After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 095 Quiz

“Eight hundred parade guards rush to the north slope, artillery soldiers run side by side to the north side…..”

“Steamed lamb, steamed bear paw, steamed deer tail, roasted duck, roasted chicken, roasted goose…..”

“Oh wind, howl, howl…..”

“Yiiiiiiiii~ ahhhhhhh~…..”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Early in the morning, Tao Mu woke up to the voices of his classmates practicing morning exercises.

Wen Bao was leaning on the side of Tao Mu’s bed reciting dish names. Seeing Tao Mu wake up, he patted the bed and said, “Get up quickly. You’re late again for the six o’clock morning exercise.”

“Uh.” Tao Mu squinted his eyes and sat up with the quilt. In the same dorm room, Du Kang stood in front of a large floor-to-ceiling mirror practicing tongue twisters, and Chu Sui’an could be heard reciting poems in the shower. Outside, all kinds of voice and speech training could faintly be heard.

Tao Mu climbed out of the bed, squeezed into the bathroom and released his bladder. It happened that Chu Sui’an also finished his shower, so Tao Mu rushed into the shower and took a military shower. Before six o’clock, the four people in dorm 301 rushed out to the campus field.

It snowed most of the night last night, only clearing in the morning. The boys and girls in the drama department wore heavy down jackets and formed a big circle in the center of the field, doing squats while practicing lines. The weather was extremely cold, and the white mist exhaled from mouths, forming a thin layer of frost. From a distance, it looked like everyone was inhaling and exhaling mist, appearing like they were cultivating immortality.

The teacher in charge of attendance stood by with the watch, and saw that the four people of dorm 301 arrived on the dot again. Instantly he frowned fiercely: “Arriving just in time again? I say, can’t you arrive earlier?”

“Teacher, this is called having a concept of time.” Wen Bao said with a grin.

Just like all teachers like good students, Beijing Film’s teachers are no exception. Wen Bao, the youngest three-award film emperor in the future, had already displayed a staggering talent for acting in the first semester of enrollment. In addition, Wen Bao normally also worked very hard in class, and all the teachers were very impressed by him. As a result, Wen Bao usually got along with the teachers and was relatively able to act more impudent in front of them. For example, smiling and goofing when the teacher lectured them in the attempt to muddle through the lecturing.

Sure enough, after hearing what Wen Bao said, Teacher Zhang, who was in charge of attendance, said nothing more and just pretended to glare ferociously at Wen Bao: “How come you talk so much. Get on line already. Be careful that I won’t let you pass your end of terms.”

Wen Bao grinned and inserted himself into the circle formed by his classmates, and began to do squats and practice his lines. The students around him winked at him. Wen Bao also returned with smirks.

Teacher Zhang saw this in his eyes, but did not speak. He just turned his head and asked Tao Mu: “How are the matters in your orphanage? How is your dean Tao?”

“It’s almost done. Dean Tao is in a good mood now. She has cheered up a lot now.” Tao Mu paused and said straightforwardly, “Sorry for missing so many classes.”

Teacher Zhang shook his head. There was no helping it. Beijing Film did have a lot of classmates who have tried every means to ask for leave from the beginning of their freshman year. However, these students usually go out to film or take on jobs. Later, Beijing Film stipulated that students were not allowed to ask for leave during the freshman and sophomore period, otherwise credits would be deducted, and established the system that freshmen and sophomores must complete the credits before they could pass the year.

However, even so, it still failed to stop the students eagerly sending leave slips. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the school does not favor students who always ask for leave. However, Tao Mu’s situation was different from those of these students. Every time Tao Mu asked for leave, it was for a matter at home or a friend around him.

——For example, when Gou Rixin had a wire accident in H Town and his girlfriend ran away with a huge sum of insurance money, Tao Mu had to take time off to deal with the matter; later Tao Mu had to ask for leave to represent the Song family in Shanghai to deal with the fight between the Song family and the Sheng’an Group that even startled the government officials; then there was the matter of dean Tao being framed which Tao Mu had to ask for more than a week of leave to handle the matter…..

During this period, Tao Mu also repeatedly fell into troubles such as being slandered by misled people and the water army,, and even was affected, but Tao Mu did not ask for leave. He insisted on staying in school, going to class, doing exercises, doing classwork, and completing homework as usual——the only three times he asked for leave were for family and friends, and it was a matter of life and death.

So in this case, even the Beijing Film School, who hated students asking for leave, couldn’t be dissatisfied with Tao Mu. Besides, while Tao Mu’s family affairs were more complicated than others, apart from taking time off to handle the family affairs, he not only did not delay schoolwork, but also helped the school gain publicity, improve reputation and influence, and provide students with opportunities to show themselves. Just for these points, Beijing Film was extremely satisfied with Tao Mu.

Apart from satisfaction, they also felt pity for Tao Mu’s bad luck——feeling that this child really did not have it easy, having to face so many bad things despite barely being an adult. It could only be said that he was having a bad year. Some superstitious teachers in the drama department even quietly signaled Tao Mu in private that he should try burning incense and worshipping Buddha to get rid of the bad luck. Some people even told Tao Mu that he could raise a ghost to turn his luck around. (TN: a Thai practice)

Tao Mu said: “…..”

Fortunately, before the rehearsal of the end of term play, Tao Mu finally finished with his family affairs.

The school leaders and teachers also hoped that Tao Mu could devote all his energy to the rehearsal of the play from now on.

There were a total of 25 students in the Beijing Film ’08 class 1 which Tao Mu was part of. Among them, 12 were boys and 13 were girls. This was exactly the number of people needed to rehearse a big show.

The requirement for the end of term play of the first-year undergraduates of Beijing Film drama department was for each class to produce an original work. The word here did not refer to the kind of funny sketches on the Spring Festival Gala but a small work similar to a stage play. The script required the actors to create by themselves, including lines and plot points. This was mainly to examine the students’ literary and basic skills.

After all, all students have gone through a semester of study and have learned how to write descriptive character portfolios, observation diaries, film reviews, analysis of literature pieces and classic scripts, and so on. The original script for the final exam was to verify the students’ mastery of knowledge——this was an inspection of the students’ basic skills and overall quality. Creating your own scripts and performing your own roles. Professional drama training paid attention to the performance on the stage, and if you wanted to hone your acting skills to a state of proficiency, it was definitely more than just talking in front of the camera and making movements.

So, relatively speaking, the end of term play for the senior grades would be easier. Because the juniors and seniors had gone through the most hell mode basic training, they could directly choose one of the classic scripts to perform.

However, what all the ’08 freshmen did not expect was that the final exam, which was already hellish enough, could be even more hellish this year——not only did they have to write their own scripts and rehearse the play, each student had to perform a physical theatre. And each student had to hand an exam question over to the teacher. When it was acting class, the teacher would call the students to the stage to randomly select from the exam questions and perform them as the students’ personal end of term quiz——it couldn’t be more hellish.

As soon as this decision was announced, all the students in grade ’08 instantly complained and resisted fiercely. However, there was no use at all. The teachers have made a decision to torment the students, so how could they allow these little rascals resist successfully.

Go ahead and yell, either way, you still have to hand in the exam questions when it’s time.

When practicing morning exercises, the students in class 1 of grade ’08 were curious about what exam question Tao Mu had handed in, so they asked Tao Mu during the break.

Tao Mu replied honestly that he just chose a topic about eating noodles. Fairly normal, nothing new.

Instantly there were some who sighed in disappointment. Du Kang, who was practicing push-ups on the field instead of squats, was very excited: “The exam question I gave is particularly innovative. I tell you, none of you can think of it. I don’t think anyone will be able to perform it.”

Facing Du Kang’s proud look, some people were unconvinced: “What exam question can you give? And that no one will be able to perform it? Don’t tell me you want people to perform as an alien?” No one has seen an alien before, so if Du Kang insisted it was not right then they also won’t be able to help it.

“Or is it the kind of schizophrenic character that requires deep analysis?”

“Multiple character performances?”

“Aiya, don’t guess anymore. With just your brains, practically like wood, not creative at all. I already said that you definitely can’t guess!” Du Kang raised his chin proudly: “If you don’t believe it, just look forward to it.”

The group of classmates exchanged doubtful looks. But Du Kang did have a lot of ideas. Everyone was also a little unsure.

As a result, when the acting class arrived, the teacher called them to the stage according to their student number to draw an exam question. Tao Mu’s noodle question was picked up by Wen Bao. It was originally a very simple and nothing new test. So Wen Bao sat in front and directly performed a physical theatre of eating fried noodles with garlic. He didn’t say a word in the whole process, but his solid performance skills made all the students, including the teacher, hungry.

As expected of the future youngest three-award film emperor. This talent for acting was definitely blessed by the gods. Even if Tao Mu had managed to get a film emperor award in his last life after much struggle, Tao Mu still envied and admired Wen Bao’s performance at this moment.

The exam questions drawn by other students were similar. There were performing the opposite sex, performing animals and plants, and performing characters with mental disorders such as multiple personality disorder. Most of them were within the scope of imagination.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

When it was Tao Mu’s turn, Tao Mu took out a small note from the box and handed it to the teacher. Opening it and taking a look——

“An e-sports player who have Parkinson’s disease playing games!”

Tao Mu’s face instantly darkened.

Du Kang, f**k you!

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