Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 110 Extra: Fan Luo

Ever since he officially moved into Chicken Nest Village, Fan Luo felt as if he had lost something.

He gave up his status, responsibilities, and all honors and disgrace for the sake of being with Bufan, binding himself to him for the rest of his life. Originally he thought that so long as he could be with him, it was happiness. However, there were too many lovers around the other, and he could only wander outside of the doors to his heart, always unable to find his own position.

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He was a little bit disappointed, but he did not regret it, just occasionally felt lost.

He could only do things he liked as much as possible, such as brewing wine, and this was the only thing he could use to get close to the other.

Until one day, Bufan got drunk and hugged him while saying, “Luo Luo, you are so good.”

A good person card was issued as soon as he opened his mouth, and Fan Luo’s distress had nowhere to vent.

Then, he said again: “I know you gave up a lot for me, but I can’t give you a whole heart in return.”

Fan Luo was a little surprised, he didn’t expect this guy to have such a sentimental side. He really missed this part of him before.

“Don’t be unhappy.” Nie Bufan rubbed against his face and said softly, “Although I can’t give you more, I will give you a name that lasts through the ages.”

A name that lasts through the ages? Fan Luo smiled and shook his head, then carefully carried him onto the bed.

“Oh you, I am content knowing you have this heart.”

Even when this guy was awake, there were not a few words he spoke that were true, let alone when he was drunk. So he just treated it as a joke.

Sure enough, the next day he had forgotten everything and went about his day as usual. His carefree and heartless self was indeed really vexing.

But half a month later, he suddenly had people bring over a big box.

“What is this?” Fan Luo asked.

Nie Bufan opened the box, revealing the neatly arranged books inside, and smiled: “I asked Tai Bai’s uncle to collect precious books from all over the world, and they will be given to you to translate and compose in the future.”

A trace of delight flashed in Fan Luo’s eyes, and he picked up a book and skimmed it. It was indeed a foreign book.

After a pause, Fan Luo raised his head and looked at Nie Bufan deeply. He didn’t expect that the other knew his likes and preferences? He had a super eidetic memory, an erudite with knowledge of a large range of books, as well as proficient in various languages, so he was naturally interested in books from various countries. He had thought that after living in Chicken Nest Village, he would no longer have the opportunity to make contact with such things anymore. But who knew that a certain someone would give him such a delightful surprise.

At this time, Nie Bufan said again: “Luo Luo, you are our children’s future teacher, so it is necessary to prepare in advance and write some textbooks to enrich their learning or whatever.”

Fan Luo was speechless, he just knew that this guy was not so kind, it turned out he was training a teacher for the children.

He became angry, lifted Nie Bufan’s collar and threw him out, and then slammed the door with a bang.

“Ai, don’t be like this, I won’t overwork you, you can just take a look when you hac5e time.” A certain someone’s tactless voice came from outside the door.

“Piss off!”

While annoyed, Fan Luo really did like to read books. Whenever he was free, he began to translate the classics. The charm of various texts let him find happiness and satisfaction. Therefore, towards the occasional fits of insanity or unromantic gestures from Nie Bufan, he tolerated it all graciously.

Nie Bufan happily helped him collect books, and Fan Luo was also happy to swim in the ocean of books.

He didn’t know that Nie Bufan organized all the books he translated and handed them to Zhang Junshi and asked him to publish and distribute them. As the compiler, Fan Luo’s name gradually became known to the world. During his lifetime, he translated a total of more than 2,340 books, covering astronomy, geography, literature, politics, military, art, medicine…..practically every subject.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Perhaps even Fan Luo himself did not expect that his hobby would allow the Ming Kingdom to understand the world in advance and to integrate into the world more quickly, as well as make a huge contribution to the dissemination of knowledge and the liberation of ideas. And as a result, his name had also left a significant mark in history.

Unknowingly, Nie Bufan did fulfill his promise——to give him “a name that lasts through the ages.”

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  1. I’m crying right now.
    Nie Bufan cares for everyone in his own way QAQ wanting the best for all that follow him. I love him so much QAQ


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