The Cruel Tyrant CH 117 Prince

Outside the imperial city, Liu Xi wore a jade crown on his head and gorgeous black and red formal robes, which gave his beautiful looks a more dignified appearance.

Standing on the wall of the city gates, Liu Xi looked at the Zheng Kingdom’s long and snsking envoy team in the distance, and sneered: “It is said that the ninth prince of the Zheng Kingdom is of barbarian ancestry, and his looks are extremely outstanding?”

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The magnetic voice sith a trace of murderous intent sounded in the ears of the accompanying official beside him. The middle-aged official tried to shrink into a ball to reduce his sense of existence, wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and said: “Rumors are not credible. Besides, in terms of appearance and aura, how can he compare to Gongzi?”

Liu Xi sneered and snorted, and said with a flick of his big sleeve: “Go, we shall go meet this ninth prince of the Zheng Kingdom.”

Looking at this unrestrained and arrogant aura with an expression of one looking for trouble on his face, the official following behind Liu Xi said with a bitter smile to his colleague next to him: “Say, why was this lord sent to welcome the foreign envoys out of everyone? His Highness wouldn’t happen to have no plans to negotiate at all, would he?”

His colleague leaned in his ear and said: “The Zheng Kingdom sent such a ‘outstanding’ prince, which is clear that they want to use treasure and beauty to persuade His Highness to cease the war.”

He quietly pointed at Liu Xi’s back with his finger, and whispered: “Don’t make a sound later, just watch on the side. I’m afraid this one got the instruction from His Highness to come and knock the envoys of the Zheng Kingdom down a few pegs.”

It had to be said that the veteran officials who could work under Su Mu for so long were quite good at speculating about the monarch’s thinking, but what they didn’t know was that Liu Xi took the initiative to take the job even before Su Mu gave him any instructions.

The few existing men of the Crown Prince already made him itch with hatred, and now someone actually still wanted to give another man to the Crown Prince!

Liu Xi, whose flashed with more than a hundred kinds of torture scenes, smiled and waited under the city gates like a poppy in full bloom.

The officials of the Qing Kingdom who escorted the envoy team saw that flamboyant beauty under the city gates from afar, a very  wantonly beautiful but vicious-hearted male pet of the Crown Prince.

Feeling his scalp go numb, when he arrived outside of the imperial city of the Qing Kingdom, he dismounted and said to the Zheng Kingdom official next to him: “This is our Qing Kingdom’s imperial city. Lord envoy, please dismount.”

The 30 meter tall round waterwheel in the wide moat was turning slowly and tirelessly; the tall city wall was made of blue bricks, and the soldiers on duty on and under the city wall stood straight and at attention with spears in their hands. The spears were sharp, but not like new, which proved that the weapons in their hands were often used.

Through the wide-open city gates, they could see the crowds walking on the wide and clean streets, most of them dressed in neat and fine clothes, possessing an energetic vigor on their faces.

Before the envoy of the Zheng Kingdom even entered the city, he was already awed in his heart. He walked to the carriage and said to the person inside: “Your Highness, we have arrived at the Qing Kingdom imperial city, please exit the carriage.”

Liu Xi squinted at the motionless carriage curtain, and his white thumb gently turned the white jade ring on his index finger.

The voice of a young man in the carriage came: “We are just at the gates of the city and you want me to get off, are you asking me to walk inside?”

The Qing Kingdom’s accompanying officials glanced at the carriage a little unhappily, thinking that you, a prince of a defeated country, actually dared to act arrogant here? Wang Taimin showed a tactful smile on his face and said: “Ninth Prince, anyone who enters the imperial city of the Qing Kingdom must be checked. This is also for the safety of all of us.”

The young man’s voice came from the carriage again: “Does Lord Wang actually suspect that there is something dangerous hidden in my carriage?”

Wang Taimin smiled and said, “Of course not, Your Highness. Isn’t this because we are afraid that bold and audacious people will hurt the Ninth Prince?”

“If something like this happens in the Qing Kingdom, isn’t it because the Qing Kingdom has not done a good job at supervising safety? Daring to behave badly towards foreign guests and envoys, the governance of the Qing Kingdom, heh…..”

We give you an inch and yet you actually take a mile! Wang Taimin was so vexed his gums itched. He glared at the carriage but it was not appropriate for him to curse directly. At this moment, in the corner of his eye, a flamboyant figure led a large group of people in their direction, expression extremely arrogant.

There was a good show!

Wang Taimin stepped aside in silence, bowed his hands and said: “Greetings to Liu Gongzi.”

Liu Xi didn’t even spare him a look. He strode to the front of the carriage and stopped. He raised his flawless jade-like arms and pointed at the carriageway with slender fingers: “Take it apart for me.”


Not only were members of the Zheng Kingdom envoy team in disbelief, even Wang Taimin looked at Liu Xi in shock.

“Yes!” The soldiers behind Liu Xi immediately drove the people around the carriage away, then lifted their feet and began kicking the carriage.

“Bang, bang…..” The carriage was kicked and swayed from the left to the right. After the parts were loosened, the soldiers actually reached out and removed the wooden planks!

The leader of the Zheng Kingdom envoy team had blue veins popping on his forehead, and his eyes were also bloodshot as he glared at the soldiers taking apart the carriage.

Liu Xi’s smooth chin lifted slightly, and he snorted coldly. The simple syllable was like a delicious fish bait thrown into the lake, and all the nearby fish were involuntarily attracted by him.

Wang Taimin’s thin body shook, and he silently moved away from Liu Xi, thinking: No wonder His Highness would dote on this one, forget his figure and face, just his voice almost made him, a man who only liked women, go hard!

“Stop!” An angry voice came from the carriage that was about to collapse, but the soldiers who were dismantling the carriage did not stop. It was not until Liu Xi gave them a look that these soldiers returned tacitly behind Liu Xi.

A honey-colored arm lifted the curtains, and a beauty with high eyebrows, slightly deep eye sockets and a straight nose jumped out of the carriage. His hair was not black and straight, but brown and curly.

This was a teenager who was only fifteen or sixteen years old. His light golden eyes looked at Liu Xi hostilely, containing a wild and vigorous beauty to them, like a young leopard on the prairie that had not yet matured.

“Who are you?” The young man looked directly at the overly gorgeous man before him.

There was a hint of surprise in Liu Xi’s eyes. He did not answer his question, but carefully looked up and down at this “out of the ordinary” young man. To be honest, the appearance of this young man did not conform to Liu Xi’s aesthetics, but it was hard to guarantee that the Crown Prince would not want to “have a change of taste”.

After all, the Crown Prince had done so many things with no morals and no lower limit.

After pushing the boy to the position of his imaginary rival, Liu Xi felt even more displeasure at the boy. “Not even introducing yourself first, don’t you even understand the most basic etiquette? Are the people of the Zheng Kingdom so boorish and rude?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Liu Xi had already thrown away the matter of dismantling other people’s carriages as soon as he arrived.

The young man sneered, looked at Liu Xi with contempt in his eyes, and slowly said: “You, damn, sissy…..”

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