The Cruel Tyrant CH 125 Spring Night Part 1

Now, Shi Ran’s will to imprison Su Mu at his side was even stronger. If he couldn’t control him, he would destroy him!

This was what it was truly called producing clouds with one turn of the hand and rain with another! Such a person was too dangerous!

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

In the imperial city of the Qing Kingdom, Yun Feiyu looked tired but continued to seriously read through the memorials. Following the sound of footsteps outside the door, Shi Nuo’s figure appeared in the Imperial Study. Yun Feiyu immediately put down the memorial in his hand, his face calm but his eyes locked on Shi Nuo and asked: “Is there any news from His Highness?”

Shi Nuo handed the letter in his hand to Yun Feiyu and said: “There is news from Liu Gongzi that Shi Ran has broken through the blockade and His Highness has arrived at the border of the Shi Kingdom.”

Although it had been anticipated, Yun Feiyu was still unable to restrain his disappointment. After all, Shi Ran had been operating in these small countries for so many years, how could his power be wiped out in a short period of time?

After Shi Nuo departed, Yun Feiyan, Lin Siyuan, Hu Yuan and the others came to the Imperial Study.

Hu Yuan said: “Feiyu, the Yang Kingdom in the lower reaches of the Gu River of Xijiang has also been affected by floods, and we are asked to give an explanation.”

“Tell them to shut up, this is the explanation!” Yun Feiyu said without a trace of emotion.

What right did the defeated have to question the victor?

“Is this…..appropriate?” Hu Yuan said hesitantly, “After all, there are still Wu and Shi to guard against.”

Yun Feiyu leaned on the desk and rubbed his eyebrows. A pleasant voice flowed in the room, “The Shi Kingdom has become a water kingdom at this moment, and can’t even save itself. Now, the only true enemy is the Wu Kingdom. I will dispatch Han Yang to the northwest border to guard against the Wu Kingdom.”

Yun Feiyu put down his arm and said with a serious look: “In addition, I have already notified Shangguan Hao to have him directly capture the Yang Kingdom and then march into the Shi Kingdom.”

The clear voice was like drops of water dripping into a flaming oil pan, immediately causing an explosion.

Even Lin Siyuan looked at Yun Feiyu with an incredulous expression, and said, “You are crazy! Even if you are worried about His Highness, your actions are too unwise!”

“Brother…..” Yun Feiyan stopped talking.

“I’m very calm.” Yun Feiyu said quietly, “Xijiang changed its course and flooded the Shi Kingdom’s fertile fields and hundreds of thousands of people. Since we have torn off a piece of flesh, why not immediately rip out his throat while he is weak?”

Yin Han disapproved and said: “But our Qing Kingdom has a total of only 100,000 troops, while the Shi Kingdom has hundreds of thousands! The gap is too huge.”

Yun Feiyan also said: “Brother, if you drive Shi Ran to the corner like this, His Highness will be in a more dangerous situation.”

A smile appeared at the corner of Yun Feiyu’s mouth, which caused a chill to run down their backs: “Before this, I will personally take His Highness back.”

Su Mu woke up in warmth, and what he first saw was a beam of golden sunlight. The breeze swept by outside the window, swaying the summer flowers, and causing a faint fragrance to drift over.

Looking around, it was simple and clean, as if in an unknown mountain.

“Knock knock knock…..”

The simple wooden door was opened, and a young man walked in with a bowl. His light golden eyes looked at Su Mu vigilantly, like a small beast facing a powerful enemy.

“You are awake.” Zheng Jiu handed the bowl to Su Mu.

Su Mu frowned slightly, took the medicine bowl, and said: “Inner force dispelling drug or Mind Dizzying Fragrance?”

Zheng Jiu proudly said with a blushing face: “Dual effect in one.”

Su Mu drank it, looked around, and said, “Where is this?”

“I can’t say it.” Zheng Jiu smiled and looked at Su Mu.

The corners of Su Mu’s mouth moved slightly, and he asked, “Where is Shi Ran?”

Zheng Jiu said: “He left after he sent you here.”

“Left in a hurry, huh.” An inexplicable smile appeared in Su Mu’s eyes.

“Is your amnesia better again?” Zheng Jiu stood in front of the window, smiling at Su Mu and asked.

“After taking your medicine, it will be bad soon.” Su Mu asked Zheng Jiu in a puzzled manner: “I can understand the inner force dispelling drug, but why do you keep giving me the Mind Dizzying Fragrance?”

Zheng Jiu replied without evasiveness: “Because Emperor Shi wants you to be loyal to him, and if I continue to hypnotize you after using the Mind Dizzying Fragrance for a long time, this can be done.”

In this way, Su Mu was imprisoned in this small house, and he couldn’t even step out of the door, so that he could not observe the surrounding environment at all.

As night fell, Su Mu, who had nothing to do, went to bed early to kill time. At this moment, he breathed evenly, as if he had fallen asleep.

Suddenly, the door of the room was opened silently, and a tall figure appeared at the door, pausing for a while before walking over to Su Mu’s bed.

The soft veil was lifted, and the visitor half-kneeled in front of Su Mu’s bed, his thick palm reaching for Su Mu’s fragile neck.

Su Mu, who was still asleep a second ago, suddenly opened his eyes, but at this moment, his neck had already fallen into the hands of the other.

“Shi Ran!” A thick murderous intent flashed in Su Mu’s eyes.

With rough and fiery fingertips, he touched Su Mu’s delicate and cold neck. Shi Ran’s low voice sounded in the darkness: “You are the most dangerous person Zhen has ever seen in this life. Zhen wants to kill you too much, but it will be a pity for you to die just like this. Do you know that feeling when a peerless treasure is placed in front of you, yet you have to destroy it?”

Su Mu lay on the bed, feeling the big hand that had been squeezing around his neck slip down his back and stroke him, and immediately got goosebumps all over his body.

Su Mu endured Shi Ran’s unsettling touch, and said, “I hope that Your Majesty will make a wise decision. Even if you kill me now, the rise of the Qing Kingdom cannot be stopped. Leaving me might still help you recover 10%.”

The clothes on his shoulders were pushed down, and a chill came. Su Mu frowned, other than consensual playing in the bedroom, he most hated other people forcing him to do such a thing. What was more, Shi Ran treated him as if he was playing with a plaything.

Su Mu contemptuously said: “Emperor Shi personally brought me from the Qing Kingdom to the Shi Kingdom just to use as a bed warmer?”

The back, which was as smooth as jade, glowed a faint white in the darkness, and Shi Ran’s low voice was mixed with a trace of hoarseness sounded: “Make the most of everything.”

When all his clothes were torn off, Su Mu finally stopped waiting for death, and suddenly turned over and kicked Shi Ran. Unfortunately, Su Mu, who had lost his martial arts, was not Shi Ran’s opponent at all. Instead, the opponent grabbed his ankle, and Shi Ran’s tall body pressed down.

In the darkness, Su Mu’s somewhat thin body was trapped under Shi Ran. He was like a predator who had captured the prey, tightly locking the prey within the range of his own fatal attack at any time.

Just when Su Mu thought that he would not be able to escape being subjected to rape, the voice of Shi Ran’s guard suddenly came from outside the door: “Your Majesty, Princess Qingshuang wants to see you.”

The sudden sound made Shi Ran’s movements pause, and then he got off from Su Mu and walked to the door without forgetting to leave a reminder: “Remain on strict guard.”

Su Mu breathed a sigh of relief, but although the immediate crisis had been resolved, a greater crisis followed.

Su Mu’s face flushed, and he curled up on the bed in pain. He hadn’t touched a man for nearly half a month!

Suddenly, an invisible wind sounded outside the door, and a sword light flashed by.

Then, a tall figure appeared by Su Mu’s bed.

A familiar scent swept over him, and Su Mu opened his moist eyes, looking longingly at the black shadow in front of the bed, and whispered: “Gu…..Gu Yunzhou…..”

The big rough hand stroked Su Mu’s flushed body, and forced Su Mu’s curled up limbs to spread out. A cry came out of Su Mu’s mouth, and the visitor immediately blocked SubMu’s bright red lips with his own attractive thin lips.

Then, a gentle wind blew by, and another figure appeared silently in front of Su Mu’s bed. Ye Qingfeng glared at the two people who were entangled on the bed and was about to carry out the last step.

Why you, Gu Yunzhou, what my qinggong is the best! I would be faster at notifying Liu Xi, that fox demon, to bring the troops! It turned out you had this kind of ulterior motive!

Ye Qingfeng’s anger was mixed with lust, and it almost ignited him. After struggling a few times with himself, he immediately threw his morals out the window, rushed to bed, and threw a palm at Gu Yunzhou.

Gu Yunzhou, who was about to enter Su Mu’s body, suddenly had a dark expression on his face, and had no choice but to pause and raise his hand to offset Ye Qingfeng’s palm.

Ye Qingfeng glared at Gu Yunzhou, who was emanating a murderous aura, and threatened: “Either together or don’t even bother thinking about it. Liu Xi should be here in an hour.”

You eat meat, and I drink the northwest wind! Is there such a cheap thing?

He stared covetously at Su Mu who was wrapped around Gu Yunzhou, and he wanted nothing more than to push him down on the bed and do whatever he wanted to him.

Gu Yunzhou’s cheek muscles twitched, and one could see how angry and conflicted he was at the moment, but Ye Qingfeng, this shameless and unscrupulous guy, had already hugged Su Mu who was lying on the bed from behind and forced him to turn his head and kiss him.

And at this time, Su Mu, who was facing Gu Yunzhou, still had his legs wrapped around Gu Yunzhou.

A storm was raging in his dark eyes, and Gu Yunzhou felt that this must be the heaviest killing intent he had ever felt in his life, but he couldn’t kill the other to vent this anger of his yet!

In that moment of distraction, Ye Qingfeng had already stripped himself naked, and while kissing Su Mu’s lips, he pulled Su Mu’s hand to hold his little brother who was about to rebel.

Ye Qingfeng was also very tactful, and stroked Su Mu’s little brother in return.

Su Mu, whose mind had fallen into chaos, felt an abnormal sense of emptiness behind him. Seeing that he was about to wrap around Ye Qingfeng, Gu Yunzhou immediately grasped Su Mu’s waist to restrict his movements. He then held his member, which was as hard as iron and slowly opened the entrance of Su Mu’s place of pleasure.

Tears left a wet trace down the delicate skin. The body that had not been satisfied for nearly half a month immediately squeezed Gu Yunzhou’s thick member tightly, and refused to let it go at all.

Then…..Then…..Su Mu came.

The pliable body was covered with a thin layer of sweat, Su Mu’s lost sanity returned to clarity, and could finally hear the familiar and beating-inducing voice in his ear: “Darling, Shi Ran is too for not giving you anything good to eat, causing you to shoot so quickly. You can rest assured that your husband will teach him a good lesson.”

Before Su Mu reacted, he felt a thick object hit his insides hard, his eyes widened suddenly, and a groan escaped involuntarily.

Ye Qingfeng covered Su Mu’s mouth, and whispered in Su Mu’s ear: “Darling, you are moaning too loudly. It won’t be good for others to hear it.”

Su Mu nodded, Ye Qingfeng let go, and then Ye Qingfeng felt that the flesh on his waist was severely pinched and twisted. Ye Qingfeng grimaced and said: “Darling, save your energy, I’m afraid you won’t be able to handle it later, hnn…..lighter, lighter…..”

Rocking with the fierce collision, Su Mu’s chaotic head finally reacted. There were actually two men on his bed!!!

Su Mu, who was now much more clearheaded, immediately distinguished from the familiar aura, who was working hard in his body.

The cheeks that were already flushed immediately became even more ruddy. Su Mu was not a pure young boy, but he had never encountered this situation before either!

The sounds fluctuated with the collisions, and Su Mu glared with beautiful still misty eyes, and said angrily: “You…… two…..”

Gu Yunzhou and Ye Qingfeng’s hard members lit a flame in the palm of Su Mu’s hand and in his behind, causing his whole person to almost burn up into a crisp.

The bursts of unstoppable pleasure hit, and Su Mu had to use all of his self-control to avoid making a sound. Panting, Su Mu turned his head to avoid the sight of the two of them, gritted his teeth and said: “Did you come here…..just for this kind of thing!”

Shouldn’t you take me away first!

After Ye Qingfeng bit on Su Mu’s sensitive Adam’s apple, he then gnawed on Su Mu’s nipples which were standing upright on his chest, speaking shamelessly: “Obviously it’s darling who entangled onto me and refused to let go, I am only kindly helping to solve your sexual dissatisfaction.”

Su Mu’s desire for sexual satisfaction was different from that of ordinary people. Gu Yunzhou and Ye Qingfeng were both martial arts masters, and understood clearer than others what this was all about.

The firmness that was pistoning quickly in Su Mu’s hands suddenly stopped. Ye Qingfeng looked at Su Mu, who was constantly rocked back and forth, and glared at Gu Yunzhou, “My turn!”

The entrance wrapped around Gu Yunzhou’s thick weapon had turned into a charming red, and the moist wet sounds stimulated his senses and nearly caused him to explode. He wanted nothing more than to kick the person who was possessing Su Mu out of bed and replace him with himself.

Gu Yunzhou’s face was the same as usual. He was still that immobile ice block face and he didn’t react at all to Ye Qingfeng’s words. He was still immersed in his life’s happiest place.

The seriousness and solemnity in his eyes were somewhat inconsistent with what he was doing.

Fight? Couldn’t defeat him! Go? Didn’t want to!

Ye Qingfeng’s lust and anger were intertwined, and the only unlucky one would be Su Mu who was helpless to defend himself. He held the hard head leaking crystal-like drops of liquid and gently rubbed it on Su Mu’s soft lips.

“Darling, I’m so uncomfortable, you can’t play favorites, hurry and help me suck it a bit…..”

Su Mu bit his lip to prevent the groans from leaking, but his stubborn eyes clearly told Ye Qingfeng, “F**k you!”

How could a man who had already had his head burned of any sensibility by his lust be defeated by his “endearingly pitiful” eyes?

Ye Qingfeng was even more eager for his little mouth to wrap around his member, and enjoy that adorable appearance with his beautiful eyes glaring at him.

The fingers that stayed on Su Mu’s chest pinched Su Mu’s bright red nipples. Su Mu, whose skin was sensitive to every inch of his body, immediately opened his mouth and moaned loudly. But Su Mu couldn’t even utter a syllable completely, before his mouth was blocked by a fiery, thick, hard fleshy rod.

Su Mu’s whole person, including his mind, tensed up. Gu Yunzhou’s body trembled with the sudden tightening of that entrance, almost pouring out every drop he had.

The hard and smooth head started to move in and out shallowly and constantly nudged against his soft tongue. Su Mu’s eyes opened wide and even now he had yet to come back to himself.

If Su Mu could speak now, he would definitely say the following words.

Audacious! Courting death! Impudent! F**k off!

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

It was a pity that not only could he not speak now, but he also had no ability to resist, so he could only let this daring lecher do whatever he wanted.

However, Su Mu’s intimidation was still there, and Ye Qingfeng did not dare to do too much after all. After thrusting hard in his mouth for a while, he quickly pulled himself out and sprayed it over Su Mu’s bare chest covered with hickeys.

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  1. Ye Qingfeng & Gu Yunzhou: cooperation for greater cause is not impossible v_v

    Su Mo: FVCK OFF!!!

    (Lightning a candle for Su Mo cuz when gongs put off the vinegar and work together he really doesn’t stand a chance!)

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