The Cruel Tyrant CH 109 Seeing Off

A big metal lump slept in front of them, its appearance could really not be described as beautiful. In fact, it looked like a monster from another world.

Liu Xi looked at it with disgust and said, “What is this ugly thing for?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Huang Xuan said with bright eyes: “Your Highness, is this the steam locomotive you were talking about?”

Su Mu, who was disappointed, reluctantly nodded, and said, “It’s very good. All the main participants will get an imperial gold tablet.”

The group of people who built the steam locomotive had been standing behind Su Mu. When they heard this, their legs softened with excitement, kneeling on the ground and shouting, “Thanking Your Highness.”

An imperial gold tablet! There was nothing better than this reward! As craftsmen, they did not have as much power as scholars, nor did they have as much wealth as merchants. They had a very low status since ancient times. Even if they possessed the best skills, they could only live like ants.

However, Su Mu gave them a glimmer of light.

After the original Qingye Villa was merged into the Imperial Engineering Academy, these craftsmen saw those who were the same as them, but now able to stand on an equal footing with the officials of the imperial court with the gold tablets bestowed to them. They also saw that the Crown Prince even pardoned them from kneeling. Seeing all of this, their eyes became red with jealousy!

However, jealousy was useless, so these people practically forgo sleeping and eating to complete the task that Su Mu gave them.

Su Mu turned around and stepped forward to help the oldest man in the front up. He said: “You have all contributed outstanding service to the Qing Kingdom, and it should be Ben Gong thanking you.”

“Your…..Your Highness praises us too much.” The old man felt that his legs had become too weak and he almost couldn’t stand up. His hand hovered iver Su Mu’s and did not dare at all to make contact.

Su Mu could only withdraw his hand. He said, “Mr. Li, can it be taken for a test ride now?”

Mister, in this time and space, generally only referred to people with knowledge that deserved this title. The old man who had been a craftsman for a lifetime, who had always been called little Li and then old man Li, was flattered and said: “This old man is just a craftsman and cannot be regarded as a mister, Your Highness, please come this way…..”

Su Mu nodded and followed the old man Li. In fact, Su Mu was being deliberate in his treatment towards the craftsmen, deliberately raising the status of craftsmen in front of so many people.

The status of literati was undeniable, but agriculture, industry, and commerce were equally important. After all, no matter how beautiful the writing, it would not turn into a bowl of rice.

In the era of turmoil, bright cultural pearls may emerge one after another, but a strong civilization needed strong productivity to support it.

Yun Feiyu watched everything around him calmly, and when his eyes fell on the railroad track that stretched to the distance and disappeared, his pupils instantly dilated.

In the narrow and dim carriage, Su Mu, Yun Feiyu, and Liu Xi sat tightly squeezed together. Old man Li and a young man beside him sat nervously in the back, waiting for the steam locomotive to start.

“Clang bang, clang clang…..”

The steam locomotive started slowly, and Liu Xi looked at the scene gradually disappearing behind him with a surprised face, and asked, “How did it do this? How can it move on its own?”

Huang Xuan looked at Su Mu admiringly with his eyes full of little stars: “Your Highness, you are so amazing!”

Yun Feiyu’s soft gaze carefully scanned every detail, and asked Su Mu: “Your Highness, how many people or materials can this…..carriage carry at most?”

Su Mu touched his chin and thought for a while and then said: “I am not very clear about this, but after adding a few more carriages at the back, it shouldn’t be a problem for hundreds of thousands of catties, I think?”

Considering the steel used to manufacture steam locomotives and rails was very “bad quality” and the technology was also very backward, Su Mu estimated a very small number.

“So much!” Liu Xi and Huang Xuan exclaimed at the same time, but in their eyes, this thing was just able to transport more things.

Yun Feiyu, who didn’t say a word, already felt that his hands were shaking a little. He looked at the scene outside the car that was flying quickly by, and his mouth became very dry. Suddenly, he asked in a low voice: “Your Highness, how far can you build the railroad tracks in a year and how many steam locomotives can be built?”

Su Mu said: “It’s no longer a problem to build the locomotives. The difficult thing is having the materials needed to build it. It’s also not difficult to build the railroad tracks. The problem is that there are no tools. At present, only two steam locomotives can be built every year. And looking at the terrain, it’s possible to stretch the railroad tracks a thousand miles a year on flat plain ground.”

This ugly steam locomotive had already consumed all of the Qing Kingdom’s best steel. The Qing Kingdom was a mountainous country so every time he thought of railroad tracks, Su Mu would feel very abusive.

After returning to the palace, Su Mu sent back the reluctant Liu Xi and Huang Xuan who tried to stick to him like glue. As for Yun Feiyu, he dove into his own study as soon as he came back.

Su Mu waved back the servants and took off his dusty and sooty clothes. A scorching gaze instantly fell on Su Mu’s bare back.

Like being stroked by a pair of big hands covered with rough calluses, every cell in his body jumped.

Su Mu turned around and saw a tall figure through the translucent dressing screen.


Before Su Mu’s words left his mouth, the person who appeared in front of him instantly held his head and kissed his lips fiercely.

Su Mu was very vigilant, and he reflexively stretched out his palm to hit the person on the shoulder. However, the opponent was faster than Su Mu, grabbing his snow-white wrist, and lifting Su Mu into his arms before walking towards the bath step by step.

When the pool water had passed his waist, Gu Yunzhou suddenly stopped. He put Su Mu in the water, then took out a letter from his pocket and handed it to him.

Su Mu took it and opened it, glancing over it and then frowning.

“Wei Kingdom wants to send a man to me in exchange for the skills I gave to the Wu Kingdom?” Su Mu raised an eyebrow and chuckled: “Isn’t the Wei Kingdom yet to emerge from the vortex of succession to the throne? Which prince do they belong to? When will they arrive?”

“They won’t be here.” Gu Yunzhou said without expression, “I killed them.”


Su Mu supported his forehead and said, “You should at least let me have a look, maybe I can get some benefits?”

Gu Yunzhou walked slowly to Su Mu, stretched out his broad hand to grasp Su Mu’s thin waist, and looked into his eyes, “He is the best-looking man in the Wei Kingdom.”

“Who? The man being sent to me?” Su Mu said with exasperation: “Even you don’t trust me! Just how many centuries old is this black history…..”

Before he finished speaking, Su Mu suddenly let out a soft groan as a rough finger suddenly invaded his body. Gu Yunzhou slowly approached Su Mu, like a black panther forcing his prey to a corner of the wall.

The muscular body clung tightly to Su Mu’s somewhat thin body, pressing him against the edge of the bath. The fiery hard member poked against Su Mu’s soft belly, making him cry out in pain, but he was also very longing for it.

Su Mu stretched out his hand to grasp the hardness that was poking on his belly. The huge thing in his hand twitched noticeably, as if it couldn’t wait. The sound of breathing from over his head also became heavier, and the fingers that reached behind Su Mu also became more eager as they thrusted in and out.

Gu Yunzhou pulled Su Mu’s legs apart and placed them on his waist, pushing against Su Mu’s soft entrance with the huge head of hus member.

Su Mu hurriedly stretched out his hand against Gu Yunzhou’s tight abdomen. The feeling of hard abdominal muscles traveled up his hands and contained the power to sway Su Mu’s mind and will.


In the misty bath, the tall body completely enveloped Su Mu while his flawless white arms were held against Gu Yunzhou’s chest. Water flowed all over the place, but his body could not hold up against the attack…..

“Stop…..Stop…..” Su Mu’s voice was full of allure, and the impact caused his body to shake. 

“Gu Yunzhou…..” 

Gu Yunzhou looked at the traces of light bruises on Su Mu’s body with darkened eyes, and stopped. He then moved in and out slowly.

Su Mu’s face was flushed and he weakly leaned against the edge of the bath while panting. His vision was still a little fuzzy, and his head was also dizzy. Gu Yunzhou stood in the pool water, holding Su Mu’s waist and suddenly thrusting hard inside. 


Su Mu, who was unprepared, suddenly exclaimed, and his misty eyes glared at Gu Yunzhou angrily, trying to warn him not to go too far, but it only got him the opposite effect.

Su Mu endured his rapid impact, adjusted his unstable breathing, and said to Gu Yunzhou: “Let go of me, enough of already…..”

He had just been satisfied, but Gu Yunzhou still showed no signs of stopping. Su Mu suddenly felt a chill run down his back, thinking of that piece of “humiliating” history where Gu Yunzhou made him unable to even get out of bed at Lingxiao Peak.

He knew very well that if he let the other do as he pleased, he could just forget about not wanting to get out of bed. At that time, he was afraid that his reputation that had gotten slightly better would go back to being called an “incapable ruler” again…..

“I…..I have to go to morning assembly tomorrow…..Let go of me…..”

Gu Yunzhou leaned over Su Mu. A thin layer of sweat coated his handsome features, his always expressionless face now had a rare trace of indulgence, and intense heat surged in his dark eyes.

Gu Yunzhou spoke very little. He preferred to convey his strong love to Su Mu through his body. It was a pity that Su Mu really couldn’t stand it anymore, and angrily opened his mouth and bit down on Gu Yunzhou’s hard muscles. After a while, Su Mu unwillingly let go. Was this flesh or stone? The hint of the other’s taste on his tongue reminded Su Mu of a well-known ancient poem.

Sweat dripping down the soil…..

Su Mu was exasperated, but at this moment Gu Yunzhou suddenly reached out and pinched Su Mu’s chin, a trace of danger flashing through his dark eyes. A low voice sounded in Su Mu’s ears: “Who are you thinking of?”

“Huh?” Su Mu frowned slightly, trying to break away from Gu Yunzhou’s restraint.

Gu Yunzhou pinched Su Mu’s chin and stared at him dangerously, saying in a low voice, “At this time, it can only be me…..”

Su Mu, this big fickle radish, immediately knew what the other was thinking as soon as he looked at Gu Yunzhou’s eyes. In order to avoid expanding the battlefield from the bath to the entire palace, Su Mu immediately pulled back his thoughts.

Reaching out his hand and stroking the side of Gu Yunzhou’s face, with his thumb lightly brushing his tightly pressed lips, he said in a low and husky voice, “Both my heart and body are filled with you, so naturally I am thinking of you…..”

Su Mu clearly felt the thick hardness buried in his body jumping in response to his words, as if he had plucked a mysterious string. Su Mu’s whole body shook abruptly, and moans involuntarily slipped out of his mouth.

Suddenly, Gu Yunzhou abruptly pulled Su Mu from the edge of the bath, lifted him up in his arms, and walked quickly to the bed. He put Su Mu on it, and then very forcefully and eagerly spread Su Mu’s legs to the sides, staring deeply at the reddened entrance.

Having his most secret private part stared at with such undisguised lustful eyes, even a big fickle radish like Su Mu couldn’t help blushing. He closed his legs to block Gu Yunzhou’s field of vision.

Gu Yunzhou looked at Su Mu’s blushing face and there was a slight smile at the corner of his lips. He rolled to the other side of the bed while holding Su Mu, letting him be in the upper position, and whispered: “Sit up and move by yourself.”

Su Mu looked at the angry big member in front of him, and his mouth went a little dry. But what about the morning assembly tomorrow? He couldn’t help but imagine the scene of himself standing the whole time during morning assembly tomorrow.

He felt that his skin was not that thick.

However, if Gu Yunzhou, this fellow, was not satisfied, he would not stop, and he also couldn’t suppress him either…..After an inner battle between heaven and man, Su Mu gritted his teeth and thought to himself: “Stand while attending morning assembly then, whoever dares to criticize me I’ll cut him down!”

He slowly stretched out his hand to hold the hard object several sizes larger than his own, his sensitive palm feeling its prominent veins, and his round fingertips stroking the smooth tip that still had his body fluid on it. The feeling of being filled with it just now instantly came to mind, and a burst of emptiness suddenly came over his body.

Su Mu felt his entrance contract with longing, and the feeling of wanting to be filled reappeared, his own member gradually becoming hard.

Two rods of different lengths and sizes pressed against each other, like two sharp swords with the intention to battle it out.

However, from the appearance, Su Mu lost. Su Mu used his little guy to poke Gu Yunzhou’s big guy with some jealousy, and maliciously used little Su Mu slap the “little” Gu Yunzhou to the side, watching it sway back. He repeated the game over and over.

Gu Yunzhou’s face darkened as he watched him playing with his little brother, and said lowly, “Get on it!”

Su Mu raised his eyebrows and snorted, holding the guy that he couldn’t fully grasp, slowly getting up and placing it under him.

Because it was his own action, the feeling of being invaded by a hard object was especially obvious, so that the tight muscles on Su Mu’s thighs trembled lightly.

At this moment, Gu Yunzhou suddenly stretched out his hand to grasp the small fellow in front of Su Mu, his thick callous thumb swiping over the pink top. Instantly a trembling pleasure washed over him. Su Mu suddenly lost the strength to support his whole body and sat down suddenly on Gu Yunzhou’s abdomen.

The big guy with a very impressive size immediately rushed into the deepest part of Su Mu’s body.

“Ah…..” Su Mu immediately lifted his body a little bit, put his hands on Gu Yunzhou’s abdomen, and said with furrowed brows: “It’s too deep…..”

Gu Yunzhou’s face was very serious, his lower half was tightly wrapped in the warm and soft hole, causing him to be unable to spare the attention for anything else. Holding Su Mu’s white tender buttocks with both hands, he pressed down ruthlessly, causing his member to reach unreservedly toward that place of ecstasy.

The strong collision made Su Mu angry, but he couldn’t say anything. The only thing that could be heard from his mouth were broken moans.

After the first few hard hits, the feeling of discomfort gradually disappeared, and a kind of satisfaction of being filled rose. This body that liked to chase pleasure actively entangled around the domineering intruder.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The weak defense was continuously attacked vigorously, and the strong pleasure washed over all of his senses. Su Mu couldn’t even breathe. Feeling the sudden tightening from his behind, Su Mu suddenly squeezed the member that Gu Yunzhou was thrusting in his body and said with a trembling voice, “Gu…..Gu Yunzhou…..cum inside…..”

His fingers also squeezed Gu Yunzhou’s arm so hard the fingertips whitened. With slight tremors, he said, “I’m…..I’m coming…..hurry up…..shoot inside…..”

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  1. Maybe because there wasn’t any smut included in earlier translations but I feel like author is pretty biased with how much details some of the sex scenes with GYZ compares other harem members’ 🤔

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  2. I also feel like among the ML’s, Gu Yunzhou’s snu snu scenes are the most detailed, or more like almost all of his snu snu scenes are shown! And I’m livin’ for it!! He really took my top 1 spot for my fav ML in here 🥺
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