The Cruel Tyrant CH 113 Feast At Hongmen

TN: Feast at Hongmen is a banquet set up with the aim of murdering a guest and refers to a famous episode in 206 BC when future Han emperor Liu Bang escaped attempted murder by his rival Xiangyu

The news of the Crown Prince of Wu’s mission to the Qing Kingdom had been spreading since a month ago. When the huge and majestic guard of honor passed by from afar, everyone in the Qing Kingdom had a proud expression in their eyes.

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Wu Kingdom! One of the three most powerful countries in the world. Before, they could only learn about it from the merchants traveling far away. The subjects of the surrounding countries all showed admiration when they mentioned the Wu Kingdom.

However, now the Crown Prince of the Wu Kingdom actually came to the Qing Kingdom in person. The people did not think that the Wu Kingdom had the intention of distracting the Shi Kingdom, making the Shi Kingdom wonder whether the Qing Kingdom had allied with the Wu Kingdom, etc. They did not think of these twists and turns, they were only interested in the novelty and liveliness.

The head of the envoy team, a second-rank official of the Wu Kingdom, Ji Xingchang, was anxious at the moment, and kept asking the people behind him: “Where is the Crown Prince exactly? We are almost at the imperial city of the Qing Kingdom. Why can’t I even see the shadow of His Highness!”

The guard answered with a troubled tone: “This…..this subordinate doesn’t know…..”

Ji Xingchang hurriedly walked back and forth, twitching his eyebrows, stomping his feet and gritting his teeth. He said: “Search! Hurry up! The officials from the Qing Kingdom have already proposed to come and see our Crown Prince several times. If His Highness still does not show up how can they not be suspicious?”

“If you can’t find His Highness today, this official will punish you for negligence of duty!”

The guard was shocked: “My lord…..”

“Lord Ji.” A low male voice sounded. Ji Xingchang’s angry face turned into an ingratiating smile. He hurriedly ran to Sun Hongyu in small steps and said, “Your Highness, you are finally back. We will arrive at the Qing Kingdom’s imperial city soon, so please quickly change your clothes.”

Sun Hongyu glanced at the rough fabric on his body and nodded.

The soft moonlight covered the earth with a veil. In the imperial palace of the Qing Kingdom, the guards stood on alert and the attendants and servants were busily making preparations.

Because the banquet to welcome the Crown Prince of Wu would be held in the imperial garden of the palace, Su Mu, dressed in a black dragon-patterned crown prince’s court robes, attended in formal attire. The gorgeous black brocade reflected the starlight, emphasizing Su Mu’s delicate and silky skin.

It had been only two years since they last saw each other but this person seemed to have become even more eye-catching. Sun Hongyu looked at Su Mu who was walking towards him, smiled and said to Su Mu: “Brother Su, long time no see, how have you been in recent years?”

The smile on Su Mu’s face froze, soft chest your head, you’re the one with a soft chest!

His eyes swept mildly over the team of elite soldiers behind Sun Hongyu. Su Mu’s face showed a smile that was indistinguishable from that of Sun Hongyu, and said: “Not as pleasant as brother Sun. During your wedding, I was too busy and couldn’t go to congratulate you personally. Brother Sun, please don’t be offended.”

The two walked to the two most luxurious tables in the imperial garden together. Dong Dongdong knelt down beside Sun Hongyu and took out a silver needle to test the food. He even took a bite personally before being satisfied.

Su Mu’s gestures were carefree and unrestrained, propping his head with one hand and turning the wine cup in his other hand. He smiled at Sun Hongyu and said, “Brother Sun is too worried, how could I poison your dishes?”

Just waiting to be discovered? Huang Xuan said to just pour it into the special silver chopsticks. It was not like someone else could lick Sun Hongyu’s chopsticks for him, right?

Sun Hongyu smiled and said, “Brother Su don’t think too much, it’s just that my guard has worked hard to escort me all the way, so let him fill up his stomach first.”

He, however, did not even touch the food in front of him.

“Could brother Sun be feeling disdain for my Qing Kingdom’s crude dishes? You haven’t even moved your chopsticks once.” Su Mu said with some regret.

Sun Hongyu slowly shook his head and said, “My sister’s whereabouts are still unknown. As a brother, I am too worried to even sleep or eat.”

Su Mu retracted his smile, and said with a sigh: “I wonder which lunatic actually dared to abduct Princess Hongyun. It’s really too bold of them.”

Sun Hongyu suddenly closed his mouth and looked at Su Mu with sharp eyes.

The snow-white porcelain cup paused at his lips, Su Mu turned his head, and the soft pink lips lightly swept across the edge of the wine porcelain cup.

Suddenly, his fingers loosened slightly, and the delicate and thin porcelain cup immediately fell to the hard ground, shattering into fragments that flew everywhere.

There was a sound of metal on metal impact, and the surrounding wall of the imperial garden was suddenly surrounded by hundreds of elite soldiers with bows and arrows.

Immediately afterwards, the sound of neat footsteps could be heard, and Shi Nuo led the five hundred imperial guards into the imperial garden, surrounding Sun Hongyu and his people.

Yun Feiyu still sat in front of his low desk, holding not wine but tea in his hand. The pale green liquid swayed in the azure tea cup with clear ripples, exuding a refreshing aroma.

The snow-white blades gleamed with bloodthirsty cold light under the moonlight. The five hundred soldiers had all been baptized by blood and fire. At this moment, when all of them gathered together, the killing intent that broke out immediately frightened Ji Xingchang who sat next to Sun Hongyu.

Glaring at Su Mu in fear and anger, “What do you want to do, this is our Crown Prince of Wu, Su Mochi, you are too bold!”

Su Mu’s eyes moved directly past him and fell on Sun Hongyu. A smile appeared on his mouth. Su Mu said with a light smile, “Brother Sun, do you want to try resisting?”

Sun Hongyu looked at Su Mu without changing his face and said: “The Wu Kingdom’s 60,000 Zhenyuan Army is stationed in Chen Kingdom’s Yuanhe Manor, which is only one step away from the Qing Kingdom border.”

Sweeping his gaze over the dense, sharp arrows that gleamed like starlight pointing out on the wall, Sun Hongyu looked at Su Mu and said, “Brother Su, won’t you change your mind?”

Su Mu raised his hand with a smile on his face, and then slashed it down abruptly.

“Of course…..not.”

The sound of clanging metal was endless. Exclamations and screams sounded one after another. Su Mu watched as Sun Hongyu, who was desperately protected by his guards in the middle, still did not make a move, and suddenly felt a little itchy in his hands, the cells all over his body conveying a sense of eagerness to his brain.

The blue-green figure stood in the distance of the battlefield, silently calculating how long it would take to capture Sun Hongyu and the others. Yun Feiyu then turned his attention to the monarch he admired. When Su Mu’s expression of excitement fell in his eyes without any omission, Yun Feiyu’s heart immediately skipped a beat.

Oh no!

Sure enough, before he had time to stop him, in just a blink of his eyes, the person in front of him who occupied his entire line of sight had already disappeared.

At the next moment, various screams pierced the sky, and Yun Feiyu closed his eyes and turned around silently, saying to the guard beside him: “Call Gu Yunzhou over.”

The guards exchanged looks, and then also began to quietly and gradually move away from Sun Hongyu and his party. In the end, of the people from the Qing Kingdom, only Su Mu remained in the entire imperial garden.

After a quarter of an hour, the imperial garden had turned into a bloody scene from hell, with blood flowing from the stumps of ripped arms and other brutal injuries. Sun Hongyu’s neck was squeezed in Su Mu’s slender fingers. Those slender and white fingers contained the most terrifying power that could easily penetrate through even the hardest stone.

He could see blood red in front of him, and every nerve was jumping wildly. Su Mu used a lot of self-control to resist the desire to tear the life before him.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Suddenly, a sharp sword light cut through the night sky and rushed towards Su Mu with an aura of destruction.

In the blood red, Su Mu felt that the person in front of him had lost the ability to resist, and the powerful existence far away could not help but attract his attention instead.

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