The Cruel Tyrant CH 124 Nonsense

As night fell, the candlelight was lit. Su Mu pushed off his clothes, sunk into the warm water until the water surface reached pink lips that were as attractive as blooming flowers.

Suddenly, a hot line of sight passed through the gently floating gauze curtain, causing Su Mu to get goose bumps.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Su Mu leaned against the edge of the tub with his eyelids half closed. He felt that his head was a little sore and that he couldn’t muster up any energy. His voice lazily said to the uninvited guest in the room: “Emperor Shi has really peculiar hobbies.”

He actually liked to do such things as watching others take a bath!

Shi Ran walked to the stool in the room to sit down on long legs, and said to Su Mu who was separated by a layer of gauze: “You are indeed different.”

Su Mu moved his fingers that were soaking in warm water, and said: “Although it is true, it doesn’t make me any happy to hear it being said from your mouth.”

Shi Ran looked at Su Mu’s white chest with a stiff face, his eyes hot, “It’s enough that I’m happy.”

Suddenly, an extremely dangerous feeling swept over like a huge wave, the candlelight was pulled to a ninety-degree angle by the wind, and then went out unwillingly.

Shi Ran abruptly stood up. Su Mu’s eyes lit up, picked up the clothes next to the tub and put them on quickly before walking out of the house.

Under the night sky, water waves cut the reflection of the waning moon, and all the sounds of insects and bird calls disappeared in an instant. A tall black figure stood alone on a small boat, gradually drifting towards Su Mu.

“Gu Yunzhou.” Su Mu saw the tall figure on the lake, and his heart suddenly beat faster.

However, this was not entirely due to being touched, it was mainly because Su Mu hadn’t touched a man for a few days. He stared at the man who possessed a cold aura but fiery eyes, and wanted to push him under him immediately…..

A group of people in black appeared silently on and around the house, tightly surrounding Shi Ran and Su Mu, watching Gu Yunzhou vigilantly.

These people were exactly the group of people in black that Su Mu encountered in the woods a few days ago.

At this time, several small boats floated behind Gu Yunzhou, and a man in black with a similar aura to the black clothed man in front of Shi Ran appeared behind Gu Yunzhou.

Standing behind Gu Yunzhou, Xiao Yi looked at the black-clothed leader in front of Shi Ran with murderous intent and said: “Xia Chengjun, for the sake of once having been fellow sect members, give up your sword and surrender. I will then beg the Pavilion Master to let you go.”

The black-clothed leader in front of Shi Ran looked coldly at Gu Yunzhou and Xiao Yi and said: “The dignified lord of Lingyun Pavilion is willing to become the male pet of the crown prince of a small country! Such great shame! You may afford to lose such face, but I refuse to!”

What was a great shame?

Su Mu was annoyed. Standing behind the railings upstairs, he said to Shi Ran beside him: “I wonder how much effort Emperor Shi has gone to? You actually bought one of the twelve Tower Masters of Lingyun Pavilion, but Emperor Shi must be careful, I’m very rich, maybe someday Xia Chengjun will become a person on my side.”

Shi Ran withdrew his icy gaze from the surface of the lake, and a determined smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, “It doesn’t matter, you are mine anyway.”

The dark eyes of Gu Yunzhou, who stood quietly on the surface of the lake, suddenly burst with astonishing killing intent. Even though they were far apart, for the peerless martial artist Gu Yunzhou, it was not difficult to hear the words spoken between Su Mu and Shi Ran.

The ordinary looking iron sword was pulled out by a pair of big powerful hands, and an incomparable sword energy broke through the lake, carrying an irresistible destructive force towards Shi Ran.

Not good!

Su Mu hurriedly supported the railing in front of him and jumped downstairs.


There was a loud noise, and Su Mu knew that the building behind him had been destroyed without having to look at it. Gu Yunzhou liked to do the same thing when he was in the Qing Kingdom’s imperial palace. Regardless of what was in front of him, he would just dismantle it with his sword.

Su Mu got up from the grass and stretched out his hand to pat the grass clippings on his clothes.

Suddenly, a gleam of silver light appeared in the corner of his eyes, followed by a trace of coldness on his neck, which caused Su Mu to immediately stop all his movements and looked sideways at Shi Ran, who was holding the knife to his neck.

Shi Ran turned his gaze away from Su Mu’s fragile and white neck, and said to Gu Yunzhou who was standing on the boat: “If you take a step forward, I will chop off his finger.”

Xiao Yi saw that a blue vein popped on Gu Yunzhou’s right hand holding the iron sword, and the muscles at the corners of his mouth moved uncontrollably.

Then, Gu Yunzhou could only watch Shi Ran and Su Mu disappear from his sight. After a while, the water in the lake, with him in the center, suddenly jumped like a frightened little rabbit.

Xiao Yi secretly got a bad feeling, and he hurriedly greeted others to abandon the boat and flee, flying to the shore.

As soon as he landed on his feet, he heard an explosion that seemed to shake the sky behind him, and even the ground under his feet trembled for a while.

Looking back, Gu Yunzhou’s figure had already disappeared, the clear lake had turned into a turbid yellow, and countless dead fish floated to the surface with their belly turned over.

The next day, after the heavy rain, the blue sky was clear as if it had been washed. Su Mu squinted at the dazzling sunlight above his head and felt a little pain in his head. The carriage jolted and Su Mu immediately shouted, “Stop.”

The carriage stopped, Su Mu lifted the curtains, and the guards on both sides of the carriage immediately stared at him dangerously.

Shi Ran’s tall figure appeared in Su Mu’s line of sight, and his moist eyes appeared confused, and then quickly recovered its clarity. He looked at Shi Ran vigilantly and asked, “Where is this? Who are you?”

Shi Ran showed a hint of surprise, then his expression quickly cooled down, “Don’t play tricks with me.”

Su Mu looked at the surrounding environment and said with a sneer: “Which opponent is so weird? Actually doing something like role-playing.”

Shi Ran frowned. They were still in the Qing Kingdom and he did not want to be besieged by the Qing Kingdom’s army. He said to the guards on both sides of the Su Mu carriage: “Go.”

“Wait.” Su Mu jumped off the carriage and looked at Shi Ran with cold eyes: “Let me go right away, and I will give you five million dollars for your hard work and you won’t be held accountable. If within 20 hours my assistant cannot contact me, the entire police force will go on a search and you will also be the subject of a world-wide pursuit by the Hua’an International Security Company.”

Everyone looked at Su Mu in confusion, not knowing what he was talking about. Shi Ran had a suspicion in his heart, and he asked Zheng Jiu, who was standing behind him with bandages on his body, “Is it a side effect of the Mind Dizzying Fragrance?”

The light golden eyes looked at Su Mu uncertainly, and said: “Mind Dizzying Fragrance will help me control people’s minds, and it will indeed confuse people’s memories.”

Shi Ran nodded, staring at Su Mu with eagle-like eyes, and said in a dangerous voice: “Get in the carriage.”

Su Mu gave Shi Ran a cold look, turned and walked into the carriage. The curtains were lifted again and Shi Ran also got into the carriage and sat in front of Su Mu, staring fixedly at Su Mu with brown eyes. He said: “Su Mochi.”

Su Mu wondered: “Who is that? There is no such person in the Su family. Since you have kidnapped the wrong person, you should release me immediately. I will give you a generous reward.”

Shi Ran snorted softly, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and he said: “Sun Hongyu agreed with me to send troops to the Qing Kingdom at the same time on the sixth day of next month. I want to see just how long you can keep up this nonsense.”

“Qing Kingdom? Didn’t I just return to China?” Su Mu was taken aback, as if trying to recall something.

“China?” Shi Ran looked at Su Mu with dangerous eyes, “Who are you?”

Shi Ran didn’t trust Su Mu, even though the Mind Dizzying Fragrance had the side effect of confusing memories.

Moreover, if Su Mu really lost his memory, then he would not be able to get the knowledge on technology in Su Mu’s head.

Su Mu’s sharp eyes looked at Shi Ran alertly and said: “Su Mu, CEO of Hua Sheng Group.”

Shi Ran understood the meaning of each word, but it was somewhat difficult to understand the meaning after connecting them together.

At this time, the voice of a guard sounded outside the moving carriage, “Your Majesty, a letter from General Duanmu.”

Shi Ran lifted the curtain of the carriage and reached out to take the yellow envelope, and opened it in front of Su Mu. After a while, he put down the letter and said to Su Mu: “A hundred thousand troops will arrive at the border of the Qing Kingdom in a month.”

Su Mu looked at him with the eyes of one looking at a lunatic, and said: “Not a mild illness. My company has the most advanced medical equipment and the most professional medical staff. I will give you a 20% discount.”

“It is true that the illness is not mild.” Shi Ran looked at Su Mu and then instructed Zheng Jiu to reduce the dosage of Mind Dizzying Fragrance.

After half a day, Su Mu was taken to a ship by Shi Ran.

This was Xijiang, and the Shi Kingdom, which was downstream, only took at most two days by ship to travel to. The scenery on both sides of the strait gradually receded, and Su Mu frowned slightly.

Shi Ran sat in the ship casually, his eyes locked on Su Mu tightly like a beast, “Are you waiting for your male pets to save you? We are about to leave the country, so here is their only chance.”

Suddenly, Su Mu turned around and looked behind him, and more than a dozen ships were quickly closing in.

At the same time, a cold but particularly seductive voice sounded, “Shi Ran, hand over His Highness, and I will leave you with a whole corpse!”

Su Mu raised his head, listened carefully to this alluring voice, and muttered: “It seems familiar…..”

Liu Xi was dust ridden from travel, his eyes were cold, and his expression held a trace of killing intent. There were faint dark circles under his eyes. Seeing Shi Ran on the ship, he wanted to rush in immediately, commit a bloody massacre and save the Crown Prince.

Shi Ran walked out of the cabin unhurriedly and looked at the chasing soldiers on the water without any expression of surprise.

At the same moment, the people he had already lying in ambush on both sides of the strait immediately showed their figures, shooting arrows at Liu Xi without hesitation.

The arrows rained down, and it was difficult for Liu Xi to move forward. He could only watch Su Mu standing at the front of the bow of the ship that was sailing further and further away from him.

After a while, the more than 100 people Shi Ran had lying in ambush on both sides of the strait were annihilated by the more than 1,000 soldiers Liu Xi temporarily dispatched from Qingyang County, but Liu Xi did not feel any sense of victory, because Su Mu had already disappeared down the billowing river stream under the delay provided by the 100 or so people.

“Damn it!” Liu Xi looked at the empty river in front of him with a frustrated expression, and shouted anxiously: “Hurry up and chase after them!”

After sailing for more than two hours, Su Mu looked at the sandbars exposed on both sides of the strait and a gleam of light flashed in his eyes, and a smile also appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Shi Ran and the others standing on the bow of the ship also noticed something was wrong. Zheng Jiu, whose bandages had still not been removed, said with a puzzled expression: “It’s the rainy season. How can the river surface drop?”

Standing behind Shi Ran, Xia Chengjun looked at Su Mu with a look of hostility, and said: “This is the Qing Kingdom, they must have done something to the Xijiang River.”

Zheng Jiu didn’t believe it and said: “The surface of the river has dropped by at least half. This much water is enough to flood the entire Qing Kingdom, how can it disappear into thin air?”

Shi Ran frowned and was also unable to find answer. He gave Zheng Jiu a look, and Zheng Jiu immediately understood.

The light golden eyes seemed to possess magic, ensnaring Su Mu’s mind. Zheng Jiu’s face was a little pale as he asked Su Mu, who was fixedly looking at him, “Why did the water level of the Xijiang River drop?”

Su Mu truthfully replied: “The Xijiang River changed its course.”

Change course?

Don’t know how many years the Xijiang River had been flowing on this route, how could it suddenly change its course? So much water couldn’t be stored by any country. Zheng Jiu and Xia Chengjun looked at Su Mu in confusion, not knowing what the Qing Kingdom intended.

Only Shi Ran, after thinking about it for a while, his breathing suddenly became hurried, and an unconcealable killing intent flashed in his sharp eyes. Zheng Jiu shuddered when he came into contact with Shi Ran’s bloodthirsty eyes, and immediately asked Su Mu, “Why change the course of the river?”

Su Mu paused, as if searching for the memory in his mind. A moment later he replied: “To dig a canal.”

Since it was to dig a canal, it was not surprising that the water level suddenly dropped. It would not take long for the Xijiang River to resume its usual flow.

Shi Ran didn’t have any expressions on his face, but the right hand held tightly behind him revealed the roiling emotions in his heart. Intuition told him that things were definitely not that simple.

Zheng Jiu said: “Your Majesty, don’t worry too much. It is the rainy and abundant season. Even if the entire Xijiang River dries up, it will not cause too much damage to the downstream.”

Shi Ran had a bad hunch in his heart. This hunch became stronger and stronger with the passage of time and the declining water level of the Xijiang River.

Under Shi Ran’s calm appearance, his brain was rapidly turning.

Half a day later, the water level of the Xijiang River had dropped to the point where it was impossible to sail. Shi Ran had to take the people ashore. The original two-day travel by water was replaced by land and now it would take at least ten days to reach the imperial city of the Shi Kingdom.

Seven days later, the group of people entered the borders of the Shi Kingdom. Along a narrow path, Shi Ran and the others came across a group of miserable refugees in rags.

The clothing styles of each country were different in some details. Shi Ran recognized that these were citizens of his own country at a glance. The situation was not right and under Shi Ran’s orders, a guard stepped forward and stopped the refugees to ask, “This brother, behind is the mountain that borders the Yang Kingdom. There are no people for thousands of miles. Why are you walking into the mountain with nothing?”

Shi Ran’s gaze was like a torch, looking at refugees in thin ragged clothes with barely any luggage. His right hand placed behind him slowly clenched, and his eyes held a trace of cold murderous intent.

Tears immediately flowed down the man’s ashen face when he heard this, and cried: “The whole village and the whole city was flooded. If I hadn’t happened to be hunting in the mountains, I’m afraid I would have drowned long ago as well. My poor parents, my pitiful wife and children,  how can they meet with such a disaster! Heaven has no eyes…..”

The guard’s heart beat fiercely and he glanced at Shi Ran subtly before he continued to ask: “It doesn’t look like it was raining in this area recently. Why is there a sudden flood of water for no reason?”

Recalling the plight of his family, the man sobbed bitterly and could hardly speak coherently. The refugees behind him were also full of grief, and they all showed pained and bitter expressions.

An elder said in tears: “Isn’t it strange indeed? We don’t know where the flood came from. Maybe we have offended a great immortal and they wanted to punish us.”

The old woman next to him wiped her tears and said, “Such a pity about the food still in the ground. When the water washed over, nothing remained. How can we live from now on…..”

Looking at this group of refugees, Su Mu sighed in his heart, and a hint of guilt spread in his heart.

Two hours after parting with the refugees, Su Mu and Shi Ran stood on a higher ground, looking at the city in the distance that was about to be completely submerged by the flood, and said, “It’s a pity, such a big city.”

Shi Ran’s face was as cold and hard as iron, and the anger emanating from his body seems to almost be able turn into tangible substance.

Shi Ran’s guards looked at the flooded land with a pale face, and asked in a panic: “How could this be? How could this be? There hasn’t been a heavy rain in the Shi Kingdom recently! How could such a flood happen?! Where did this water even come from?”

His relatives live in the plains in this area, so how could he be indifferent to this scene in front of him?

Zheng Jiu felt his fingers tremble a little, and his eyes when looking at the calm and unperturbed Su Mu held a trace of hidden awe. He quietly moved away from Su Mu.

The Qing Kingdom’s god of death had a well-deserved reputation indeed!

Su Mu looked at Shi Ran’s dark expression, and his voice, along with the sound of the flooding of life at the foot of the mountain, came into Shi Ran’s ears together.

“Shi Ran, If I am returned to the Qing Kingdom, then the Xijiang River will stop.”

Shi Ran looked at Su Mu with dangerous eyes, and true and serious killing intent completely enveloped Su Mu. His tone was like a bone scraping steel knife in the deep of winter, “Not pretending to have amnesia?”

“The dose of Mind Dizzying Fragrance has been reduced, so I have just recovered.” Su Mu said.

Shi Ran’s gaze fell on Su Mu’s bright eyes, and he could not detect even a trace of murder and brutality in those beautiful eyes, even if hundreds of thousands of people died because of him.

Then, another guard reported to Shi Ran more bad news: “Your Majesty, the flood is raging and unending, and we can’t return to the imperial city for the time being!”

Shi Ran looked at the turbid flood water below him, his Adam’s apple rolling as he spoke in a low voice, “How long have you planned for this flood?”

He had experienced several failures in his life, but not once had he lost more tragically than this time!

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

This time, the Shi Kingdom not only lost hundreds of thousands of people, tens of thousands of hectares of grain and crops that were not harvested were also lost as well.

This loss was too heavy, but Su Mu did not even lose a single soldier!

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