After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 083 Pointing The Sword

He had originally wanted to bide his time with making a move, so as not to inadvertently alert the enemy and let the fish break out of the net, but he didn’t expect that under the packaging of Zhang Dafu, Tao Mu actually became a golden age white lotus. Tao Mu really didn’t know what to say anymore.

However, in the previous life, Tao Mu had suffered from his image being smeared and everyone hating on him. So naturally, in this life, he was too lazy to set up an image again, especially the ridiculous image of a “golden age white lotus”. So he immediately explained to the reporters: “I have no intention to be the holy father white lotus. The reason why I did not announce the evidence as soon as I received it was because my family and I agreed that we should not let go of the master behind the scenes. Tao Haiguo and his wife wantonly smeared my name for money, even instigating netizens to commit cyberbullying against me. But the master behind the scenes is even more hateful. Relying on the fact that they have money, they just do whatever they want——of course, the rich can do whatever they want, but adults must also bear the consequences for acting however they please.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Taking this opportunity, I must also call on some netizens to be mindful when eating melons and watching a show, don’t just do whatever others say. Being used as a gun is not something to be proud of or to show off. This can only prove that some spectators have insufficient IQ and need to pay for a recharge, but this is not the reason for you to attack others unscrupulously on the Internet. Great men have also said that if you have not done an investigation yourself, then you have no right to speak. Everyone has gone to school. Who has not taken a political class for a few years? It’s not a problem to have a bad brain, but if you know your brain is bad and yet you are willing to go around biting people everywhere, then there is a problem. So don’t rush to express your opinion when you are eating melons and watching a show in the future, and especially do not be so eager to shirk responsibility every time something happens. It’s the 21st century, and we must try to be a rational and objective spectator. After all, before we learn the truth, no one will point a gun at your head and force you to type out so much viciousness, cursing someone’s 18 generations of ancestors, right?”

“It’s your choice to hurt others with words to vent your emotions, so don’t put on the face that you’ve been blinded by others and are also a victim after the truth has come to light. Stupidity is not your fault, but relying on the fact that you are as stupid as a pig to hurt others unscrupulously, now that is your fault.”

“Of course, in any case, I also want to thank all the netizens who have been passionately devoted to the previous verbal battles. After all, your presence has brought a lot of traffic to It also makes FlyNews’ advertising sponsors very satisfied. From this point of view, you scolding me is indeed for my own good. So I willingly and voluntarily let myself be spat on the face.”

“Next time, if there is such a thing, everyone can just go ahead and scold me, don’t worry about my emotions. After all, if you scold me some more, I will be able to get tens of millions more next time I recruit advertisers. In this way, it can indirectly be considered as your reparations for the damage to my mental health.”

If the poisonous tongue also had a rating standard, Tao Mu’s poisonous tongue was probably at the level of a full level grand slam.

Not to mention the netizens who saw this interview, even the media accounts and outlets that still had a part of their conscience, but had still reposted frantically for traffic during the previous incident of Tao Haiguo’s slander against Tao Mu, felt… they could deeply sympathize._(:з) ∠)_

Compared with tens of millions of sales and advertising expenses, what did the face matter! Not a damn! Scold however you like, scold loudly, scold out a rhythm and scold out a style. If you don’t scold, you’re not from China!

The netizens of all walks of life who followed the entire matter all the way to eat melons instantly hahaha, they really admire Tao Mu’s frank cheekiness on his attitude towards making money. Others also expressed that Tao Mu was indeed worthy to be the most inspirational idol in their hearts, and that he could endure the pain that ordinary people couldn’t bear in order to succeed. Some people climbed to Tao Mu’s FlyNews account and queued up to leave a message.

“The boss can just go ahead and scold me, don’t worry about my emotions. After all, if you scold me 30 more times, I will be able to get thousands of dollars when the salary is paid at the end of the month. Anything extra will be considered the year-end bonus you give me.”

“First party daddy can just go ahead and scold me, don’t worry about my emotions. After all, if you scold me a few more times, I will be able to sign hundreds of thousands more when we sign the contract next time. It can indirectly be considered as my hard work fee.”

“Programming apes can just go ahead and scold me, don’t worry about us product manager’s emotions. After all, if you scold me a few more times, you will improve a few more functions next time you hand over your work. It can indirectly be considered as giving the company money.”

“Mom can just go ahead and scold me…..”

“The teacher can just go ahead and scold me…..”

Soon, various versions of the “just go ahead and scold me” tag were created under the entertaining spirit of netizens. Netizens who followed the trend were queuing up everywhere, adding a lot of traffic to FlyNews. Even Gao Yonghuai, the boss of Weibo, joined in the excitement.

He wrote this in his Weibo account——

“You all can just go ahead and scold me, don’t worry about my emotions. After all, if you scold a few more times, the traffic on Weibo will increase. I don’t need to envy the next-door FlyNews_(:з)∠)_”

He also added a text emoji at the end of the sentence without anyone teaching him.

As a result, the “just go ahead and scold me” tag spread from FlyNews to the Weibo platform, and the entire China Internet suddenly fell into a carnival of “scolding wars”, and everyone felt incredibly joyful and amused.

Of course, some netizens with a strong sense of substitution felt uncomfortable. They felt that Tao Mu was too petty, such a big boss yet he still quibbled with ordinary netizens, what a really bad character——after all, though they scolded him, they also brought traffic to FlyNews. On the one hand, Tao Mu enjoyed the traffic brought by the people scolding him, and also got increased advertising fees for it; while on the other hand, he complained that everyone shouldn’t scold him online before things become clear. This was simply “picking up the bowl to eat, putting down the bowl and scolding his mother.”

“F**k your mother’s shit!” Tao Mu’s diehard fans rage quit: “Do you know how to speak, do you know what is meant by the words picking up the bowl to eat, putting down the bowl and scolding his mother’? No? Then look it up in the dictionary. Is it reasonable for you to curse casually without knowing what the situation is? That is to say, you are all just taking advantage of the anonymity of the Internet, who would dare to do this in real life? It’ll definitely invite a beating!”

“Hey, upstairs, how do you talk? You Tao Mu fans only have this kind of inner quality!”

So there was no doubt that a meaningless war of scolding was set off again.

Meng Qi, who had been paying attention to the development of the whole thing, looked at the background data and several FlyNews accounts who were constantly bouncing around and provoking a scolding war. He frowned and said, “Someone is stirring things up.”

“It should be the water army in Yao Wenxiao’s hands.” Tao Mu sneered. Yao Wenxiao’s Yuxiao Media, in his previous life, liked to stir up trouble and pour dirty water on the Internet, which once caused Tao Mu to suffer quite a lot. However, it turned out there was an advantage to having suffered this much, at least Tao Mu now knew very clearly Yao Wenxiao’s various media methods, and he could easily identify those water armies that belonged to him.

“Have the technical department look up these IPs and send a few people to check it out. It would be best to catch Yao Wenxiao in the act of hiring these water armies to stir up trouble and mislead the public. We are not afraid his movements are big, we are afraid of him not taking any action.” So long as Yao Wenxiao made a move, they could catch Yao Wenxiao’s tail. In the previous life, Tao Mu was fighting alone, so when facing the strong background of the Sheng’an Group and Shen Yu’s huge group of admirers, he had no ability to resist at all.

In this life, he had relatives and friends to protect him, and business partners to help him. Putting aside everything else, just his decade-leading Internet experience would at least give him the ammo to hit back against Yao Wenxiao’s actions.

Meng Qi smiled slightly: “It’s great that you aren’t angry. Da Hui followed Yao Shengan and his confidante assistant, and has obtained evidence that Bi An had private contact with Tao Haiguo and his wife. As for Tao Haiguo’s bank account with the inexplicable one million, we also got the transaction record too. Do you think we should let FlyNews Entertainment break the news on this matter, or throw the clues to other gossip tabloids?”

Tao Mu thought for a while: “Still let FlyNews Entertainment report it. Directly upload news of Bi An’s private contact with Tao Haiguo and his wife to the official account of FlyNews Entertainment, but no need to mention the bank transaction. In my name, formally file a lawsuit against Tao Haiguo and his wife. Let the court investigate the bank accounts of Tao Haiguo and his wife through regular channels. FlyNews Entertainment only needs to follow up on the reporting.”

Tao Mu’s actions were fair and honest. Even if he and the Yao family knew very clearly that he had already obtained evidence that the Yao family used money to buy Tao Haiguo and his wife. However, when the incident was to be officially exposed, FlyNews Entertainment must not take any illegal actions, and in that way there would be no risk of having a weakness being caught by the Sheng’an Group.

——Just don’t know what methods Yao Shengan, the old fox, would prepare for him after seeing his counterattack. He hoped it would not be too easy to unravel, otherwise he would be disappointed.

Liu Yao and Meng Qi exchanged smiles. In the evening, the news that “the personal assistant of the chairman of Sheng’an Group privately contacted Tao Haiguo and his wife” and “Tao Mu formally filed a lawsuit against Tao Haiguo and his wife for defamation” made the headlines of FlyNews Entertainment. At the same time, it was pushed to the featured page by FlyNews.

Netizens who were addicted to eating melons and unable to extricate themselves instantly boiled over. They had a keen sense of smell and could smell the savoury melons.

Many netizens immediately thought of what Tao Mu meant with his words when interviewed by reporters——not announcing the recording at the first possible chance he got was not out of softheartedness, but to catch the master behind the scenes or something.

Now FlyNews Entertainment directly broke the news that “the assistant to the chairman of Sheng’an Group privately contacted Tao Haiguo and his wife”, Tao Mu’s “master behind the scenes” was simply self-evident.

One was an Internet nouveau riche who had a strong presence recently, and the other was an old Shanghai gourmet food corporation. The obvious and head-on collision between the two was no less than the collision of Mars to the earth. There was no doubt that this turmoil would become the biggest melon of the year in 2008.

Melon eating netizens were immediately excited. They flocked into the official account of FlyNews Entertainment to make comments. Some people who stood by Tao Mu thought that the Sheng’an Group was simply too overbearing for repeatedly targeting Tao Mu and FlyNews; and there were also some people who thought that Tao Mu must have provoked the Yao family first, otherwise, with the capital background of the Sheng’an Group, how could they lower themselves to repeatedly target FlyNews and Tao Mu, a child who just turned eighteen years old?

As soon as this suspicion appeared, it was refuted by Tao Mu’s fans and passersby and melon eating netizens. Netizens who often browse gossip on the Internet still remember the old melon that happened a few months ago, in which Yao Wenxiao bribed a dozen media outlets to spread rumors that Tao Mu was an MB at Night. At that time, Tao Mu and Yao Wenxiao didn’t know each other yet Yao Wenxiao did this kind of thing because of jealousy. He also didn’t repent afterwards and hired thugs to beat up the person who helped Tao Mu investigate the matter, leading to being detained by the police for 15 days.

——It was clearly Yao Wenxiao who was the first to act like a mean and lowly person, so what did it have anything to do with Tao Mu? Later, Yao Wenxiao’s grandfather also got involved and asked his assistant to use the money to bribe Tao Haiguo and his wife to spread the rumors that Tao Mu abused his adoptive younger brother at the age of five. The styles of grandfather and grandson were obviously in the same line, which showed that the Yao family’s style was like this.

Tao Mu’s fans’ rebuttals were well-founded and reasonable, easily persuading new melong eating netizens who didn’t know what happened in the old melons. The accounts that had been clamoring “conspiracy theories” and “it takes two people to start a dispute theory” really couldn’t mislead the public at all, but they were also reluctant to give up on the generous bonus so they could only go back to repeating themselves. This not only did not have any effect, but also caused netizens to become annoyed.

At this time, one could see the usefulness of creating FlyNews. In the last life, Yao Wenxiao was backed by Sheng’an Group and Yuxiao Media, and also befriended major media and social platforms in the circle, practically controlling all the channels for speech and vocalization, slandering Tao Mu without any resistance. In this life, Tao Mu relied on FlyNews to make the first move, and directly exposed all the shameless little tricks used by the Sheng’an Group behind the scenes.

This time the villain became the Sheng’an Group. Don’t know what emotions Yao Wenxiao felt when he looked at the curses and scolding made against him by all the netizens.

As the scoop provided by FlyNews continued to deepen, other entertainment media in the circle followed the trend and reported the incident. In fact, even before the court investigated the bank account of Tao Haiguo and his wife in accordance with the procedures, there were gossip newspapers who managed to obtain Tai Haiguo’s account information from some unknown channel.

The extra one million balance that appeared out of thin air was like cold water falling into a hot oil pan, which instantly aroused the enthusiasm of netizens to continue eating melons.

Yao Wenxiao was not the only one who knew how to find accounts to stir up trouble and lead the public where they wanted. Tao Mu also had people set up FlyNews accounts to raise questions online——

“What’s the matter with this Sheng’an Group? Before, it was the grandson, but now it’s the grandfather. Why won’t their family let go of Mr. Tao?”

“Looking at this kind of step by step attack, I’m afraid that they want nothing more than to slap Tao Mu to death. I keep feeling that the Yao family’s actions are not as simple as ‘beating the grandson and attracting the grandfather’?”

“Could there be some inside story?”

At the beginning, there were only a few such questions. But because the matter involved Tao Mu, the currently popular CEO of FlyNews, and Shanghai’s Sheng’an Group, an old and well-known gourmet family. And of course, the gossip revelations of wealthy families had always been the favorite of ordinary people who ate melons. So this kind of speculation was like a sprout of leeks that popped up after being blown by the spring breeze.

A prairie fire started instantly from these single, spotted sparks. Just when the curiosity of all melon eating netizens reached its peak, the food network documentary “Life in the Market: Food for the People”, prepared by FlyNews, finally aired its first episode.

In the words of the two old artists, Bai An and Pu Lincang, this was a show that was unpretentious and full of humanistic feelings.

Under the close-up of the camera, the rapidly developing Beijing seemed to have gone back to another period of time and space. The quaint alleys with blue bricks and black tiles, the sounds of all kinds of hawking and shouting at the farmer’s markets, porters carrying burdens, craftsmen who sharpen scissors and kitchen knives, and grandfathers who squeezed clay figurines and painted sugar paintings at the entrances of the alleys. Every morning when it was barely even light outside, the owner of a small restaurant who always wore a cloth tunic went to the vegetable market to personally select the freshest ingredients.

A picture of life in the market, full of ink and color, was slowly unfolding in front of the camera.

The old courtyard house, the study room covered with sunlight, the recipes on the gilded rice paper written in old classical calligraphy, the complicated procedures, the colorful, fragrant, and exquisite dishes that caused people to drool uncontrollably. Neighbors from the neighborhood who stopped at the Song Ji small restaurant to eat every day, the historical anecdotes as well as the stories behind the various dishes that concern the various conditions of life slowly being recounted by the owner.

The origin of Song Ji, its past glory and current desolation, and even the regretful life of the owner of the small restaurant, immediately aroused the feelings of all netizens.

Many netizens expressed that “Life in the Market” launched by had become the best aid in invoking their appetite while eating meals. Many netizens living in the capital directly found Houhai Song Ji Restaurant and tasted the dishes made by Mr. Song and were instantly in love.

Just when the entire network became occupied by the food promotion documentary launched by, Tao Mu also replied to some of the previous speculations of some netizens on his FlyNews account: “Yes, we and the Yao family are not only new enemies, but also have old grudges.”

He directly broke the news that the ungrateful apprentice mentioned by Grandpa Song on the show was actually Yao Shengan, the founder of the Sheng’an Group.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

This was originally an abandoned baby who was kindly adopted by Mr. Song’s father who then proceeded to patiently pass on his craftsmanship to this child. In the end, this child coveted the Song family inheritance and caused the destruction of the Song family. He then relied on the craftsmanship taught to him by the Song family to establish Shanghai’s Sheng’an Group, becoming Chairman Yao Shengan.

This time, the truth had been revealed, and the sword was now pointed at Yao Shengan!

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