The Cruel Tyrant CH 119 Audience

The Imperial Palace, Imperial Study.

Liu Xi stood in front of Su Mu’s desk, and a shrewd light flashed in those seductive eyes. He said directly to Su Mu: “Your Highness, I suspect there is a problem with this Ninth Prince of the Zheng Kingdom.”

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Su Mu put down the memorial and looked at Liu Xi, “Tell me.”

“As far as this official knows, the mother of the Ninth Prince is of the Yi ethnicity of the Western Regions, and the Ninth Prince has not been taken seriously from birth.” The prince who was forgotten by the emperor in the harem did not have the best life. As the crown Prince, he knew this very well.

The Ninth Prince was described as very “outstanding”, but where did the pride and confidence of this Ninth Prince come from?

Su Mu’s eyes narrowed slightly, as if looking at an unknown place through the void, “Do you suspect his purpose is impure?”

Liu Xi nodded, and then said: “This official feels that there is someone behind him…..” He paused and said, “Your Highness, the former Qing Kingdom imperial palace was completely under Shi Ran’s control.”

By implication, the Zheng Kingdom could not be spared.

A light flashed in Su Mu’s eyes, and he nodded lightly and said, “Just leave him there for a few days, treat him with hospitality.”

Liu Xi replied respectfully: “This official, will definitely treat him with ‘hospitality’.”

Aftering the servants were dismissed, an unremarkable person came to Su Mu from the dark and passed the collected information to Su Mu’s hands.

After taking a glance, Su Mu suddenly squeezed the paper into a ball in his hand, and an astonishing killing intent burst from his eyes, causing the person in front of him to take a step back.

“Shi Ran, it really is you again!”

How did a prince who grew up in the cold palace and had barbaric blood suddenly became famous in the Zheng Kingdom and entered the eyes of the Emperor of Zheng?

“I didn’t find trouble for you, yet you made a move against me first!” Su Mu suppressed his almost erupting murderous intent, and shouted to the door: “Call Yun Feiyu here.”

The person with a weak sense of existence in front of Su Mu disappeared silently. After half a cup of tea, Yun Feiyu, dressed in blue-green robes, appeared in the Imperial Study.

“Paying respects to Your Highness.”

There was still a cold light in Su Mu’s eyes, which made Yun Feiyu’s heart tighten. Su Mu was not interested in observing Yun Feiyu’s expression now. Now, he just wanted to kill Shi Ran!

He asked Yun Feiyu: “How is the matter with the canal?”

At the beginning, Yun Feiyu suggested that the Qing Kingdom should cut off the flow of the Xijiang River to contain the Shi Kingdom. Now was the time he needed to make use of this chess piece.

Yun Feiyu said: “Reporting to Your Highness, it will take about three months before the water from the Xijiang River can flow into the Gu River through the canal.”

The large flow of the Xijiang River was the lifeblood of the Qing Kingdom, and it was also the main stream of the Baihe River, the largest river in the Shi Kingdom. The flow of rivers was never unchanging. Following the changes to the terrain, the Xijiang River had also changed its flow direction several times.

The Gu River channel selected by Su Mu was very close to the Xijiang River on the upper side, but far away from the Baihe River in the Shi Kingdom on the lower reaches. The original Gu River channel had formed a large fertile plain in the alluvial area of the ​​Shi Kingdom, and one fifth of the grain production in the Shi Kingdom was from here.

Su Mu said to Yun Feiyu in a cold voice: “Shorten the time for me. I want to see the water from the Xijiang River flow into the Gu River in a month.”

Yun Feiyu was slightly surprised in his heart, but his face was calm as he replied: “Yes, Your Highness, this official departs.”


When Yun Feiyu was about to cross the threshold, he was stopped by Su Mu from behind. He turned around and lowered his head in front of Su Mu and asked, “What are Your Highness’s instructions?”

Su Mu’s eyes were cold, like a sharp blade covered by frost, and even his voice was icy cold: “All of you will not make contact with Zheng Jiu, have someone tell Liu Xi to stay far away from Zheng Jiu.”

Su Mu’s solemn tone made Yun Feiyu become cautious, and said: “Yes, Your Highness.”

In the morning assembly, Su Mu sat on the dragon chair, his eyes sweeping across the officials, and said: “Summon the Ninth Prince of the Zheng Kingdom.”

The eunuch next to him immediately withdrew from the Taihe Hall and proclaimed loudly: “Summoning the Ninth Prince of the Zheng Kingdom for an audience with His Highness, the Crown Prince…..”

The early morning light sprinkled on the ground, and a thin-clothed teenager walked in against the light, underneath the thin robes were lean and powerful muscles. No matter how one looked at him, he should be a beautiful young man, but when Su Mu’s gaze saw that terrible face, he silently turned his head.

“Paying respects to Your Highness the Crown Prince.” Zheng Jiu walked into the hall and knelt respectfully, his brown curly hair hanging down onto the cold floor.

And hiding his surprise.

The Crown Prince who dared to sit on the dragon chair blatantly before even ascending to the throne, the Crown Prince who presided over the political affairs, was not actually a fierce, abominable, and large muscular man, but a handsomely beautiful young man! This handsomely beautiful appearance was totally inconsistent with his brutal reputation!

Su Mu did not immediately ask him to get up. He watched the young man unabashedly, tapping his index finger lightly on the gilded armrest of the dragon chair without making a sound.

That posture of his was placed very low.

“Rise.” After a long while, Su Mu’s voice came into the ears of the young man.

“Thanking Your Highness.” He got up from the floor, put his right hand into his pocket and took out a sealed letter. He said to Su Mu: “Your Highness, this is a letter written by my Fu Huang. We hope Your Highness can take into consideration that our two countries have been neighbors and friends for generations, and therefore please calm your anger and call back your troops.”

He was also quite daring.

Su Mu took the letter and glanced at it, and then threw it carelessly into the hands of the eunuch. He said to the young man standing in the hall: “When the Zheng Kingdom and other countries allied to besiege our country, why didn’t you think that our two countries have been neighbors and friends for generations?”

Zheng Jiu was not surprised. It seemed that he had been prepared for Su Mu not to agree easily, and he calmly defended: “Your Highness, Fu Huang was also deceived by the villain, please investigate this…..”

He raised his head, his light golden eyes were full of wildness like a young cheetah, and people couldn’t help being attracted by that arrogant expression and excellent fur.

Su Mu frowned as he looked at the young man’s wild eyes. He actually felt a desire to conquer this young man!

Although this feeling often appeared when he faced Gu Yunzhou, Yun Feiyu and the others, Su Mu still felt that something was wrong.

Didn’t the intelligence say that he was skilled in the strange poisons of the Western Regions? Was the information wrong or incomplete?

Su Mu’s heart became alert, and a sense of crisis emerged spontaneously. He looked at the young man in the hall without a change in expression, and said: “It’s not impossible to ask Ben Gong to cease the war, but…..”

The young man revealed joy, and his pupils widened.

But Su Mu’s next words made the smile on his face freeze in place.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“The soldiers of our kingdom are exhausted from fighting for days, and they can’t get enough to eat or dress warmly. They don’t even have the energy to come back…..”

Su Mu leaned on the dragon chair and looked at Zheng Jiu with a silent smile.

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