The Cruel Tyrant CH 120 Confusion

Zheng Jiu said immediately: “Your Highness, please rest assured, the Zheng Kingdom will provide half a million deniers of food for the soldiers of your country to eat on their return journey.”

“There is still the travel expenses.” Su Mu said.

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Zheng Jiu was mentally prepared and said: “One hundred thousand gold taels.”

Su Mu nodded with satisfaction and said: “So, Ben Gong will immediately issue an order for all soldiers to evacuate, and the Ninth Prince will also send a letter to your father, so that he can take all the officials in Shengzhou back.”

Zheng Jiu looked at Su Mu with a puzzled expression: “Why?”

Su Mu looked back at Zheng Jiu with a look of confusion, and said, “Because Shengzhou has been incorporated into the territory of the Qing Kingdom.”

“You… have gone back on your words!” Zheng Jiu stared at Su Mu angrily and said.

The money was collected, the grain was collected, and even the land was not let go! Although Shengzhou was not the best land in the Zheng Kingdom, it was also very important land! If Shengzhou was taken away by the Qing Kingdom, the Zheng Kingdom would be like a beast that exposed its soft belly under the sharp dagger of a hunter!

Su Mu didn’t even have any interest in looking at Zheng Jiu one more time, so he lifted his foot and got off the dragon chair.

The eunuch’s high-pitched voice resounded in the Taihe Hall: “Morning assembly dismissed…..”

The hundred officials bowed, “Respectfully seeing off Your Highness.”

After the Crown Prince’s footsteps completely disappeared, Liu Xi raised his head among the kneeling officials, and looked at the young man in the hall with a malicious smile at the corner of his mouth.

The Crown Prince didn’t even look at him.

Liu Xi stood up and said to Zheng Jiu, who was trembling with anger: “Is the Ninth Prince intimidated by His Highness? Why do you stand there motionless?”

I am intimidated by the shamelessness of your Crown Prince!

Zheng Jiu turned around and said to Liu Xi: “I want to see your Crown Prince alone.”

Liu Xi turned the white jade ring on his index finger, tilted his head slightly, and said to Zheng Jiu: “His Highness is busy every day, and there is no time to meet idle people.”

At the same time, Su Mu, who had already returned to the Imperial Study, suddenly felt a little distracted. Those light golden eyes always appeared in his mind, making him unable to calm down.

Throwing down the memorial, Su Mu rubbed his temples and instructed the eunuch beside him: “Go and call Zheng Jiu.”

“Yes, Your Highness.” The old eunuch silently exited the Imperial Study.

A strong desire to take the owner of those light-colored eyes as his own appeared in his heart, and Su Mu felt that something was wrong.

But it was the first time he saw Zheng Jiu, and under the eyes of everyone and with such a distance between them, Su Mu did not notice anything unusual about the other.

“Zheng Jiu…..” Su Mu’s eyes looked forward without focus.

Outside Taihe Hall, Liu Xi swaggered out like a proud peacock with the smile of a winner. At this time, an old eunuch suddenly hurried over.

Liu Xi recognized that this was the eunuch serving the Crown Prince. After stopping the person, Liu Xi asked with some doubts: “What happened, Qian Gonggong, running over in such a hurry?”

Qian Gonggong bent over and said, “Greetings to Liu Gongzi, His Highness has said that he wants to see the Ninth Prince of the Zheng Kingdom in the Imperial Study.”

Liu Xi immediately widened his eyes.

The young man’s proud voice came from behind, “Thanking this Gonggong for bringing word to me.”

Qian Gonggong stretched out his hand to lead the way for Zheng Jiu, saying: “This way please, Ninth Prince.”

When Zheng Jiu came to the entrance of the Imperial Study, he saw the very beautiful Crown Prince of the Qing Kingdom sitting in a daze before the desk, and a bright light flashed in his light golden eyes. Zheng Jiu followed Qian Gonggong into the Imperial Study.

Qian Gonggong whispered in Su Mu’s ear: “Your Highness, the Ninth Prince is here.”

Su Mu startled: “En?”

“Paying respects to the Crown Prince.”

Zheng Jiu’s voice came into his ears, and Su Mu felt that it was very pleasant sounding. He returned to look at Zheng Jiu, and saw the sunlight casting a golden outline behind him. Su Mu’s expression was gentle as he said: “The Ninth Prince doesn’t have to be so courteous.”

Su Mu said to the old eunuch behind him: “Bring a seat for the Ninth Prince.”

Surprise flashed in Qian Gonggong’s eyes, and then he ordered his eunuchs to move over a stool for the Ninth Prince.

“Thanking the Crown Prince.” Zheng Jiu thanked him and sat down, then looked at Su Mu who had been staring at him with some bewilderment, “Your Highness, is there anything on my face?”

Su Mu shook his head in confusion, he couldn’t see Zheng Jiu’s face clearly, only the light golden eyes were very clear, which had a strange attraction.

Standing outside the door, Liu Xi looked at Su Mu and Zheng Jiu, nearly crushing the white jade ring in his hand. Seeing Su Mu looking at Zheng Jiu “obsessively”, the sour vinegar in his heart almost submerged the entire imperial city.

Then, he saw that the Ninth Prince actually took His Highness’s hand. The seduction in his eyes was obvious to everyone, and what was even more infuriating was that the Crown Prince did not refuse.

Unable to bear it anymore, Liu Xi gritted his teeth and walked into the Imperial Study. He bowed his head and said: “Your Highness, the weapons sent by Lord Wu have already equipped the guards battalion. Would you like to go personally…..”


The familiar voice came from the top of his head, and Liu Xi suddenly fought a cold shudder. He raised his head in disbelief, and his eyes met the Crown Prince’s bottomless and emotionless eyes. Liu Xi felt like he had fallen into an ice cellar, and everything that was beautiful burst like bubbles.

Those horrible images swept over him and chilled hom down to his bones. It was clearly a very warm day, but he felt like he was in the dark of mid-winter.

“Yes…..Your Highness…..”

No thoughts of resistance could rise and Liu Xi left the Imperial Study on weak legs. He then ran out of the Crown Prince’s Palace desperately, rushed into the imperial medical college and grabbed Huang Xuan who was dispensing the medicine, and said anxiously: “Quick…..go and see His Highness.”

Huang Xuan, who was about to get angry, was immediately distracted when he heard the words “His Highness”. His expression became a little uneasy, “What’s wrong with His Highness?”

That icy cold gaze and an expression that contained no human emotions, Liu Xi never wanted to see them a second time. He closed his eyes and threw the picture out of his mind, and gasped: “I don’t know, His Highness became strange after he met the Ninth Prince of the Zheng Kingdom, as if he had gone back to three years ago!”

Three years ago! Huang Xuan trembled all over, and his black pupils dilated suddenly. He hurriedly walked out of the counter without even noticing that the medicinal materials on the counter had been pushed to the ground. He hurried to the Crown Prince’s Palace with his medicine box.

Before entering the Imperial Study, a strong smell of blood passed into the nasal cavity of the two of them.

The guards around the Imperial Study stood straight and stern, like poplars standing tall, but Huang Xuan noticed the fear in their eyes.

The two walked hurriedly and came to the door of the Imperial Study, and they happened to meet a pair of murderous and tyrannical eyes.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Huang Xuan saw Zheng Jiu, who was covered in blood and grapsed in the hands of the Crown Prince. He cautiously whispered: “Your…..Your Highness…..”

“Bang” “Bang”

One sound was the sound of Zheng Jiu being smashed on the wall, and the other sound was the sound of Zheng Jiu falling to the ground.

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