The Cruel Tyrant CH 121 Punishment

Su Mu retracted his gaze, and while he still had a trace of reason, said hoarsely, “Don’t let him die.”

After that, before the two of them reacted, Su Mu had disappeared.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

At this moment, in the silent forest lacking any sound of birds, Gu Yunzhou stood straight on the ground like an icy boulder.

There was no expression on his face, like a perfect cold sculpture.

Suddenly, a slight, almost inaudible sound came into his ears, and a pair of eagle-like eyes appeared behind a big tree.

Then, two pairs, three pairs, four pairs…..50 top killers slowly showed themselves.

The leaves fell silently, the air seemed to have gone stagnant, and there was no sound of even the wind.

Fifty top assassins carefully surrounded Gu Yunzhou in the middle, but Gu Yunzhou, who was in the center, still had no expression at all, even the look in his eyes did not change.

The leader, who only showed his eyes, raised his hand cautiously, and then slashed it down suddenly!


A leaf that was about to fall to the ground instantly burst into dusty powder.

Fifty elite assassins left fifty afterimages in the woods as they rushed towards Gu Yunzhou like gods of death.

The powerful aura caused Gu Yunzhou’s abyss-like eyes to flicker, but he still stood there without any movement. It was not until the tip of the fastest man’s sword was about to pierce Gu Yunzhou’s throat, his whole muscles began to move.

…..Too fast!

Before everyone had even reacted, the group of people closest to Gu Yunzhou had already fallen heavily to the ground. The cold killing intent in their eyes had not even had time to dissipate!

The leader glanced carelessly at the corpses lying on the ground, then looked at Gu Yunzhou vigilantly and angrily, and said: “Gu Yunzhou, Lingyun Pavilion is the painstaking effort of the past pavilion masters! You are actually going to destroy it!”

The leader’s words did not cause Gu Yunzhou’s heart to fluctuate in the slightest. He was holding a long sword that seemed to have not been stained with blood, and stood in place, looking at the other with calm and still eyes.

Suddenly, a violent explosion sounded, and a powerful and tyrannical aura was detected by the experienced and keen senses of these killers, causing them all to feel a chill.

The eyes of Gu Yunzhou, who was the first to react before anyone else, instantly shone with brilliance.

On the other side of the forest, Su Mu smashed the huge boulder that existed there since ancient times with a palm. But the several strong existences not far away soon attracted his attention instead.

At this moment, there was nothing in his mind except killing.

Why were there so many expert masters on the outskirts of the imperial city? What was their purpose? Who had instigated them?

These questions were now like dust in the corner and unable to occupy Su Mu’s mind.

A vague shadow flashed past, and Su Mu disappeared instantly.

Opposite Gu Yunzhou, the remaining 30 assassins were on guard because of the sudden emergence of a sense of crisis.

Then, as if appearing out of thin air, a handsome young man suddenly appeared in front of a black-clothed assassin who could not help but be shocked.

A sharp pain spread from his chest to his whole body. He looked in disbelief at the young man with his bloody right hand that had just dug in his chest.

He didn’t even have time to react!

“It’s the lunatic of the Qing Kingdom!”

Behind the leader, a masked killer looked at the bright red palm that penetrated through his companion, and couldn’t help but step back. Even though he was an assassin, and his hands were contaminated with countless lives, when faced with the murderous god, the Crown Prince of the Qing Kingdom, he also couldn’t control the chill running down his back.

The leader looked at Gu Yunzhou, who kept his gaze on Su Mu, clearly having no regard for them in his eyes at all. He gritted his teeth angrily: “Withdraw!”

Su Mu ignored the escaping insects. He slowly turned around and placed his gaze on Gu Yunzhou. There was no communication or hesitation. The two powerful beings collided with all their strength in a fierce collision!

“Boom boom boom!!!”

A wave of ripples visible to the naked eye was set off in the air, and the surrounding tall trees fell backwards with the two of them at the center. Soon, even the trees that fell on the ground shattered into fingernail-sized fragments during the fight between the two.

On the top of the mountain in the distance, a tall man looked at the two fighting each other with bright eyes.

After a while, the man in black who besieged Gu Yunzhou arrived behind the man and took off his mask. He clasped his fists and said, “Your Majesty, the mission has failed.”

Shi Ran was not surprised. He glanced at the two people who were still immersed in their confrontation, and his eyes flickered. He turned and said, “We leave.”

“Yes.” The leader replied.

In the imperial prison, Zheng Jiu was lying on a layer of hay, covered in blood and barely breathing.

He couldn’t understand why Su Mu, despite having been confused by him, attacked him in the end.

Liu Xi’s beautiful face had a trace of mysterious beauty in the dim environment. He slowly squatted down and looked at Zheng Jiu, whose bloody chest was scalded by soldering iron, and asked in a sinister tone: “What did you do to His Highness? Who sent you here?”

On the side, Huang Xuan played with the shiny silver needle in his hand as usual, but his gaze when looking at Zheng Jiu was full of murderous intent, “The Mind Dizzying Fragrance has been lost for many years, and only the name is circulated in ancient books. Where did you get it?”

“Hai hai hai…..” Zheng Jiu choked out a mouthful of blood, breathing hard as he said, “…..Why don’t… guess?”


“Whoosh…..” A burst of smoke rose, and the smell of burnt flesh permeated the cell. Liu Xi lifted away the scalding iron with his face unchanged, and then threw it back into the brazier with a “bang”. He looked down at Zheng Jiu and said: “You’re young, but you’re quite hard and stubborn, it just so happens that my palace still lacks a little eunuch…..”

Zheng Jiu’s expression changed, and a trace of panic appeared on his pale face. No man would not care about that place being threatened. He stared at Liu Xi fiercely and said, “Don’t forget what your Crown Prince said!”

Don’t let him die.

Liu Xi and Huang Xuan’s mind echoed with the words of the Crown Prince before he left.

“Aren’t you still alive?” Liu Xi slowly poured chili water on Zheng Jiu’s wound. The latter immediately let out a scream, and soon he passed out into a coma.

Although Liu Xi’s punishment methods only caused Zheng Jiu to suffer some surface injuries, the palm that Su Mu hit him with was too heavy. If not for the fact that Su Mu still had a trace of reason at the time, Zheng Jiu would have been dead now.

At this time, a guard in the dungeon hurried in and said respectfully: “Liu Gongzi, Huang Gongzi, His Highness is back at the imperial palace.”

The eyes of the two lit up, and they immediately rushed out of the prison.

When they arrived outside the Crown Prince’s bedroom, the two of them saw the basins held by the attendants at first sight, the shocking bloody water and clothes completely stained with blood.

In the bedroom, Su Mu let the attendant change his clothes without expression.

Liu Xi and Huang Xuan, with anxious faces, rushed into the bedroom, and were relieved to see the undamaged Su Mu.

“Your Highness, are you alright?”

“Your Highness, please let this official take your pulse…..”

Su Mu nodded and sat on the chair. He stretched out his left hand, and Huang Xuan solemnly placed his fingers on Su Mu’s wrist.

“Your Highness…..” Huang Xuan hesitated.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Su Mu looked at his solemn expression and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Huang Xuan retracted the fingers on Su Mu’s wrist, and said with a look of guilt: “It’s Mind Dizzying Fragrance, Your Highness.”

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