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Gossip version, title: “Making Fun of the Popular Historical “True Drama” <Emperor Qing>”

Thread Opener ID Brother Wants To Eat Lollipops: I won’t say much about the background of the production of this show. Tianyi’s main work this year, famous director, famous actors, plus famous screenwriter, everyone has an idea of its weight.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Before the drama was broadcast, it had already caused a very big controversy. The reason was that the screenwriter XXX dared to be the first in the world (mentally ill), and resisted public opinion (purely seeking death), to write the historical figure, Emperor Qing who exudes a domineering kingly aura all over his body, from a gong into a shou! ! ! (What about respecting history?)

Emperor Qing, the most controversial emperor in history, has appeared on the screen countless times as a supporting role or the protagonist, but every time he appears, he is domineering and outstandingly intelligent. (Well, alright, these two points <Emperor Qing> also included), but why! Why was Emperor Qing changed from a tall and mighty man to a sissy! ! !

When I saw Yun Feiyu pressing Emperor Qing down on the bed, my expression was like this (Fright.JPG)

When I saw Liu Xi pressing Emperor Qing down on the bed, my expression was like this (NoWillToLive.JPG)

As a member of gong!EmperorQing, this thread opener want to greet the screenwriter with (Censor.JPG)

If you have the balls, don’t leave after school! (HideBricks.JPG)

Second Poster ID Cucumbers On Vines: The previous dramas are the ones that do not respect history, okay, thread opener! Read more when you have time! Otherwise, the junior high school textbooks will be enough to slap you to the point you won’t even be able to find which is North!

Third year junior high, “Taihe Hall Dynasty Records.”

Excerpt from the third paragraph: From yinshi (3-5am) to maoshi (5-7am), the emperor did not sit for a long time, looked unhappy, and said to Minister Yun, “Look down.”

“How hateful, lower your head, I don’t want to see you!” This tone of voice tsk tsk…..Thread opener, you actually arrogantly say that Emperor Qing is a gong?

If thread opener is still not convinced, then go look at “Chronicles of Qingyun” and count how many times the Emperor Qing stood while holding morning assembly! See if you can still ignore your conscience and say that Emperor Qing is a gong!

Third Poster ID Big and Deep Stalk: Thread opener, I am with you! The evil cult member upstairs should be burned to death! ! Emperor Qing is so mighty and domineering! You tell me a weak scholar, a doctor, a little seductive fox can gong him! I spray you with a face full of methane!

Fourth Poster ID Sock Puppet 235: Second poster should stop talking nonsense. Just because he stands while attending morning assembly he is a shou? Emperor Qing is absolutely a gong, the screenwriter is brain dead!

Fifth Poster ID Pink Little Daisy: Haha, third and fourth poster, have you forgotten Gu Yunzhou? As the world’s number one swordsman, can he be a shou →_→ Are you sure you are not teasing me?

The battle between shou vs gong up to the five-hundredth poster is left out…..


Literary version, titled “Historical RPF Essay Contest——The Emperors We YYed in Those Years”

Thread Opener: This essay contest is not limited to the subject matter, as long as it is a real emperor or king in history.

Requirements: The emperor or the king must be the protagonist. The character count should be less than one million.

The rules are as follows: XXXXX

First place (1 person): reward, XXXXX, second place (10 people): reward, XXXXX, third place (30 people): reward, XXXXX

Those who violate the rules will be blacklisted.

The format is as follows: XXXX

Second Poster: Wow, so happy, the first one~

Title: Eroding Bone and Sinking Pool

Author: Rabbit That Don’t Eat Carrots

Category: Transmigration, Romance, Sadomasochism

CP: Su Mochi X Zhao Rou

Link: …..

Summary: She is just a weak woman, struggling to survive in the deep palace. When she was most helpless and desperate, he appeared in her life like a god.

It’s just that the most beautiful encounter did not come to the best ending.

PS: Please support me…..

Reader 1: Author fighting, great~

Reader 2: (*@ο@*) Wow~ Does Yun Feiyu fall in love with the heroine too? I look forward to it.

Reader 3: Don’t want Su Mochi, please change the male lead. Clearly it is Doctor Huang who is so good to the female lead, scumbag piss off!

Sixth Poster: Finally posted.

Title: Transmigration: The Big Winner of Life

Author: Big Cousin

Category: Transmigration, Easy-going

CP: Su Mochi X Shi Qingxue, Shi Qingshuang, Xiao Wu, Yuzhu, Sun Hongyun, Zhao Rou, Yun Feiyan…..

Link: …..

Summary: Transmigrating into Emperor Qing, wealth and money in my hands, all the beautiful women I collect, subordinates can’t be driven away.

Reader 1: Yun Feiyan is only ten years old! Author, you are too perverted!

Reader 2: Haha, upstairs, you didn’t see the end, the author is a major lolicon.

Reader 3: Author, are you planning to have the protagonist open a kindergarten?

Tenth Poster: Hahahaha…..

Title: Too Many Wives, Please Give Me A Break

Author: Big Flourishing Little Brother 

Category: BL, Easy-going

CP: Su Mochi (gong) X Gu Yunzhou, Yun Feiyu, Ye Qingfeng, Liu Xi, Huang Xuan, Shi Ran, Sun Hongyu, Lin Siyuan

Link: …..

Summary: The little otaku in the 21st century has become the domineering Emperor Qing in history! The little otaku stared with wide eyes as he counted.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, there are too many wives! Please give me a break…..

Reader 1: Is this really a gong protagonist story? Author, don’t lie to me.

Reader 2: Support oneself on the wall…..didn’t you say this is a domineering emperor gong!

Reader 3: The contrast is cute, author fighting!


Historical edition, titled “On the merits and demerits of Emperor Qing”

Thread Opener: As the most controversial emperor in history, Emperor Qing has always had mixed reputations. Today, this thread opener will count in detail the merits and demerits of Emperor Qing.

Merit 1: The invention of simplified characters has a huge and far-reaching impact on future generations.

Demerit 1: Blacklisting other scholars, stifling other written cultures, countless written handed down works destroyed.

Merit 2: The invention of the steam engine brought China from the agricultural era into the steam era, which cannot go unnoticed.

Demerit 2: The bloodbath of nine cities, washing thousands of miles of land in blood, the methods are cruel, bloody and inhuman.

Merit 3: Unifying China, as the first emperor to unify China, the contribution of Emperor Qing is beyond doubt.

Demerit 3: Snatching civilian…, snatching his father’s wife….., doing evil and ruining morals!

Merit 4: Reducing taxes and formulating new social rules to enable the people to lead a prosperous life.

Demerit 4: The flooding of six prefectures and directly or indirectly causing about half a million deaths, unscrupulous in achieving one’s goal.


Second Poster: From the perspective of later generations, Emperor Qing’s merits are greater than his demerits. The misfortune was at the time, and the merits last forever (the words we use now are created by the Emperor Qing), but as the people living in that era, the demerits were probably greater than the merits.

Fifth Poster: Emperor Qing is simply a neurotic, doing good things while doing bad things at the same time.

Tenth Poster: Emperor Qing is the real man! He lived his life so unrestrained. If interested, then snatch it, if he has a thought, then carry it out.

Thirteenth Poster: second poster didn’t learn your history well. Go and read your junior high school history textbooks again. There is a section devoted to the development of the Qing Kingdom after Emperor Qing came to power.

Twentieth Poster: Actually, I have a question. Why did social development stop after Emperor Qing passed away despite the steam engine having been built? What caused China to stay in the steam age for hundreds of years? And the independently developing West entered the era of electric power in just over a hundred years?

Twenty-first Poster: Replying to upstairs, because at that time China had no basic scientific knowledge at all. Everyone only knew that such a method could make a steam engine, but they didn’t understand the principle of its operation at all. I don’t know how Emperor Qing came up with the steam engine, but without the support of basic science, such rapid development is destined to be short-lived.

This kind of development is abnormal. It’s like you ate a “power pill” and suddenly gained power that surpassed ordinary people, but such a powerful force is unsustainable.

Also, I suggest upstairs to read “The Rise and Decline of Empire”. It is very detailed.

Thirtieth Poster: Although Emperor Qing is my male god, I definitely don’t want to live in that era! Goddamn, every one of them is too ruthless!


The gossip version, title “<Peerless Love> Let go of those beautiful men! ! ! The title is bolded! Lengthened!”

Thread Opener: The heat of the popular historical drama “Emperor Qing” has not retreated. And already the little b*tch XXX immediately filmed a “Peerless Thunder” to keep the heat up.

When transmigrating, the rope behind the heroine was not even removed (actually, I really want to grab the rope and pull the heroine out, don’t harm Emperor Qing and his garem of gongs, okay!)

Then, when the female protagonist saw the male protagonist Emperor Qing, her second line was “You are Emperor Qing!” Then the two words Emperor Qing continued to appear in the following plot scenes (hello, Emperor Qing is a posthumous title! Posthumous title! UCan’t you understand this!)

This thread opener held the spicy strips, and tremblingly watched the first three episodes, only to vomit blood and die…..

Second Poster: *Pats thread opener*, but although the drama is brain-dead, XXX’s handsome level is definitely online, for the sake of His Majesty and his harem’s beauty, you must continue chasing episodes!

Third Poster: I just came to ask for spicy strips.

Ninth Poster: Say, in the real history, is the child born to Zhao Rou Emperor Qing’s?

Twelfth Poster: The heroine is really looking for death! You are transmigrated into Zhao Rou and you became the Crown Prince’s Consort, so why can’t you be your Crown Prince’s Consort, be your Empress? You actually tried to seduce His Majesty’s harem of gongs! ! !

Fifteenth Poster: Although the plot is quite brain-dead, who let the true historical Emperor Qing to be so awesome? Who else can the dramas be about if not him? Is there any emperor in history that is that handsome, that powerful, that domineering? He did all the things that other emperors dared not do! The real deal Mary Sue hero!

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Twentieth Poster: Replying to the ninth poster, this is one of the ten mysteries in history! Then, the other nine mysteries in history are as follows: First: Why did Emperor Qing suddenly change his temperament (is he a transmigrator)? Second: Is Emperor Qing a gong or a shou? (Definitely shou!) Fourth: ….. Fifth: …..

Twenty-first Poster: gong!Emperor Qing party is not convinced, upstairs, come and fight!

Twenty-second Poster: Haha, if you want to fight, then let’s fight…..


One hundred and eightieth Poster: Hey, hey you’re all going off topic!

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