After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 091 Arrangements

When Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng arrived at Songji, Liu Yao, Meng Qi, dean Tao, Qin Miaoru, Gou Rixin and the rest were already all there. Even Da Mao and Xiao Pang specially came over for the feast.

Recently Mr. Song had been pondering over the recipes everyday, wanting nothing more than to make one dish a hundred or eighty times. The cooked dishes were too many to eat by themselves, so it all benefited this group of people. Especially Xiao Pang, who was prone to obesity and recently gained a roundness that could be discerned by the naked eye.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Seeing Tao Mu bringing someone back, Da Mao and Xiao Pang immediately brought over a plate of hydrangea scallops that Mr. Song had just made, and asked with a smile, “Brother Mu, have you eaten dinner? The dishes cooked by Mr. Song are really delicious. Do you want some?”

“I already ate outside with brother Li.” Tao Mu refused with a smile. He took off his coat and prepared for work.

Mr. Song glanced at Tao Mu and harrumphed: “Eating outside again? Are the dishes cooked outside better than at home?”

Tao Mu chuckled, leaning over to the side of the old man and declaring: “Of course it is not as delicious as your dishes. In my mind, my old man’s cooking is the best in the world. There is no one else better.”

“Little rascal!” Song Daozhen snorted, and gestured at Tao Mu: “There is a simmering pheasant and swallow’s nest soup on the stove. You and Mr. Li drink a bowl first to drive away the cold.”

Tao Mu happily responded and gave Li Xiaoheng a bowl of swallow’s nest soup. Li Xiaoheng sat on the side holding the bowl of swallow’s nest soup, gazing warmly and intently at Tao Mu’s bustling figure at the stove.

Tao Mu was preparing the chicken soup, and suddenly remembered something. He ran to the front and said to dean Tao: “Dean, brother Li has heard about our orphanage and wants to donate one million yuan to set up a charity education fund. To ensure the orphanage’s children are not affected by their livelihoods and can study at ease. However, brother Li doesn’t know much about the financial situation of our orphanage. I want to ask an auditor to check the accounts before donating.”

This was a great thing. Dean Tao immediately looked at Li Xiaoheng in surprise: “Mr. Li, is this true?”

Li Xiaoheng glanced at Tao Mu subtly, and nodded: “Yes. If dean Tao doesn’t object, I hope I can bring the auditor over tomorrow.”

“Of course it’s no problem.” Dean Tao was a little dizzy about being smashed with the one million yuan mentioned by Tao Mu. All she could think of was how much money one million yuan was worth——

After a child entered high school, the annual tuition and fees for books and board were…..After college, the annual tuition and boarding fees were…..Li Xiaoheng wanted to donate one million yuan to the orphanage, that was to say, at least XX children could finish their studies at university. Now their orphanage only had one college student, Tao Mu, because most of the children couldn’t afford to attend high school, so they went to work directly after graduating from junior high school.

If Li Xiaoheng really wanted to donate one million yuan to the orphanage, the children in the orphanage could just focus on studying in the future, and no longer need to rush out to work in a hurry to support themselves. If they could smoothly pass the high school entrance examination and enter university, they would definitely become more meaningful people to the country and society in the future. They would also have more choices in their own lives.

For the fate of these children, don’t even mention just checking the accounts, even if Li Xiaoheng wanted to take over the accounts of the orphanage, dean Tao would not refuse.

Dean Tao’s heart was beating very fast and felt like her brain had heated up from all the blood surging upwards in excitement. She opened her mouth and agreed directly, not even thinking at all about whether Li Xiaoheng’s proposal would have any adverse effects on her.

But dean Tao was indeed such a person. She was selfless, so she saw everyone as upright people like herself as well. She never guarded against the people around her, and never thought that someone would plant evidence and frame her because of greed.

It was true that as the dean of the orphanage, dean Tao failed to know the accounts and fund flow of the orphanage well——to be precise, she didn’t understand it at all. It was her dereliction of duty at work. But dean Tao, who dedicated most of her life to the orphanage, should not be framed and lose everything or even tragically dying in an ambulance because of this dereliction of duty.

They all say that one shouldn’t ask about the future when deciding to do good deeds. In the previous life, the good dean Tao didn’t get a good end. The accountant and procurement manager couple who embezzled the orphanage’s donations and pushed all the blame on dean Tao were able to buy a house and a car with the money they got from the black-hearted real estate developer.

In this life, Tao Mu would not let go of even a single one of these bad people.

Dean Tao, who was dizzy by the one million yuan that dropped from the sky, didn’t notice the slightest bit about Tao Mu’s thinking, and sat in front of Li Xiaoheng to ask questions. Li Xiaoheng patiently explained to dean Tao that he and Tao Mu would each invest 500,000 yuan to set up a charitable education fund to help children in the orphanage go to school to develop their skills, and send them to learn professional skills if they didn’t want to go to school. If the children got sick and needed to be hospitalized, the charity fund would also be responsible for funding the children’s medical expenses. Not only that, the family members of the employees of the orphanage were also within the scope of the funding.

“In this society, there are not many people who can devote themselves to public welfare undertakings like dean Tao. Therefore, we should not only do charity, but also encourage other ordinary people who are willing to do charity. And spread this kind of mentality of doing charity.” Li Xiaoheng said warmly: “In fact, I think we can cooperate with major colleges and universities so that students from colleges and universities can spare time to volunteer in orphanages. For example, use weekends to help tutor children in orphanages and/or teach children talents. And then find the media to promote and report these behaviors.”

“As long as more and more people in society pay attention to charity, devote themselves to charity, and are willing to do their part in charity, then our country’s public welfare undertakings will become better and better. For those volunteers, this experience can also become a qualification that they can talk to the recruiter when they apply for a job in the future. This is actually beneficial to both parties. If done well, it can lead to a virtuous cycle.”

Of course, the most important thing was that after more and more people begin to pay attention to this matter, those who seek personal gain under the banner of public welfare would be exposed to more people. Li Xiaoheng had a discussion with Tao Mu, and he had already deeply realized Tao Mu’s desire to punish that accountant couple.

Li Xiaoheng believed that he could not help much, but he could do a good job of contributing bricks and tiles and help throw stones at a person who fell down a well.

Tao Mu tacitly said with a smile, “Okay. Today is Thursday, how about this, let’s wait for this Saturday, and I will bring a group of Beijing Film students to volunteer. On the way, I will also notify FlyNews Entertainment to send two reporters over to do follow-up reports. At the same time it can help Xiaoheng Capital do some publicity.”

Li Xiaoheng knew that Tao Mu had understood the underlying meaning in his words. In a very good mood, he hooked up a corner of his mouth in a smile, feeling that he and Tao Mu were indeed the most tacitly cooperative partners, and that their hearts were really linked as one.

Li Xiaoheng nodded and replied: “That’s good. With the ability of Xiaoheng Capital Audit Department, I think the accounts of the orphanage can be checked in one day. If things go as expected, then we will directly announce the establishment of the charity education fund in front of the reporter. What do you think of this, dean Tao?”

Dean Tao certainly had no problems. She was so happy that her eyes were squinted from smiling so widely.

Liu Yao and Meng Qi, who once helped Tao Mu investigate the orphanage accountant, smiled at each other and waited for the good show to play out.

The next morning Tao Mu had an acting class. During the break between classes, Tao Mu mentioned to everyone about going to the orphanage as volunteers.

“You all know that I came out of the orphanage myself. Children in the orphanage are affected by the environment and generally do not learn very well. So I want to organize a volunteer activity for college students. Use the weekend breaks to tutor the children and teach them talents or something. Anyone who wants to volunteer can sign up. Those who are interested can come to me to fill out a form, which is just to briefly explain what you can teach. By the way, I will have FlyNews Entertainment keep tracking and reporting on this volunteer activity. And on Saturday, people from Xiaoheng Capital will also go to the orphanage for inspection.”

Tao Mu bluntly pulled out FlyNews Entertainment and Xiaoheng Capital to encourage these fledgling classmates who were eager to become famous. Like a carrot hanging in front of a donkey, the eyes of the students who had originally already intended to volunteer brightened even more.

As an actor in the entertainment industry what advantages could they rely on to increase their competitiveness?

Appearance, acting skills, popularity, level of national recognition and backing.

The first two were basically natural conditions, or they could be changed by relying on their own efforts. However, the latter three were not so easy to obtain.

There were as many handsome men and beautiful women in the entertainment circle as the crucian carp that crosses the river. Why should you stand out? Based on your works? Then fine, why should good work look for you? Based on your acting skills or your popularity?

So the question circled back.

Now Tao Mu was here to provide everyone with an opportunity to enhance their popularity, image and influence.

The classmates looked at each other, and immediately rushed to raise their hands: “I’ll go!”

“I can dance. I can teach the children to dance.”

“I can play the violin. I can teach them to play the violin.”


Only Tao Mu’s three roommates were sitting on the ground next to Tao Mu calmly, and by the way helping Tao Mu with the registration. When the other students saw this, their eyes when looking at the three could not help but be jealous and envious. This was the advantage of a pavilion near the water. But towards this kind of luck, it was not something they could not get out of being envious.

No wonder these were students of the Beijing Film Acting Department, they were all very talented. Tao Mu noted down the names and talents of the enthusiastic volunteers with particular satisfaction. After class, he went to the Academic Affairs Office to report to the teacher——although there was actually no need to report this small matter. But Tao Mu was accustomed to doing things with sophistication. By notifying the school leaders he could not only seek support but also increase his good impression in their minds. Towards this he would not be humble and shrink back.

All in all, he would definitely never miss any opportunity to show his good side in front of the teachers.

A group of young and lively college students had their eagerness invoked under Tao Mu’s encouragement. Some people even took out their mobile phones and updated their FlyNews on the spot, expressing with excitement that they were going to volunteer at the orphanage on Saturday.

Soon, the classmates of other classes and other grades all heard the news. They ran to Tao Mu and condemned him for engaging in distance discrimination——why only recruit volunteers in the ’08 class 1? Class 2 and class 3 and even the sophomores and juniors also have the willingness to volunteer. Why weren’t they given a chance as well?

Gu Xun, a senior who had won the National School Hunk crown in the “National School Beauty and Hunk Selection Competition” before, had attracted a group of young fans as a result, and was currently busy with the end of term play rehearsal. Hearing this news, he took the initiative to find Tao Mu, expressing his willingness to also offer his part.

——Of course, Gu Xun’s original intention was not to promote his image or gain popularity, but simply his desire to pay back Tao Mu.

Tao Mu did not refuse, and said with a smile that he was welcome to volunteer with them in the orphanage.

Because of the FlyNews posts shared by the students of Beijing Film, the netizens who have been paying attention to the Internet gossip also noticed the news for the first time. Recently, Guo Yaning, who had been immersed in her album production, also took time out of her busy schedule to visit @ Tao Mu on FlyNews, saying, “To be able to see the place where Tao Mu grew up with my own eyes is really lucky, and I also want to be a volunteer”.

Immediately afterwards, Wang Boyuan also reposted Guo Yaning’s FlyNews. The joining of the two A-list superstars instantly pushed this volunteer activity in front of all melpn eating netizens.

The official account of FlyNews Entertainment also stepped forward and announced that it would shoot Saturday’s volunteer activities into a video and post it to BulletScreen.

When the Beijing Film students who had snatched this volunteer activity saw this, they were instantly overwhelmed with excitement. All of them began imagining in their minds about how they would behave in order to attract the attention of netizens. Some people couldn’t even sleep from the excitement, and stood in front of the mirror with their flashlight in the middle of the night to rehearse how they would comport themselves.

——Not afraid of ghosts it seemed.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

But what they didn’t know, when the day of volunteer activities arrived, it would not be any of them that attracted the attention of netizens. But two unexpected people.

And the so-called social voluntary activities program almost became a legal program.

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