The Cruel Tyrant CH 129 Extra: Wild Ride

Su Mu lay on the grass lazily, the stars above his head were as bright as diamonds, and the waves slapped gently on the shore, playing a moving melody.

Suddenly, the light sound of footsteps that were almost inaudible entered Su Mu’s ears, and Su Mu, who was lying on the ground, immediately stood up.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

After a while, Ye Qingfeng appeared where Su Mu lay just now, looked at the squashed grass on the ground, and muttered: “Ran away again…..”

Su Mu walked into a spacious cave, sat on the gorgeous brocade quilt spread on the ground, and sighed: “Actually encountering a storm just crossing a lake, how unlucky.”

Huang Xuan walked over to embrace Su Mu from behind, kissed the tender skin behind Su Mu’s ear and said, “Your Majesty, don’t worry, Lord Shi and Lord Han will definitely come to rescue us.”

A hard object pressed up against him from behind, and Su Mu took a deep breath and said, “Be serious…..someone will come later.”

“We can do it quickly…..” Huang Xuan pushed the half-heartedly reluctant Su Mu to the ground. Because they had been trapped on this island for several days, the two who had not tasted meat immediately got straight into business.

Heavy breathing and groaning sounded endlessly in the cave.

After a while, two voices sounded outside the cave.

Liu Xi: “I wonder where His Highness went, why is he always avoiding us recently?”

Yun Feiyu: “Hehe…..”

Su Mu, who had strong hearing, immediately became nervous and tried to push Huang Xuan away, but how could Huang Xuan who was currently eating let him go now?

So, as soon as the two stepped through the entrance they heard a lewd moan coming from the cave.

Liu Xi’s face went dark instantly. He directly took off his clothes and walked to Su Mu’s side, grabbing Su Mu’s hand and pulling it over to hold his hard member, complaining in a low voice: “Your Highness, you can’t play favorites!”

Looking at the three people already entangled in a heap, Yun Feiyu silently turned his head and took a deep breath, and then simply joined in the battle.

Su Mu, who was surrounded by the three of them, immediately sat up nervously. Taking advantage of Huang Xuan’s moment of inattention, he pulled himself off that thing that brought him supreme ecstasy.

But just as Su Mu turned around, he was suddenly pounced down by another person. His hungry entrance was immediately filled with a thick hard object again, forcing out a moan from Su Mu that made people’s blood boil with arousal.

From the shape and size of the person behind him, the speed and strength of the attack, Su Mu immediately knew who it was pressing him down.


“Your Highness, don’t squeeze so tight…..”

The legs were forced to separate, the waist was lifted, and Su Mu was pulled into a kneeling position in front of Liu Xi.

Suddenly a thick hard member appeared in front of his eyes, the bulging veins that covered it denoting its anger.

Su Mu, who was thrown in a sexual daze, stuck out his tongue and flicked across the top of it like a dragonfly landing on water, causing the big guy to immediately jump with excitement.

Yun Feiyu’s hoarse voice sounded over the top of his head: “Your Highness…..take it inside.”

Su Mu slightly opened his mouth and only covered the tip with his lips, his tongue sweeping over the most sensitive place, and he immediately heard a gasp from above.

Suddenly, Liu Xi, who was quickly thrusting behind Su Mu, pushed forward fiercely, and Yun Feiyu’s thick member immediately slipped halfway into the unprepared Su Mu.

Su Mu shook his head and wanted to leave, only to have Yun Feiyu press him into his crotch, beginning to slowly move in and out in his mouth.

Huang Xuan on the side saw that he had no place, and immediately said to the two people who were indulging in Su Mu’s body: “Let His Highness sit up, we should finish quickly or else they’ll be here soon.”

Liu Xi, who was buried inside Su Mu’s body, had an overwhelmingly pleasured expression on his face, practically wanting nothing more than to remain inside forever, but Huang Xuan was right, eating fully was the proper thing to do.

Several hard thrusts into the deepest part immediately caused Su Mu to tremble all over his body, but it was a pity he couldn’t make any sound with his mouth blocked.

Liu Xi left Su Mu’s hot and humid passage with lingering reluctance, leaving only the hard head inside.

At this time, Ye Qingfeng appeared in the cave silently, followed by a cold faced Gu Yunzhou.

When Su Mu saw that everyone had arrived, he pushed Yun Feiyu away, struggling to get up, and said, “Let go of me!”

Five people! He would definitely be played to death on the bed!

Ye Qingfeng smiled sinisterly, quickly took off his only layer of clothing, and came to Su Mu with that big object bobbing between his legs, saying: “My darling, you are very bad, I have to punish you good today.”

At this moment, the few people who had frozen when Ye Qingfeng and Gu Yunzhou first appeared decided to continue exercising.

Because even if they leave, these two people would still definitely not let Su Mu go. Rather than give way to others, it was better for everyone to go together.

Liu Xi’s thick member still remained inside Su Mu’s body. Yun Feiyu hugged Su Mu from the front, but his fingers had slipped down to the place where they were connected. Just as Su Mu glared at him fiercely, those fingers stretched a slight gap in Su Mu’s already wide open entrance.

Su Mu said with a trembling voice: “Yun Feiyu, take…. take it out…..”

Yun Feiyu bit Su Mu’s trembling lips, fingers moving in and out of his body, and said softly, “No.”

“You…..ah…..” The legs were forcibly separated, and the thick head squeezed in abruptly regardless of Su Mu’s wishes.

At this moment, Gu Yunzhou’s absolutely impressive member was placed in front of Su Mu, and his chin was lifted firmly by his calloused fingers. The two big fellas stretching his entrance had already begun to move restlessly, causing a strong sense of pleasure to travel up from his rear.

His hands were also grabbed by Huang Xuan and Ye Qingfeng and pressed on their respective members. Su Mu looked at the close-up fleshy object and slightly opened his mouth to take the tip inside.

Gu Yunzhou pressed Su Mu’s head to have him take the whole length inside, but Su Mu avoided Gu Yunzhou’s attack. The two hard nubs on his chest were sometimes roughly and sometimes softly played with by two hands. Su Mu’s body trembled and his words stumbled: “Too…..too rough…..”

The lascivious sound of water echoed in the dark cave, and ambiguous low heavy pants were infinitely amplified in Su Mu’s ears, causing Su Mu’s whole person to burn up.

He never thought that there would be a day he would be in such a lewd state.

While Liu Xi thrusted in Su Mu’s body with excitement, he watched Su Mu’s body soften from being played and stroked by the several men. The visual stimulation and Su Mu’s tight entrance made him unable to bear it anymore. Thrusting deeply into Su Mu’s entrance, he came with satisfaction.

Feeling that the two meaty rods that stretched his behind softly withdrew from inside, Su Mu actually felt a little bit of reluctance, but more so was relief.

Because with two members inside his body, he was afraid that he would be injured there and did not dare to struggle too much. He could only let the others do whatever they wanted.

It was just that Su Mu hadn’t finished letting out his breath of relief when another big guy replaced Liu Xi’s original position and began to piston in and out more quickly and fiercely.


After all, they didn’t play like this very often. Su Mu inevitably felt pain if it was too intense. He subconsciously tightened his entrance and a gasp sounded. The person behind him also slowed down.

Immediately afterwards, his buttocks were slapped, and Ye Qingfeng’s strained voice sounded behind Su Mu: “Darling, don’t squeeze so tightly, you almost squeezed the cum out of me!”

“Ngh…..” At this time, Su Mu’s mouth was blocked by Gu Yunzhou’s huge member, and he couldn’t make a sound at all.

Two hard objects in his body kept hitting the most sensitive parts of his insides without interruption. Su Mu’s body tightened, his brows furrowed, and a tear slipped down his white cheeks.

Yun Feiyu watched Su Mu weakly open his mouth, letting Gu Yunzhou thrust in and out from it, and his lower abdomen tightened involuntarily. At the same time, his member that was still buried in Su Mu’s body was squeezed tightly by Su Mu’s velvety inner walls. After taking a deep breath, he spread Su Mu’s legs and began to thrust forcefully. After a few hundred hard thrusts, Yun Feiyu left all the essence in Su Mu’s body.

As he withdrew, the white liquid left in Su Mu’s body soon slid out, and then Gu Yunzhou retreated from Su Mu’s mouth and took over the position from Yun Feiyu.

At this time, Huang Xuan, who had been using Su Mu’s left hand for masturbation, also shot into Su Mu’s palm. A feeling of dampness and stickiness could be felt from his palm. Su Mu gave him a fierce look, but was misunderstood by Huang Xuan who leaned over and began to suck on his lips and tongue.

Su Mu’s mind was clouded with pleasure, and could feel nothing else but the meaty rods constantly pistoning in and out of his entrance and the intense pleasure.

So that he didn’t even know when he climaxed and came. After Ye Qingfeng shot his load inside, Gu Yunzhou laid him down on the ground.

No longer struggling to maintain balance, Su Mu immediately relaxed, his legs being spread to the extreme, and Gu Yunzhou’s tall body completely shrouded Su Mu under him as he began thrusting fiercely.

When Gu Yunzhou also came inside, Su Mu no longer had the strength to move even a finger. This feeling was different from exhaustion, but a satisfaction of the body and mind.

Of course the men who had been holding back for several days could not be satisfied with just one round, but when they approached again, Su Mu directly crushed a stone, his expression cold, and the men surrounding Su Mu immediately froze.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

But when something happens once there will always be a second time, and with a second time there will be countless times following. In the next few days, Su Mu could only face the ravages of these men almost every night. It was not until Shi Nuo led the army to come rescue Su Mu did he finally get relief.

Su Mu walked onto the deck, appearing as usual, but the feeling of warm liquid flowing out made his face turn dark and he immediately speeded up his steps and walked into the cabin.

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  1. Su Mu accomplished so much all the while being tossed around by 5 insatiable men! So that fact that he’s a shou doesn’t detract from his domineering and courageous personality at all!

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