The Cruel Tyrant CH 111 Discussion

Chen Kingdom, imperial palace.

In front of the Emperor of Chen there were more than a dozen items that came from the Qing Kingdom, some of which were sold through normal channels, such as toilet paper, soap and cloth.

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Through abnormal channels were gunpowder, dragon bone water lift, steel, and animal-drawn seed plough. If these had him shocked, then after hearing the descriptions of the other things from his spies, there was only fear that burrowed deep in his soul.

Emperor Chen breathlessly asked the spy: “He abolished the system of slavery and forcibly expropriated land. Isn’t he afraid of all the nobles and aristocracy rebelling? So what if his martial arts is unmatched. This time the interests of the entire Qing Kingdom’s nobles were affected. Did no one resist?”

This ordinary-looking spy recalled what he had seen and heard in the Qing Kingdom and cold sweat covered his back. He himself was born in an aristocratic family, so in his eyes, Su Mu was a complete unreasonable and cruel tyrant.

“Some people resist, but there are too few people to make an impact?”

“Why?” Emperor Chen asked in puzzlement.

The spy said with a chill in his heart: “Benefits and conflicts. He abolished the system of slavery, gave the slaves the benefits, divided the fields to the poor people, and stipulated that the concubine’s children must get a share of the family property after the age of twenty. Originally it was a conflict between the nobles and the Qing Kingdom’s Crown Prince, but he turned it into a struggle between the commoners and the nobles, between the legitimate children and the concubine’s children.”

The spies thought of those patriarchs who were preparing to unite various aristocratic families to fight against the Crown Prince of the Qing Kingdom, only to get stabbed in the back by their illegitimate half brothers in the end.

“Crazy lunatic…..” Emperor Chen slapped at the table, glaring and shouting loudly: “So, doesn’t that mean the Qing Kingdom has become a complete mess?”

“That’s not the case.” The spy once again told Emperor Chen about what he had seen and heard.

After listening, Emperor Chen waved his hand and pushed all the things on the table to the ground. Emperor Chen fell into the chair and shouted angrily: “It’s these unusable things that drained thousands of gold and silver from Chen Kingdom!”

“Someone come, pass Zhen’s personal letter to the monarchs of various countries, I don’t believe that they can continue to tolerate this tiger and wolf rise in power!”

In the Qing Kingdom, in the imperial palace, in the study of the Crown Prince’s Palace.

Su Mu raised his eyebrows at the intercepted letter: “Tiger and wolf? Am I so scary?”

The twelve members of the cabinet, including Yun Feiyu and Yun Feiyan, quietly slandered in their hearts: “If you knew that the people of the Qing Kingdom used to call you scourge of ghosts, you wouldn’t think so.”

Su Mu put down the letter and asked the twelve people who had read the letter: “What do you think?”

Hu Yuan pondered for a moment and said with a serious face: “Your Highness, the plan of driving wedges between allies has been used before. I am afraid that it will not be effective at this time. And the development of the Qing Kingdom cannot be completely concealed. I am afraid that the surrounding countries, including Shi, Wu, and Wei already have an understanding of our Qing Kingdom.”

Su Mu’s finger lightly swept across the smooth table top. He then slightly turned his head to look at Hu Yuan on the right and said, “Your meaning?”

“War!” Hu Yuan said firmly.

“What about you all?” Su Mu’s eyes swept over the others present.

Lin Siyuan also said: “Sooner or later there will be such a day, it is inevitable.”

Yun Feiyan frowned lightly and said: “If we start the war directly, the loss will be too great. The Qing Kingdom has just regained its vitality. Although it is growing, it still needs to be cautious about going to war with so many countries.”

Hu Yuan retorted: “The products produced by the Qing Kingdom are being bought by various countries, and a large amount of wealth flows into the Qing Kingdom as a result. These countries have long been unable to sit still. Even if they don’t come to fight us, they will be dragged down. How can the monarchs of these countries not understand this truth? We simply cannot avoid this war, and to fight or not is not something we can decide.”

Su Mu looked at Yun Feiyu and said, “What about you?”

Yun Feiyu’s gaze softly looked back at Su Mu and said: “War.”

There was a strange power in his voice. The tone was clearly not very loud, but it gave people a very powerful feeling inexplicably.

After a pause, he continued: “Brother Hu and Feiyan are both right. The Qing Kingdom can’t avoid this war, but when the war truly begins, the Qing Kingdom’s losses will inevitably be huge, so how to fight is the key.”

“How to fight?” He raised his eyebrows and looked at Yun Feiyu with interest, those eyes like rippling water hiding a trace of deep meaning, subtly teasing Yun Feiyu.

Yun Feiyu saw that Su Mu still had the mood to tease him in public, without a trace of tension on his face, so he knew that Su Mu had probably already come up with a countermeasure. He could not help but wonder why he always felt a little stupid in front of the Crown Prince.

Throwing away the thoughts in his mind and suppressing down the throbbing in his heart, Yun Feiyu spoke his idea: “Psychological offense is the best tactic, and the strategy used by Your Highness against the nobles of the Qing Kingdom, after a little bit of modification, can be used in other countries. It is still driving a wedge between allies, but this time the wedge is not between countries, but the poor and the rich. Even if other countries send troops to the Qing Kingdom, our pressure will be greatly reduced.”

Su Mu casted a look of appreciation at everyone present, and he encouraged: “They are all good ideas, Yun Feiyu’s strategy is very good, but we still need to add fire, while driving a wedge, we must also praise the goodness of the Qing Kingdom to the poor and as for the nobles, lure them with money, power and treasures.”

Su Mu knocked on the table, and in the tone of one commenting that the weather was good today, said lightly: “Ben Gong will incorporate all countries that dare to start a war with our Kingdom into the territory of the Qing Kingdom.”

The twelve people present all inhaled a breath in silence. Some looked at Su Mu in disbelief and hesitated: “Your Highness, the Emperor of Chen has contacted nine surrounding countries, and there are six known countries who clearly replied and agreed to the alliance, you…..please think twice!”

He actually wanted to say, your brain must have broken down!

Lin Siyuan took a deep breath. Even though he was very excited, he still had to proceed from reality. He said with a slight disagreeing tone: “Your Highness, if you do this, I am afraid that it will attract the attention of the Shi Kingdom and Wu Kingdom. If these two behemoths unite to deal with us, then…..”

They would be done for!

Su Mu spread his hands: “Even if I don’t do this, they will still take action against us. Those two countries probably know more about our Qing Kingdom than the surrounding countries combined.”

That was right. At this moment, both Shi Ran and Sun Hongyu frowned deeply with the information collected by the spies stationed in the Qing Kingdom. The rise of the Qing Kingdom was too fast.

As two of the rare wise monarchs in this world, after seeing the decrees made by Su Mu, their eyes began to shine.

But in the end, they could only give it up in regret, and just use it as a reference.

After all, the innate conditions of Shi and Wu were not comparable to those of the Qing Kingdom. The first condition was extremely centralized power. No one below dared to object after the orderer said a word. Sun Hongyu definitely did not fit this condition as he still had the Emperor of Wu sitting on top of his head. Even Shi Ran, who was already the emperor, didn’t dare to play like this.

One reason was that most of the people in power in the Shi Kingdom were nobles, and they were capable nobles Shi Ran himself had promoted.

Secondly, because the Shi Kingdom was too large, government orders could not reach every part of the kingdom.

If Shi Ran dared to play like Su Mu, waiting for him would be either the empire changing ownership or the empire splitting apart.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Every time at this time, Su Mu would thank the Qing Kingdom for its small territory, and that one could cross the entire Qing Kingdom in a straight line while riding a horse for ten days, otherwise everything would be too late if news only reached the local places after a few months.

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