The Cruel Tyrant CH 106 Ostentatious Display

After returning to the imperial city, Su Mu dove head first into a bunch of chores again. The weather was already getting a bit hot. Although there was a maid holding a fan next to him, Su Mu still felt a little uncomfortable.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Perhaps he had been sitting in the room for a long time. After the bright red brush made the last stroke, Su Mu looked with a very satisfied expression at the handwriting that had improved. Although it was a thousand miles away from Yun Feiyu’s quality, it had finally improved, didn’t it?

At this moment, a radiant person walked in, his eyes like autumn water, his lips like red vermilion, and the few curls of hair hanging loose around his face made him look even more enchanting. Although it was a male face, it still inexplicably invoked a sadistic desire in others.

Liu Xi stretched out long and well-proportioned fingers, took out the white porcelain plate from the delicate food box, and placed it front of Su Mu, speaking in a voice that practically “crackled” with electric current.

“Your Highness, try the lotus crisps that the Imperial Kitchen has just made.”

Su Mu raised his eyebrows and looked at Liu Xi’s slender fingers and the scented lotus cakes but did not pick them up, instead he opened his mouth slightly.

A dark light flashed across Liu Xi’s enchanting eyes, and with a deeper smile he fed the lotus cake to Su Mu’s lips, while his other hand made a gesture to the head eunuch beside Su Mu.

The head eunuch lowered his head and showed an understanding smile. He waved his hand and led the maids and eunuchs to retreat silently.

An hour later, a sweating and panting Su Mu laid on the bed, enjoying Liu Xi’s massage with his eyes closed.

“During my absence, did anything happen in the palace?” Although he was talking about serious matters, Su Mu’s tone still contained a trace of lazy allure, like a well fed cat.

Liu Xi leaned on Su Mu’s back, kissed his smooth skin and said, “Your Highness’s prestigious name is so well known, so how could those little rats dare to make any trouble?”

“You only know to say nice things.” Su Mu raised his eyes and said noncommittally.

“Your Highness, please investigate, the words and sentences of this official are all true and sincere, and there is not even the slightest falsehood.” Liu Xi vividly played a treacherous minister who used his attractive appeal to enchant the monarch.

Su Mu turned over and pushed Liu Xi away. He looked at him with still moist eyes and said: “Really? Why did I hear that you sent all men and women under 30 in the palace out of the palace as soon as I left? “

Liu Xi’s phoenix eyes were very gentle, like a blood-red rose dotted with dew, and he said in a low voice: “Those too young cannot do things reliably. This official is just afraid that they will not serve Your Highness well, so this official found some more experienced servants to come and wait on Your Highness instead.”

“You mean those with older ages, right.” Su Mu ruthlessly pierced through his real intentions.

“Your Highness wronged me…..” Liu Xi moved closer and entangled his limbs around Su Mu.

After tossing about on bed for a while, Su Mu fell asleep in Liu Xi’s arms.

The next day, after the morning assembly, Su Mu went to the Imperial Study as usual. Suddenly, a panicked young man broke into Su Mu’s sight. After seeing Su Mu, he was so startled, like a rabbit seeing a wolf, and immediately knelt on the ground.

“Paying…..paying respects to Your Highness…..”

Su Mu glanced at him and then walked by, completely ignoring him. The eunuchs and palace maids behind him also did not cast an extra look at the boy.

This method was too clumsy!

The episode barely exceeded a minute and Su Mu forgot it as soon as he turned around. But some people remembered it clearly.

When Sun Jingqi was taken to Qionghua Hall, his whole person was still dumbfounded. He was forced to kneel down on the ground and could not move, and from the corner of his eyes he saw the hems of gorgeous and exquisite court robes.

“Let him go.” A low male voice sounded.

Feeling that he was released, Sun Jingqi raised his head cautiously. On the couch in front, a barefooted beauty in red was playing with an exquisite transparent wine cup. Sun Jingqi felt a sting in his eyes, that person in front of him seemed to be shining, giving him the illusion that he could not look directly at him like one could not look directly at the sun.

“Who are you?” He asked cautiously, like a scared little rabbit.

“Hmph!” The beauty let out a cold snort, a contemptuous smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and he proudly raised his chin in another direction: “It’s worse than your acting skills, and the disguise is also worse as well, but you have to admit that he is more youthful and tender than you. “

Huang Xuan looked at the kneeling boy on the ground with a black face. The boy was practically the image of himself two years ago. The maturing of boys was the fastest. Two years ago, Huang Xuan was a slender and beautiful boy, and now he has become an extraordinary and attractive man. Although the childish aspects and baby fat had not completely gone, it was still incomparable to himself two years ago.

Who knew if the Crown Prince just liked that kind of little brat who had yet to mature! However, he obviously forgot that he was also a little brat who had yet to mature back then.

Huang Xuan looked at him coldly and asked, “Who sent you here?”

Sun Jingqi looked at Huang Xuan and said, “I…..I am the nephew of Consort Zheng…..”

Liu Xi held the wine cup that the Crown Prince gifted to him with cherishing hands, and said in a light tone: “Pay attention to your words, it’s Imperial Concubine Zheng.”

The Zheng family who sent out the whole family to block the Crown Prince’s establishment of the imperial academies, not only was the main branch of the family almost killed by the Crown Prince, but Consort Zheng in the palace was also dealt with by the Crown Prince. So it seemed that the Zheng family could not reconcile with being excluded from the imperial court forever, and therefore thought of using the beauty scheme.

Liu Xi’s eyelashes were half-lowered, and a sharp light flashed within his half-hidden eyes.

Sun Jingqi lowered his head and squeezed his sleeves secretly with his hands, and said, “Yes, it’s Imperial Concubine Zheng.”

Huang Xuan’s fingers undulated slightly, and a ray of light flashed from them from time to time. If one looked closely, one would find that it was a silver needle as thin as a cow’s hair playing between his fingers. He looked at Sun Jingqi and asked, “Do you know what crime it is to break into the imperial palace?”

A trace of panic appeared on Sun Jingqi’s face, and he defended: “I…..I have Consort Zheng…..I mean Imperial Concubine Zheng’s token…..”

“How can a small concubine have the right to issue a token?” Liu Xi straightened up from the couch, his dark hair pouring down like a waterfall.

“This…..” Sun Jingqi immediately became uneasy.

The Qing Kingdom was a small country, and the original management and governance was extremely chaotic. It was not uncommon for a concubine to issue a token of entrance into the palace, and no one would pursue the matter either. But after Su Mu took power, it had been clearly stipulated that all matters in the harem were now under the charge of Crown Prince’s Consort, with Liu Xi assisting on the side, including the issuing of tokens. However, the Crown Prince’s Consort was pregnant and gave birth prematurely before, and in addition she herself didn’t want to manage the harem, so she gave all the power to Liu Xi.

Therefore, the most powerful person in the entire harem except for Su Mu was Liu Xi. Originally this matter had nothing to do with Huang Xuan, but Liu Xi wanted to nauseate him, so he invited him over.

Actually trying to make waves under his nose. Liu Xi looked at the trembling person below him, and said lightly, “Take him away and deal with him. Just don’t kill him.”

Huang Xuan looked at Liu Xi with surprise, and said: “Didn’t His Highness ban private use of torturing? Are you going to go against His Highness?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Don’t try to press a crime on my head.” Liu Xi ignored Sun Jingqi’s fearful yelling, looked at Huang Xuan with disdain, and said: “This person attempted assassination, I am just responding with legitimate self-defense.”

Was his weakness so easy to grasp?

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