Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 112 Extra: Tai Bai

Tai Bai was the young island master of Qiyu Island. He grew up surrounded by the sea, and his swimming skills were so good that no one in the world could match it.

When he was a baby, he once crawled into a bucket full of water while the nanny was not there. When they finally discovered him, he had already sunk completely into the water and blowing out bubbles one after another. The nanny was so scared that she hurriedly fished him out, but he only spat out the water on the nanny’s face. Not only did he not drown in the water, he was actually laughing happily.

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Therefore, his father shooed him out into the sea when he was ten years old, constantly challenging his limits, and every time he almost thought he would really drown, he would always come out of the water in a mysterious way.

After he was thirteen years old, his father no longer restricted him from any underwater activities.

He swam in the ocean every day, picking pearls, catching fish, and searching for treasures, just like a sea fish that couldn’t drown to death. He was completely unrestrained and carefree.

He didn’t like business, he didn’t like literary academics, and he didn’t like sitting in the study to deal with all kinds of affairs. He did not have the arrogance of a gongzi of a big affluent family, no noble temperament, no ambition to stand out, only a simple and enthusiastic heart. All the residents on the island liked him, supported him, loved him, and got along with him like family and friends. His popularity on the island was as unsurpassed as his swimming skills.

But his father felt that he had failed to the extreme with his son’s education. With his character, how would he inherit Qiyu Island in the future? Father Tai could do nothing, it was too late to correct it, and he could only leave it up to fate. At least he was still very popular on the island. He’ll just find him a capable wife in the future.

However, the hopes of Father Tai died completely after Tai Bai went on a trip. His son fell in love with a man, a man who was even less reliable than him!

Tai Bai met him at the water’s edge, kissed in their first meeting and then fell in love at second sight. He felt that Nie Bufan was like the sea, making waves even without any wind, and hiding many strange creatures within that would pop out to scare people from time to time.

Tai Bai liked this kind of novel feeling of treasure hunting, and also liked to get close to the other.

Therefore, when the other fell into a coma, Tai Bai felt a sense of fear inexplicably, and he was afraid of losing him. This was the first time he felt fear in more than two decades.

Until Bufan finally woke up, even if the other had forgotten him, he was still ecstatic.

Tai Bai was an optimistic person. If he forgot him, then he’ll let him know himself again and enrich his memory again.

What had been forgotten was only a few months in time, and they still had most of their lives to create memories.

As long as he was still alive and well.

The only thing that made Tai Bai gloomy was that there were too many guards around Bufan, and he couldn’t defeat any of them. He had spent countless lonely and empty nights, and although he didn’t care very much, he always felt that something was missing.

He threw his worries into the back of his mind, and went to sea with his uncle whenever he was free, collecting books from various countries and overseas products for Bufan. And on the way, he opened up overseas markets for Chicken Nest Village and established a unique chicken pet trade. The reason why he chose to stay in Chicken Nest Village was not only because of Bufan, but also because of the chickens in Chicken Nest Village.

Apart from Bufan and Wang Shichan, he was the person who got along the most harmoniously with the chickens. Most of the tasks of feeding and training the chickens were won by him.

Several years later, he was awarded the title of “Chicken Dad” by Bufan. This title was simply inhumane. In the end, under his desperate resistance, a certain someone finally mercifully changed “Chicken Dad” to “Chicken Young Master”.

Alas, may the sea god bless him!

Tai Bai was actually very pure and innocent. He had impulses but was never promiscuous. It seemed that so long as there was a person in his heart, he couldn’t embrace another person. Meeting Nie Bufan was considered his misfortune, remaining abstinent to the point of internal injuries, every time he could only solve it by himself.

Until one day, he was discovered by Nie Bufan while he was masterbating in the bathroom. At that time, he really wanted to kill himself, because a certain someone gave him a look that expressed “We’re all men, I understand”, his gaze particularly rapturous.

Tai Bai completely abandoned himself, dragged the other into the water, and said fiercely: “Just perfect, you can help me lower the fire!”

Nie Bufan looked at the giant thing underwater, and said, “My handjob is not very good, what should I do if I break it?”

Tai Bai said angrily: “Can you only use your hands?”

Nie Bufan hesitated: “My mouth also doesn’t seem like it will fit…..”

Tai Bai couldn’t hold it any longer, and directly pressed down on him, giving him an overwhelmingly deep kiss.

He had accompanied his uncle and learned to deal with many foreigners. Some foreigners were very enthusiastic and open. Under the pressure of his uncle, he was forced to watch many “exciting” performances. After every time he watched it, he could only escape into his room and self-harm.

Now he finally had a chance to experience it personally. He had been a virgin for more than 20 years, and finally caught this fox that sent itself to his door. So how could he let the other go?

The water in the bath was rippling, and two people inside embraced, flesh rubbing against flesh.

Looking at the person close at hand, Tai Bai’s sanity burned out. Eagerly entering, eagerly thrusting all the way in.

The essence he had saved for more than 20 years was left to Village Head Nie.

“Ah…..Xiao Bai, you…..” Nie Bufan leaned back and splashed out a lot of water.

“Bufan, Bufan…..” Tai Bai’s kisses stretched from his lips and jaw to his neck, collarbone, and chest.

“Hnn…..” Nie Bufan was dizzy from the rocking, he didn’t even know when he was taken out of the bath or when he was pressed down on the floor.

Tai Bai was full of joy and desire. When he connected closely with him, it seemed as if his soul was finally intact.

He finally knew what he was missing before, and that was to imprint his mark on the other, and never let him forget him again.

Bufan’s feelings for everyone around him all stemmed from this imprint. It could be said that he had no heart, and his heart needed others to complete it, and the fit of the body was the most direct way.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Tai Bai had never embraced him, so he had always felt uneasy. Now that the dust had settled, they finally possessed each other.

“Bufan, I, we love you.”

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