The Cruel Tyrant CH 116 Scheming

Su Mu slowly nodded, and said to the twelve people in front of him: “It will be implemented as you said. The specific regulations will be listed by the twelve of you. Each item requires at least four of you to agree to pass before it can be approved. Confirm that it is complete then give it to me for review later.”

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“Yes, Your Highness.” Everyone said in unison.

The soft white gauze hung down over her chest, the slender figure like a white orchid. Yun Feiyan’s soft eyes moved from Yun Feiyu’s figure to Su Mu on the main seat, and a silver bell-like voice sounded: “Your Highness, the Zheng Kingdom has sent a prince to ask for peace, is this true?”

The eyes of Yun Feiyu, who had been sitting quietly at the bottom left of Su Mu, instantly condensed, and a sharp light flashed in the depths of his clear water-like eyes.

Su Mu avoided Yun Feiyu’s gaze with some guilty conscience, and said, “Ahem…..the Zheng Kingdom has sent their Ninth Prince.”

The right corner of his lip curved up in a pleasant arc, and Yun Feiyu looked at Su Mu’s evasive eyes. He took a sip from the teacup on the table and asked unhurriedly, “Your Highness is going to see him?”

The Zheng Kingdom’s intention in sending over a prince could be deciphered with just one’s toes. After all, the Crown Prince of their Qing Kingdom used to snatch men as a hobby.

Su Mu touched his nose and said: “The Qing Kingdom is fighting against six kingdoms, and although our momentum is unstoppable, there is pressure from the shortage of personnel following the victory against Jin and Chen. I want to temporarily form a truce.”

Lin Siyuan agreed: “What Your Highness said is very true, but since Chen and Jin have been conquered by our country, their names should also be changed.”

The next topic shifted to the name change and the division of administrative regions.

At the same time, a guard of honour with more than 100 people on the border of the Qing Kingdom was currently making their way to Qing Kingdom’s imperial city.

Shi Kingdom, imperial palace.

Princess Hongyun looked at Sun Hongyu, whose martial arts skills had been sealed, with a look of guilt, and whispered: “I’m sorry, brother, I have implicated you.”

Sun Hongyu’s gaze fell on the seemingly quiet courtyard wall, but he knew that the guards outside must have formed a strong iron-like sentry, but there was no despair of being a prisoner to be found in his eyes, and he still maintained the noble bearing as befit his crown prince status.

“There is nothing to be sorry for between siblings.” He retracted his gaze and showed a fond smile at Sun Hongyun.

Sun Hongyun shook her head and said, “It’s my fault. I didn’t expect that Su Mochi would be so ruthless, not even leaving himself a way out, and would rather fall out with us.”

Sun Hongyu’s eyes suddenly became deep. It seemed that they could see through the distant space, and at that ruthless and decisive person. He sighed softly: “It is inevitable that the Qing Kingdom will side with the Shi Kingdom. There is only interest between countries. Incorporating personal feelings is irresponsible to the common people.”

Dong Dongdong, who had been guarding beside Sun Hongyu, clenched his fists and said, “But we helped him. When the Qing Kingdom faced civil strife, if we hadn’t promised to lend him soldiers, the Qing Kingdom would have long since disappeared.”

“We helped him, and he made his payments.” Sun Hongyu said.

Dong Dongdong looked at the pair of siblings who didn’t seem to be anxious at all, and a trace of doubt flashed in his mind. He asked Sun Hongyu: “Your Highness, shouldn’t we think of a way to return to the Wu Kingdom?”

Sun Hongyu picked up the wine flask and filled the cup in front of him, and said nonchalantly: “Let Lao San, Lao Qi, and Lao Jiu as well as the other people fight to their satisfaction first.” Sun Hongyu chuckled, “My brothers, they have large ambitions and impressive methods. I’d better avoid the storm and spend a few peaceful days.”

“Clap, clap……” There was the sound of applause. Shi Ran’s tall and muscular figure appeared at the gate of the courtyard, his brown eyes like that of an eagle, “Your methods have grown a lot after not seeing you for so many years.”

Sun Hongyu looked at Shi Ran walking towards him, and said with a smile: “Emperor Shi looks to be very leisurely. It seems that in the eyes of Emperor Shi, the Qing Kingdom should not be a problem.”

“Aren’t you afraid that I will kill you after I finish using you?” Shi Ran looked at Sun Hongyu.

Sun Hongyu asked, “You alone can suppress that little guy?”

After a pause, Shi Ran sat opposite Sun Hongyu and said, “As a reward for letting you go back to the Wu Kingdom, join me in capturing the Qing Kingdom. Su Mochi will be mine.”

After a pause, Sun Hongyu looked at Shi Ran and said, “My brothers’ vie for the throne has come to an end?”

Shi Ran said: “Very soon. In addition, the Qing Kingdom has annexed the surrounding six countries, and the chaotic land is about to be unified.”

A sharp light flashed from the bottom of his eyes, and Sun Hongyu said: “The speed of the Qing Kingdom’s rise is too abnormal. The Qing Kingdom must be destroyed first.”

“It’s just what I want.” Shi Ran nodded, then turned and left.

Looking at Shi Ran’s back, Dong Dongdong asked suspiciously, “Is Emperor Shi helping us?”

Sun Hongyun retracted her gaze from Shi Ran and said: “He wants royal brother to return to the Wu Kingdom and fight to the death with the victor. After two fights for heirship, the power of the Wu Kingdom will be greatly weakened.”

Both Sun Hongyu and Sun Hongyun could think that this was the method the Shi Kingdom planned to use to weaken the Wu Kingdom, but this was also something that can’t be helped. In the past few years, Emperor Wu’s health had been deteriorating, and his brothers had long been unable to hold themselves back.

Qing Kingdom.

Su Mu had a rare moment of leisure, drinking tea in the pavilion and admiring the flowers, but was interrupted by a sober Ye Qingfeng.

“Darling, I haven’t seen you for so long, don’t you miss me at all?” Ye Qingfeng leaned against the railing in an unrestrained posture, his eyes boldly wandering over Su Mu’s figure.

It gave Su Mu the illusion that he was being stripped bare by him. Su Mu, who was holding a small dish in his hand, glanced at him before grabbing the fish food in the dish and sprinkling it on the pond outside the pavilion. A group of brightly colored koi immediately swarmed over to the food that had fallen into the water.

“If you are very free, then help me do something.” Su Mu put the dish on the stone table, and a charming smile appeared, which he directed at Ye Qingfeng.

“What about the reward?” Ye Qingfeng didn’t ask what it was, but looked at Su Mu meaningfully and said ambiguously.

Su Mu ignored Ye Qingfeng’s question and continued: “The princes of the Wei Kingdom have been fighting for so long without a result. Go and give them a result.”

Ye Qingfeng was startled, “Do you want to set up an enemy for the Shi Kingdom and the Wu Kingdom?”

“No, I want to give these two hungry wolves a piece of meat.” Su Mu’s lips showed a sinister smile: “Poisonous meat.”

Ye Qingfeng was a person of jianghu who was not very clear on the twists and turns in politics so he directly asked: “How to do it?”

“Except for the 13th prince of the Wei Kingdom, injure all the others to the point they are unable to take care of themselves. Take my message to Wei Shisan. The payment is to allow the Qing Kingdom’s merchants to pass unimpeded.” The Shi Kingdom and the Wu Kingdom had both banned the importation of Qing Kingdom’s goods, and Su Mu had to find new markets. But in any case, he had already bitten off a few large pieces of meat from those two countries already. So Su Mu was not at all upset. It could not be expected that the insightful people of the two countries would not be able to discover the crisis concealed within for an entire lifetime.

The thirteenth prince of the Wei Kingdom? Ye Qingfeng remembered that when he wandered around the world, he seemed to have heard that he was the most incapable son of Emperor Wei.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Ye Qingfeng did not understand the purpose of Su Mu doing this, but this did not prevent him from completing the things Su Mu had tasked him with. A wicked smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. Ye Qingfeng stood up and picked up Su Mu in his arms: “Pay the deposit first.”

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