The Cruel Tyrant CH 110 Earn Money

The stars in the sky hadn’t completely fallen yet. Su Mu was lying on the bed and sleeping deeply. There was a slight sound of footsteps, and Gu Yunzhou, who was holding Su Mu domineeringly, immediately opened his eyes.

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The old eunuch who came to call Su Mu to get up, happened to meet Gu Yunzhou’s cold eyes, and his legs instantly softened, almost falling to his knees. He hesitated for a moment and toughened his scalp against Gu Yunzhou’s gaze, whispering towards Su Mu who was lying on the bed: “Your Highness…..Your Highness…..It is time for the morning assembly, Your Highness…..”

Morning assembly!

Su Mu, who was lying on the bed, opened his eyes abruptly, reached out his hand to wipe off the drool from the corner of his mouth, and immediately got up from the bed. Only to fall back onto the bed as soon as he got up.

There was a tingling pain in between his buttocks, and Su Mu gritted his teeth and turned his head, wanting nothing more than to kick Gu Yunzhou down.

The eunuch in charge or holding the lantern was waiting quietly by the sedan chair, and Su Mu was helped by the old eunuch to cross the threshold with some difficulty.

Looking at the gorgeous sedan chair in front of him, Su Mu appeared calm on the surface but inside he was very conflicted: “Should I sit? Or should I sit?”

Why was there no sedan chair that let one be able to lie down?

In Taihe Hall, the officials were standing in their ranks, and the hundred officials knelt to greet him as soon as the eunuch announced, “His Highness has arrived.”

Su Mu slowly walked to the dragon chair and remained standing as he said, “My officials, rise.”

“Thanking Your Highness…..”

Su Mu looked at the officials below with some guilty conscience, and said with a serious face: “Is there anything to be reported?”

As soon as Su Mu spoke out, Yuan Fulu walked out of the queue and knelt in the hall, saying indignantly: “Your Highness, please severely punish the guilty official Yun Feiyu for the crime of forcibly snatching a civilian girl.”


“Forcibly snatching a civilian girl?” Wasn’t this what he used to do? It was just that the gender was not female.

Su Mu turned his puzzled gaze to Yun Feiyu who was standing in the back, and asked, “What is this matter?

Yuan Fulu knelt on the ground, both face and neck flushed from his indignation: “Your Highness, the daughter of this official is fifteen and has already been betrothed, but she suddenly broke the marriage contract and escaped into the Imperial Classical Learning Academy the day before and never came out again. This official brought people to look for my daughter, but the people in the Academy refused to send my daughter back, nor did they let this official go inside…..”

“Wait…..” Su Mu said with his hands folded behind his back and frowning slightly: “My official, why did you not go to the capital magistrate’s manor for this matter?”

Yuan Fulu hesitated and said: “This official went, but…..”

“No buts!” Su Mu suddenly increased his voice and threw these words heavily on the ground, staring sharply at the officials below as he said: “The capital magistrate’s role is to deal with various cases and disputes within the imperial capital and other counties. If you are dissatisfied with the judgment, you can apply for a second or third suit. If you still disagree, you can apply for the capital magistrate to transfer the case to the cabinet, and the cabinet will review whether it needs to be submitted to Ben Gong.”

“Thump.” Yuan Fulu knelt on the ground abruptly, sweating profusely and begging for mercy: “This official knows my crime, this official knows my crime, Your Highness…..”

Su Mu snorted coldly, his sharp eyes sweeping across the officials as he said: “If I have to even solve the problem of your daughter running away from home, then it will not even be half a year before Ben Gong’s funeral will be held.”

Su Mu understood that these people just wanted to make trouble for Yun Feiyu, after all, he was too powerful now. Although Su Mu only gave him a small official position, he held the Imperial Academies in his hand…..

The only government-run academy in the imperial city ordered by the Crown Prince to be established. In the future, who of the scholars who came out of the academies would not call Yun Feiyu Teacher?

Su Mu was too lazy to think about the details, so after skipping the matter, he asked again: “Who has anything else to report?”

“Your Highness, this official has a report.” A clear voice came from Yun Feiyu, who had just had a complaint made against him before.

Su Mu looked at his calm face, raised his eyebrows and said: “Present it.”

Yun Feiyu reached out and put the memorial in the eunuch’s tray, walked slowly to the center of the hall, and bowed before saying: “The third revision of the new tax law is completed, and the grain tax will be reduced by 20% on the basis of the previous deduction.”

As soon as his words fell, the officials below exploded.

“Your Highness must not! The newly revised tax law last year has reduced the grain tax by half. If there is another 20% reduction, how can the treasury still have grain?”

“What Lord Liu said is very true, please think twice, Your Highness…..”

Su Mu endured the discomfort coming from his behind, and stood stiffly beside the dragon chair. He turned his eyes on Yun Feiyu, and said, “Yun Feiyu, what do you say?”

Yun Feiyu calmly listened to officials’ arguments. His eyes were calm and distant, as if he seemed to be able to accommodate mountains and rivers, but only Su Mu knew that this guy was boundlessly arrogant and proud.

Yun Feiyu raised his hand and temporarily suppressed the discussion of the officials. Only then did he speak calmly: “The treasury’s stock of grain will not decrease, but will increase.”

“Could it be that you can make food appear out of thin air?” An old man’s voice rang out in the hall, sounding neither cold nor heated.

Yun Jing both loved and hated this son who didn’t recognize him. Normally he would be incredibly proud when he heard others praise Yun Feiyu, and he could also immediately roll up his sleeves and fight with others when he heard bad rumors about his son!

However, when he really faced Yun Feiyu, his temper would become snappish, and he couldn’t help but nitpick everything about him.

Yun Feiyu didn’t even look at him, and continued: “Because Your Highness has ordered the abolition of the slavery system and the division of land, a large amount of idle land and personnel have been used for production. Therefore, although the southern part of the kingdom this year has met with a drought, compared with previous production the grain output has not decreased, but increased by nearly 50%. Coupled with the promotion of cultivated grain varieties, the harvest in various places has increased by 20%, and the total amount is only increasing. Even if the court lowers the tax revenue by three levels, only more grain will be collected.”

Su Mu’s expression eased with the sounds of gasps in the hall, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. “As the merchants are forbidden from stocking more than 100,000 catties of grain, and the remaining grain will still not be able to finish being consumed by the common people, so the court will buy it at the market price.”

Everyone had been struck into a daze by Su Mu. What did the Crown Prince mean? Lower the taxes, and then buy food, if you are short of food, you can just collect it directly! Wasn’t this a waste of money?

Only Yun Feiyu let out an inaudible sigh, saying in his heart that he truly could not compare, and then retreated.

After the morning assembly, Liu Xi quickly ran to Yun Feiyu, blocked his way, and glared: “What does His Highness mean, why buy food while reducing food taxes?”

“I don’t know.” Yun Feiyu threw down the three words and turned away.

However, as soon as he turned around, he was taken aback by Huang Xuan who had been standing behind him for some time. Huang Xuan showed a bright smile and said, “Brother Yun, tell me if you don’t want to tell him.”

Looking at the stubborn expressions of these two people that made it clear they won’t let it go without asking for answers, Yun Feiyu had a slight headache, so he had to truthfully say: “Make money, prepare food rations, prevent the outflow of improved varieties and new crops, and there are still other things that I can’t think of now.”

Liu Xi’s focus was on the three words “prepare food rations”. He frowned and asked: “His Highness is going to start a war?”

Huang Xuan’s attention was also taken by Liu Xi’s words. He was a person who had experienced the battlefield and knew the cruelty of war.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“It’s someone else who wants to start a war on us.” After Yun Feiyu said this, he looked at the two people who were thinking hard and shook his head as he walked away.

“But isn’t it spending money to buy food? How did it become making money?” Liu Xi was puzzled.

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