The Cruel Tyrant CH 123 Weapon

But if not the Zheng Kingdom then who was it? Who had the daring to attack the Crown Prince of the Qing Kingdom? Putting aside the current combat power of the Qing Kingdom, just the terrible force of the Crown Prince, few people in this world could hold up against it.

The doors of Feiyu Pavilion were closed tight, and Yun Feiyu, Yun Feiyan, and Lin Siyuan sat inside with solemn expressions.

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Suddenly, a thought flashed in Yun Feiyan’s mind, and she suddenly raised her head and said, “The Shi Kingdom!”

After Yun Feiyan’s reminder, Lin Siyuan also suddenly reacted, “The Shi Kingdom, yes, the Shi Kingdom is the most suspicious. With our armies putting pressure at the borders of the surrounding countries, acting against the Crown Prince now is the same as looking for death. The Wu Kingdom’s Sun Hongyu and Sun Hongyun are still in the Shi Kingdom, while in the Wu Kingdom there is civil strife because of the struggle among the princes for heirship. There is simply no time for them to make trouble for us, only the Shi Kingdom…..”

The two looked at Yun Feiyu, who had been calm and silent, and guessed in their hearts that he had already suspected the Shi Kingdom.

They guessed right, as Yun Feiyu was ninety-nine percent sure that the Crown Prince’s disappearance was related to the Shi Kingdom, because Shi Nuo had given Yun Feiyu the information on Zheng Jiu.

Yun Feiyu’s voice was unprecedentedly solemn, and the look in his eyes was completely different from the gentle and harmless gaze of the past. Instead, he gave people a sharp sense of oppression. He said to Yun Feiyan and Lin Siyuan: “This matter must be kept secret, and no one can disclose it.”

Although the Qing Kingdom had won the victory, if those remnant forces got the news of the Crown Prince’s disappearance, it was hard to guarantee that they would not make any crazy moves.

Before the two of them could answer, Yun Feiyu said quickly: “Shangguan Hao will be transferred from the northern border to the southeast, and Shen Wei will be transferred from the western border to the south.”

Without needing Yun Feiyu to explain, the two people immediately understood what Yun Feiyu meant.

The Shi Kingdom had never concealed its intention to be the only hegemonic power in the world. Regardless of whether the Crown Prince was missing or not, Shi Ran would not let the Qing Kingdom go.

Because if the Qing Kingdom really conquered all the six surrounding countries and integrated it into the Qing Kingdom territory, it would only speed up the Qing Kingdom’s development to surpass the Shi Kingdom within four to five years, and Shi Ran would not have any reason to let such a beast grow and mature up by his side.

Lin Siyuan nodded and said: “Don’t worry, 

 His Highness possesses peerless martial arts, maybe he is already out of danger, so don’t worry too much.”

Yun Feiyan looked at Yun Feiyu, whose face was calm but in fact his whole body exuded an anxious air, and said: “Since it is a kidnapping, it proves that the other party has scruples. His Highness’s safety will likely not be a problem.”

Yun Feiyu nodded and said: “I know.” As if.

Half an hour later, Liu Xi strode into Feiyu Pavilion, stopping in front of Yun Feiyu with a cloudy face and said: “The south of the city has been searched and no clues have been found.”

Although expected, Yun Feiyu couldn’t help but squeeze the brush in his hand. A drop of ink fell, and a large stain immediately appeared on the neat handwriting. Yun Feiyu threw down the brush and picked up a piece of paper with a map drawn on it. He handed it to Liu Xi: “Zheng Jiu is from the Shi Kingdom. This is the route they might take. You take Shi Nuo to chase after him.”

Liu Xi grabbed the paper, turned his head and left, even saying a word to Yun Feiyu was a waste of time.

Liu Xi was once the Shi Kingdom’s spies, and he knew the Shi Kingdom better than the others. And coupled with his skill with concealed weapons and his ruthless methods, he would definitely find Su Mu by any means!

At this moment, the culprit responsible for all this chaos was examining with wicked eyes at the prey he had captured.

A big callused hand with long fingers stretched out to pinch Su Mu’s chin, forcing Su Mu, who had lost all martial arts because of the inner force dispelling drug, to raise his head. The owner of the hand said in a low voice: “Xiao Chi, we meet again.”

Su Mu looked at the imposing man in front of him, with a sneer on his mouth, and ridicule in his eyes, “Emperor Shi is also the lord of a country at least, yet I didn’t expect you to use such despicable means.”

Shi Ran’s big hand squeezed Su Mu’s smooth cheeks, and said, “This is called strategy.”

After he finished speaking, he pulled Su Mu who was sitting opposite him close into his arms, and looked down at Su Mu from his height as he said: “This time, with your wings snapped, I will see how you will fly out of my palm.”

Su Mu, who lost his martial arts, was not Shi Ran’s opponent at all. Instead of resisting the man, he leisurely leaned against Shi Ran’s iron-like arms and said, “Sing a little song for me.”

This style had changed so fast that Shi Ran wasn’t able to turn the corner at first.

Then, after realizing that Su Mu had taken him as a male pet, his face instantly darkened, and his callused fingertips rubbed Su Mu’s fragile neck. He said in a dangerous tone: “Little guy, it seems that you still don’t understand the situation you’re in.”

He slowly closed his fingers, and Su Mu frowned immediately. He said, “Kill me, and you won’t be able to get the Qing Kingdom’s technology.”

Shi Ran continued to close his fingers, and Su Mu began to breathe with difficulty. The handsome and dangerous man bared his white teeth, smiled at Su Mu and said, “It’s fine, I’ll just destroy it.”

Su Mu instinctively resisted Shi Ran’s violence, but the opponent’s arm was like steel, and now he couldn’t move a single bit. Su Mu said with difficulty: “You… don’t want to know…..where I got…..all these technologies?”

Shi Ran let go of Su Mu’s neck, and gently stroked the bruise marks with his fingers. A spark appeared in his eyes, and he said, “Don’t act smart again, I don’t like it.”

Su Mu was breathing with his mouth open, and the white fingers hidden in his sleeves almost pierced his palms, and a trace of brutality crossed his eyes.

Shi Ran’s broad palm was placed on Su Mu’s slightly undulating back. Even through the few layers of clothing, he seemed to be able to feel the skin of the person under his palm that was smoother and softer than that of a woman.

“Tell me, where did you get these technologies that shouldn’t exist in this world?” His fingers seemed to unintentionally settle on Su Mu’s spine.

Su Mu had no doubt that if he did not give the other a satisfactory answer, he would ruthlessly break his spine and make him suffer a fate worse than death.

He raised his head and looked at Shi Ran as he said, “Have you ever heard of Changsheng Sanren?”

“A demonic Daoist.” Shi Ran had heard of this person. At the beginning, Changsheng Sanren had actually been spreading chaos in the Shi Kingdom, and he had passed down an order to have him hunted and killed.

Demonic Daoist, indeed, don’t know how many young boys and girls that scumbag had harmed. Fortunately, Su Mochi absorbed all his martial arts and inner force and then tortured him to death.

“He was in the Qing Kingdom for three years.” Su Mu clenched his fists, his eyes showed resentment, seeming to have recalled an extremely disgusting and hateful existence.

The hand placed on Su Mu’s back stiffened slightly, and Shi Ran’s voice revealed a bit of distress, “It’s all over.”

Su Mu closed his eyes, seeming to restrain the emotions that he was about to lose control over. After a while, he opened his eyes and said: “After killing him, I found a book, and no one knows about this.”

Su Mu lied very naturally, but Shi Ran was not a fool. Two fingers pinched Su Mu’s smooth chin, forcing him to look up at himself, and said, “Do you think I will believe you?”

Looking directly at Shi Ran who had a controlling hold on him, his eyes did not flinch at all, but mocked: “So you only believe in what you are willing to believe.”

“I believe in my own judgment.” Shi Ran said: “You are lying to me.”

“So what kind of rhetoric does Emperor Shi think that is not lying to you?” Su Mu asked back.

Shi Ran no longer quibbled with Su Mu on this issue, because he would not believe what Su Mu said. He ordered someone to take brush, ink, paper and inkstone in front of Su Mu, and said without any room for refusal: “Write down everything you know.”


Su Mu broke away from Shi Ran’s arms very simply, picked up the brush and started writing without hesitation.

Shi Ran’s eagle-like eyes stared at his wrist and did not flicker even once. When Su Mu finished writing the first character, Shi Ran’s grim expression loosened slightly; when Su Mu finished writing a row of words, a crack appeared on Shi Ran’s face; when Su Mu wrote a complete piece of paper, the corners of Shi Ran’s mouth had already started to twitch.

Su Mu put the finished paper on the side to wait for the ink to dry. When the brush dipped in ink was about to land on the second brand-new paper, Su Mu’s hand which was holding the brush was grasped by a bigger hand.

“What are you writing?” Shi Ran picked up the piece of paper with ghost symbols on it and placed it in front of Su Mu.

Su Mu was not an idiot. After a few years, his skill with the brush had certainly improved, but only a little bit. In addition, Su Mu wrote in the simplified characters commonly used in the Qing Kingdom. So, for Shi Ran to understand…..there was still some difficulty.

Su Mu, who had always been very clear that his own handwriting was atrocious, rubbed his nose in embarrassment, and said, “How about I recite, and you can find someone to record it yourself.”

Shi Ran stared at Su Mu, squeezed the paper into a ball and threw it on the ground, then replaced Su Mu on the seat with himself, and said in a dangerous tone: “Recite.”

Su Mu didn’t care, he found a comfortable seat opposite Shi Ran, took a bite of a piece of cake, and said: “This book is called “Longevity Dream”. The first person to be mentioned is named Marx, which means to restrain oneself and return to the rites as well as to think thrice before acting…..Practice is the basis of knowledge: practice is the source of knowledge, practice is the driving force for the development of knowledge, practice is the only criterion for testing the truth of knowledge, and practice is the ultimate goal of knowledge…..”

Although it sounded reasonable, Shi Ran still felt that this cunning little fox was fooling him. He put the brush on the brush holder, then looked at Su Mu who was still babbling, and said in a deep voice, “Stop. “

“Why, is Emperor Shi tired from writing? How about I write it for you again?” Su Mu looked at the pile of written papers next to Shi Ran, and smiled a little gloatingly, expression clearly not having any intention to help.

Shi Ran was not an ignorant person. These theories were indeed worth thinking about, but his main purpose was not these vague theories, but the actual technology that could be applied.

Su Mu touched his chin and thought back carefully: “Technology…..what kind of technology do you want?”

“Weapons of war.” Shi Ran said without hesitation.

“Okay, then let’s talk about weapons of war.” Su Mu sat up straight and said: “The book records a very powerful weapon, which is the most powerful ultimate weapon in “Longevity Dream”.”

“How powerful is it?” Shi Ran’s eyes showed a hint of enthusiasm. Since it was known as the ultimate weapon, its power must not be too lacking.

Su Mu did not disappoint Shi Ran. When he learned that nuclear weapons could destroy the whole of Qing Kingdom in an instant without using a single soldier, Shi Ran’s first reaction was, “Impossible!”

“How could there be such a weapon in this world!” Shi Ran, who had always been confident and powerful, couldn’t help but lose his calm, the eyes that looked at Su Mu full of suspicion and killing intent.

If the Qing Kingdom had this kind of weapon, or the method to make this kind of weapon!!!

For the first time, Shi Ran felt feelings of fear towards a person.

With self-satisfaction, Su Mu looked at Shi Ran who was bluffed by him. He poured a cup of tea to moisturize his dry throat, and continued: “Nothing is impossible, I will draw it for you.”

Then Su Mu wrote down all the principles of nuclear bombs he knew, as well as the various data, for Shi Ran.

Of course, these were only simple theories that could not be simpler. After all, in his previous life he was not a scientist who built nuclear bombs.

At the end, Shi Ran’s hands holding the paper were shaking. He thought that all this was a scam made up by Su Mu, but when Su Mu explained the above terms to him and stuffed a set of theories into his mind, his defense line had long been unable to hold on and collapsed by the impact.

Could a scam be so complete to the extent that it encompassed the entire societal system?

Shi Ran didn’t believe these things were really written in the book called “Longevity Dream”; at this moment, he only wanted to know one thing.

“Is that world real?” Shi Ran’s sharp eyes stared at Su Mu, like a beast with a raised mane, revealing sharp fangs that inspired fear in people.

Su Mu looked at Shi Ran’s eyes full of intense emotions, and said without hesitation: “Yes.”

Su Mu never thought that his previous life was just a dream.

The sky had darkened completely, and the candles had been changed several times, but Shi Ran didn’t have any intention to rest at all.

Zheng Jiu, who was wrapped in cloth bandages all over, looked at Shi Ran’s room suspiciously, and asked: “Why hasn’t His Majesty slept despite it being so late? Tomorrow, we will still have to face the Qing Kingdom’s chase. How about…..who among you will go and persuade His Majesty?”

None of the guards sitting across from Zheng Jiu answered.

Qing Kingdom, imperial palace.

The voice of Yun Feiyu was like the sound of winter wind, which caused a deep chill in all who heard it.

“Send a letter to Emperor Shi, if he dares to touch a hair on our Crown Prince’s head, then the whole Shi Kingdom will be buried with him!”

Hu Yuan looked at the bloodshot eyes of Yun Feiyu, and after thinking about it, he said, “Brother Yun, intimidation probably won’t have much effect on Emperor Shi.”

Yun Feiyu’s gaze fell on Hu Yuan, as if countless icy arrows were aimed at his back, making his hair stand on end.

“This is not intimidation, it is a fact. In addition, Sun Hongyu has returned from the Shi Kingdom to the Wu Kingdom. He and Emperor Shi may have reached some kind of cooperation.”

Yun Feiyan frowned and said: “Could he have joined hands with Emperor Shi to deal with us?”

Lin Siyuan shook his head and said: “It is not possible for the time being. There is still Sun Hongyi in the Wu Kingdom who has not been removed. Sun Hongyu should not be able to get away for the time being, unless he doesn’t want the throne anymore.”

The knuckles under his sleeves were white because of how tightly he clenched his fingers. Yun Feiyu’s eyes were deep, and he said firmly: “Sun Hongyi is not Sun Hongyu’s opponent. We must be ready to be besieged by the Shi Kingdom and the Wu Kingdom. Whoever dares to attack, then whoever will be met with destruction!”

Towards the rapid development of the Qing Kingdom, the technologies provided by the Crown Prince were indispensable, and now those technologies presented a piece of fat meat in the eyes of other countries.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The whereabouts of the Crown Prince were still unknown, the Shi Kingdom and the Wu Kingdom were ready to make their moves. Yun Feiyu felt a constricting hold on his heart, and he wanted nothing more than to send troops to the Shi Kingdom immediately and capture Shi Ran.

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