Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 111 Extra: Emperor Ming

Emperor Ming had been a little depressed recently, because his concubine actually cheated on him behind his back and even got pregnant with a bastard child, which was simply a great insult to his male ability. He vowed to drag out that adulterer, he wanted to see just what kind of guy dared to steal a woman from him!

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In order to catch this person, he quietly left a special fragrance on Consort Li and let that adulterer step into the snare himself.

Things went smoothly in the beginning. The adulterer couldn’t resist anymore and finally showed up, but his unexpected agility allowed him to escape when the imperial guards went to surround him. However, as long as he still had that scent on his body, he would not be able to escape their tracking, and Emperor Ming patiently waited for the result in the study.

It didn’t take long before the guards really caught the person back. But this “adulterer” was a little different from what he had previously expected.

He was very young, his eyes pure, his expression calm, and his behavior even more casual. And he was not afraid of him at all. Not only was he not afraid, but he could speak logically and calmly to clear himself of suspicion.

“Zhen has always known that Consort Li is having an affair with other men behind Zhen’s back. In order to catch this person, Zhen specially rewarded Consort Li a unique spice. Only people who have been in contact with her will be contaminated by it, and you also have the same fragrance on your body.” He said this, but he kept examining the other out of the corner of his eyes.

“Wrong, it’s not me that has the fragrance, but this piece of clothing.” He stood up and expressed that this piece of clothing was not his, and even shook it a few times. The belt was shaken off by him and the robe indeed appeared too loose on his thin body.

“Look, who would wear this to go to a tryst?” He was completely uncaring of his disheveled image, making his argument with conviction.

Emperor Ming wanted to laugh a little, but he held it back and was silent for a moment. He suddenly said: “Consort Li is pregnant.”

Originally he had wanted to test the other’s reaction, but who knew that he actually replied: “Should I say congratulations to Your Majesty?”

Emperor Ming could guess the expressions of the guards and eunuchs around him without looking. For the first time, he felt choked speechless. At this moment, he was extremely sure that this guy could never be an adulterer. What woman would have the bad eyesight to be interested in him?

Emperor Ming threw the jade pendant that was accidentally squeezed into pieces on the table, walked to him, and commanded arrogantly: “Take off your clothes.”

He wanted to embarrass this guy, but the other didn’t feel embarrassed at all. He actually really did take off his clothes with movements that could only be called decisive and straightforward!

He became a little interested in him, and when his eyes touched upon the hairpin on his head, he had made a decision in his heart. He stretched out his hand to pull out the hairpin and let his hair fall down over his shoulders. The jet-black hair was unexpectedly smooth, with a faint scent of sunlight.

After asking him a few questions, he made a decision to keep him by his side temporarily. It was rare to meet such a funny guy, and he couldn’t just let him go no matter what.

And this stay resulted in a romantic debt.

Emperor Ming did not expect that the “Xiaobao” he kept with him was indeed a real treasure. His behavior was arbitrary but not offensive, and his speech was completely without tact but could always bring joy to people. Of course, it was more often maddening.

It was undeniable that his interest in him would become more than expected, and just because of an erotic poem, his beastly desire immediately became aroused.

Originally, his actions mostly consisted of elements of teasing, but he didn’t expect that he would actually do it all the way, and that the lovemaking would only leave him wanting more.

After experiencing the pleasure, he did not put up a pretense or mince about, and naturally accepted their relationship, as if they should be getting along like this all along, close and relaxed.

He felt that he had come to like this little guy, and it seemed a pleasant idea to continue keeping him by his side.

After a few days of pleasurable lovemaking, there was a poisoning incident. He saved his life. As Emperor Ming looked at the weak and sickly person, he felt extremely angry. Even his concubine’s unfaithfulness had not made him so angry before.

He was concerned about his safety, but the other just responded, “I’m hungry.”

This guy was like this. It seemed that there was nothing in the world that could make him afraid or sad, and he could even smile lightly despite being poisoned.

Later, he learned that his physique was special and that the poison would not harm his life, but also that he was diagnosed with a premature death. He himself didn’t care, and Emperor Ming couldn’t tease out even a bit of truth from his words, after all this guy never acted seriously if he could help it.

The period of time spent with him was probably the happiest in his life. Just when he thought he could keep him for the rest of his life, this guy stole away with his token and even abducted his Teacher of the State.

At that time, he was so angry that he even thought out various punishments just waiting for him to receive it.

But, he never came back.

He said he was called “Wei Xiaobao”, which proved to be a lie.

He said that he was only in love with the Teacher of the State, which proved to be a lie as well.

It turned out that he was called “Nie Bufan”, and he was the village head of Chicken Nest Village and the descendant of the Duobao Sage.

It turned out that he had more than one man, he was a little rascal with no integrity.

He was given one-fifth of the treasures of the Duobao Sage. He thought he could see him by this, but he didn’t expect that he would refuse without hesitation! Even towards such enormous wealth he could give up at will. Emperor Ming really felt powerless.

After exhausting all the methods, he was still unable to bring him back to him. Even he, the emperor, had to say to him: “You win!”

It seemed that the mountain would not come to him.

Emperor Ming was very depressed. State affairs exhausted him, but no one was there to comfort him, no one was there to amuse him, he was as lonely as snow.

In the end, he finally decided that he would go to the mountain!

Did that guy think that everything would be fine if he just hid in Chicken Nest Village? The majesty of the emperor did not tolerate being trampled on!

Therefore, he took a large number of guards to occupy Chicken Nest Village while he occupied Village Head Nie’s house and special favor. No one in the village dared to fight with him. Seeing the clear expressions of grievances on the chickens and people, his vanity was greatly satisfied.

“Xiaobao, go back to the palace with me?” Emperor Ming pressed down on him and said softly.

“No, the palace is no place for humans to stay in.”

Emperor Ming’s eyebrows knotted: “If it’s not for humans to stay in, then what is Zhen?”

“You are a god!”

Emperor Ming pistoned in and out vigorously, leaving his reserved marks on the other’s skin.

“Ngh…..just how long have you not vented your sexual urges!” Nie Bufan was angry.

“Since you left, Zhen has been abstinent.” Emperor Ming said aggrievedly.

“As if I’d believe you!” Nie Bufan casted a contemptuous look at him, “You actually couldn’t get it up for a long time, right?”

Emperor Ming’s teeth felt itchy, and he lifted the other’s leg and thrusted hard. “Zhen will let you see just how Zhen can’t get it up?”

“Ah…..enough, you! Hnnn…..”

After venting his desires, Emperor Ming leaned on him and said, “Xiaobao, give birth to Zhen’s child.”

Nie Bufan lay bonelessly and mumbled: “If you have the ability, then I will give birth to a child for you.”

“Are you questioning my ability?” Emperor Ming narrowed his eyes dangerously.

“How could I?” Nie Bufan smiled, “I’m questioning my own ability.”

“Hmmph.” Emperor Ming raised his chin, “Don’t seduce Zhen.”

His member had not yet pulled out, and it was already showing signs of recovery.

Nie Bufan immediately buried his head in the pillow and said, “I’m going to sleep.”

“En, go to sleep, Zhen will do it myself.”

“…..You animal!”

Emperor Ming stayed in Chicken Nest Village for a month, and he only left reluctantly when it was confirmed that a certain someone was pregnant.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He thought, if this guy gave birth to a boy for him, he might make him the crown prince…..a child who was similar to him, just what kind of cute little guy would he be?

He couldn’t wait.

Xiaobao, Zhen is optimistic about you!

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