The Cruel Tyrant CH 104 Journey

Su Mu’s inner force was sealed and together with Ye Qingfeng, they ended up as prisoners of Sun Hongyun. But he didn’t look like a prisoner at all, sitting in a fine carriage, leaning on soft silk cushions, and ordering around Ye. Qingfeng who also had his internal force sealed: “Massage legs.”

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Ye Qingfeng’s strong big hands climbed up Su Mu’s legs and kneaded them with appropriate force. As he kneaded, his hands eventually climbed upwards until they were about to touch the important part. Only then did Su Mu half-opened his closed eyes, and he threatened with a mild tone: “Are you asking for death?”

Ye Qingfeng separated the smooth and tender thighs in his hands, and squeezed his entire body in between Su Mu’s legs, shrouding Su Mu under his tall figure. He licked his lips and said, “Darling, what should we do now? You are so full of schemes, I don’t believe you have no counter plan.You listen to me, if you dare to provoke another man, I will @#¥……”

“Piss off!” Su Mu kicked Ye Qingfeng on the stomach, turned sideways and picked up the wine placed in the carriage, pouring a cup and drinking leisurely.

The bright red lips became moistened with crystal-like drops of wine, causing it to look as attractive as dewy flowers. Ye Qingfeng leaned forward again and stretched out his tongue to lick away the remnants of the wine on Su Mu’s lips, tempting Su Mu: “Darling, just tell me, en?”

Su Mu smirked, and his white index finger curled a strand of Ye Qingfeng’s black hair to play around with on his fingers, and said casually: “Princess Hongyun, she won’t be able to leave the territory of the Qing Kingdom.”

“Why?” Ye Qingfeng wondered. He, a jianghu person, really didn’t know anything about this kind of thing.

“Naturally because there is still a cruel and vicious Emperor of Shi in this world.” A clear, bell-like voice sounded. It was Princess Hongyun. The curtain was lifted and Princess Hongyun in a red veil said to Su Mu: “Did I guess correctly? Your Highness.”

The carriage had already stopped. Su Mu walked out of the carriage, smiled mysteriously at Princess Hongyun and said, “The princess is smart, your old lover is no ordinary opponent.” Su Mu glanced at the endless mountains as he continued: “In Jinyang County, Shi Ran very much likes to set up ambushes in this place, so the princess must be careful.”

Su Mu’s tone was a bit cold, and his eyes were even colder. On his kingdom’s land these people came and went as they pleased. They really didn’t have any regard for the master of this country in their eyes.

Princess Hongyun looked at the mountain road winding like a long snake in the distance, and said to Su Mu: “I haven’t encountered Shi Ran, but the people from your Qing Kingdom came very quickly.”

Su Mu followed her gaze. At the end of the road, a group of people appeared. There were about dozens of people, and the leader was an unexpected person.

“Yun Feiyu!” Su Mu exclaimed in surprise.

Yun Feiyu was riding on a horse. His blue-green robes looked a little wrinkled, his hair was also a little disheveled, and his gentle eyes had dark circles under them. Those calm, gentle eyes immediately lit up when they saw Su Mu, and he hurriedly dismounted, kneeling down: “Paying respects to Your Highness.”

Standing in front of Yun Feiyu, Su Mu frowned and said, “Why are you here? You handed over the government affairs to Lin Siyuan?”

“Yes, Your Highness.” Yun Feiyu still knelt on the ground because Su Mu did not tell him to get up.

Su Mu turned a stern look on Yun Feiyu’s indifferent face, and said coldly: “I had you stay in the palace to preside over the court. Do you know what the consequences will be after you leave? Lin Siyuan looks tactful and shrewd but is in fact radical in many ways, and is unable to keep a grasp of the overall situation!”

Yun Feiyu was not frightened by Su Mu’s stern aura, and his body straightened up from the ground. His soft, warm eyes met Su Mu’s stern gaze without fear, and he said in a gentle voice: “Yun Feiyu only has allegiance to the imperial court and country that has Your Highness. Your Highness is in trouble, and Yun Feiyu will naturally follow you whether in life or death.”

“Hmph” Su Mu looked at the other’s firm expression. It was undeniable that he was somewhat happy to hear this, but he felt more dissatisfaction with him leaving the court without permission, “As a kingdom’s important official, yet you act so impetuously. Where is your responsibility to the people of the kingdom?”

Yun Feiyu looked at Su Mu and said, “Your Highness, as the crown prince of a kingdom, yet you entered a dangerous situation just to save a male pet. Where is Your Highness’s responsibility to the people of the kingdom? Your Highness is willing to go into a dangerous situation for Ye Qingfeng, and Yun Feiyu is willing to face death for Your Highness.”

“You…..” Su Mu’s beautiful eyes stared at him, unable to come up with a response.

Behind him, Ye Qingfeng walked out angrily, and said to Yun Feiyu in a bad tone: “Who are you calling a male pet?”

Yun Feiyu glanced sideways at Ye Qingfeng, then retracted his gaze and said: “I didn’t name any names, so why is Ye Gongzi so anxious to admit it?”

“Tch.” Ye Qingfeng glanced at the hypocrite on the ground with disdain, and said, “If I am a male pet, what is Yun Gongzi then?”

Yun Feiyu replied: “The Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Appointments, a fourth-rank official, as well as the Crown Prince’s close attendant, what advice does Ye Gongzi have for me?”

“Okay, shut up!” Su Mu stopped Ye Qingfeng, who was about to speak again, then looked with a headache at Yun Feiyu who was kneeling on the ground and said: “Get up, get up, what is the use of a weak scholar like you coming? Can you beat Princess Hongyun?”

Yun Feiyu shook his head honestly and said: “I can’t.”

“Then what are you coming here for!?” Su Mu glared at him angrily.

Yun Feiyu said righteously: “To accompany the imperial body.”

Ye Qingfeng ridiculed: “The shamelessness of Yun Gongzi has truly renewed my understanding of scholars.”

Princess Hongyun watched the jealous two men show with great interest. She moved gently to Su Mu’s side, and said softly: “Your Highness is really blessed to have so many outstanding men treat you so sincerely.”

Su Mu curled his lips and said: “Stop with the gloating amusement, you should think about how to break out of Shi Ran’s encirclement instead.”

Princess Hongyun raised an eyebrow and said: “Your Highness does not have to worry, Hong Yun will definitely escort Your Highness to the imperial capital of the Wu Kingdom.” Then she pulled out a guard’s long knife behind her and put it on Yun Feiyu’s neck, “I did not invite Yun Gongzi to go to Wu Kingdom as a guest, I think this place is good and will make a suitable grave. How about Yun Gongzi rest here from now on?”

Yun Feiyu smiled slightly, with no fear in his eyes, “Even if Yun Feiyu sleeps here forever more, I will still need someone to accompany me. How about the princess stay with me?”

Suddenly, Princess Hongyun’s face changed, and she slowly fell over while clutching at her chest, the knife in her hand falling to the ground with a “clang”.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Yun Feiyu looked calmly at Princess Hongyun who fell on the ground, and smiled at Su Mu: “Your Highness, what do you think of the fragrant orchid poison?”

Su Mu looked at Princess Hongyun on the ground and the guards who fell one after another, and raised his eyebrows as he said: “A must for home and travel.”

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