Back To The Beginning Of Ming To Do Charity CH 130 Intentions

“Incapable ruler!”

Whether it was on the streets or at the end of the alley, the common people were all talking about Xu Shouhui.

This was a very rare phenomenon. Generally speaking, even if there was no deliberate control from above, the common people would not talk about those in power.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Even if this person in power had become a past tense.

Every time Sun Yunzhou went out on the streets, he could hear the common people say this.

This time he finally couldn’t bear it, and went forward to argue with a porter: “Why do you say that the emperor is an incapable ruler?”

Porter: “What kind of emperor is he? Who made him the emperor? Is his claim righteous? It’s just to bully us common people!”

Sun Yunzhou quoted a lot of scriptures and classics.

Porter: “I don’t understand! You scholars all speak incomprehensibly, who knows what you want to say.”

“I just know that when surnamed Xu became the emperor, my life didn’t change for the better. It was after the South Bodhisattva came, did I have work to do, and I didn’t need to give gifts and act like a grandson to anyone!”

“Whoever allows me to live a good life, whoever is the sage ruler!” The porter dropped these words and left with his goods.

Sun Yunzhou was left standing on the streets with a dazed expression.

It seemed that overnight, the common people dared to talk about the Tian Wan regime’s political power. They had countless grievances, and the pain the minor officials brought to them was always engraved in their hearts, and these sins were naturally placed on Xu Shouhui’s head.

If Xu Shouhui was a sage ruler, how could he let the munir officials oppress the people?

The common people didn’t care if Xu Shouhui had any real power or not. After all, they understood simply that the emperor was the lord of all things, and saying that he had no real power, the people wouldn’t believe it at all.

When Sun Yunzhou returned home, he was devastated and at a loss.

His daughter asked with concern: “Father, what’s wrong? Has something troubling happened?”

This was his only daughter. He taught and educated her personally and so she was the only person in this family who could understand him.

He also gave her a boudoir name: Sun Yao.

“Yaoyao.” Sun Yunzhou smiled with some difficulty, “Father is fine, you go to rest first.”

Sun Yao: “Father, don’t lie to me. Mother said that since the Southern King entered Hanyang, you never smiled again.”

Sun Yunzhou leaned on the chair, and he asked, “Yaoyao, do you also think the emperor is incapable?”

Sun Yao didn’t speak.

Sun Yunzhou looked at his daughter: “Yaoyao, tell the truth, father won’t blame you.”

Sun Yao said: “Father, this daughter would rather he be an incapable ruler.”

Sun Yunzhou looked at his daughter in disbelief.

Sun Yao continued: “The incapable ruler can at least control the government. He must have power to be incapable. How can he be incapable if he has no power? He is a weak ruler! A weak ruler is worse than an incapable ruler!”

Sun Yunzhou: “That was not chosen by the emperor himself, it was Ni Wenjun…..”

Sun Yao took her father’s hand and said earnestly: “Father, don’t worry about those things anymore. Now that Hanyang has changed hands, you are no longer an official. Although your daughter is not male, I am willing to be a pillar of support for the Sun family. Even if the emperor is still the emperor and General Zhao repulsed Ni Wenjun, there will still be a second Ni Wenjun.”

Sun Yunzhou closed his eyes.

Sun Yao said: “Father, this daughter asked about it. I heard that all the places under the rule of the Southern King can recruit son-in-laws. Daughter can also find a husband to marry into the family. I won’t have to leave father and mother, and my children, whether boy or girl, will all be surnamed Sun.”

Sun Yunzhou heard a hint of excitement from his daughter’s words.

He suddenly understood, and he asked his daughter: “What do you think of the Southern King?”

Sun Yao didn’t even think about it: “Daughter has observed his actions, and sees that he is intelligent and decisive, holds heavy power but knows how to judge and use people. Moreover, he is different from ordinary people. I have heard that in Gaoyou and the other places, women can work, establish households and support themselves. They can find husbands to marry into the family and be buried in their own ancestral grave…..”

Sun Yunzhou suddenly understood that every unpredictable and incomprehensible policy of the Southern King could gain a certain part of the people’s heart.

Women set up households and find husbands to marry into their family. To them, it seemed very absurd, but it caused women all over the world to go crazy for it.

The benefits were in their hands. If the Southern King was here then the benefits still existed. If the Southern King was gone then the benefits would also be gone. Women were not fools. They would inevitably support the Southern King for their own interests.

Those lowly people who had never been of much regard by others could now live a life without worries under the rule of the Southern King. Thinking about it, it was quite obvious that they would also inevitably become the most loyal supporters of the Southern King.

Sun Yunzhou leaned on the chair, and he asked, “I heard that there are female managers under the Southern King, and women can also be officials.”

Sun Yao smiled and said, “Father, what do you think of your daughter?”

Sun Yunzhou looked at his daughter. This young woman was raised and educated personally by him. She was like him when he was younger, ambitious and full of curiosity about everything. She would choose what she thought was right, just like him before, and then walk on the chosen path without any regrets in this entire lifetime.

Sun Yao said: “I heard that the Southern King is still using the officials from Hanyang. Father, you have a long history of political achievements, and you have no bad marks on your track record as an official. If you are…..”

Sun Yunzhou interrupted his daughter: “Don’t talk nonsense!”

He had never reprimanded his daughter in such a heavy tone before. Sun Yao was stunned. She looked at her father: “Father, don’t you know what the situation in our family is like now? You say you have a plan, and so you sold the shops, the land, and even the ancestral house. All the valuables in the family are gone, and not much of mother’s dowry is left. Are we supposed to sit idle and eat ourselves out of any remaining savings?”

Sun Yunzhou lowered his eyes. He knew that now he was in a desperate situation, the money was spent, and Hu Yu was dead. He originally thought that Hu Yu was the last road he could take, but he did not expect that Hu Yu was just a bait to lure the snake out of the hole. Every movement of his was seen in the other’s eyes.

That Southern King was really not a simple person.

If Xu Shouhui could have half of this Southern King’s ability…..

Sun Yunzhou sighed.

If he did, then would Ni Wenjun even rebel? Would they be where they were now?

“Father, Hanyang has changed hands.” Sun Yao said softly, “You going to work under the Southern King now will not be considered a betrayal. Since ancient times, legitimacy belongs to the victor and people of insight have been willing to follow the sage ruler. The sage ruler and the virtuous officials complement each other. Now that you have a ready-made sage ruler in front of you, why won’t you let go of your stubbornness?”

“You once told this daughter that there are not many choices one can make in this life, either because of one’s status or because of circumstances. And now you not only have status, it also happens that the Southern King is short of people.”

Sun Yao’s words were both light and soft: “Following the Southern King, you might immediately be able to serve as an official and work for the well-being of the people of the world. Looking at the actions of the Southern King this whole way, he has put the people first in everything he did and the government decrees he issued. Isn’t he the kind of monarch that father wants?”

Sun Yunzhou glared at his daughter: “You saying so much is just because you want to recruit a husband to marry into the family!”

Sun Yao coquettishly said: “This daughter doesn’t want to leave father and mother, this daughter wants to continue caring for my parents.”

Sun Yunzhou patted the back of Sun Yao’s hand: “Don’t force your father, let father think some more.”

He still couldn’t get past the hurdle in his heart.

In his opinion, all the virtuous officials in the world should only dedicate themselves to their only monarch until death.

If the monarch was humiliated then his ministers shall die, and when the monarch died his ministers shall follow.

Sun Yunzhou sat in the study for the entire night.

On the rice paper, he wrote down the places the Southern King had passed through over these years, and listed what policies the Southern King had issued.

He wrote carefully, and he read it over carefully after writing.

When he closed his eyes, what appeared in his mind was everything that had been gained after the Southern King issued his decrees.

Was he wrong? Sun Yunzhou was a bit at a loss.

He followed Xu Shouhui and believed that no matter what the monarch over his head was like, the minister should be “loyal until the end.”

But now he had yet to die, but his monarch had already pledged his “loyalty” to another. Even the daughter he raised personally was willing to become a commoner of the Southern King because women could be officials and women could have their husband marry into the family.

In the early morning of the next day, Sun Yunzhou called his doorman to send Yang Shaowei an invitation, asking Yang Shaowei over for a visit.

Yang Shaowei tidied up his clothes and said to the servant who came to report: “Keep the invitation, I already said, I want him to come and beg me in person!”

The servant knew Yang Shaowei’s temperament well and did not persuade him, but said: “Gongzi, if it drags on too long, the South Bodhisattva…..”

Yang Shaowei had made a vow in front of Lin Yuan, and the shorter time it took, the more proof of his capabilities it would be.

There was no need to lose dignity in front of Lin Yuan for the sake of venting his anger.

Yang Shaowei took a deep breath: “Prepare the carriage, I will go there now.”

When they really become fellow officials in the same court, then he’ll slowly settle accounts with Sun Yunzhou.

“This Yang Shaowei has a similar temper to his teacher.” Lin Yuan looked at the report in his hand, and had a clue about how Yang Shaowei did things. He said to Chen Baisong, “This person, being too temperamental is not a good thing. I plan to send Yang Shaowei to you.”

Chen Baisong was taken aback: “Give him to me? What use do I have for him?”

There was an undisguised dislike.

Chen Baisong disliked that Yang Shaowei thought too much.

Most of the soldiers in the army were straightforward and simple-minded. They repeat the same tasks day after day in the barracks.

If Yang Shaowei came and brought with him the way of officials to the barracks, it would not be of any benefit.

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Do you think you can’t cure him?”

Chen Baisong looked at Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan: “I leave him to you, and you can think of how to handle him. He is not on the right path now. You will be responsible for bringing him onto the right path.”

Since Lin Yuan had spoken, Chen Baisong could only take his orders.

“Song Shizhao handed over a good disciple, and he even learned all of his teacher’s pettiness and jealousy.” Lin Yuan smiled on his face but his eyes were cold, “but I only need one Song Shizhao.”

Everyone had their own place. As for those who could influence political power, the fewer the better.

Chen Baisong: “Understood, I know what to do.”

Lin Yuan: “Only by giving him to you can I rest assured, Bai Song, don’t let me down.”

Chen Baisong opened his mouth, but did not say a word.

Lin Yuan closed his eyes, his face appearing tired. He leaned on the soft cushion: “In three months, we are going to Haozhou. Hanyang can only be given to people who can be trusted.”

Chen Baisong: “You are going to let Yang Shaowei…..”

Lin Yuan: “I have given him an opportunity, and the rest will depend on his own good fortune.”

Yang Shaowei was a smart and wise man, but his intentions were too biased and extreme. If he couldn’t be corrected, it would be difficult for him to amount to much.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

It was likely because of this that Song Shizhao sent Yang Shaowei over with him to Hanyang. He seemed to care nothing about his disciple on the surface, but he actually also had a kindly and amiable heart.

Just don’t know if Yang Shaowei would hate him or respect him more when he learned this.

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