The Cruel Tyrant CH 126 Unconscious

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At the same time Su Mu, Gu Yunzhou and Ye Qingfeng were fooling around together, Shi Ran was having an audience with Shi Qingshuang.

Shi Qingshuang, who was dressed in men’s clothing, saw Shi Ran and immediately knelt down and said, “Paying respects to Your Majesty.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Shi Ran nodded and asked, “How is the Wu Kingdom?”

Originally in Shi Ran’s plan, Shi Qingshuang was to be sent to Su Mu for peace marriage, but then he regretted it and sent Shi Qingshuang to the Wu Kingdom.

Shi Qingshuang said with a cold expression: “Sun Hongyu has more cards up his sleeves than we thought. Sun Hongyi has already lost. Now that Sun Hongyu has ascended the throne, the 150,000 army of the Wu Kingdom is on its way to the Qing Kingdom, still with Sun Haoran leading the army.”

What irony, Su Mu originally borrowed 150,000 troops from the Wu Kingdom, and Sun Haoran was also the general. Moreover, it was very likely that most of these soldiers were the same ones that came to help the Qing Kingdom overcome its civil strife.

Because of their familiarity with the terrain of the Qing Kingdom, the armed forces of the Wu Kingdom actually had an advantage over the armed forces of the Shi Kingdom.

Shi Ran frowned and said, “When will our army arrive?”

Shi Qingshuang frowned slightly, and hesitated: “Our marching route was cut off by the flood. Now we can only recuperate and build ships in Pei City. I am afraid it will take some time to reach the Qing Kingdom.”

Because the disaster was a man-made one, this flood was not comparable to a natural disaster in the end, but even so the loss to the Shi Kingdom was still very terrifying.

Because of the fertile land downstream the Gu River, since ancient times there had been no lack of human presence. The Gu River on the plain had long been covered by soil and crops. As the mouth to the sea could not be found, the water of the Xijiang River could only accumulate silt on this large plain day after day. The few small surrounding rivers could not relieve the pressure of such a large amount of flood water at all.

With the delay of time, the Shi Kingdom’s losses would only increase, its future not optimistic at all.

Shi Ran sat on the chair with a headache, and said after a moment of silence: “Change the strategy, give up attacking the Qing Kingdom. We must release the flood water first.”

This was the right decision. Shi Qingshuang did not have any surprise on her face.

At this moment, Shi Ran and Shi Qingshuang suddenly turned their heads to look outside the house. The flapping sound of the nightingale being frightened away could be heard, causing Shi Qingshuang to immediately be on guard, “The people of Qing Kingdom have pursued over, Your Majesty, please leave quickly.”

Shi Ran nodded calmly, and immediately left under the protection of his guards.

At the same time, Xia Chengjun, who was ordered by Shi Ran to bring Su Mu, was killed by Gu Yunzhou.

Seeing Gu Yunzhou, whose clothes were stained with some dust, walk inside, Su Mu immediately turned his head with a cold snort. Ye Qingfeng, who was still lying on the bed, immediately pressed down Su Mu and kissed him deeply.

There was the sound of rushing footsteps, and Liu Xi hurriedly pushed open the door, coming face to face with a scene that made his expression go dark.

“Paying respects to Your Highness.” Liu Xi said stiffly.

Su Mu gritted his teeth and pushed Ye Qingfeng away, giving him a warning look. In fact, he wanted to give him a good kick, but…..

“Rise.” Su Mu’s voice sounded in the room.


Then, Su Mu toughened his skin and let Ye Qingfeng dress him. He didn’t have the face to appear in front of the army in this way, so he had Ye Qingfeng take him out of here and make their way to the nearest city of Qingyang.

At this time, the battle report was sent from the front line. The army of the Wu Kingdom, which was about to arrive at the northern borders of the Qing Kingdom, suddenly changed its course and headed straight for the hinterland of the Shi Kingdom.

At the Imperial Palace of the Wu Kingdom, Sun Hongyun said anxiously: “Royal Brother, between Shi Kingdom and Qing Kingdom, although Shi Kingdom is currently more threatening, the rise of Qing Kingdom is too fast. If it is not destroyed now, I am afraid that we will be powerless to do so in the future.”

Sun Hongyu nodded in agreement, and said: “I understand this truth, but if we only rely on just our country to destroy the Qing Kingdom, the victory will naturally be ours, but we will also pay a very heavy price. When both The Qing Kingdom and Wu Kingdom have suffered heavy losses, the Shi Kingdom which has resolved its crisis would be able to wipe out our two countries effortlessly.”

“Then what about the Qing Kingdom? What should we do about the Qing Kingdom?” In terms of development speed, the Wu Kingdom was definitely not the Qing Kingdom’s opponent.

Sun Hongyu rubbed his aching head and said, “We can’t manage that much now. We have to destroy the Shi Kingdom first. The Shi Kingdom is big enough for our two countries to digest it for a while. After the Shi Kingdom is destroyed, there is still the Wei Kingdom. In any case, the most powerful country now is our Wu Kingdom, and the Qing Kingdom will not fight head-on with us for the time being.”

The letter of goodwill written by Sun Hongyu was passed to Su Mu’s hand, and Su Mu immediately replied with agreement. It was now the weakest time for the Shi Kingdom, and after destroying the Shi Kingdom, Su Mu would no longer need to worry about being attacked on both sides. Sun Hongyu also did not need to worry about a country that had rapidly risen second only to Wu and Shi join the Shi Kingdom in attacking him together.

It was just that Shi Ran was a man who had led the Shi Kingdom to grow from a small country like a blue country to an existence that can compete with the Wu the Qing Kingdom into a major power that could stand against the Wu Kingdom within a decade. His ability was not to be ignored.

In fact, if it weren’t for the knowledge that Su Mu had brought over from the modern times, Shi Ran squeezing Su Mu to death would be even easier than stepping on an ant.

When guns went up against fire arrows, when cannons went up against trebuchets, when railroad tracks went up against horse carriages. Even with such advanced military weapons, the Qing Kingdom still only just occupied the territory north of the Shi Kingdom’s Bai River.

The foundation of the Qing Kingdom was too weak, and it was simply not able to support a huge empire now.

In the imperial study room, Su Mu informed the 20 cabinet members of the latest war reports on the front line, and asked: “What do you think about this?”

Yin Han pondered for a moment and said: “Your Highness, with the Bai River as a moat, it is too difficult to attack the Shi Kingdom. The population of the Qing Kingdom was originally sparse. In recent years, war has only lowered the numbers among the young and middle-aged men, as a result the production of crops and other necessities has not met expectations this year. My opinion is that we should recuperate and develop our country first.”

Hu Yuan agreed: “This official agrees.”

Lin Siyuan also said, “Agreed.”

Yun Feiyu also nodded.

Thirteen of the twenty people agreed to recuperate, while the other seven wanted to continue sending troops to attack the Shi Kingdom.

Su Mu also nodded and said: “Thirteen people agree to recuperate, and I also agree, so let’s discuss how the Qing Kingdom will recuperate.”

Now, among the largest countries in the world, the first was still Wu, but the second was not Shi, but Qing. The Shi Kingdom had fallen to third place. The original third place was the Wei Kingdom but it was currently embroiled in civil strife under the calculations of Su Mu and Sun Hongyu, and their territory had shrunk by more than half.

In the past, because of war, all resources tended to the army, which naturally limited the development of the Qing Kingdom. Now that the war has stopped, the full-powered Qing Kingdom immediately developed at a speed that caused other countries’ jaws to drop.

Suddenly, Su Mu’s head suddenly felt dizzy, his whole person falling down without any warning. Yun Feiyu, the nearest to Su Mu, suddenly got up and rushed to Su Mu’s side, catching Su Mu’s unconscious body before he was about to fall.

At the same time, in the imperial city of the Shi Kingdom, Zheng Jiu suddenly spit out a big mouthful of blood, and said to Shi Ran with a pale face: “Your…..Your Majesty, it is done…..”

Shi Ran, standing in front of Zheng Jiu, let out a heavy sigh of relief, then sat down on the chair with a dazed look, muttering: “In this world…..Su Mochi no longer exists… longer exists.”

Shi Ran seemed to feel like a big hole had been punctured in his heart, swallowing all happy and unhappy feelings.

There was no pain of loss, nor the excitement of destroying a powerful enemy.

However, at this moment, the Qing Kingdom’s imperial palace was up in chaos, and everyone had only one thought, kill!

Kill the culprit who dared to do harm against the Crown Prince!

Huang Xuan came to Su Mu’s bedside and looked at the person lying still and quiet on the bed. His legs weakened and he knelt directly in front of Su Mu’s bed.

When he was urgently called over, he had already been told that the Crown Prince had an accident. He had thought of countless situations in his mind, but none of them was like this!

The Crown Prince was not injured or poisoned, but fell down unconcious.

“Why? Why? Why is this happening?” Huang Xuan grabbed Yun Feiyu’s hem and asked hoarsely, “Brother Yun, tell me, tell me why this is happening?”

He could not feel the pulse, heartbeat or breathing of the Crown Prince!

The hands hidden in the wide sleeves could not stop trembling, and Yun Feiyu shook his head and said with difficulty: “I don’t know. His Highness was discussing political affairs with us, but suddenly he just fell down…..”

At this time, the other three also arrived at the same time.

“Your Highness! What’s wrong, Your Highness? Your Highness!” Liu Xi ran into the room in a panic, tears in his eyes slipping down uncontrollably.

“What the hell happened?” Liu Xi roared, on the edge of collapse.

Ye Qingfeng suddenly grabbed Su Mu’s already somewhat cold hand, and huge fear immediately swallowed him.

Gu Yunzhou didn’t say a word, and directly placed his palm onto Su Mu’s chest. From the physical touch, Gu Yunzhou could not feel Su Mu’s heartbeat at all.

Massive internal force poured into Su Mu’s body, and Gu Yunzhou found that Su Mu’s broad meridians were empty and absent of any internal force.

His heart beat wildly and uncontrollably, and Gu Yunzhou’s lips trembled as he controlled his internal force to quickly flow towards Su Mu’s dantian (TN: point two inches below the navel where one’s internal force resides).

Finally, he felt a trace of weak internal force, and the eyes that had been swallowed by pitch black flashed with a ray of brilliance. Gu Yunzhou raised his head and looked at the despairing men in front of him who still held a glimmer of hope, and said: “Within ten days, make him up.”

Gu Yunzhou’s words were like a stone thrown into a stagnant pool, but what the small stone raised was not a ripple, but a huge wave.

Yun Feiyu calmed his mind first, and said to Ye Qingfeng with a solemn face: “Ye Qingfeng, please go to the Shi Kingdom quickly and find Zheng Jiu. If you can bring him back, then bring him back. If you can’t bring him back, you must interrogate him to find whether His Highness’s current state is related to him, and how to solve it.”

Just as Yun Feiyu’s voice fell, Ye Qingfeng had already disappeared from the room.

Then, Yun Feiyu asked Huang Xuan again: “Has the antidote for Mind Dizzying Fragrance been developed yet?”

Huang Xuan’s throat was dry and he shook his head: “The Mind Dizzying Fragrance has just been developed, and the antidote has just started, there are no signs of success yet.”

“Ten days, the antidote must be developed within ten days.” Yun Feiyu’s voice was low and hoarse as he tried his best to control his mind and not let himself reveal any look of collapse.

Liu Xi, with tears on his face, looked at Yun Feiyu and said, “What about me?”

The Crown Prince had great regard for Yun Feiyu, and naturally he had outstanding capabilities. At this moment, Liu Xi, who was completely at a loss, chose to follow Yun Feiyu’s orders.

Yun Feiyu quickly said: “Issue a reward order to invite all famous doctors and healers in the world to the Shi Kingdom, whether they are a hermit or a noble, as long as their medical skills are superb, no matter what means, invite them all over!”

Liu Xi rushed out like the wind, and the room immediately became quiet. Yun Feiyu glanced at Gu Yunzhou, who was still transferring inner force into the Crown Prince, and then walked out of the room.

With such big movements made by the Qing Kingdom, other countries would definitely get news, and all forces should be eager to make their moves.

When Ye Qingfeng arrived in the Shi Kingdom, the news of Su Mu’s state had yet to be confirmed, because no one was faster than Ye Qingfeng.

Using the hidden spies that Gu Yunzhou left in the Shi Kingdom, Ye Qingfeng quickly found the location of Zheng Jiu, and took advantage of the night to abduct him from his residence.



Zheng Jiu, who was fast asleep, felt a sharp pain, and when he opened his eyes, he saw a pair of bloodshot eyes that looked like that of a demon.

“Who are you?” Zheng Jiu twitched in pain as he looked at his broken finger.

Ye Qingfeng clamped his hand around Zheng Jiu’s neck, and asked in a cold tone, “What did you do to the Crown Prince of the Qing Kingdom?”

Zheng Jiu looked at Ye Qingfeng in fear, and just as he was about to speak, Ye Qingfeng warned: “Don’t try to dismiss me with things like saying you don’t know, otherwise I can guarantee that you will taste all the cruel torture methods in this world.”

The hand on his neck was released, and Zheng Jiu gasped for breath almost immediately.


A sharp pain came from behind, and Zheng Jiu clearly heard the sound of his rib fracturing.

A mouthful of blood spurt out, and Zheng Jiu immediately begged for mercy: “I…..I’ll speak…I’ll speak…..”

Ye Qingfeng removed the foot on Zheng Jiu’s back.

Zheng Jiu got up from the ground with difficulty, wiped off the blood he coughed out and said: “It was Emperor Shi who made me control the Crown Prince of Qing to commit suicide while the Mind Dizzying Fragrance was still in affect.”

“Suicide?” Ye Qingfeng’s brows wrinkled slightly, stepped on Zheng Jiu’s finger and said, “I want to hear the truth.”

The Crown Prince clearly just fell down without warning in public, and did not commit suicide at all.

“Ah! Stop…..I’m telling the truth.” Zheng Jiu’s vision blurred from the pain, and his face was smeared with involuntary tears. He trembled and said, “I…..I made him think he was dead…..please…..please let me go…..”

Ye Qingfeng keenly grasped the word “think”. He immediately squatted down and grabbed the clothes on Zheng Jiu’s chest, looking at Zheng Jiu with cold eyes as he asked, “How do we wake him up?”

At this time, Zheng Jiu showed a surprised look, “He is still alive?”



Another one of Zheng Jiu’s fingers was broken again, and Ye Qingfeng said in a dark voice: “I’m asking you how to wake him up?”

Zheng Jiu said immediately: “Just release…..release the…..hypnosis…..”

“How to release?” Ye Qingfeng asked again.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“I…..only if I go personally can it be released… promise… will not hurt me then I’ll release the hypnosis…..” Zheng Jiu endured the pain as he spoke.

“Fine, I promise not to hurt you.”

But I will kill you!

Ye Qingfeng took Zheng Jiu and hurried to the direction of the Qing Kingdom immediately, without a moment of rest.

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