Back To The Beginning Of Ming To Do Charity CH 127 Joke

The minor officials were in complete chaos, flying around like headless flies, trying everything to save their lives. The former officials were also no better than them at this time. The minor officials were trying to find a way, but they could only find managers at most.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

But the officials were different. If they wanted to save their lives, or keep their prosperity and wealth, they could only find a higher level.

At present, the highest level in Hanyang was Lin Yuan, and under Lin Yuan was Chen Baisong. But under Chen Baisong, there was no object of concentration of power.

In other words, Lin Yuan could still push Song Shizhao or Wu Changqing out before, but now there was no such person.

So some officials set their sights on Lin Yuan, while more looked to Chen Bosong.

After all, giving gifts or showing loyalty to Lin Yuan was not uncommon. Lin Yuan was already the lord of Hanyang, but Chen Baisong was different. There was a Lin Yuan over his head.

“So, there are quite a lot of people who came to give you gifts recently?” Lin Yuan looked at Chen Baisong with a smile but no one could tell what he was thinking. Chen Baisong was stared at by Lin Yuan, and his body became a little stiff, only coming back to his senses after a few breaths.

Chen Baisong said: “I did not accept any of them.”

Lin Yuan: “Why not accept them? What they send to you shouldn’t be anything ordinary.”

Chen Baisong pursed his lips, and he remembered the conversation Song Shizhao had with him before he left.

Song Shizhao said to him: “General Chen, His Lord treats you sincerely, that is His Lord’s business, but you must not become arrogant.”

“His Lord has not announced kingship now, but when he does in the future, it will not just be a king. It is better for General to understand this earlier.”

“There is still a wall between brothers, let alone between monarchs and officials. General, Song advises you, only knowing when to advance and retreat will you have peace.”

Chen Baisong also knew in his heart that he was Lin Yuan’s nanny brother who grew up with him since they were children, and even though they were separated for some time, it didn’t last long. When he returned to Lin Yuan’s side, his original subordinates were not dispersed and compared to the other generals who had to hand over their tally at any time, Lin Yuan really favoured him very much.

But there was a limit to favour, and Chen Baisong had no doubt that once Lin Yuan found out that he had done anything to disappoint him, Lin Yuan’s patience and favour for him would instantly disappear.

Likely, Song Shizhao also saw that Lin Yuan was a tolerant person, but this tolerance was still very limited. His tolerance would be given to his citizens, but not to those who held power. If the common people failed him, he might not take it to heart. But if his officials, his generals failed him, Lin Yuan would change his face.

When killing officials, Lin Yuan didn’t show any dismay at all.

Sometimes Lin Yuan was a gentle and amiable gentleman, and sometimes he was a ruthless and cruel tyrant.

No one wanted to see his cruel side.

Chen Baisong restrained his thoughts, bowed his head and said: “Those who give gifts to me are for benefits, and if I accept them, I will be complicit.”

“What’s wrong with receiving it?” Lin Yuan patted Chen Baisong on the shoulder. He stood beside Chen Baisong. He was clearly not as tall as Chen Baisong, but Chen Baisong still felt an indescribable sense of oppression.

His own young master was becoming more and more like a ruler.

Lin Yuan’s tone was mild, and one could not detect any extra emotion in his voice: “It just so happens that it cost a lot of money to capture Hanyang. If they send it, you will accept it.”

Lin Yuan sighed and said, “Unexpectedly, no one gave me gifts, and when showing me loyalty there are also no practical benefits.”

Chen Baisong: “…..”

He had thought about it so much, and it turned out he had really worried too much.

Lin Yuan also complained about this: “It’s fine in Gaoyou. After all, there are Song Shizhao and Wu Changqing. No one would give me gifts, which was something I expected. But now when I came to Hanyang, I didn’t push anyone out. They gave you gifts but not to me. What is the reason? Do I look like I am not at all short of money?”

Lin Yuan did not have his own private treasury. Although he was an uncrowned king, he had not enjoyed much. Everyday he was so busy he barely had time to rest. Fighting wars needed money, military provisions needed money, feeding the common people needed money. Everywhere needed money and the taxes were simply not worth anything at all.

After all, as soon as the taxes came in, he had to spend it again. Besides, who were the ones paying taxes? They were all big households, and there were not many.

And the common people who numbered much more had just barely managed to support themselves. If Lin Yuan collected taxes from them, all the efforts in the early stage would go up in flames.

In Lin Yuan’s expectation, the common people would be able to support themselves in five years, without any more subsidies, and reach a financial balance within ten years.

Paying taxes within 20 years as the country’s economy strengthened was already pretty good in his book.

So someone sending money was a good thing, of course he was willing to accept it.

Although the merchants have money and were willing to send him money, it was not a long-term solution after all, and it was impossible for him to let the merchants monopolize the market after he really took that imperial position.

The national economy was the lifeblood of the country, and he could allow businessmen to compete against each other within the limits he had set for greater benefits.

But he would not allow businessmen to want to control the national economy.

“If they send it, you will accept it, and then keep a count. Let your staff organize the account book and send it to me. It must also be reported how the money is spent, but everything else is up to you.” Lin Yuan said to Chen Baisong. “You have to keep a good watch on the people below you. People might be able to resist sharp knives and sharp blades. But sugar-coated cannons can sometimes be more powerful than sharp blades.”

Chen Baisong smiled: “Naturally I shall follow your order.”

Lin Yuan touched his chin and sighed, “I think I look quite approachable, why didn’t no one give me gifts?”

Chen Baisong comforted: “How about I give them some hints.”

Lin Yuan’s expression became serious in an instant: “No, I want them to give it to me willingly!”

“Wanting benefits in exchange for such a small amount of money. Where can there be such a cheap thing in this world?”

Lin Yuan made a final decision, and as a result, Hanyang officials and big households instantly had a hard time.

The officials everywhere had to go see the managers constantly, and the managers didn’t tell them anything clearly either.

They just said: “Milords all have been living a really good life. There are fine wines and beautiful ladies. Unlike our South Bodhisattva, who is working hard for the people, and even when sitting down for a drink of tea, only drinks the crude tea that milords disdain.”

Having said this, these people instantly understood.

But they still dared not give gifts to Lin Yuan.

Those with a little bit of brains know, if you give gifts at this time wouldn’t that prove your guilty conscience?

If it was dug up in the future, it would be evidence of their crime.

So they all waited to see if anyone gave the first gift. If the person who gave the gift was fine or got a reward, it would not be too late for them to give gifts then.

But not long later, the managers came knocking at the door.

What they said this time was a bit ugly.

The general idea was:

“You are living so well, which can be seen that you don’t care about the people at all. If you care about the people, how can you live in a big house and eat all kinds of delicacies while the people are still starving outside! You say that it’s common for the common people to go hungry. Then fine, but our South Bodhisattva is also starving, it’s just that the South Bodhisattva doesn’t say it, but you are not sympathetic at all.”

The officials were forced out of any methods, and could only take the path of Chen Baisong first.

So Chen Baisong received more gifts, so much that Chen Baisong himself was a little at a loss.

He had been fighting in wars for so many years, and he had seen all kinds of rare treasures, and so long as it was a rare treasure, it was valuable.

If no one buys it, then the rare treasure would no longer be a rare treasure.

But the money from these officials was constantly being sent over every day, as if they were sitting on hills of gold and silver and they simply didn’t have to worry about eating and drinking for a few lifetimes.

Lin Yuan got even more angry when he got the ledger from Chen Baisong.

“Absurd!” Lin Yuan scolded with anger, “They are just some small officials yet they have such financial resources! Even to feed the people of a city, they can support the expense for several years! And this Hanyang was only in Xu Shouhui’s hands for a few years yet they have raided so much wealth! It’s dumbfounding!”

Chen Baisong: “Kill them all?”

Lin Yuan took a deep breath: “No hurry, I will settle accounts with them in the future.”

“If all the officials in the world are such people, then what is the point of talking about the prosperity of the country and the strength of the people? What is the point of talking about the admirations from all surrounding territories? Isn’t this just a laughable joke?”

After the officials opened up the route through Chen Baisong, they began to give gifts to Lin Yuan. At the beginning, they only dared to do it secretly. When they sent it, they didn’t dare to say who gave it. But seeing Lin Yuan accept it, their courage gradually grew, Lin Yuan’s acquiescence fueling their arrogance.

These people even started to compete, compete on who gave Lin Yuan more.

Countless gold and silver treasures were sent to Lin Yuan, but when Lin Yuan saw these things, there was no smile on his face.

These things were all cast from the flesh and blood of the common people, and each of them was stained with countless blood.

The whole of Hanyang suddenly became restless, but the common people had the reassurance of the managers, so there was no trouble.

However, there was a murky atmosphere among the officials, and they have resumed their old behaviors, forming cliques and alliances.

Hu Yu also took this opportunity to make a fortune, but what he didn’t expect was that in addition to the minor officials, there were even officials who gave him gifts.

In the past, he could not even enter their doors. But nowadays, people not only gave him gifts, but also told him all kinds of nice words, all kinds of flattery. And the servants and maids of the big families with eyes on the top of their heads now became ingratiating and subservient.

There was even someone willing to marry his daughter to him, and it was not the position of the official wife, but the concubine’s. Not only was he willing to marry his legitimate daughter to him as a concubine, he was also willing to send his concubine’s daughter to him, either as a slave or a maid.

Had it not been for Hu Yu still thinking of marrying Zhou Qiuniang, he likely would have agreed.

He now even felt that his wife was in the way, so how could he go and marry another bunch?

It seemed that Hu Yu, having been a minor official for so many years, naturally knew that to please people, he had to show sincerity.

No matter how powerful the character and status of this Lord Sun who wanted his daughter to marry him was, now that the sky above his head had changed, what use was it anymore?

Zhou Qiuniang had followed the Southern King when he was still a landowner, and she was the first woman to be an official. Her connections and court power which have accumulated for so many years, how could a mere official of the Tian Wan regime compare?

Hu Yu made his own calculations in his heart, money, he accepted.

People, he rejected.

When others invited him to a banquet, he would go.

But what requests other people asked of him, he would agree to them face to face, but after turning his head he would deny it.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He took more benefits, and offended more people.

There were countless people wishing for his death.

Hu Yu was now ready to divorce his original wife and find a matchmaker to propose marriage to Qiu Niang.

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