obediently let himself be tied up. On the other side, Ye Qingfeng was also tied up at the same time. Princess Hongyun looked at Su Mu’s eyes, a smile in her own, and said: “My royal brother is heroic and handsome, and is most definitely a thousand times better than this prodigal rogue. It just so happens that my royal brother is also interested in Your Highness. So how about considering my royal brother?”

Su Mu’s thoughts turned sharply, and he asked, “You want to take me to the Wu Kingdom’s capital?”

Princess Hongyun said: “My royal brother cannot come to greet Your Highness personally because of his official duties. Naturally, I will escort Your Highness back to the capital so that you and my royal brother may strengthen your bonds of friendship.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

And Sun Hongyu, who was in the imperial capital of the Wu Kingdom, had no idea that he had been sold by his sister. At this moment, he was looking at the letter sent back by Sun Hongyun with anxiety. He frowned and said: “How could a weak woman capture Crown Prince Su? A single misstep and I’m afraid she’ll lose her life. Dongdong, send someone to call the princess back.”

Dong Dongdong said: “Your Highness, the princess is peerlessly intelligent, and I didn’t even see a trace of the princess’s shadow last time when I took someone to find her.”

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5 thoughts on “The Cruel Tyrant CH 103 Captured”

  1. That woman is really a walking disaster on his plans. One day she will definitely will be taught a good lesson.

    But I’m kinda excited how Su Mu will capture someone’s heart again.

    Thank you so much for the hard work !!!

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  2. That woman is really a walking disaster on his plans. One day she will definitely will be taught a good lesson.

    But I’m kinda excited how Su Mu will capture someone’s heart again.

    Thank you so much for the hard work !!!


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