Back To The Beginning Of Ming To Do Charity CH 139 To Kindly Accept

The battle report from Huangzhou arrived.

Looking at the battle report, Lin Yuan’s expression became serious.

Although they won, they paid a considerable price, and Chen Youliang managed to escape with his confidante and men. At the moment, they only know that the direction he fled to was Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Jiangsu and Zhejiang were now Fang Guozhen’s territories. He was appointed by the Yuan Dynasty as the Left Chancellor of the Jiangzhe area and conferred the title Duke of Qu, but Fang Guozhen obviously did not regard the Yuan court as his strongest backing.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

There were rumors that Fang Guozhen had supporters in Anfeng.

It seemed that Fang Guozhen was familiar with the truth that one should not put all the eggs in a basket.

His life was the egg, and the Yuan court and Anfeng were different baskets.

Lin Yuan put down the report and said to the soldier who delivered the report: “Have them come back.”

After they had finished recuperating, it was time to go to Anfeng.

After winning Anfeng, he could directly march to Dadu.

He would not give the Yuan court any chance to escape, and would not give them a chance to re-establish themselves.

The centipede goes on wriggling even when it’s already dead. (TN: old institutions die hard)

Lin Yuan did not plan to leave the Yuan court to make trouble for himself.

When Chen Baisong came back, he was in a bad mood. He had a dark expression almost all day long. He would go discuss with his subordinates whenever he had time every day, and his subordinates could not help but complain.

For the soldiers, this expedition was a victory, but for Chen Baisong, if he didn’t capture Chen Youliang alive, if he didn’t cut off Chen Youliang’s head, it was considered a failure.

He failed the young master’s trust in him.

All along, it was the young master who tolerated him and empowered him.

How could he not know what people outside think of him? Everyone thought that because he was the young master’s nanny brother, his merits would always be worth more than others. So he could only use military merits to prove those people wrong again and again.

Chen Baisong was dueling with people in the martial arts training field. He only wore a pair of trousers and held a spear in his hand.

His muscles were strong and compact. This was the physique obtained from real experience shedding blood and sweat on the battlefield. The spear was wielded like a dragon, and the head of the spear flashed with cold light. Each and every move went straight for the enemy’s throat, Chen Baisong’s eyes were calm when the spearhead finally rested on his subordinate’s throat.

The other threw away his weapon.

The soldiers outside the field cheered: “General!”

They were proud of having such a general.

Chen Baisong threw the spear aside and walked out with a sinking face.

“General.” His personal guard was holding the kettle. He saw that Chen Baisong was in a bad mood, and he didn’t dare to say anything more. He could only pretend to be carefree, “After coming back this time, it’s likely we will have to go out again soon, right?”

Chen Baisong took the kettle: “En.”

The personal guard said: “It’s spreading all over outside, the South Bodhisattva has taken a concubine.”

Chen Baisong’s hand paused and he looked at his personal guard.

The personal guard smiled without noticing anything: “Didn’t I say it, the South Bodhisattva is also a man, and naturally loves beauties. It’s a good thing there is someone to serve and meet the needs by his side. What are people working hard towards in this life? It’s to have a wife and children to warm your home. When the South Bodhisattva has children, we will all be at ease.”

They all hoped that Lin Yuan could live for a long time, but obviously this was not possible. People must all die, and life would eventually come to an end.

Therefore, Lin Yuan leaving behind a bloodline could be considered in another sense, Lin Yuan living for a long time.

The personal guard also said: “I heard that she is an orphan who fled to Haozhou, but now she has gained the blessings of the South Bodhisattva. Don’t know how many lifetimes of cultivation resulted in such a blessing.”

Chen Baisong smiled: “It’s a good thing.”

But he still pursed his lips.

Was the woman who appeared at this time, the woman who appeared next to Lin Yuan, really just a simple woman?

Chen Baisong took a sip of water and walked forward.

The personal guard ran to keep up: “General, where are you going?”

Chen Baisong: “I’m going to see the South Bodhisattva.”

He needed to know whether Lin Yuan really loved that woman, or whether that woman was more than just a woman.

The young master had always been smarter than him, and it was impossible for the young master to not discover something that even he could think of.

When Lin Yuan learned that Chen Baisong asked to see him, he only put on an outer robe and walked out of the room.

“Why in such a hurry, the sky has darkened.” Lin Yuan walked to the opposite of Chen Baisong and sat on a chair. His face was tired. It had been a long, long time since he had had a good night’s sleep. He often felt worried. But there was no reason for this worry, and it was clear that everything was now moving in a good direction.

He had plenty of food and grass rations, sophisticated weapons, strong and loyal soldiers, and a more and more supportive population.

From any point of view, he had an advantage.

But he still felt anxious, as if there was a voice in his ears, urging him to hurry up, and hurry up some more.

Anxiety was everywhere.

Chen Baisong poured Lin Yuan a cup of milk tea. This was a drink made with fresh milk and tea. But the tea was expensive, so the quantity was small. Lin Yuan didn’t like luxury and enjoyment, so he didn’t drink it much.

Chen Baisong asked: “I heard that the young master took a concubine.”

The expression on Lin Yuan’s face remained the same, still as tired as ever: “Someone has sent her to me with great pains, and I should at least accept it so as not to hurt their feelings.”

Chen Baisong said: “I’m afraid she’s a spy, and I’m also afraid it will harm the young master.”

Lin Yuan shook his head: “I’m actually afraid she’s not a spy. It would be more convenient if she is a spy. She is alone and although she has ears and eyes, she is no different from a blind or deaf person. Whatever I want to tell her to see and hear, it’s all up to me.”

“I let her know all the news she sent out.”

“At that time, the rats in the gutter will all be wiped out.”

Chen Baisong looked at Lin Yuan. Lin Yuan had his eyes closed when he said this. He leaned on the chair and didn’t drink the cup of milk tea.

“Go back to sleep, you have been tired these days.” Lin Yuan rubbed his eyes, “Big brother is guarding in Huangzhou, Chen Youliang should have fled to Fang Guozhen’s territory, and when the time comes you will have to ask your capable subordinates to escort the people I send to go see Fang Guozhen.”

“Fang Guozhen is a smart man and knows what to choose.”

Lin Yuan suddenly opened his eyes.

No, although Chen Youliang went to Fang Guozhen, and it looked like Fang Guozhen was strong while Chen Youliang was weak.

But this was not definite.

Now he could only hope that Fang Guozhen’s brain could be used in the right place.

Don’t let Chen Youliang occupy the nest instead.

Chen Baisong walked out of Lin Yuan’s residence. The night was as dark as the deep waters. He walked on the stone road with moss growing out of the cracks and the sound of insects in his ears. Chen Baisong walked out of the manor without expression and rode on his horse. He could feel the wind blowing in his ears when he was riding his horse.

The young master had changed, changed too much, and he didn’t know whether this change was good or bad.

He returned to the military camp, the torches were still lit, and the soldiers on patrol saluted him.

Chen Baisong handed the reins to a soldier, and ordered him to carefully feed the horse.

Back in his tent, Chen Baisong stayed awake all night.

Yu Bi was now waiting on Lin Yuan in his bedroom. She was ready, but Lin Yuan still did not touch her, but this did not discourage her. Although she did not come to be favored, many news could only be learned when favored.

So even if Lin Yuan didn’t touch her, she still must make Lin Yuan love her. Even if this love couldn’t last long, and even if she would definitely die after this love dissipated, she must make the gamble.

Her sisters who were originally in Haozhou rushed to Hanyang after hearing the news.

Yu Bi had a troubled expression when she was waiting on Lin Yuan to change his clothes.

Lin Yuan asked her: “What’s the matter? Having such a bitter face, who has wronged you?”

Yu Bi quickly said: “It’s just a small matter and not to be worried about. If you worry about it, it will be the fault of this concubine.”

Lin Yuan smiled: “You don’t have to be so courteous, you are part of my family. If you have something to say, just say it.”

Yu Bi said: “When I was in Haozhou, I also met a few sisters. Now they heard that Hanyang is good, so they want to come to Hanyang, but this concubine can’t find a place to settle them…..”

She massaged Lin Yuan’s temples, and Lin Yuan closed his eyes and said, “Let them come here. Just live in your yard, so that you can have people to talk to often. I’ve been busy and tired these days, and I don’t have time to accompany you. “

Yu Bi quickly thanked him.

She herself couldn’t believe that Lin Yuan would agree.

Maybe…..Lin Yuan really loved her a little bit?

Otherwise, how could he give her status, and how could he be so considerate towards her.

But towards this sincerity, she was destined to be unworthy of.

Yu Bi’s sisters were quickly brought over. They were brought to Yu Bi’s yard and found that Yu Bi’s daily food and clothing were better than when they were girls at home. Yu Bi enjoyed good fortune in Hanyang, while they endured hardship in Haozhou.

The originally slender delicate hands were now rough and calloused from work.

When they looked at Yu Bi, the look in their eyes had become different.

But they were different from Yu Bi in that Yu Bi could not leave here, but they could come and go occasionally. Yu Bi told them what she had learned, and they would then go to tell the spies their master had placed in Hanyang.

Lin Yuan told Yu Bi that after having taken down Hanyang and Huangzhou one after another, it had consumed a lot of soldiers and food. If there was an enemy attack at this time, they would be meat on the chopping board and could only be slaughtered.

When Hama received these secret reports, he immediately called over his confidante.

Now that the court was in decline, so many years of suppressing the rebels have put them in a miserable state.

But if they could win Hanyang in one fell swoop and capture the Southern King alive, they would still have a chance to make a comeback.

But though the gain was great, the cost would also be great.

If they lost this time, they would truly never be able to stand up again.

The confidante said to Hama: “My lord, this is indeed an opportunity, I’m just afraid that this source…..”

Hama: “Don’t worry about this, my foster daughter is quite favored by the Southern King now.”

Men, they couldn’t escape alcohol and sex, and they wouldn’t be wary of their own women.

Hama: “What we have to do now is to convince the emperor and decide the general who will lead the expedition.”

How to convince the emperor?

Ha Ma frowned.

The imperial court having reached the present stage, no one wanted to watch the great Yuan people really be driven out of the Central Plains. They finally occupied this rich and fertile land and now they must go back to live the days before entering the borders. How could they accept this?

The Central Plains were too wonderful…..

Lin Yuan received news from Haozhou, Gaoyou these days. Many nearby Mongols had come over seeking shelter. After a long period of observation, they chose to become Lin Yuan’s citizens.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

They could also see that the court was about to come to its end.

But they didn’t want to be driven out like the court, they didn’t want to go back to living the old days.

Lin Yuan kindly accepted them all.

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