After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 080 Sensation

In order to better interpret the role of the adult heroine in the MV, Guo Yaning listened to Tao Mu’s advice and hired a top international model from F country to learn from the other on how to walk with a powerful presence on stage.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

As a domestic A-list actress, Guo Yaning would immediately become the focus of everyone’s eyes every time she appeared in public. And because of her “excellent bearing” that allowed her to repeatedly stand out from the crowd, becoming the object of praise from the media and the fashion industry. She was invited to participate in Fashion Week every year, and she was a guest of several major international luxury brands, and even the darling of the fashion industry. Last year she had even achieved the “Big Five” cover grand slam.

——These were to explain that Guo Yaning had also put in hard work in private in order to refine her aura of a super A-list actress in China. Every year, she spent a lot of money to hire an etiquette teacher to adjust her posture, so that she looked more charming, and walked more gracefully. This was because before meeting Tao Mu, Zhou Fengxuan’s image transformation route for Guo Yaning was the mature, sexy and charming type. This was also the first choice of most actresses in the transition——to charm people with sex appeal. Moreover, the path was simple and the risk was low. One only needed to put on a little thicker makeup and show a bit more of the chest when appearing in public. And the safest choice for a public appearance was of course to walk the red carpet.

Zhou Fengxuan had even decided the specific time for Guo Yaning’s debut——at the premiere of “Faraway Jianghu”. Zhou Fengxuan even had the evening gown that Guo Yaning was going to wear at that time custom-made. A deep red form fitting strapless gown that ended with a long trail and with a front split up to the thigh. It had to be gorgeous, sexy and enchanting.

But now with Tao Mu’s involvement, this image could be passed off——it was beautiful, but it was too clichéd. As Tao Mu said before, although the style that everyone had used was classic, because there were already too many outstanding examples, it did not have the stunning feeling at first glance. If she ran into another little b*tch who was secretly planning to bribe a reporter and stir up a wave of discussion that compared the similar look or something? Zhou Fengxuan was very confident in the looks of her artist, and she didn’t think Guo Yaning would lose to others, but just letting other little sluts stir up discussion and rub off the heat was not in line with Zhou Fengxuan’s view of “maximizing benefits”.

—— Simply put, her point of view was very double standard, that was, I can rub off your popularity, but you are not allowed to do the same back. Especially the little demonesses who were of the same gender as their Guo Yaning.

So after thinking about it, Tao Mu’s queen-like, domineering sister style was better. Even with this one, there have been some people who have had similar images, but their makeup and styling were quite different from Guo Yaning’s. Even if the media insisted on rubbing off on the heat, Zhou Fengxuan was not afraid——after all, the classic actresses who emerged from the golden age of Hong Kong were on average a dozen or twenty years older than Guo Yaning. If they really met with media commentary on similar looks, Zhou Fengxuan still had a lot of room to maneuver.

Adhering to this thinking, Zhou Fengxuan paid more attention to the shooting of this MV. In fact, during the shooting, she even released Guo Yaning’s cover photo for publicity.

Regardless of what stage the entertainment industry had developed to, there was never a shortage of simps who only looked at good looks. Guo Yaning was already a domestic A-list actress with countless fans and most of them love her face. This time Tao Mu’s carefully crafted cover photo for Guo Yaning immediately caused Guo Yaning’s fans to scream, kneel, and simp in short order.

As expected by Guo Yaning and her management team, the fashion industry also quickly noticed Guo Yaning’s new look. The never before seen makeup technique and the powerful presence all contributed to the exquisiteness of the photo that could immediately be put on the cover of the five major fashion magazines.

The entire fashion industry went crazy immediately. Almost at the same time that Guo Yaning’s cover photo for her new album was released, Zhou Fengxuan’s mobile phone was blown up by calls from the editors of major fashion magazines and several internationally renowned luxury brands. Everyone was asking whose work did Guo Yaning’s cover photo belong to, who did the makeup, who matched the styling, and who did the hair…..from head to toe.

After learning that Guo Yaning’s new look was all done by Tao Mu, the founder of FlyNews, Tao Mu’s phone was also blown up with calls.

Fashion magazines invited Tao Mu to do a cover interview, wanting him to talk about his experience in creating a new look; luxury brands wanted to invite Tao Mu to act as a brand ambassador to promote their brand platform.

Zhou Fengxuan struck the iron while it was hot, and after seeking Tao Mu’s consent, she posted a video of the behind the scenes filming on, under the name of treat for fans. The netizens followed Guo Yaning’s FlyNews account to Bullet Screen. They watched as Guo Yaning, with her 2.8 meter aura walk in the manner of a queen about to be crowned, instantly shouting with excitement and looking forward to the MV even more. The pre-orders of Guo Yaning’s new album surged by more than 100,000 overnight, all of which were simps who were aiming at Guo Yaning’s new styling.

Tao Mu also kindly gifted a caption that could create hype——

“When you meet such a handsome Queen, just marry.”

So this caption was reprinted by major entertainment media and fashion magazines. In the last month of 2008, the domestic fashion industry was suddenly occupied by a creature called “Queen”. Guo Yaning’s hairstyle, makeup, white dress shirt, black suit pants, and red high heels instantly became the hot style of the year. The sales of major brand stores had all increased by more than 30%. Such a crazy ability to raise sales dumbfounded all brands. Of course, while stunned, they all couldn’t help but laugh in delight.

The endorsement contract with Guo Yaning was expiring soon. The brand that was considering replacing Guo Yaning with another female star made a decision immediately and re-signed with Guo Yaning at a price that was 30% higher than the original contract for another three years. After seeing Guo Yaning’s ability to increase sales, other brands also contacted Guo Yaning’s managing team, wanting to discuss cooperation matters. Several major domestic fashion magazines contacted Zhou Fengxuan one after another, wanting to invite Guo Yaning to take cover photos.

Zhou Fengxuan had long known that Guo Yaning’s new look would cause a sensation in the entertainment and fashion circles. But she didn’t expect the impact this time to be so big. She almost laughed out loud in a crazy manner. Everyday when she looked at Tao Mu it was as if she was seeing a cornucopia.

However, what everyone did not expect was that the most eye-catching thing in the behind the scenes filming was not Guo Yaning, who made the new Queen look hot, but the photographer Tao Mu who fiddled with the camera from time to time opposite her——

The handsomely beautiful face that was flawless and perfect at 360 degrees, the serious eyes that made one’s legs go soft, and the noble ascetic aura. Even if he just wore a simple white T-shirt and jeans, he still shone brilliantly in all his gestures. Tao Mu’s existence simply and perfectly embodied the best spouse selection criteria in the minds of all women——

He was young, rich, talented, and had a perfect personality. He also knew how to take pictures to make girls happy. Of course, the most important thing was that handsome face and fit body. Especially the body proportion with wide shoulders, narrow back, thin waist, perk butt and long legs. Mama, it simply caused all viewers to go soft in the legs!

How can he be so handsome to such a level?

Really envy the Queen, who is standing opposite to Mr. Tao.

Even Wang Boyuan, who appeared as a guest act for the MV, couldn’t help but gratefully say to his agent after seeing the behind the scenes filming footage: “Fortunately, I didn’t appear in the behind the scenes. Otherwise I would have definitely been the most obvious background board of the year. I really sympathize with the actors who will be in the same frame with Tao Mu in the future.”

Wang Boyuan’s agent also agreed with feeling, but he comforted Wang Boyuan: “He’s just handsome. It doesn’t necessarily mean he also has acting skills. His looks are favored in the fashion industry but when it comes to acting in movies and TV shows, many directors will consider that too handsome actors might affect the plot itself…..”

He could no longer continue. Wang Boyuan’s agent also went to the “Faraway Jianghu” crew to visit the set, and naturally knew how good Tao Mu’s acting skills were. Generally, an idol actor’s face was a subtraction when a film director considered casting. But Tao Mu’s acting skills were enough to make his face a bonus point when the director considered casting. Moreover, Tao Mu was not just an actor, he was also the founder of——

The most frustrating things in this world was that someone who was handsomer than you was younger than you, younger than you but more talented than you, as well as more talented than you and richer than you…..Motherf**ker, Tao Mu ticked all the boxes alone. If all the items were accounted for, how could other people live?

Wang Boyuan’s agent didn’t know at this moment that Tao Mu had also become a business partner of Xiaoheng Capital, and was soon to become a capital boss. But even if he knew…..he likely wouldn’t have any ideas.

When a person was a little better than the people around him, everyone would feel jealous and feel that if they worked hard maybe they would also be just as good. But when a person was superior enough to crush those around him, most people would only look up at him and never feel even a specky of jealousy.

“I think you can contact Tao Mu more. His FlyNews has been very present in the entertainment industry recently. I found that many celebrities have significantly increased their popularity after signing up for FlyNews accounts. The company is already considering whether you should also register a FlyNews account. Although you are a domestic A-list star, you have a personal relationship with Tao Mu. At this time, registering a FlyNews account can be said to help a friend’s platform, and it will not appear like you are lowering your status.”

Wang Boyuan smiled bitterly when he heard the words, and said in his heart that it was already too late. If he was able to register a FlyNews account for Tao Mu when was just created, or when Tao Mu was discredited for the first time, everyone would believe that he and Tao Mu really had a good relationship——just like Guo Yaning did.

But now, at best, he was just icing on the cake. But the icing on the cake was still good, it was at least better to make an expression than not doing anything at all.

However, Wang Boyuan’s managing company changed their mind the next day because Tao Mu’s adoptive parents actually accepted a TV station’s invitation to film a talk show. On the show, they made various cries of complaint, saying how well they treated Tao Mu when they adopted Tao Mu, and how Tao Mu was jealous of his younger brother and even abused his younger brother and as a result they were forced to send Tao Mu back to the orphanage. But they didn’t expect that after so long, someone would sue them for abandonment. They couldn’t help but come out to clarify the facts, hoping to obtain Tao Mu’s forgiveness.

The general public always liked to sympathize with the weak. Especially a middle-aged couple who seemed to look honest and law-abiding, dressed particularly plainly, and timidly bowed their heads between gestures. At a glance, this middle-aged couple was clearly run down by the hardships of life, no longer with any temper and couldn’t even lift their heads. Many people instantly felt a sense of empathy and substitution.

At this moment, an unidentified voice began to appear on the Internet again, and began to discuss why Tao Mu refused to support his adoptive parents——even if it was only five years, that still counted as having raised him. Moreover, Tao Mu’s adoptive parents personally told the truth about Tao Mu’s abuse of his younger brother when he was five years old. A small group of people agreed that this honest middle-aged couple would never lie on a TV show so there must be such a thing.

Since Tao Mu made a mistake back then, he should apologize to his adoptive parents and his younger brother.

Once such weird remarks appeared, it immediately caused Tao Mu fans’ to crazily diss them.

“I really vomited. From the beginning to the end, the adoptive parents are jumping around making trouble by themselves, okay? Tao Mu has never responded to these rumors. At most, some netizens have discussed whether the actions of this pair of adoptive parents count as a crime of abandonment on the Internet. When did Tao Mu say that he would sue his former adoptive parents for the crime of abandonment?”

“Don’t you think this pair of adoptive parents is really weird? Tao Mu has ignored them the whole time and they are just talking by themselves. They themselves broke the news that they adopted Tao Mu and threw Tao Mu back to the orphanage because they had their own son. And after being denounced by netizens they participated in a TV show, repeating over and over that they want to apologize to Tao Mu and ask Tao Mu to forgive them. But in fact, every word they say is secretly accusing Tao Mu of abusing their son when he was five years old. Does anyone know who their son is? Is he now crippled or mad, and therefore there is such a great hatred for Tao Mu?”

“I think this ordinary couple is also quite capable. It seems like just anyone who breaks the news can cause a sensation on the whole Internet. They can just get on a TV station to clarify themselves. Has it always been so easy to get on TV? Why don’t I know?”

“I know this couple. Their son Tao Dabao is a classmate of my brother. His academics are particularly poor and his character is not good either. My brother said that Tao Dabao’s parents were called by the teacher for stealing money from his classmates. His mother was rolling on the ground and refusing to admit to it in the teacher’s office…..they are certainly not as honest as they appear on TV.”

“Upstairs+1. This couple is an old neighbor of my grandmother’s which is in the XX Hutong in Xicheng District, Beijing, and the woman is a famous shrew in the neighborhood. And the fact that they abused their adopted son when they had their own son is known by all the neighbors. I think there must be a problem with this. Could it be someone who doesn’t like to see Tao Mu doing so well, so deliberately found someone to pour dirty water on him?”

“When upstairs said this, I suddenly felt that this routine is a bit familiar.”

“Familiar +1”

“Familiar +2”

In the old Zhang’s house in Xicheng District, Beijing, Zhang Hanya’s aunt was watching TV while eating melon seeds. When she suddenly saw the show on the old Tao couple next door, she was stunned: “Hey, come and watch. The old Tao couple are on TV…..”

The neighbors in the entire courtyard were all howled over by Aunt Zhang. Seeing the old Tao couple crying and wiping tears on TV, Aunt Zhang sneered: “This acting is quite good, and she has even caught up with the heroine of a tragedy drama I’ve been watching. If she can act so well, why not go into acting!”

“How sinful!” Some old neighbors living in the courtyard vaguely remembered that the old Tao couple adopted a child more than ten years ago: “A pure and innocent child had been ruined by them. It was such a heavy rain, yet they left him at the entrance of the orphanage, and now they even have the face to say such things on TV.”

“It’s because they saw that the child is now rich, so they want to recognize him again, right?”

“How can anyone recognize a son like this? How is this even recognizing a son, more like recognizing an enemy, right?”

“Grandma, don’t you know? It’s said on the Internet that this is called moral coercion. They must use public opinion to persecute Tao Mu and to force Tao Mu to support them. It’s truly shameless.”

“Tao Mu?” Aunt Zhang’s ears twitched, she was particularly sensitive to the name: “Is it the Tao Mu who founded FlyNews? Wasn’t the child adopted by the old Tao family named Xiao Bao? How could it be Tao Mu?”

“Xiao Bao is the child’s nickname. Normally, no one calls it.” Someone remembered what happened back then, and explained: “It must be said that the old Tao family has truly done a crime. You say, if they had treated the child well back then, then they would already be enjoying blessings. Now great, using such means to force the child. Even if the child took out money the heart will definitely not be happy.”

Aunt Zhang thought of Tao Mu’s ruthlessness, and immediately laughed with gloating amusement, “They are all bad apples.”

She continued: “The old Tao family may want to use public opinion to force Tao Mu to pay money to them, but they have made a wrong calculation. This kid is dark and ruthless, who knows how many bad tricks he has up his sleeves. He definitely won’t let this couple have any good days left.”

The group of old neighbors looked at Aunt Zhang questioningly: “You know Tao Mu?”

Someone recalled what happened to the old Zhang family when the media broke the news of how they made a scene at the hospital, and they suddenly said, “Oh, he is the life-saver of your family’s Hanya, right? He is also a good boy. How could it be like you said. The more good a person is, the more soft-hearted they are. The way I see it, it’s not likely.”

Only Zhang Hanya was sitting in the corner of the living room with her head down, silently making her calculations.

* * * * * *

Early in the morning of the next day, the sky was not even bright yet, but a whole busy day of noise had already begun in this old alley extending in all directions in Xicheng District of Beijing.

Those who came out to go to the toilet to pour urinal bottles, those who wore cotton-padded jackets to go out to buy soy milk fritters, and those who rode bicycles to work nearby, bells ringing accompanied by all kinds of trailing yells.

“Hey, move out of the way.”

“Out of the way, let me go ahead first, I’m in a hurry to go to work!”

“Hey, have you eaten?”

Zhang Hanya stood by the public toilet at the entrance of the alley and waited for nearly half an hour. Finally she ran into Tao Haiguo’s wife, who was walking over while still adjusting her waistband.

Zhang Hanya’s eyes lit up. Her cold cheeks flushed with redness and white mist came from her mouth when she spoke. She pretended to greet casually, “Aunt Yang, have you also come to the toilet too?”

Yang Shufen looked at Zhang Hanya who was standing at the door of the toilet in surprise. What happened to the old Zhang family’s daughter today? Normally so silent but actually taking the initiative to greet people today.

What a novelty.

“Isn’t this nonsense? I’m at the door of the toilet. If I’m not going to the toilet, then did I just come here to smell it?” Yang Shufen snorted. She did not like the old Zhang family. Especially Zhang Hanya’s aunts, they would bicker as soon as they saw each other.

Often, neighbors and neighbors accumulate much resentment and as a result, Yang Shufen did not have a good expression when seeing Zhang Hanya.

Zhang Hanya didn’t care too much, and she asked, “Aunt Yang, I heard people say that your family is now rich and that you plan to not live here anymore and instead buy a high-end apartment. Is that right?”

A look of vigilance flashed across Yang Shufen’s face: “Who did you hear that from? What nonsense. Who doesn’t know the situation of our family? And even buying a high-end apartment, in your dreams maybe.”

After finishing talking, Yang Shufen ignored Zhang Hanya, and quickly went into the toilet so that she could do her business and leave. The hurried look, it was as if there was a dog chasing behind her.

Zhang Hanya had been standing in the freezing cold next to the toilet for quite a while, and still did not manage to get a clear word. So she also rushed home shivering. As soon as she entered the house, she was scolded by her aunt: “… took you more than half an hour to go to the toilet, and even breakfast is not made. A big girl yet you don’t know how to do any work at all, and only know how to be lazy. Why didn’t you just freeze to death outside.”

Zhang Dafu frowned: “Enough. What are you yelling so early in the morning? How can people not get constipation once in a while. Are you saying you don’t get constipation at all?”

“Oh! You are quite considerate of your niece. What’s the matter, still wondering if she can marry big money so that as the uncle you will also be able to ascend to the sky? Bah, just this unlucky star, it’s already a good thing if she doesn’t drag our whole family to death…..”

Suddenly she said: “By the way, isn’t Tao Mu your savior? He has started his own company now, and is also considered a big boss. Why don’t you try to fawn over him, maybe Tao Mu will have pity on you and be willing to give you a lighter job. It’s better than you serving dishes in the hot pot restaurant right now, right?”

Zhang Hanya’s mother’s eyes lit up and she said immediately, “Your aunt is right. You go to Tao Mu. Maybe he’ll see you as pitiful and be willing to help you.”

Compared with Aunt Zhang, Zhang Hanya’s mother had more ideas. She felt that her daughter was quite decent looking, and also had an affinity with Tao Mu. Take a bit more initiative, maybe she could even become Tao Mu’s girlfriend. By then, their family would have struck it rich as well.

Zhang Hanya ignored her mother and turned a deaf ear to her aunt’s ridicule. Frowning, she asked: “Auntie, didn’t you say that Aunt Yang’s family is rich yesterday? I ran into Aunt Yang outside the toilet today, and she said there was nothing like that.”

“How could it be? I heard it with my own ears. The night before, when I went to visit old Zhao’s house, Tao Dabao was throwing a tantrum next door. When I came out, I eavesdropped outside their window. She absolutely said it with her own mouth.” Zhang Hanya’s aunt was not at all ashamed of such eavesdropping behavior, yelling it out loudly.

Zhang Hanya stopped talking. Zhang Dafu looked at Zhang Hanya’s thoughtful appearance and couldn’t help asking: “What’s the matter? You never inquired about these things before, so why do you suddenly care about that family?”

“No, I just asked casually.” Everyone knows about Tao Mu’s matter on the Internet now. However, the members of the Zhang family were generally older and didn’t use the Internet very much. Besides, the name Tao Mu was a taboo in the Zhang family, and no one could mention it. Zhang Hanya didn’t dare to mention it either and just randomly excused herself.

Aunt Zhang snorted coldly: “You only know to stay in the gambling house all day, and you don’t even know that such a big thing has happened…..”

With that said, Aunt Zhang retold how the Tao family complained about Tao Mu on TV. “The old Tao family can be regarded as having the good fortune to be able to have such an adopted son. It is estimated that this time, they should be able to take a bite of meat from Tao Mu’s body.”

After a pause, she said bitterly: “Served him right!”

Compared with his wife’s complaint, Zhang Dafu’s thinking was different. They were all neighbors so Zhang Dafu naturally knew what kind of people the old Tao family were like. They absolutely did not have the capability of being interviewed on TV.

Thinking of what his wife said before, the Tao family was going to make a fortune. Zhang Dafu’s eyes flickered slightly. In his heart he thought, the fortune was definitely not referring to the sum they would try to take from Tao Mu.

Zhang Dafu knew the character of Tao Mu better than anyone else. The old Tao family wanted to use public opinion to persecute Tao Mu, but it was likely that they would not only fail but also be worse off, and the accusers would instead be accused of abandonment crime. However, the old Tao family firmly believed that they would be able to make a fortune.

This matter had happened so many years ago. But now the old Tao couple suddenly brought up such old things at this time. So there was a high chance that they took someone’s bribe money.

Zhang Dafu suddenly stood up, rushed into his son’s room, and started rummaging through the cabinets. Aunt Zhang yelled angrily: “Why are you not eating, what are you searching for now? I told you that there is no money at home, so don’t search for it.”

“I don’t want money!” Zhang Dafu asked Aunt Zhang, “Where is our son’s sound recorder?”

Aunt Zhang asked: “What do you want that thing for?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Don’t worry about it.” Zhang Dafu said impatiently: “Anyway, you have to find it for me, I have use for it.”

That night, Zhang Dafu wore a large coat, sewed a pocket sound recorder inside, and went to invite Tao Haiguo for a drink.

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