After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 094 Follow-up

After the police confirmed the crime of misappropriation of public funds by Accountant Xu and her husband, the first thing they did was to recover the stolen money. Because of the solid evidence, the house under Qian Guihua’s name was directly checked by the court. The Accountant Xu couple were sentenced to three years in prison for misappropriating public funds. Qian Guihua was sentenced to one year in prison for the crime of harboring criminals. As for dean Tao, because during the investigation of the case, the Xu couple kept a firm bite on dean Tao, insisting that dean Tao was an insider, and each account also has dean Tao’s signature.

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Despite learning in the subsequent investigation that dean Tao was indeed deceived, during her tenure as the dean of the Red Star Orphanage, the fact that the Accountant Xu couple was able to embezzle a total of 1.07 million yuan in public funds…..a crime of dereliction of duty could not be escaped.

Dean Tao was hit hard by this. She didn’t expect that the Accountant Xu couple she trusted the most would be such people. Nor did she expect that the Xu couple would try to place the blame on her. However, more consideration was placed on herself and her mistakes, which caused a deficit of more than one million in the accounts of the orphanage.

On the Internet, many netizens have been paying attention to this matter. As the investigation of the case progressed, all the truth came to light. During this period, dean Tao was also questioned whether she had joined hands with the Accountant Xu couple to embezzle the orphanage’s donations.

After all, dean Tao was the dean of the orphanage, and every account and expense of the orphanage was signed by dean Tao. In other words, dean Tao was at least aware of it. Since she was aware of it, was it possible that she was also an accomplice?

In the face of doubts from netizens, Tao Mu directly asked FlyNews Entertainment to disclose all the property status under the name of dean Tao——in fact, there was nothing to disclose. Dean Tao did not own a house and had always lived in the orphanage. She also had no savings, and all her monthly salary was used to subsidize the orphanage. She also had no relatives, and over these many years she only got along with the old neighbors around the orphanage. She didn’t even have one good set of clothes. Tao Mu bought her her only down winter jacket. When dean Tao’s wardrobe was opened, most of the clothes in it were the styles of more than ten years ago. Some clothes were even washed of their original style and color.

Such a solitary and impoverished person, if you say that she had embezzled public funds, then there should at least be some evidence. At least be able to say what she did with the embezzled public funds.

In the previous life, dean Tao was slandered by the black-hearted developer and the Xu couple. The black-hearted developer directly credited dean Tao’s bank account with more than one million yuan bit by bit. And the Accountant Xu couple took the opportunity to transfer the deficiencies to dean Tao. The facts were there, and dean Tao couldn’t argue against it at all.

And the Accountant Xu couple became witnesses because of their merits in exposing the corruption. In the end, although they were sentenced to three years imprisonment, the sentence was suspended. Whereas dean Tao was sentenced to ten years in prison for embezzling public funds and accepting a huge amount of bribes.

In this life, under Tao Mu’s advance arrangements, although dean Tao also experienced a wave of doubts and false accusations, in the end there was no danger. She finally did what she believed, “the truth speaks for itself.”

Even so, dean Tao had become depressed recently and even got seriously sick. Fortunately, after knowing the truth, Xiaoheng Capital held a press conference again, and publicly announced Xiaoheng Capital’s decision to still establish a Red Star Charity Fund. Additionally, the more than one million yuan embezzled by the Xu couple also returned to the account of the Red Star Orphanage.

Dean Tao was finally able to cheer up a bit, she still had to take care of the children in the orphanage after all.

But once bitten by a snake, dean Tao experienced the betrayal and bite of the Xu couple, and she knew that the fact she had no financial knowledge really interfered with things. So she did not dare to take over the accounts of the orphanage again, nor did she dare to find outsiders to take care of the accounts.

The final decision after discussing with Tao Mu was to entrust the accounts of the Red Star Charity Fund and the orphanage to Xiaoheng Capital. In order to avoid trouble, Tao Mu simply proposed that the accounts of all donations be made public to the whole society.

In other words, Xiaoheng Capital would register an official account on in the name of the Red Star Charity Fund. This account would be specifically used to publish the ins and outs of each donation to the Red Star Charity Fund, as well as the orphanage’s accounts. All the funds and expenses would be put on the Internet and accept the supervision of the public.

This was also because the matter of the Red Star Orphanage had become too big. Tao Mu was committed to charity, but he was worried that after the netizens experienced the misappropriation of public funds by the Accountant Xu couple, they would question the charity fund of the Red Star Orphanage and even Xiaoheng Capital. After all, there were many examples of using philanthropy to earn money for oneself. Even charitable funds led by many celebrities would frequently explode scandals such as “fraud” and “funding loopholes”.

Although Tao Mu believed in himself and also believed in Li Xiaoheng’s professional ethics. But he didn’t necessarily believe in the person who did the job below. Moreover, it was such a rare opportunity——since Xiaoheng Capital had been pushed to the forefront of the public eye due to taking over the accounts of the Red Star Orphanage and the decision to establish the Red Star Charity Fund, it was better to take this opportunity to make a big show. Directly push forward a selfless and upright image of Xiaoheng Capital to the public.

One must know that Xiaoheng Capital was a financial investment company. And in the business of financial investment, credit was often more important than capital itself.

Sure enough, when the Red Star Charity Fund announced that it would make public all funds and expenses on its official account registered on, domestic netizens instantly boiled over. Even the lauded reputation of Xiaoheng Capital had been pushed to the top.

When Tao Mu announced this matter, he did not forget to let and the charity event organized by, which were mainly made up by Beijing Film students, to rub off on the heat.

He once again invited Li Xiaoheng to the program and asked Li Xiaoheng to represent Xiaoheng Capital, and solemnly announced that the Red Star Charity Fund would register an official account on, opening its financial account to the whole society, and accept the decision of the whole society to supervise. He also asked dean Tao to read the bank account number of the Red Star Orphanage in front of the camera, telling netizens and viewers who would like to donate that money could be credited to this account.

Previously when Tao Mu wanted to deal with the Xu couple, he took advantage of the enthusiasm for Beijing Film students participating in public welfare activities. Now the case of the Accountant Xu couple embezzling public funds, as well as Xiaoheng Capital’s establishment of the Red Star Charity Fund, which took over the accounts of the Red Star Orphanage and would publish the accounts on, had obviously become more popular than public welfare activities by Beijing Film students. So now Tao Mu turned around and had the public welfare activities by Beijing Film students rub the heat of the former. Anyway, no matter what was rubbing what, the water would not flow into the outsiders’ fields.

Of course, the happiest people were the Beijing Film students who signed to participate in charity activities. After this whole matter, at least they could become more familiar in front of netizens.

And also because the news of the Red Star Orphanage had caused intense repercussions in society. There were even TV stations who had taken the initiative to find to negotiate the broadcasting rights of the program. As a result, the Beijing Film students who participated in charity activities also got a chance to show their face on TV. And it was to appear in front of the audience with such a positive image, naturally winning the audience’s good impression.

Fortunately, Tao Mu planned to keep doing this charity show. Otherwise, based on this, the Beijing Film students would even get in a fight for a spot among the permanent guests of the show.

When the influence of this charity program was getting bigger and bigger, there were even many celebrities who signaled their own brokerage companies or agents to take the initiative to contact FlyNews Entertainment to discuss the recording of the program and publicize their new works.

The first person to eat the main dish was naturally Guo Yaning, a domestic A-list actress. She had @ Tao Mu even before the show started, and said that she could participate in the recording of the show. After all has been said and done, it was not like she could go back on her words. Moreover, the show recorded by happened to be at its hottest stage, and add to the fact that February 14th was the day when her new album was released, Guo Yaning must naturally go attend the show.

After Guo Yaning participated in the next episode of the show, it also caused an intense response outside the entertainment circle. First of all, because of Guo Yaning’s identity and influence, some entertainment fans who were not concerned about current affairs suddenly came into contact with this charity event that had been renamed “Joining Hands To Give Love” by Tao Mu.

Regardless of the times, things that were truly positive could always affect a numb mind and heart. When Guo Yaning came to record the show, what she thought in her heart was just to do a show. The main thing was to interact with Tao Mu, to support Tao Mu’s work, and by the way, to promote her new album to be released in February.

However, when Guo Yaning and her team really came into contact with the children of the Red Star Orphanage, and felt the atmosphere of doing charity seriously, Guo Yaning’s mindset changed. She offered to donate one hundred thousand yuan on the program. This one hundred thousand yuan would be used to buy new clothes for the children. She also wanted to take the children to the amusement park for a day.

The reason why such a fund was to be used like this was because Guo Yaning’s new album which she talked about when recording the show, had the theme of first love and nostalgia and one of the MVs was shot in the amusement park. In the chilly winter air, she had to wear thin clothes and sit on a wooden merry-go-round horse, practically freezing her butt of.

Guo Yaning related this anecdote to appear more approachable and more grounded in the show. Sure enough, after she said these words, the group of Beijing Film students laughed, including the permanent guests of the program group. Only the children in the orphanage looked at Guo Yaning with eager eyes and asked what kind of fun things were there in an amusement park.

None of them had been to the amusement park.

In the face of the children’s eager and clear eyes, Guo Yaning was moved instantly. Then on an impulse, she stopped following the original script. But her impulsiveness at this moment turned out to have a good effect. Since her debut, Guo Yaning had been relying on gossip hype and various operations condemned by the public to maintain her red and black popularity. Despite getting the popularity she was after, her negative image in the minds of the people had also been shaped.

This time, Guo Yaning took the initiative to devote herself to charity activities. During the filming of the show, she showed various sides of her true self, which immediately infected many viewers. The negative image suddenly improved a lot. In addition, Guo Yaning was also at the juncture of changing her image, and this kind of change in audience relationship was undoubtedly beneficial.

Originally, Guo Yaning only wanted to win over Tao Mu and promote her new work on the way, so her managing team did not expect this unexpected joy. Overjoyed, Zhou Fengxuan immediately decided to make a donation of at least 100,000 yuan to the Red Star Orphanage every year in the future.

Guo Yaning also sponsored a child in the orphanage, the child who blinked with innocent big eyes and asked her what kind of fun things were there in the amusement park.

However, the biggest beneficiaries were of course and Xiaoheng Capital. Tao Mu directly attached Xiaoheng Capital’s name at the beginning of the show, and Xiaoheng Capital changed from a participant of the show to a sponsor. As this program became more and more popular in the country, with more and more viewers, more and more praise and word of mouth, Xiaoheng Capital’s reputation in the country also got bigger and bigger.

Although it was only an investment company that had not completely shifted its investment focus to China. However, Xiaoheng Capital’s previous record in the international market was well known in the industry. It was originally a great white shark crossing the ocean with majestic power, so coupled with Tao Mu’s push, even people who did not engage in investment or finance knew that there was such an investment company called Xiaoheng Capital. The boss was particularly good and the company was particularly reliable.

In the words of later years, Xiaoheng Capital had completely walked out of the (financial) circle.

There was simply no need for the market research department and investment department of Xiaoheng Capital to take the initiative to investigate the new market. Good investment projects came knocking one by one. Most of these people were start-ups. They possessed projects, ideas and capabilities but just no money. They wanted to find financing channels, but were worried about finding an unreliable financing partner that would throw them in a hole. Now that Xiaoheng Capital suddenly showed up in public sight, these people didn’t have to think about finding other financing partners.

Anyway, Xiaoheng Capital’s business was on a big level and did not lack money, moreover its reputation was also pretty good. It was estimated that it would cherish its feathers and not do anything to kill chickens just to collect the eggs…..alrighty then, it’ll be you.

All of a sudden, good project plans were like cooked ducks, flapping their wings and flying into Xiaoheng Capital’s cooking pot. Such luck was too enviable, making people full of jealousy and hate!

Li Xiaoheng had always trusted his partner’s ability to stir up things. Starting from Tao Mu’s intention to deal with the Xu couple, step by step, steadily and orderly, like a spider forming a web, pushing the prey to meet its death and end step by step.

When Li Xiaoheng first made his move, he just wanted to do Tao Mu a favor. However, what he didn’t expect was that Xiaoheng Capital would actually become the biggest beneficiary in this incident.

But this was also Tao Mu’s style of doing things——when he worked with others he never disappointed his partners. A win-win situation was just the basis of cooperation, and maximizing benefits was what Tao Mu wanted and was best at.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Tao Mu’s joint venture between FlyNews and Xiaoheng Capital immediately made the entire financial circle extremely jealous. Suddenly, don’t know how many investment companies and financial institutions secretly contacted FlyNews Entertainment, expressing secretly that they also wanted to play happily with

However, Tao Mu really had no intention of stirring up anything more lately——because the end of the term was approaching. He had to prepare for the end of term drama performance with his classmates.

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