The Cruel Tyrant CH 130 Extra: As Emperor

In the 199th year of the Qing Kingdom, Su Yuan died of illness and Su Mu ascended the throne, becoming the rightful ruler of the Qing Kingdom.

However, this made no difference for the common people of the Qing Kingdom and the imperial court officials.

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After Su Yuan was buried in the imperial tomb, the harem was dismissed except for the old, weak, sick and disabled. Instantly, the large imperial palace was immediately much more quieter and cleaner.

There was no longer the smell of make-up powder and sounds of decadent and obscene music everywhere, but now the imperial palace also inevitably appeared to be a little empty.

And at this moment, in the Shi Kingdom’s imperial palace there were violent sounds of shouting that shook the sky, and almost the entire palace was shaken with it. A month ago, the emperor Shi Ran died in battle, Shi Qingshuang went missing, and then the capital and entire imperial palace fell in just one month.

In fact, in terms of military quality, there was no doubt that the Shi Kingdom’s military was several levels ahead that of the Qing Kingdom’s.

However, the logistics and equipment of the two sides were completely incomparable, so even if Shi Ran was the reincarnation of the god of war he would still be unable to make up for the difference.

In the Wu Kingdom, Sun Hongyu looked at the information at hand with a bitter expression, and said: “Why are we born in the same era with him?”

Tears in her eyes, Sun Hongyun persuaded: “Royal Brother, the army of the Qing Kingdom will reach the imperial city in ten days. Let’s withdraw to the west. With Yanling as a barrier, it won’t be easy for the army of the Qing Kingdom to reach us there.”

Sun Hongyu shook his head and said, “I am the Emperor of the Wu Kingdom, how can I abandon the city and escape? Hongyun, I have arranged everything. You go, and remember not to seek revenge on Su Mochi.”

Warm tears fell to the floor as Sun Hongyun firmly said: “I won’t go, I am a descendant of the emperors of the Wu Kingdom, I will not run away; as a dignified princess of the Wu Kingdom how can I become a mouse that hides in the gutter? Wu Kingdom exist, I exist, Wu Kingdom perish, I perish!”

“Hongyun…..” Sun Hongyu fell silent.

Fifteen days later, the imperial city of the Wu Kingdom was breached, the Emperor of the Wu Kingdom Sun Hongyu committed suicide, the Princess Hongyun committed suicide, the Empress Chen Yun committed suicide…..

Su Mu had a long list of deaths, and Sun Hongyu’s name was ranked first on the list.

“The Wu Kingdom…..has become history…..” This powerful country with a history of three hundred years finally disappeared.

Shi Ran and Sun Hongyu were both dead, and Su Mu suddenly felt a little empty.

After successfully conquering the Wu Kingdom and the Shi Kingdom, the destruction of the Wei Kingdom left no suspense. Others, such as insignificant small fish, were dealt with overtly or secretly.

Except for the bitter cold regions in the north, the barren deserts in the west, and the scattered islands in the east, the richest lands of this continent were completely included in the territory of the Qing Kingdom.

It was very difficult to manage such a huge territory. The first thing that Su Mu did was to unify the written and spoken language, and then Su Mu sorted out the good cultural customs of other countries that were advantageous for development and then vigorously promoted them. As for the rest that were not so beneficial, Su Mu had them relentlessly obliterated.

When unifying a country, just the unity on the map was not conducive to governance and prone to division.

Liu Xi, who was on the side, looked at Su Mu with a puzzled expression, and asked: “Your Majesty, the kingdom of Shi and Wu have been destroyed. Now you are the only emperor in the whole world. But why are you unhappy?”

Su Mu stretched out his hand to take the cup of hot tea Liu Xi handed over, took a sip and said, “I’ve gotten used to playing with them, and now none of them are here anymore. Suddenly I feel a little lonely.”

The twenty-two members of the cabinet were summing up this war and tying up loose ends. This was a task left by Su Mu.

Lin Siyuan looked around at the people: “What we are going to discuss now is, in this ten-year war, where are our strengths and weaknesses? Please express your thoughts, and I will record them.”

Hu Yuan nodded to the other members, and then said: “Let me first mention the key to our victory, weapons and equipment and adequate supplies.”

Yin Han said, “Then I will talk about the shortcomings, the generals of our Qing Kingdom are too…..ordinary.” Feeling the murderous intent exuded by several generals on the opposite side, Yin Han changed his words, and then continued: “Rsther than say the Shi Kingdom and the Wu Kingdom were defeated by us. It would be more accurate to say that the two countries were gradually drained to death by us. With the loss of population and material, under the casualty rate of 1:100, how could Shi and Wu not be defeated?”

The generals all had bad expressions, but they couldn’t say anything to refute this because what Yin Han said were all facts. Apart from Shen Wei and Shangguan Hao, plus Xiao Wu, the Qing Kingdom had no talented generals at all.

Su Mu was a dunce in terms of military affairs. The Qing Kingdom generals were also dunces compared to the military talents of the Wu Kingdom. However, unfortunately for the two countries they were unable to stand up against Su Mu’s thick skin and full blood meter.

Two hours later, Lin Siyuan said again: “Then, what we have to discuss is why we attacked Shi and Wu?”

A military commander blurted out without thinking: “Unify the empire.”

Lin Siyuan looked exasperatedly at the military commander who had just entered the cabinet and said: “General Zhang, what we are discussing is why we need to unify the empire?”

General Zhang coughed awkwardly.

Lin Siyuan said: “Let me talk about my point of view. The original Qing Kingdom was surrounded by mountains, with little arable land, few resources, and a small population, which was not conducive to development and growth. If we did not expand abroad, we would only wait for the Wu Kingdom, the Shi Kingdom or any other countries to annex us.”

Yun Feiyu, who had yet to speak, also nodded: “The Qing Kingdom, the Shi Kingdom and the Wu Kingdom cannot coexist. Development requires population, technology, and resources. The Qing Kingdom has the technology Shi and Wu want while Shi and Wu have the population and resources we want, this conflict of interests cannot be resolved except through war.

First of all, we cannot sell the technology in our hands to Shi and Wu, and Shi and Wu cannot give us their land and population. This is where the conflict lies. “

The next day, Su Mu looked at the summary report presented to him and nodded in satisfaction.

At the same time, in the Empress’s Palace, Fengyi Palace, an adorable little girl who seemed to be delicately carved from jade was crying so hard she was out of breath. Her white and tender forehead was bright red, and she was being coaxed in the arms of a distressed Zhao Rou.

The second handkerchief was now also stained bright red. Zhao Rou anxiously asked the palace maid outside the door: “Where is the imperial doctor? Why hasn’t he arrived yet?”

This was the only princess of His Majesty!

A trace of anxiety also appeared on the maid’s face as she said: “Answering the Empress, the imperial doctor will be here soon…..”

Before the voice of the maid fell, Zhao Rou saw Su Mu who appeared at the door, and she immediately knelt down and said: “Paying respects to Your Majesty.”

Su Mu’s eyes fell on little Su Yan who was loudly crying, and he waved his hand carelessly as he said, “Rise. Huang Xuan quickly come over and treat her wounds.”

Su Mu took the chubby little Su Yan from Zhao Rou’s arms, and said in a stern tone: “Don’t cry.”

The loud crying came to an abrupt end, little Su Yan opened her big bright eyes and looked at Su Mu with pouting lips.

Su Mu felt his heart soften. He gently patted Su Yan and said softly: “Don’t cry, very soon it won’t hurt.”

Huang Xuan took out cotton and alcohol from the medicine box and wiped the blood on Su Yan’s forehead, while coaxing: “Be good, when the wound is all bandaged, we’ll take you out to play.”

Before little Su Yan even opened her mouth, little Su Heng who stood on the side instantly jumped forward and said with excitement, “Really? Father Huang, I want to play with Father Ye!”

Huang Xuan said sternly: “Your Highness, you still have homework from Father Yun.”

“Hmph!” Su Heng looked upset, and ran to hug Su Mu’s thigh and said: “Fu Huang, take me out to play…..”

Zhao Rou hurriedly pulled Su Heng over and reprimanded him: “Your Fu Huang is busy everyday. How can there be time to play with you? You haven’t finished today’s homework, so go back and do your homework immediately.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Su Heng pouted unhappily and said: “Yes, Mu Hou.” (TN: like Fu Huang is used for the emperor, Mu Hou is the term of address for the empress used by children of the emperor)

The days went by like this, life was like ripples in the lake, with ups and downs, but there were no more storms.

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