After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 092 Putting On An Act & Implicating Others

On Saturday morning, Tao Mu brought a big group of classmates to the gate of Beijing Film.

Because there were a lot of people who went to volunteer activities this time, Tao Mu had arrange a bus to wait at the school gate. After dozens of well dressed, handsome boys and beautiful girls filed into the bus, the FlyNews Entertainment reporter who was in charge of recording the show, and Lawyer Zhou, the legal counsel of, also got on the bus with a smile.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

On the bus, Tao Mu asked Lawyer Zhou: “Why are you following along?”

Lawyer Zhou said with a smile, “Mr. Meng called me yesterday and asked me to go to the orphanage with you. Help out with the law popularization activities.” He obviously also knew of Tao Mu’s true purpose today.

As he spoke, Lawyer Zhou bumped Tao Mu on the shoulder in a “good brother” manner, and said with a smile: “Don’t worry. Consider me as participating in volunteer activities today too. I won’t ask for overtime fees from you. As long as at noon I can have a meal in Songji. I heard that Mr. Song has been studying recipes recently, and he has cooked all kinds of exquisite dishes every day, practically preparing a feast.”

As Lawyer Zhou spoke, he couldn’t help swallowing his saliva. That salivating appearance was comparable to that of a hungry ghost.

Tao Mu: “…..”

“Do you like eating the old man’s dishes that much?”

Zhou Shenxing nodded without hesitation: “You don’t know, the law firm where I worked before had a particularly unpalatable cafeteria. It was even worse than our university cafeteria. I worked there for almost a year, and I lost 17 kg of weight. It’s simply abuse I tell you. So when recruited people, I immediately jumped over. For nothing else, the staff canteen at is worth it. As the saying goes, food is the God of the people. It’s already so hard to work and make money so one must at least eat well. To tell you the truth, I have become passionate about my work since I joined FlyNews.”

Tao Mu: “…..” Although he knew that Zhou Shenxing was probably entrusted by the personnel department of to promote in the program. But he still couldn’t accept Zhou Shenxing’s consumption view. And also, the placement of this ad was a bit stiff. There was no aesthetic level at all.

Tao Mu, who was currently complaining secretly, didn’t know at this moment. But in the near future, he would work with several entertainment companies to prepare an urban fashion idol drama. In order to save costs, but also to appease the group of advertisers, he would be a master player at slipping in product ads within the drama itself, practically on a classic textbook level——to become the reference object that all TV series ads in the next ten years and even brand commercials must study.

And Tao Mu would also be kindly and respectfully referred to by the industry as the “advertising master in TV dramas.”

Of course, this reputation did not sound very good.

But at this moment, he still had the leisurely mood to complain about Lawyer Zhou: “…..You are also a well-known lawyer in Beijing, and you earn a lot every year. How can you be this cheap?”

Tao Mu was truly incredulous. He had never heard that a barrister who could earn tens of millions yuan a year only ate company meals every day. And the key was that even though he always complained that the food at work was nasty, he still forced himself to eat it every day. Losing 17-18 kg in a year. Was this a work meal or a diet meal?

“Can’t you just go out to eat by yourself, or call the restaurant to deliver food to you!”

“That costs money!” Lawyer Zhou’s thinking logic was particularly clear: “Furthermore, if the company provides free working meals, if no one eats it, then all the cooked meals will be wasted. Although life is better now, there are still many people who can’t afford to even eat fully. We can’t just waste food just because it isn’t to your appetite.”

“Like the children in your orphanage, even if the food is not delicious, don’t they still eat it?”

Was this beginning to forcefully promote the theme of the show? Tao Mu suddenly felt a little embarrassed. He patted Zhou Shenxing on the shoulder weakly, and whispered, “Don’t be like this, it’s particularly embarrassing, you know?”

“Really?” Zhou Shenxing looked innocent, and asked the two cameramen shamelessly: “Is it really embarrassing?”

The two cameramen couldn’t bear to look directly and nodded.

Zhou Shenxing said, “Then I can’t help it. When Mr. Meng called me, he specially asked me to promote the image of FlyNews. I spent two nights at home practicing in front of the mirror. I treated it even more seriously than I did my first time in court.” Mainly because Zhou Shenxing fought a voluntary assistance lawsuit when he went to court for the first time. Lawyer Zhou, who had always been profit motivated, naturally had no passion.

“It’s because you designed too many obvious scenes, so it feels unreal.” Tao Mu commented with particular dislike: “I don’t think you are suitable for cooking chicken soup. It’s actually better if you continue using your poisonous tongue. You should be yourself.” And moreover, the protagonists of this volunteer activity today were the students of Beijing Film, the children of the orphanage, and that greedy couple. Even if Zhou Shenxing added scenes to himself, he had to cut some when he went back to do the post-production stage, and it would not be broadcast.

“Then when you go back tell Mr. Meng. Don’t deduct my promotional fee because of my bad performance.”

Tao Mu: “…..”

Tao Mu couldn’t bear it anymore: “Didn’t you say you won’t ask for overtime pay?”

Zhou Shenxing explained calmly: “It’s not overtime pay. It’s publicity expenses. When making financial statements, these two items are counted separately. Do you understand?”

Tao Mu took a deep breath: “You really deserve to be one of the best economic lawyers in China… there a point to quibbling over such minor details when you already make so much money?”

“What quibbling? This is called earnestly safeguarding my own legal rights. Why shouldn’t I be given money after I have done my work?” Zhou Shenxing said this, and suddenly asked: “Right, I heard that Xiaoheng Capital will soon shift their focus of investment back to China. Does their company’s financial management department also face domestic customers? Can I register an investment account with Xiaoheng Capital?”

Tao Mu was annoyed: “…..The management fee is 5%, and the revenue is divided into 30%. If you think it’s okay, communicate with Mr. Li during lunch by yourself.”

Lawyer Zhou asked unwillingly: “Aren’t you a partner of Xiaoheng Capital! I am your employee, do you have any preferential policies?”

Tao Mu looked at Lawyer Zhou expressionlessly. Zhou Shenxing rubbed his nose in a sheepish manner: “If you don’t, then you don’t. I will talk to Mr. Li myself later.”


With Zhou Shenxing chattering on the side, Tao Mu didn’t even think of looking at the scenery outside the window. Very soon the bus had already arrived at the entrance of the orphanage.

The volunteers got out of the bus first. Then followed the cameras, which filmed the buildings and environment of the orphanage.

This Red Star Orphanage was established in the ’70s. Up to now, it has a history of nearly forty years. The building was old but very clean. The group of volunteers walked into the orphanage under the leadership of Tao Mu, and saw more than 20 children in simple and neat clothes standing in the yard, saying hello in unison.

A dark-skinned boy with a cute face greeted Tao Mu with a serious expression: “Brother Mu, the dean hasn’t returned yet.”

Because he was worried that after dean Tao gave the account book to Xiaoheng Capital, that profiteering couple would jump over the wall and find trouble with dean Tao. Tao Mu directly deceived dean Tao to go to the hospital on the excuse that had to perform physical examinations on employees at the end of the year. With the cooperation of director Yun, this general physical examination was done for a total of three days. It was not only necessary to check the various physical indicators of dean Tao, but also to observe dean Tao’s heart disease in real time to ensure that there was no risk of recurrence.

Dean Tao felt that it was too troublesome. But under Tao Mu’s persuasion that “the money was already paid, it would be wasted if it’s not a thorough checkup”, she still patiently stayed in the hospital for observation.

Therefore, upon hearing Feng Yuan’s words, Tao Mu just smiled and said, “Don’t worry. Dean Tao will be back today. Yao Da and Xiao Qi Dad will pick her up together.”

Feng Yuan nodded and fell silent.

Tao Mu was about to introduce his classmates to the children in the orphanage when he heard a hoarse shout coming from the orphanage, followed by two chubby figures, appearing with lightning speed before Tao Mu and everyone. The speed was so fast that everyone even had the illusion of seeing their afterimage.

Du Kang smiled and joked: “This Aunt Style Lion Roar skill and Light Step Work is quite skilled!”

There were also some people who agreed mischievously: “Don’t forget the Couple Attack skill.”

“Tao Mu! What gives you the right to check the accounts of the orphanage without my consent? Also, where did you hide dean Tao? Although she is the dean of the orphanage, she does not have the right to be arbitrary. What right do you have to hand over the accounts of the orphanage to others behind my back? Do you not believe me? Do you doubt me? Aren’t you being too much? I have been working in the orphanage for almost 20 years. Even if there is no merit, there is still hard work. Why are you doing this to me? What right do you have to check my account?”

The procurement and accounting couple was in a hurry and did not see the two cameras following behind everyone. The crowd of students exchanged looks with each other.

Tao Mu patiently explained, “Accountant Xu, are you misunderstanding? Didn’t dean Tao tell you that Xiaoheng Capital will donate one million yuan to our orphanage to set up a charity education fund. Towards this time’s check on the accounts, it’s them who asked for the audit.”

“You can just have them pay the money directly to the orphanage’s account!” Accountant Xu couldn’t help showing her greed. If it hadn’t been for this million yuan, she wouldn’t have made such a scene to this point.

That was one million yuan! If it was paid to the orphanage account, she would be able to cut off at least half by doing some tricks. Although many people from the community have come to donate for so many years, there was never such a large amount of one million at one time.

“Tao Mu, you are still young. You don’t know that most of the orphanage’s expenditures belong to financial appropriations. Outsiders have no right to check the accounts. You have been fooled by them. Isn’t the boss of Xiaoheng Capital your friend? Just tell your friend to not check it. Just donate the money, and as for the accounts, your Aunt Xu will remember it for you. Could it be that you don’t trust your Aunt Xu?”

Accountant Xu and her husband, Uncle Qian, who was in charge of purchasing in the orphanage, also opened his mouth to persuade. The two of them had already discussed it at home, one would play bad cop and the other the good cop.

Because of Tao Mu’s deliberate lulling of their senses, even at this time, the two hadn’t realized that Tao Mu had come with the motive to deal with them completely. They thought Tao Mu had a kind heart, so he specially invited his wealthy friends to donate to the orphanage. As for checking accounts, it was just a process.

It was no wonder that Accountant Xu thought this way——it was the fact that Xiaoheng Capital’s one-day audit time was too short, and Accountant Xu was particularly confident in her own accounting methods. She couldn’t imagine how big the audit department of an international investment company like Xiaoheng Capital was and how efficient it was.

Therefore, Accountant Xu did not expect that the audit department of Xiaoheng Capital could check the decades long accounts of the orphanage in just one day. In Accountant Xu’s thinking, one couldn’t even finish checking a single account book in a day. Not to mention checking accounts.

Therefore, Accountant Xu thought that she could fool people she did in the past. She even began to ponder on how to defraud the one million yuan into the account of the orphanage.

Tao Mu almost laughed from anger. It was these two idiots who destroyed dean Tao’s name and indirectly caused her to die in an ambulance in his previous life. In this life, they even dared to repeat the same tricks, and try to deceive his million yuan.

Was his, Tao Mu’s, money so easy to get?

“Aunt Xu, Uncle Qian, don’t worry. CEO Li of Xiaoheng Capital told me that, without exception, he will bring people to the orphanage today to announce donations and establish a charity education fund. That’s right, the both of you have always been responsible for the accounts and purchases of our orphanage. Do you have anything to say?”

Accountant Xu and Uncle Qian looked at each other, and smiled: “What can we say. This is what we should do. As long as you trust me, after the charity fund is established, you can continue to let me manage it. No matter how tired I am, I am not afraid.”

Tao Mu sneered in his heart. He calmly gestured over the two cameramen, and smiled gently, “As you said, you have worked in the orphanage for so many years, and you have worked hard without asking for credit. If it weren’t for your hard work and patience, the children in the orphanage would not have grown up so healthily. So Aunt Xu and Uncle Qian, please say a few words.”

“CEO Li of Xiaoheng Capital also said. We should not only do charity ourselves. We should also encourage ordinary people to do charity deeds as well. We must not let heroes be buried.”

One sentence stimulated the accountant couple. Uncle Qian straightened his chest and eagerly stood forward: “Then I’ll just say a few words. In fact, the job of procurement is quite hard. Especially for orphanages. In order to buy cheap and fresh ingredients, almost every day I go to the morning market when it’s not even bright out. Summer is okay, but in winter it is very cold. The northwest wind is blowing, and no matter how many clothes you wear, the cold chill still manages to leak in…..”

Accountant Xu saw this and also added her piece: “Then I will say a few words. In fact, there is nothing much to say, these are just ordinary positions, but the work we do is extraordinary. Accounting in an orphanage is different from that of companies outside. The salary is not good. There are also so many things to take care of. It is a job that requires patience and love…..”

Tao Mu smiled and watched the two chatting in front of the camera, continuously singing praises to themselves and giving themselves high hats.

Lawyer Zhou, who was standing next to him, couldn’t help but roll his eyes. What a thick-skinned couple! Attorney Zhou had lived for so many years, and except for the little young master of the Shen family who always thinks he is acting in an idol drama, this was the second time he had seen such shameless people who had no guilty conscience.

In contrast, the Beijing Film students who didn’t know the truth were becoming a little impatient. They came to do volunteer activities, partly for the sake of Tao Mu, and partly for fame. Although there was a heart for charity, other purposes were more important. But when they first arrived at the orphanage, they ran into two incomprehensible employees.

Mr. Tao was just being polite, yet they actually blocked the gate and talked endlessly, in the cold winter. Seriously, weren’t they cold at all!

Accountant Xu and Uncle Qian talked in front of the camera for more than half an hour, until Li Xiaoheng brought the people from Xiaoheng Capital to come over, only then did they stop reluctantly.

Just as they were preparing to greet him with a smile on their faces, they saw Li Xiaoheng say very solemnly: “There is a problem with this account. The auditor of our audit department investigated and checked carefully overnight, and we found a huge funding loophole in the orphanage account. Considering this, Xiaoheng Capital has no way to make donations.”

Tao Mu’s expression also became serious: “How is it possible? Accountant Xu does the account book of the orphanage. She has worked in the orphanage for more than ten years. It is impossible to make such a big slip-up.”

Accountant Xu’s face also changed. Hearing Tao Mu’s words, she nodded as if she had grasped a life-saving straw: “Yes, I did this account. There can be no problem. This gentleman, did your financial staff make a mistake? This account stretched more than ten years. You only spent one night reviewing the accounts, so it’s normal to make a mistake.”

“What you said is also possible. After all, Xiaoheng Capital is not an officially certified audit institution.” Li Xiaoheng nodded slightly and said to Tao Mu: “So we directly called the police. The news that Xiaoheng Capital is going to make a donation to the Red Star Orphanage has already been spread in society. So even if we suspend donations, we must give the public a reason. Otherwise it will affect the image of Xiaoheng Capital.”

Tao Mu nodded in particular understanding: “I understand. Just call the police. In short, I believe Aunt Xu. The innocent are innocent, so giving a thorough check is also good, so as to give Aunt Xu justice.”

Before his words even fell, Accountant Xu was already pale and fell to the ground.

This time, even the Beijing Film students who didn’t care much about this matter could see that something was wrong.

“You can’t check the accounts!” Accountant Xu reacted, grabbing Tao Mu’s sleeve tightly, and shouting: “You can’t let them check the accounts. You really can’t let them check the accounts.”

Uncle Qian also looked at Tao Mu nervously. So anxious he was sweating in the cold winter air.

Tao Mu squatted down following the strength of Accountant Xu. He was particularly puzzled and asked in confusion: “Why can’t we check the accounts? We want to prove Aunt Xu’s innocence? Wouldn’t it be good to check things clearly?”

“No.” Accountant Xu’s brain was blank, trying to find excuses: “Because…..because…..That’s right, because dean Tao. Dean Tao is…..”

“Tao Mu, I had no other solution. She is the dean. For so many years, she has been devoted to the orphanage. There is no merit but at least there is hard work. How can I just watch her…..” At this moment, Accountant Xu was extremely glad. When she did the accounts, because of her lack of daring, she kept a lot of accounts using dean Tao’s name.

Moreover, some of the accounts were indeed signed and confirmed by dean Tao. Dean Tao knew nothing about accounting and trusted the people in the orphanage. So no matter what she did, she could fool dean Tao with just a few words. In any case, the person to sign in the end was dean Tao. Even if the accounts were checked at that time, dean Tao won’t be able to get rid of the relationship.

Tao Mu trusted dean Tao so much and regarded dean Tao as his own grandmother. If he knew that there were dean Tao’s signature on the accounts, Tao Mu would definitely try to protect dean Tao. At that time, she and old Qian would be able to get away with it smoothly.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Tao Mu didn’t expect that Accountant Xu would dare to drag dean Tao into this. The smile on his face instantly retracted. He looked at Accountant Xu with an expressionless face, and then curved up a corner of his mouth, saying in a leisurely manner: “Since this is the case, then it is even more necessary to investigate clearly.”

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