The Cruel Tyrant CH 105 Real Scumbag

After Princess Hongyun fell, the sound of movement was heard in the woods behind them. Soon, a dozen well-trained and agile guards appeared in front of Su Mu. In the lead was Shi Ran’s tall body dressed in martial attire, looking extraordinarily handsome and possessing a powerful aura.

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The brown pupils exuded a wild and unruly light, like a cheetah preparing to pounce on its prey. He stretched out his hand and made a gesture of invitation: “Xiao Chi, won’t you come to my Shi Kingdom as a guest.”

Standing opposite to Shi Ran, Su Mu replied with a cold smile: “Shi Ran, this is the land of the Qing Kingdom, do you regard this as your back garden?”

“No.” Shi Ran grinned and said, “Not only the Qing Kingdom, but the whole world will be my, Shi Ran’s, garden.” He confidently said to Su Mu: “The Shi Kingdom has sent troops over to the Qing Kingdom for many days now. Before I came, most of your Qing Kingdom’s cities had been included in the territory of my Shi Kingdom. Within half a month, your Qing Kingdom will become a part of my Shi Kingdom. Xiao Chi, legitimacy belongs only to victors and struggling is useless. Come to the Shi Kingdom with me. I will give you the status of being below one person and above tens of thousands.”

“Sorry, I only like being above tens of thousands of people, and do not like being under one person.” Su Mu’s mouth showed a sneer, looking at the endless mountains in the distance, and said: “Shi Ran, you celebrate too early, I admit that your army is strong, and there are endless fierce warriors and generals under your command, but…..”

Su Mu suddenly paused, and then said forcefully: “Don’t forget, your opponent is me! I can tell you clearly that from the moment your soldiers from the Shi Kingdom set foot in our kingdom they are already dead men. None of them will be able to walk out of the land of my Qing Kingdom intact.”

After speaking, Su Mo slowly walked to the horse brought by Yun Feiyu, and then quickly took out a firearm from under the saddle, aiming it at Shi Ran and pulling the trigger. Shi Ran discovered something was wrong when he found that Su Mu’s movements suddenly became faster. After practicing martial arts for many years, his body was faster than his brain, and he immediately dodged to the side.

“Bang”, the bullet hit the stone, and the stone that was as large as a human head bursted into rock shards instantly.

Even though Shi Ran’s guards had been on battlefields for a long time, they couldn’t help going cold all over, subconsciously wanting to increase their distance from Su Mu. The warrior’s intuition was much stronger than that of ordinary people.

Yun Feiyu gestured to the people behind him, and these people immediately took out the firearms that they had hidden, and then followed Su Mu and aimed at Shi Ran and his guards.

Princess Hongyun looked at Su Mu with a shocked face, and then she realized in a cold sweat that even if Su Mu did not use poison on her, her life would still be easily killed with just these dozens of firearms. She was only still kept alive because she was still of some use to the other. Princess Hongyun lowered her head and her lips under the veil curved into a bitter smile. But seeing Shi Ran also helpless against Su Mu, her heart felt a burst of happiness. But then she thought about what kind of threat this thing would be to the Wu Kingdom, and her mood instantly worsened.

Shi Ran looked at dozens of dark holes, his eyes quickly switching from shock to curiosity and ambition, and asked Su Mu: “What hidden weapon is this?”

“Hidden weapon?” Su Mu raised his eyebrows and looked at the firearm in his hand and said: “This is not a hidden weapon, this is called a firearm.” After refilling the gunpowder, Su Mu pointed the firearm at Shi Ran and said: “For now, help me manage the Shi Kingdom well, I will be coming to take it over in ten years.”

Yun Feiyu looked at Su Mu who was full of confidence, and the last cloud in his heart also disappeared. One must always make choices in life. As a man, how could he not have the dream of conquering the world?

With the powerful deterrence in front, Shi Ran no longer dared to take a step forward. He waved his big hand to the guards behind him: “We leave.” And then copied Su Mu’s words, “Help me manage yourself and the Qing Kingdom well, you both are my possessions.”

On the journey back to the palace, the identities and positions of Princess Hongyun and Su Mu flipped. After getting on the “prison cart”, she lifted the curtains and asked Su Mu who was riding a horse: “What does Your Highness plan to ask my royal father for in exchange for my life?”

Su Mu looked down at Princess Hongyun and said, “Peace.”

“Peace?” Sun Hongyun understood after a little thought, she blurted out, “You want time!”

“Smart.” Su Mu quirked up one corner of his mouth and drew a whip on the horse’s ass, causing the horse to gallop off like an arrow.

Su Mu now had the technology and resources and manpower. The only thing he lacked was the time to transform these things into real combat power.

At noon, Su Mu’s team was passing by a green farmland, and happened to meet two groups of people fighting with weapons. Several people were already laying on the ground and large pools of blood had gathered. Su Mu said to the guards around him: “Stop them.”

“Yes.” The guards behind him responded neatly and uniformly.

After a while, those people were subdued by the well-trained guards, and the two leaders were pressed in front of Su Mu.

Su Mu said: “The imperial court prohibits armed fighting, don’t you know?”

The both of them were people with speaking power within the same clan, and they had seen a little more than the average person. Seeing the attire and things used by Su Mu and his group, they knew that the people in front of them were not ordinary people, and they rushed to make their complaints.

“My lord, you must preside over justice for us! The one surnamed Li robbed us of our water source, and our rice paddies can’t be watered, this year’s harvest is gone!”

“You old fart, we agreed that it was our turn to use the water during these few days, it’s you who went back on your words!”

Su Mu frowned and waved his hand: “Armed fighting, send them to the local government office.”

“Yes.” Without a word, the guards immediately sent the two people who were still struggling and calling grievances to the local government office.

At this time, Yun Feiyu walked up from behind Su Mu, looked at the green farmland in front of him and said: “Your Highness, are you worried about water conservancy?”

Su Mu nodded and said: “This year there is little rain, and the harvest may not be ideal.”

Yun Feiyu said: “Your Highness, the flow of water from the Xijiang River is large and much of it flows downstream every year, don’t know how much is wasted, and the most downstream is the Shi Kingdom.”

“The Shi Kingdom…..” A thought flashed in Su Mu’s mind, he squinted at Yun Feiyu and said, “You want to…..”

“Close the flow.” Yun Feiyu smiled, and lightly said something that would cut off the livelihood of a million people.

Indeed, as expected of someone who could submit themselves to Su Mochi just for revenge. This heart was ruthless enough!

Su Mu licked at his somewhat dry lips, reached out and pinched Yun Feiyu’s chin in between his fingers, and licked the other’s lips with a soft tongue as he said, “Tonight, serve me in bed.”

An undercurrent flowed in his eyes, and Yun Feiyu answered obediently: “This official obeys the orders.”

A wicked smile appeared on the corner of Su Mu’s lips, and he turned and walked back to his carriage.

Yun Feiyu remained standing there and smiled helplessly.

The Crown Prince’s taste was truly unique, he just happened to like this kind of ruthless person whose outside appearance differed from their inner self. Perhaps he just enjoyed controlling this kind of people, conquering this kind of people, and watching these people stir up the wind and rain under his control but unable to shake up the sky or leave him.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

A smile full of mixed emotions appeared on Yun Feiyu’s face.

The Crown Prince, was a real scumbag.

Regardless of whether it was Liu Xi, Huang Xuan, or Ye Qingfeng, Gu Yunzhou and himself, no matter what they showed on the outside, they were ruthless people down to their bones.

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