The Cruel Tyrant CH 108 Little Bells

Two chubby dumplings, with big round eyes, lay in the cradle and curiously looked at the world around them.

Su Mu stretched out his slender jade fingers and slowly approached a small dumpling’s round and pink face.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

So comfortable, so soft…..


“Wawa, wawawa…..”

The little guy who had been quiet just now suddenly made a loud noise that was extremely inconsistent with his small body.

Su Mu retracted his hand like lightning, speechlessly watching as the other little dumpling ball also followed along and began crying vigorously. His lips pursed and he said embarrassingly: “He cried by himself.”

Zhao Rou pursed her mouth and resisted a smile, squatting down to comfort the two little guys who were waving their arms and kicking their legs.

At this time, the shrill voice of a eunuch came from outside the door, and Su Mu habitually looked towards the door. Bright red domineering court robes occupied Su Mu’s field of sight.

The familiar radiant face became even more brilliant the moment he saw Su Mu, and a burst of clear bell-like sounds came into Su Mu’s ears as the other walked in, making him look curiously over Liu Xi in search of the sound.

“You’re actually wearing little bells?” Su Mu asked in disbelief.

The light in those eyes rippled, and the fragrance danced lightly. Liu Xi turned slightly, and Su Mu saw that his hair which fell down his back like a flowing waterfall was dotted with a few silver bells, only the size of a little finger.

Although the bells were already very small, the level of craftsmanship on them was not small at all. The vivid hollow engravings made Su Mu curious about how the craftsmen could make such exquisite things without the aid of advanced equipment.

Feeling Su Mu’s gaze staying on him, Liu Xi’s eyes were filled with a flamboyant aura, and he waved to the old eunuch who served him: “Go bring in the monthly allowance for this month for the Crown Prince’s Consort, the little imperial grandson, and the little princess.”

Then Su Mu saw a few older eunuchs, struggling to carry a few boxes of things and put them in the main hall.

A few slender white fingers were stretched out from the cuffs embroidered with gold threads. Liu Xi pointed to a few large boxes in the hall and said: “Qingyang snow gauze, Jinyang cloud embroidery, Yunya bird’s nest, Southern Sea pearl…..”

After Liu Xi reported in one breath, Su Mu had already finished drinking a cup of hot tea.

After reporting the names of all the objects, Liu Xi appealed to Su Mu with a smile on his face, and said, “Your Highness, do you think the arrangement of this official is appropriate?”

Su Mu put down the tea cup and was about to speak, when he heard the shrill voice of the eunuch coming from outside, and as the voice fell, a secret fragrance slowly drifted around Su Mu.

Dressed in elegant blue-green robes that were completely opposite to Liu Xi’s luxurious red robes, Yun Feiyu’s figure gently greeted Su Mu, like a proud green bamboo bathed in drizzling spring rain, subtly pushing Liu Xi’s brilliant light back and into the corners.

“Paying respects to Your Highness.” The soft, gentle voice quietly invaded every surrounding space.

Humans were animals that were easily influenced and affected by others. As if having been washed with spring water, Su Mu’s voice also couldn’t help but soften, “Rise, why are you here?”

Before Yun Feiyu could speak, Liu Xi rushed forward and complained: “Yun Gongzi is not writing the plan to excavate the canal and instead has come to Fufeng Tower so eagerly to see His Highness. I wonder if there is something important?”

Yun Feiyu ignored Liu Xi as always and looked at Su Mu with a calm gaze: “Your Highness, there is news from the Imperial Engineering Academy that all the first steam locomotives have been tested, and I would like to invite Your Highness to go view the first trial run.”

He called it the first time, but how was this possible? After all, the Crown Prince was the head of the Qing Kingdom, and they would all be done for if something went wrong!

The so-called first time trial run was really the first time on an outdoor track.

“It’s finished!” Su Mu’s eyes lit up immediately, and he got up directly from the stool with excitement. He almost couldn’t wait to go for a test ride.

“Steam locomotive? What is that?” Liu Xi asked confusedly, tilting his head.

With excitement, Su Mu directly squeezed Liu Xi’s palm which was a size larger than his own, and dragged him along “Good stuff, I promise you will be surprised!”

The crisp bell sounds rang out, and Liu Xi looked at Su Mu’s excited face, saying with interest: “It must be something extraordinary to make Your Highness so happy.”

“Of course.” Su Mu said proudly.

Then, as soon as Su Mu, still holding Liu Xi’s hand, stepped out of the threshold he bumped into an incoming person. Su Mu, who was abnormally vigilant, immediately used his inner force to wrap himself in a layer of protection, instantly bouncing away the person who hit him.


A scream sounded, and it seemed quite familiar. Su Mu looked closer, and it turned out to be Huang Xuan!

Su Mu, who finally reacted, appeared in front of Huang Xuan in an instant to pull up Huang Xuan, who was already a head taller than himself.

“Why are you here too?” Su Mu’s tone was a little bad, was everyone that idle?

Huang Xuan looked with an aggrieved expression at Su Mu’s scolding eyes, “Your Highness, I am here to check the pulse of the little imperial grandson and the little princess.”

After expressing his grievance, he then took Su Mu’s hands distressedly and asked with concern: “Your Highness, are you okay, why don’t we go to my room and let this official give you a good checkup?”

Standing on the side, Liu Xi looked at Su Mu’s tightly held hands, and squeezed his sleeves viciously: “Huang Xuan, His Highness still has important things to do, let go of His Highness immediately!”

Huang Xuan looked at Su Mu with a sincere expression on his face and said: “What important things can be as important as Your Highness’s health, Your Highness should let this official give you a good checkup.”

“No time today.” Su Mu stood up and said, “You too, come along. Just let doctor Hu come here for the pulse diagnosis.”

Yun Feiyu stood on the side quietly and smiled, watching Liu Xi and Huang Xuan fight for favor, his face not showing even the slightest unpleasant expression, that was until they got into the carriage…..

“Your Highness, the headquarters of the Medical Bureau is located in the eastern part of the city in Taiping Lane. The equipment is already set up completely, and everyone in the imperial medical college can move there at any time.” Yun Feiyu said, ignoring Huang Xuan’s increasing anger.

Liu Xi sat leaning on the side, and said with gloating amusement: “Congratulations to Doctor Huang, you will be the head of the Medical Bureau in the future.”

However, Liu Xi had no chance to be happy for too long when he heard Yun Feiyu say: “Recently, the staff in the palace have changed. The attendants around me are not very familiar with the things in the palace and often make mistakes. I hope that Lord Liu can train them some more.”

Liu Xi was about to speak when he saw Su Mu nod in agreement: “Feiyu is right. The group of people you selected are not qualified, and don’t keep assigning the oldest ones to my palace next time. This will affect my mood of doing things.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

It didn’t matter much that one or two attendants had wrinkled faces, but a whole house of old attendants would make him think that he was in a nursing home!

Liu Xi bit down on his molars as he looked at Yun Feiyu, swallowing his stomach full of resentment, and said: “Your Highness is right to lecture me.”

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