The Cruel Tyrant CH 115 Common Language

Su Mu frowned and didn’t know how to comfort him. It must definitely be his reason why Ye Qingfeng won’t marry the woman surnamed Qin. Ye Haolin must have driven Ye Qingfeng out of the house because he was with him.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Su Mu lowered his head and kissed Ye Qingfeng’s lips, and said, “Just wait until he calms down before going back and admitting your mistake.”

Ye Qingfeng nodded vaguely, and kissed Su Mu’s lips back.

However, at this moment, there was suddenly a knock on the door, and the mild voice of Yun Feiyu traveled into the room like ripples on the surface of water, and passed into Su Mu’s ears.

“Your Highness, the Chen Kingdom has sent a peace agreement.”

Su Mu, with a guilty conscience, hurriedly pushed off Ye Qingfeng and got up from his lap. He then straightened his clothes and stepped forward to open the door.

When Yun Feiyu, who was standing outside the door, first came and saw that Su Mu had the door closed despite it being the day, he knew that it was not for anything good. The right hand holding the peace agreement clenched subconsciously. He prevented the eunuch from announcing his arrival, and stepped forward himself to catch…..send the peace agreement.

When the door was opened, the first thing Yun Feiyu saw was Su Mu’s red lips, and the flush on his face that had yet to fade. A faint alcoholic scent traveled over, and Yun Feiyu immediately understood who the vixen inside the room was.

His eyes darkened for a moment, but then he immediately returned to normal. Yun Feiyu handed the peace agreement to Su Mu and said: “The imperial city of the Chen Kingdom was besieged by our army the day before. And this is the peace agreement from the Emperor of Chen. Your Highness, please have a look.”

Su Mu instantly switched back to “work mode”, and after taking over the peace agreement in Yun Feiyu’s hand, he began to read it. It was nothing more than cessation of land and compensation. Su Mu lost interest after a glance.

Su Mu said: “Inform Shangguan Hao, capture the imperial city as soon as possible.”

What cede 19 cities, offer a million taels of gold and silver. After conquering the Chen Kingdom, wouldn’t everything just be mine?

“Yes.” Yun Feiyu’s eyes swept across the inner room without a trace, and said softly to Su Mu: “Your Highness, Jin Kingdom has also been completely captured. How shall we deal with the aftermath, and should we invite other cabinet members over for a discussion?”

Su Mu nodded and said, “Go and call everyone over, and I’ll arrive at the meeting room immediately.”

“Yes, this official departs.”

After Yun Feiyu left, Su Mu immediately ordered the attendant outside the door: “Go in and clean up Ye Qingfeng.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

In the meeting room, all the twelve members were present, and Hu Yuan said to Su Mu with a smile of joy: “Paying respects to Your Highness, this time our Qing Kingdom has won a great victory, and is all due to Your Highness’s wisdom!”

However, Su Mu did not have a look of complacency on his face. Instead, he showed a more serious expression: “If there were no weapons such as gunpowder and firearms, the Qing Kingdom might not be able to win.”

To be honest, the Qing Kingdom really had few talented generals. At present, only Shen Wei and Shangguan Hao were the only capable generals in Su Mu’s hands. If there was no advanced weaponry, the Qing Kingdom would not be an opponent of these countries at all.

Lin Siyuan said, “Your Highness has spoken very true.”

Su Mu sat on the chair with a serious face and said: “There was a report on good news yesterday. The Jin Kingdom has been captured and the royal family members have bowed their heads. The Chen Kingdom is also in the bag. On the matter of taking over Jin and Chen, what are your views?”

These people had already been informed by Yun Feiyu that the Jin Kingdom had been captured, and their ideas had already been drafted thousands of times. As soon as Su Mu asked this question, Yin Han said: “Your Highness, more than half of the officials from the two countries have surrendered to the Qing Kingdom. We can temporarily use them to continue to manage the two countries. After all, we don’t have that many officials yo send to Jin and Chen.”

Another person also agreed: “Brother Yin has spoken the truth. We are not familiar with Jin and Chen at all, and there are differences in language and customs, so letting the original officials of the two countries continue to manage the two countries will be able to stabilize the situation more quickly. Your Highness only needs to send a small number of officials to monitor them.”

These two people did not observe any expressions of satisfaction or dissatisfaction on Su Mu’s face, and they were slightly disappointed in their hearts.

Yun Feiyan looked at the two people with disapproval and said: “Most of the original officials in the two countries are from noble families. Behind each official is a clan or clique with shared interest. The cliques in the Qing Kingdom have been shattered and dispersed by His Highness so how can we tolerate cliques outside the Qing Kingdom? Moreover, these officials have more or less connections with the royal families of the two countries. If we continue to use these people how can we ensure that they will not have traitorous thoughts? How many are even good officials if they submitted to the enemy country?”

Hu Yuan looked at Yun Feiyan who was covered by the white gauze veil: “But the language and the customs are different. This is a fatal disadvantage. Not to mention that the Qing Kingdom does not have so many reserve officials.”

Su Mu nodded his head but still did not show a satisfied look on his face. He turned his head and looked at Yun Feiyu, who had not spoken, and asked: “What about you?”

Yun Feiyu raised his head, his gentle gaze enveloping Su Mu’s whole body, causing him to feel as if he was immersed in warm spring water and making him unconsciously relax. The voice that was neither high or low was like rain, falling drop by drop over Su Mu’s heart.

Yun Feiyu paused and glanced around before he said: “Through the seed sowing method, we can sow a small number of seed officials to various places, so that they can promote a large number of officials up the ranks as quickly as possible. Of course, those who have just been promoted might not necessarily be qualified, but as long as the Qing Kingdom can smoothly transition the governance of these two countries during this period, we can quickly spread the governance model of the Qing Kingdom.”

Hu Yuan asked: “Is there any difference between this method and letting the original officials of the two countries continue to govern?”

Lin Siyuan said: “The thinking is different. The mindset of the officials personally promoted by His Highness are very different from the thinking of the old officials of the Qing Kingdom.”

The people present thought about it for a while. It was no wonder that that group of old fuddies didn’t like them. Of course, that group of old fuddies was even less pleasing to their eyes. The officials before Su Mu began governing and the officials after Su Mu began governing had formed two very distinct groups that each targeted each other, but Su Mu did not take action to suppress either side.

That group of self-righteous old fuddies needed to be taught a lesson, and this group of idealistic young people also needed to be tempered.

Yin Han said: “It still doesn’t work. When the officials of the Qing Kingdom go to the local area, don’t they also have to waste time to familiarize themselves with the language and writing? Otherwise, how will they communicate with others. Not to mention the issue of differing customs as well.”

“Why study the languages ​​of other countries?” Yun Feiyu’s eyes were like a clear spring flowing into the big sea, causing a wave of waves, “The Qing Kingdom is the victorious country.”

“But if we follow the example of Wu and Shi, if we first determine the official language and then guide the citizens, it will not only be a lot of work, there also won’t be enough time.” Yin Han said with a frown.

Yes, the ancients were not stupid, and what the later generations could think of might also be thought of by the predecessors. The Wu Kingdom and the Shi Kingdom were vast and difficult to rule, especially with language barriers. Therefore, Wu and Shi had long established an official language and written word.

Yun Feiyu observed Su Mu’s expression with a soft gaze, and said without any hurry: “First, Chen and Jin are just small countries, and the territory is not as big as that of Shi and Wu so it will be much easier to implement; second, the Qing Kingdom’s text have been modified by His Highness and has become much simpler than the original text, making it easy to learn and easy to remember; third, the Wu Kingdom and the Shi Kingdom had not been thorough enough.”

Lin Siyuan couldn’t help but look at Yun Feiyu curiously when he heard this, and asked curiously: “How is it not thorough enough?”

Yun Feiyu said mildly: “Behind every language and written word, there is a clique with shared interests, such as those scholars and elders in the Shi Kingdom who used their deaths as threats when Shi Ran first promulgated a national doctrine on a common language and written form.”

Lin Siyuan widened his eyes and said in surprise: “You mean…..”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“It is forbidden to circulate, print, and sell books other than the written language commonly used in the Qing Kingdom, and it is forbidden to teach languages ​​other than the common written language ​​of the Qing Kingdom.” His voice flowed steadily, like a trickling stream, but in just a few lines of words, countless people were drowned to death.

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  1. Of all the MLs, Yun Feiyu is really the cruelest but you can’t deny that he is also the most intelligent. I would live an easy life if I have this kind of subordinate.

    He is actually my fave, and GY. >_<

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