After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 093 Methods & Face

The police came quickly. As soon as the people from the investigation side came over, they took away the accounts of the Red Star Orphanage and also wanted to ask Accountant Xu couple to go back for investigation.

The Accountant Xu couple were so scared that they turned pale and refused to go with the police no matter what. Accountant Xu also clutched her chest and said that she was about to have a heart attack and needed to go to the hospital right away.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Accountant Xu was in her 50s this year which happened to be the age group where a female’s combat effectiveness was the most explosive. She made a scene in the orphanage acting like a shrewd. Although the police received a call, they did not dare to be too tough when the case was still unclear. So as not to be criticized and questioned by the public.

Besides, Accountant Xu insisted that she had a heart problem and needed to go to the hospital. They could not tell whether Accountant Xu really had a heart disease or not so they could only help make the emergency call.

The Beijing Film students who were originally here for volunteer activities looked at each other. They didn’t expect that volunteer teaching hadn’t even started yet they would watch a big show for free.

Just when the orphanage was noisy and clamorous, everyone heard a voice from the door of the orphanage: “What’s happening?”

It turned out that dean Tao, who had her physical checkup, was sent back by Liu Yao and Meng Qi.

Accountant Xu, who was clutching her chest and saying that she had a heart attack, rushed to dean Tao and firmly held dean Tao’s hand: “Dean Tao, please persuade Tao Mu. He wants to call the police and arrest me!”

“Ah?” Dean Tao was immediately confused, and looked at Tao Mu anxiously: “What is going on? Why suddenly call the police?”

“Dean Tao, I called the police.” Li Xiaoheng stood up again and said, “I found that there was a problem with the accounts of the Red Star Orphanage. So I directly called the police.”

“Dean Tao, don’t listen to their nonsense. The accounts of our orphanage are all signed by you. What can be the problem?” Accountant Xu sadly clutched her chest: “They just don’t trust me. They insist that I tampered with the accounts. Dean Tao, the accounts of our orphanage are all signed and confirmed by you. If there are any problems, how can you not know?”

“That’s right!” Even now dean Tao still helped Accountant Xu speak: “Are there any misunderstandings here? The accounting for our orphanage is done by Accountant Xu. Every time she does the accounting, she will report to me and I have signed and confirmed it. It has been so many years, and there has been no problem. If you don’t believe it, you can check it out.”

There was a glimmer of joy in Accountant Xu’s eyes. She didn’t expect dean Tao to cooperate with her in this way.

How truly stupid!

But it’s a good thing she’s stupid. The more stupid dean Tao is, the safer she is.

“Do you hear that? All the accounts were signed and confirmed by dean Tao. All the expenses and income of the orphanage are checked by dean Tao. Even if you don’t believe me, don’t you still believe dean Tao?”

However, Accountant Xu was happy too early.

Tao Mu had long expected that with dean Tao’s temperament, she would definitely not stand by and watch Accountant Xu being taken away by the police. In the last life, someone questioned the orphanage’s accounts on the Internet. It was also dean Tao who first stood up to help Accountant Xu testify. She was upright and worthy of her conscience. She had never done a bad thing in her life, so she didn’t believe anyone could spill dirty water on her. And the reason why she would stand up to help Accountant Xu was also because she firmly believed that the truth would speak for itself, and shouldn’t be slandered by others.

It was a pity that dean Tao didn’t know that in the rampant era of self-media and marketing accounts for traffic and profit, the principle of truth speaking for itself no longer worked. In its place, was a lie, if repeated often enough, would be accepted as truth. What was more, the colleague she wanted to protect just happened to be the culprit who wanted to frame her.

In the end, dean Tao was framed by the Accountant Xu couple and the black-hearted real estate developer, and was forced to carry a black pot one after the other, eventually dying in an ambulance unable to give a convincing explanation for self-defense.

In this life, Tao Mu certainly couldn’t let this happen: “Dean Tao, I know you’re good-hearted and don’t want to doubt colleagues. After all, everyone has been together for so many years. I actually don’t want to doubt Aunt Xu either. But I’m even more trusting that Xiaoheng Capital’s audit department won’t make mistakes. So I think we should cooperate with the police in their investigations. I believe that the police will never treat a good person unjustly. Of course, they will never let a bad person go either.”

When Tao Mu said this, he took a meaningful look at Accountant Xu: “By the way, Aunt Xu, is your heart still hurting? You seemed full of energy just now, so do you still want to go to the hospital?”

Accountant Xu: “…..”

Liu Yao and Meng Qi almost didn’t laugh out loud. Their family’s little rascal was really a belly full of bad water.

At this moment, everyone present could basically conclude that Accountant Xu was just pretending to be ill. The police uncle also almost laughed aloud. He suppressed his smile and said solemnly: “If you want to go to the hospital, then that’s fine. Anyway, the ambulance has already been called for you. It’s better to go to the hospital for a checkup. We can record your statement in the ward.”

Before his voice even fell, the sound of the ambulance could be heard arriving outside of the orphanage.

Accountant Xu: “…..”

The police left with the account books and the Accountant Xu couple. Dean Tao, as the dean of the Red Star Orphanage, was also involved in accounting issues and had to make a statement in accordance with the procedures as well. However, dean Tao’s attitude was more cooperative. Two policemen stayed in the orphanage and immediately recorded the statement.

Before leaving, they specifically asked dean Tao not to leave Beijing within a short period of time. During the investigation of the case, they may need dean Tao to assist in the investigation at any time and hoped dean Tao could cooperate.

Dean Tao would certainly not leave Beijing. She believed that she had a clear conscience, and she also had to take care of the children in the orphanage.

During this period, Liu Yao and Meng Qi took advantage of others not paying attention, and dragged Tao Mu to the corner, telling him that they had prepared “reports from the masses” and at that time the police would learn that Accountant Xu’s family had bought a house in the Third Ring Road.

The Accountant Xu couple were particularly cunning. The two of them embezzled public funds to buy a house and because they were afraid of being found out, they did not use their own names but the name of Uncle Qian’s sister.

Uncle Qian’s sister was called Qian Guihua and she was 56 years old this year. Her husband died early, and she had no sons, just a daughter. Qian Guihua had a patriarchal attitude and treated her own daughter very badly. In contrast, she took good care of her younger brother’s son. Over these years, while the Accountant Xu couple worked outside, Qian Guihua served them at home and took care of her nephew. Even the house left by her husband after his death was transferred to her nephew’s name. From the perspective of later generations, Uncle Qian’s sister was a standard example of a brother complex who helped her brother regardless of any cost.

Therefore, the house bought by the Accountant Xu couple with embezzled public funds was listed under the name of Qian Guihua. This was why there was so much news that the Red Star Orphanage’s accounts did not match up in the previous life, but no one connected it to the Xu couple——aside from the black-hearted developer helping to cover up, it was also because Accountant Xu herself was very cautious.

In the last life, no one knew where the money that was embezzled went, and dean Tao had personally admitted that she signed every account of the orphanage for confirmation. As a result, if not dean Tao who carried this pot then who would?

It was a pity that in this life Tao Mu had already been prepared. He had someone follow the Accountant Xu couple for half a year and took advantage of the Accountant Xu couple not being on guard to do a thorough background check of this couple’s relatives and friends who were close to them. Eventually he finally got a hold on evidence of the Accountant Xu couple’s embezzlement of public funds.

Everything was ready now, just waiting for the program to be broadcast and cause an intense response in society.

Tao Mu not only wanted the Xu couple to admit their crimes, but also let the Xu couple experience the sadness and despair dean Tao had when being scolded by hundreds of thousands of netizens.

And everything happened as Tao Mu expected. That night, when the program team posted the post-production video to BulletScreen, it immediately attracted the attention of netizens.

The number of clicks exceeded 100,000 in just one hour. A large group of netizens who came in with the expectations of “Handsome guys and beautiful women offering love and warmth”, wanting to feel the warmth and sweetness of love. But starting from the beginning of the program, the netizens felt instead the impact of a “Suspense Solving Film/Law And Order Program”, instantly becoming a little confused.

After the initial confusion, the desire to eat melons hidden deep in the heart immediately exploded. Regardless of the times, news of embezzlement of public charity funds was always a social hot spot that the general public was most concerned about.

Orphanages, orphans, public welfare undertakings, donations, embezzlement of public funds for personal gain, these words were like stimulants that stimulated the surge of adrenaline, and instantly controlled all the attention of netizens who ate melons.

And with the passage of time, there was a continuous breaking of news by some netizens in the video’s comment section. Some people said that they recognized the dean of the orphanage and the Accountant Xu couple in the show, saying that they were all very good people, very kind, and they should not be able to commit such a disgusting thing. On the way, they also shared with many netizens the touching stories of dean Tao and the Accountant Xu couple.

Especially dean Tao, who had been working in the orphanage since the death of her husband. Diligent throughout her life, in order to take care of the children in the orphanage, she never even got married again and had her own children. All her life had been devoted to the orphanage, and even her salary was used to subsidize the orphanage. It was simply an example of boundless and selfless love.

Of course, because of the simple but very touching speech of the Xu couple before the camera, many netizens also felt that the Xu couple were not the kind of people who would embezzle public funds.

Here Tao Mu played a trick. He did not release those fragments of the police arriving and the Accountant Xu couple’s guilty behavior. Therefore, in the minds of many netizens, the Accountant Xu couple were as kind as dean Tao.

It was just that not even a few days passed since such remarks were made, when some people broke the news that they had met the Accountant Xu couple at the sales office of residential homes a few years ago. The person who broke the news claimed to be a sales lady, and the reason why she had an impression of the Xu couple was because the couple came to buy a house, but the name of the man’s sister was written on the lease instead.

“Because this kind of thing is so rare, I had a particularly long impression. After all, the brother who is already married and established in his fifties is doing something like buying a house for his single sister. It is very enviable. But thinking about it now, there is indeed something tricky about it.”

As soon as this comment came out, it immediately attracted the attention of netizens. A large group of people commented and responded, each expressing their own opinions under this comment. Some insisted on believing that the truth would speak for itself, while others suspected that the Xu couple were deceiving everyone. People from both sides came and went, and directly pushed this comment to the hot comments section on the homepage.

Some netizens called on the police to check the sister of Manager Qian: “Buying a house for his sister in his fifties sounds truly incredible. Could it be that the money for buying the house is actually the embezzlement of the orphanage’s donations, and fearing that it will be found out they placed it under the name of the sister.”

“Especially possible! Our family lives downstairs from this couple. They are old neighbors. The sister is very good to her brother’s family. She also has a very patriarchal attitude. I heard that her husband’s only house was transferred to the nephew’s name. Because of this, her daughter went to study at a university in another province and hasn’t come back for several years.”

With the indignation of online crowds, the attention towards this gradually increased, and the police also began paying even more attention to this case.

Although Accountant Xu’s accounts were done very subtly. However, under the careful review of professionals, a huge deficit of 1.07 million yuan gradually surfaced. There really was a problem with the accounts of the Red Star Orphanage.

And while the police were closely checking the accounts, a package was mailed to the police station anonymously.

When it was opened, it turned out to be evidence that the Accountant Xu couple took advantage of their financial and purchasing duties to intercept all the orphanage’s donations. Including photos and recordings of deliberately shoddy purchases, partnering with suppliers to increase supply prices and then dividing the money. There were even two photos of the Accountant Xu couple taking Qian Guihua to the sales office to inspect the house. There was even a CD, showing a video where one could clearly see the scene of the Accountant Xu couple paying money at the sales office.

Accountant Xu and Manager Qian’s monthly salary was quantifiable. According to the normal standards, they shouldn’t have this much money at all. So where did the money for buying a house come from?

The evidence was solid, and the police immediately announced the arrest of the Accountant Xu couple and even Qian Guihua.

Following the actions of the police, FlyNews Entertainment uploaded the progress of the case and evidence that the Xu couple embezzled public funds for personal gain. Accompanying the touching speech of the Xu couple at the beginning of the program, it was really a different sort of flavor.

At this time,, under Tao Mu’s signal, also released the second part of the program, including the performance of the Xu couple in the program.

Netizens once again felt the anger of being fooled. The more good was the perception towards the Accountant Xu couple at the beginning, the deeper their disgust was now. Of course, some netizens expressed their dissatisfaction with FlyNews’ deliberate clipping out the truth. Tao Mu’s explanation for this was “Before the truth is revealed, FlyNews does not want to release controversial clips, so as not to affect the views of netizens on the Accountant Xu couple.”

“The news media should focus on reporting facts. When the case has not come to light, any inappropriate video clips may cause netizens to have misleading views. After all, the parties in the video are not public figures. It is not a documentary. Since the truth of the facts cannot be guaranteed, don’t blindly release the video for the sake of traffic. Especially before the police issue the results, the random reports of are likely to cause unnecessary pressure on the parties involved.”

Seeing the “news media declaration” that Tao Mu personally wrote, including Li Xiaoheng, everyone was shocked by the thickness of Tao Mu’s skin.

Even the future richest man, who was particularly reserved and elegant, couldn’t help but blurt out: “You are really shameless!”

If he didn’t know what Tao Mu planned to do all along, or if Tao Mu wasn’t so gloating when he typed this manuscript, he would really believe it.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

But no matter what, as Tao Mu expected, the Accountant Xu couple became gutter rats that everyone shouted at and wanted nothing more than to exterminate. Unfortunately, the Accountant Xu couple did not feel the pressure of being cursed by hundreds of thousands of netizens.

Because just when the netizens were the most enraged, the greedy couple also entered the detention center. This time, they would be prosecuted by the court.

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