The Cruel Tyrant CH 112 Ruthless

At the border of the Qing Kingdom, a young man with a tall stature, handsome features and an extraordinary bearing led several guards to stop in a village.

Dong Dongdong hurriedly stopped Sun Hongyu and said, “Your Highness, let this subordinate go and check it out first.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Sun Hongyu raised his hand and shook his head. He said: “Since he has passed the message and asked me to come over in person, he will not tamper things in secret.”

There were a few small flowers blooming on the green leaves in the field by the roadside. He saw an old farmer weeding in the field.

On the other side of the rice field, the rice was in the stage of grouting and just when a lot of water was needed. An artificial gully extended over from afar, and a young woman just happened to carry a small dragon bone water lift from one field to another to irrigate it.

Sun Hongyu retracted his gaze and smiled at the old farmer who was weeding in the fields: “Elder, hello, can we ask for a drink at your house? I’m really thirsty after traveling for most of the day.”

The old man stood up straight from the field, and smiled heartily, showing a mouth of yellowed teeth: “Of course, of course you can.”

A few moments later, Sun Hongyu was led to a small but well-furnished house. When they walked to the main room, there happened to be a few simple dishes that had just been put on the table.

An old woman walked out of the house, and seeing the old man and Sun Hongyu she hurriedly smiled: “There are guests, old man, why didn’t you tell me to prepare more dishes.”

Sun Hongyu sat on the side under the warm invitation of the old man. He looked around and pretended to be curious and asked: “Elder, why don’t I see any young men in the village?”

“They enlisted in the army.” The old man said angrily: “The kingdoms of Chen, Jin and several others are jealous that our Qing Kingdom is wealthy and want to take our land! Fortunately, His Highness wisely sent out a large army to drive away these wolfish and ambitious thieves!”

Dong Dongdong and Sun Hongyu looked at each other and asked carefully, “But I heard that your Crown Prince actually had a nickname called ‘scourge of ghosts’?”

“Hmph!” The old man said with an unhappy expression: “These are all those people with evil intentions slandering our Crown Prince. Our Crown Prince was only suffering from a heart disease before. Fortunately, the heavens blessed the Crown Prince and got rid of the pain and torment the Crown Prince had been suffering from, otherwise we would not have such a good life now.”

When he left, Sun Hongyu held a blue thread-bound book in his hand. The cover had four large words “Traveling Around the Countries”. The protagonist in it was an old man, telling stories and experiences of traveling around the countries for most of his life. All the wicked ended up miserably, and all the good people got happy endings.

The old man was benevolent, courteous, and kind. Everywhere he went, he would help those who were suffering, and hoped that the monarch could treat the people kindly. Unfortunately, no monarch listened to him until he came to the Qing Kingdom.

The Qing Kingdom’s Crown Prince had “love at first sight” for his “theory” and promoted it on a large scale.

At the beginning, Sun Hongyu did not understand what the book’s purpose was, until he saw that the old man’s wife, the old man’s neighbors, and the old man’s younger generations all praised their Crown Prince. And until he learned that this book was the book with the most copies issued in the Qing Kingdom and the book with the lowest price. Only then did he understand.

It was true that the protagonist of this book was the old man, but in the end, the one who got the most merit was Su Mu, although it was indeed true.

But why did Sun Hongyu think this whole thing was so shameless? In a blink of an eye, the other had erased his previous black history, and became the savior of the Qing Kingdom, the most “wise and valiant” monarch in the world while also educating the common people of the Qing Kingdom that they should be loyal and patriotic.

In the imperial city, Su Mu sneezed, rubbed his nose, and ordered Yun Feiyu: “Find a few scholars and spread “Traveling Around the World” and the other books in the series to the surrounding countries.”

“Yes.” After the soft voice sounded, Yun Feiyu raised his eyes and looked at Su Mu who was rubbing his nose, and asked, “Your Highness, have you caught a cold?”

Because of the tight front-line warfare, Yun Feiyu had seen the lights of the Crown Prince’s bedroom still burning into the middle of the night several times.

Su Mu shook his head and said, “No, I’m only a little tired, I’ll be fine after a rest.” Su Mu suddenly thought of something, and he raised his head to look at Yun Feiyu. Those clever eyes revealed a hint of calculation, and the corners of his mouth curved up into a smile as he asked, “Sun Hongyun is in my hands. I asked Sun Hongyu to pick her up in person but I didn’t expect him to actually come. You say…..what should I ask from him to make up for my psychological distress?”

“The Crown Prince of the Wu Kingdom…..” Yun Feiyu’s eyes flashed with a strange light, and said: “I think Emperor Shi will like these two gifts.”

“Hai hai…..” Su Mu, who was drinking water, choked. He thought about many strategies, such as asking Sun Hongyu for money, food, land, weapons, etc. Even if he thought about keeping Sun Hongyu hostage, he never thought about sending Sun Hongyu to Shi Ran.

“Why give him to Shi Ran?” Su Mu was a little puzzled. Although Sun Hongyu was the Crown Prince, Emperor Wu had more than one son. Unless Emperor Wu was willing to cut the land of the Wu Kingdom to pay for Sun Hongyu’s safe return?

“Emperor Wu has many heirs, although they are not as good as Sun Hongyu, there are also a few outstanding ones. After Shi Ran has control of Sun Hongyu, he will naturally know how to use this chess piece to make Wu Kingdom fall into a battle for the throne like the chaos that is happening in the Wei Kingdom.”

Yun Feiyu’s expression was gentle, his eyes were bright, and his voice was clear. People who didn’t know would think that he was just reciting romantic and beautiful poems instead of spitting out a ruthless and sinister plan.

After thinking about it for a while, Su Mu nodded in satisfaction and said: “Let’s do it this way, I will capture Sun Hongyu as soon as he comes and give him to Emperor Shi. If there is nothing else, then you can depart first.”

After finishing talking, Su Mu picked up a memorial from the desk in front of him, but when he was about to read it, an elegant hand was placed on Su Mu’s left hand.

Yun Feiyu’s soft and slightly husky voice sounded behind Su Mu: “Your Highness, it’s already late, you should pay more attention to your body and rest earlier.”

When Su Mu raised his head, he realized that the servants in the study had disappeared and even their shadows could not be glimpsed.

The warm palm wrapped over the back of Su Mu’s hand, and a tingling sensation quickly spread from the back of Su Mu’s hand.

“Hai…..this…..I still have memorials to deal with…..”

Su Mu’s cheeks flushed, and his eyes weren’t on the memorials at all. Faced with the gentleman-like face of Yun Feiyu, Su Mu couldn’t help but want to pick up the morals he had already lost in some corner.

Yun Feiyu let go of Su Mu’s hand. Just as Su Mu secretly gritted his teeth, Yun Feiyu suddenly reached out and picked him up in his arms before walking directly to the bedroom behind the study.

“Your Highness, this official will help you undress.” He placed Su Mu on the bed, and as if flipping through an infinitely rich book, gently pulled off Su Mu’s belt like he was opening the most cherished title page. All his movements were gentle and elegant.

The fingertips with the fragrance of ink inadvertently ran across the sensitive skin of his abdomen, causing Su Mu to tighten his muscles unconsciously.

Su Mu was stripped bare, but Yun Feiyu felt that he hadn’t read to the deepest point and had yet to understand the deepest connotation of this precious book.

The eyes, like clear pools of water, reflected Su Mu’s handsome face. He slowly lowered his head and gently touched Su Mu’s lips with his own, kissing them shallowly, as if tasting the rarest tea. His movements were gentle to the extreme, but almost teased Su Mu into letting out a groan.

He stretched out his hand and untied his own belt, his fluent movements showing no delay, and his eyes never leaving Su Mu for even a moment.

Su Mu felt that Yun Feiyu’s clear water-like gaze seemed to become a bit heated. Following the clothes he took off, his eyes fell on the other’s bareness, skin that was slightly darker than Su Mu’s and with a gentle and amiable feeling.

The tight chest and lower abdomen were covered by a layer of muscles that were not exaggerated, letting Su Mu know that he was not a real physically weak scholar.

Looking at the other’s strong capital Su Mu’s Adam’s apple rolled, and he said in a low voice, “Come here.”

A big warm hand reached over and held Su Mu’s hard little brother with a drop of dew on its head. He said with dark eyes: “There is a difference between monarch and official, and this official dare not offend.”

If Yun Feiyu’s usual voice was like white jade with a warm color and a smooth surface, then his voice at this moment was like an unpolished rough stone, the somewhat rough surface revealing the precious treasure inside. However, after a touch of sensitive fingertips over that rough surface brought an enticing numbness, one couldn’t wait to snatch him home immediately and peel off his disguise.


You dare to pull me onto the bed, and now you say you don’t dare to go further, who would believe it!

Su Mu sat up. He looked at Yun Feiyu’s serious face, and ordered: “Lie down!”

So you want to role-play, is that it?

“Yes, Your Highness.” Yun Feiyu lay down beside Su Mu with a face as usual, like an obedient and loyal official.

The stimulating scene in front of him caused Su Mu’s blood to speed up, and his heart to begin beating wildly. He resisted his urge to pounce on top immediately, and fiddled with Yun Feiyu’s erect desire with his fingers, and laughed: “You are quite able to bear it. “

“Your Highness praises me too much…..” Yun Feiyu was lying on the bed at Su Mu’s mercy, but his eyes wandered over Su Mu’s body in a not so honest way, like a hot stream of water that trailed over and over Su Mu’s whole body with his gaze.

Just this look gave Su Mu the illusion that he was about to climax.

He impatiently mounted Yun Feiyu’s body, leaned down and kissed Yun Feiyu’s chest, then raised his head to stare at the undercurrent surging in the other’s eyes. Holding that flushed and hard member and sliding his hand up and down over it, he said: “I want to see if you will always be so docile?”

When the voice entered Yun Feiyu’s ears, his lower half was also pinched a few times, allowing him to understand the implicit meaning of Su Mu’s words.

Then Yun Feiyu felt lightheaded, his hard member slowly being swallowed into a warm and tight place. Soon following was a broken moan that slipped out of Su Mu’s mouth. This beautiful voice seemed to be an extremely alluring prologue that made people want to read the content of the book right away.

Slowly sinking his body bit by bit, the pleasure of being filled and the feeling of emptiness that brought longing pulled at each other. Su Mu’s mind had gone blank and felt all five senses temporarily becoming lost. Only the feeling of the intimate and connected parts of their bodies was very clear.

Yun Feiyu’s reason was like the string on a guqin, almost broken by Su Mu’s continuous plucking. Too deep! Su Mu straightened up and tried to get the weapon out a bit.

Suddenly, the sky flipped and Su Mu’s bare back touched the cool silk on the bed.

Before Su Mu’s exclamation sounded, he was filled with a thick object once again. Yun Feiyu’s movements on the bed were still gentle, but there was also a firmness that could not be denied.

Su Mu panted and looked up at the other’s rare indulgent expression, and said, “Monarch…..monarch and official…..has difference between them?”

Yun Feiyu lightly kissed Su Mu’s red and moist lips, and said in a hoarse voice: “It is also a matter for the official to share worries for the monarch.”

After finishing talking, he suddenly entered the deepest place with great force, and the loyal official turned into an adversary into a traitorous official in an instant!

“Ah…..” Su Mu called out in a panic, and unconsciously pulled at Yun Feiyu’s hair where his hand had sunk into.


The hard and fiery heat continued to thrust in and out of the soft and smooth walls, the movements neither rushed nor slow, light or heavy, with a rhythm that made the heart feel tickled and unbearable.

Tears flowed from the corners of his eyes, and moans sounded in this narrow corner of the world.

Yun Feiyu bowed his head and took away Su Mu’s hand holding his own member, and pressed it over his head. He said, “Your Highness is coming so soon? Please wait a bit more.”

He slowed down his thrusting speed and pulled Su Mu back from the edge of the climax. Those eyes filled with tears appeared bright in the darkness, looking at Yun Feiyu with infinite amorous feelings. He said in a blustering manner, “Audacious, you dare to resist!”

The slightly trembling end syllables did not have the slightest usual intimidation and domineering aura, causing a sense of conquest to arise spontaneously in the other’s chest.

Yun Feiyu bit Su Mu’s white and tender earlobes, and the heated breaths blew on his sensitive neck. His voice was soft and slightly lustful as he asked: “Your Highness, do you like this official…..resisting the decree like this?”

He suddenly pushed inward with great force, without giving Su Mu a chance to speak.

“You…..impudent…..” Su Mu panted, struggling weakly against Yun Feiyu’s hold that restrained his wrist above his head.

But in truth, with Su Mu’s martial arts, it was easy to break free of Yun Feiyu’s confinement.

Yun Feiyu looked at the person under him with the beautiful and alluring appearance of one completely indulging in pleasure, and was calm on the surface but in actuality he almost couldn’t hold in the urge to come right then and there. He pressed Su Mu’s other hand firmly on the bed as well, feeling a kind of encroachment upon the aloof monarch, the pleasure of violating the imperial power.

And Su Mu also imagined that he was being forced on the bed and played this way and that way by a courtier with a gentleman-like bearing on the surface while actually an immoral and despicable beast on the inside…..

His eyes were attracted by the other’s powerful looking waistline. Su Mu’s eyes were red as he spoke dishonestly: “Let go…..”

Yun Feiyu’s continued conscientiously playing the role of a traitorous official, burying himself in the deepest place and whispering in Su Mu’s ear: “Your Highness, don’t make too much noise. There are guards outside and if others saw you like this under this official…..”

In fact, when those servants and guards knew that the Crown Prince was going to do business, they had already moved as far as possible, lest whoever one of the harem did not serve the Crown Prince well and he took his anger out on them.

Su Mu seemed to be fascinated by this game of swapping roles of power. He moved his lower half backwards, trying to escape from Yun Feiyu, and said breathlessly: “…..You have offended the monarch, Ben Gong…..shall put you to death for your crime…..”


Soft lips covered an erect nipple, causing a slight tingling to spread over his body as well as muscles to tighten. Su Mu let out a moan of both pain and pleasure.

Yun Feiyu was not frightened by Su Mu’s declaration, and instead forcefully bit down and left teeth marks on his chest. He replied: “The monarch wants the official to die, then this official…..”

“Shall die a little death…..”

He suddenly withdrew from Su Mu’s body, turned Su Mu over to lie face down on the bed, and then broke into the forbidden area once again without warning.

The sudden invasion made Su Mu feel a bit of pain, but his entrance uncontrollably and eagerly enveloped the intruder.

This position gave Su Mu a particular feeling of humiliation, but it was in this position that he was always able to be penetrated to the deepest and felt the strongest feeling of pleasure, causing him to even have the illusion of being violated on the psychological level as well.

“Ngh…..too deep…..lighter…..” He stretched his hand back against Yun Feiyu’s pistoning hips, only for his hand to be pressed behind his back and unable to move. At this moment, Yun Feiyu no longer moved like he had just now, without any hurry. Instead, every time he entered he would try his best to insert it into the deepest place, and when he pulled out it was always very shallow before once again entering more forcefully.

The entrance felt heated, and the thrill of the pleasure swept over him. Su Mu hurriedly controlled his body to move forward a bit, and when he felt that the object in his body was not so deep, Su Mu breathed a sigh of relief. But before he could be fully relieved, he was caught by a hand on his waist and pulled back.

The hardness that had been pulled out with just the head still in the entrance invaded back inside with an even more unreserved force!

With such stimulation, Su Mu’s mind instantly fell into chaos, his body pulling uncontrollably taut, like a pulled bow.

A white arc traversed over the air, and the bedsheets became spotted with drops of white stickiness.

Heavy breathing sounded behind him. Yun Feiyu’s hands which were grasping Su Mu’s waist trembled a little, and his tight lips also twitched uncontrollably. The walls of Su Mu’s tight entrance firmly wrapped around him and every breath had him on the verge of shooting.

It was just that, after holding back for so long, if he didn’t get enough at once, how could he be reconciled!

After Su Mu lay bonelessly on the bed, Yun Feiyu continued to enjoy the benefits he had won.

From the beginning of the night to the middle of the night, Su Mu must now express that he had really underestimated him before. Sure enough, a man would become perverted after holding back for a long time.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Sheep turning into wild wolves, gentlemen turning into beasts, as for beasts…..

Su Mu, who stood holding the morning assembly, couldn’t even think about it.

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