After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 098 Reason & Emotion

Before today, to be precise, before this meal, Li Xiaoheng had imagined many times what his first confession should be like.

Take Tao Mu on his private jet overlooking the rivers, lakes, mountains, and other famous sceneries, or take Tao Mu on his private yacht to admire the sea scenery, and then at night, when the fireworks exploding in the night sky, kneel down to Tao Mu on one knee to make his confession. Or he should have at least booked a restaurant with a chef prepared romantic candlelight dinner, a large bouquet of roses, a love confession cake, and a pianist or violinist on the side playing the song “Romantic Wedding” or something…..

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

All in all, it should definitely not be the way it was now, eating food, holding a half peeled crab in his hand, facing a table full of crab shells and shrimp skin leftovers, confessing hastily and recklessly.

——Would Xiao Mu think I am too casual? No sincerity at all?

I really shouldn’t be so impulsive. I should continue to subtly and quietly accompany Xiao Mu until Xiao Mu is completely accustomed to me and begins to have good feelings about me before confessing.

But what if in the meantime, someone confessed to Xiao Mu ahead of me, and Xiao Mu agreed?

In an instant, Li Xiaoheng’s mood was full of remorse and entanglement. Wanting nothing more than to rewind back ten minutes. However, even if the time really went back ten minutes, Li Xiaoheng was reluctant to miss this opportunity to confess.

There was no expression on Li Xiaoheng’s face, as if he was at the negotiating table about to sign a contract worth hundreds of billions of dollars at any time. One couldn’t see even a hint of the crazy barrage of 10,000 mud horses running across his inner bullet screen.

Li Xiaoheng squeezed the crab with both hands, and looked at Tao Mu with anxiety. Seeing Tao Mu’s expression shift in just a few seconds, from stunned at first, then amused, then turning into a sneer, and then quickly transitioning from a sneer to thoughtful indifference, and finally freezing into an interested and curious expression: “How did brother Li come to like me?”

There was something wrong!

Although he had not known Tao Mu for a long time, he was very familiar with Tao Mu’s true reactions in various environments because of Li Xiaoheng’s deep-rooted one-sided feelings. He could even tell from Tao Mu’s subtle expression what Tao Mu was thinking, so Tao Mu’s current state was definitely not curious why Li Xiaoheng liked him.

Li Xiaoheng frowned subtly, feeling that the situation might not be very good, as expected, one would face a high probability of failure if one did not fully prepare before the negotiation.

Fortunately, Li Xiaoheng had never imagined that Tao Mu would immediately accept his confession. He just hoped that Tao Mu could give him a chance to pursue him——

“Speaking of, I met brother Li during the summer vacation.” Tao Mu called him brother Li, but in Li Xiaoheng’s ears, the “brother Li” this time was not even as close and familiar as the “Mr. Li” just now.

“We met for the first time on July 7th, which is only half a year to make a full calculation. During that time, brother Li was dealing with business in Country M for most of it, which means that we actually only spent a little over two months together in actuality.” Tao Mu looked at Li Xiaoheng with a gentle smile. The expression conveyed surprise, with a little embarrassment and shyness: “In such a short period of time, I can actually make someone as good as brother Li like me. Say, I am really flattered. It seems that my personal charm is also not bad.”

No, you don’t think so in your heart. Li Xiaoheng looked at Tao Mu’s expression, and his excitement after the impulsive confession gradually declined. He keenly sensed that Tao Mu seemed to be putting up guards against him.

——Tao Mu was indeed the case.

Li Xiaoheng’s confession reminded him of his terrible last life. Before returning to the Shen family’s house, Tao Mu actually attracted a lot of mad bees and butterflies because of his face. Even with Liu Yao protecting him, Tao Mu had no lack in experiencing his path blocked by luxury cars at the school gate and being requested to become ‘friends’.

Later, when he returned to the Shen family, some people might be looking at the wealth of the Shen family at the beginning, or at his face. Maybe they found it particularly novel, so they put on an attitude of “I like you”. Even in Shen Yu’s harem group, many of them at first became interested in him, but in the end they all became attracted to Shen Yu without exception. And in the end, they would put on the disgusting attitude “I didn’t expect you to be this kind of person, you really disappointed me. I must have been blind to be interested in you”. These people would step on him even more than those who liked Shen Yu from the beginning. Their damage index was absolutely no less than the lethality of a big fan turning into an anti.

Tao Mu was actually not afraid of anyone playing tricks on him. After all, he grew up in an environment of repeated manipulations and scheming since he was a child.

But people who just made sweet promises to him, only to in the next second turn around to help Shen Yu deal with him. After experiencing this for too long, Tao Mu would also become tired.

The most important thing was that having to solve the mess that ensued was too troublesome. Just like Zhuo Yan, when he first chased him, he was extremely sweet and good. He was so caring and showed his affection to the extent that it was nauseating. Coaxing Tao Mu, who was full of wariness from the beginning to eventually soften and give over his trust. So, the two became the closest people sleeping on the same bed. Tao Mu even thought about when to take time out to get a marriage certificate with Zhuo Yan. But the result was that the pursuer in their relationship got bored first.

Feeling that the scheming big leopard with ruthless and cruel methods had become boring, and was not as good as the soft and cute Persian cat.

But the point was that it was fine if you got tired, after all even condoms have a shelf life. Who hadn’t experienced a seven-year itch? What Tao Mu couldn’t understand was that even if you didn’t like him anymore, so long as they had an open talk, Tao Mu was not the kind of person who would pester and harass and refuse to let go.

Wasn’t it good to break up decently and maturely?

The key point was that Zhuo Yan was not——it should be said that anyone Tao Mu had contact with who had repeatedly said that they admired him was not like that.

When breaking up, they just had to turn it into a matter of deep life-long hatred. It was clearly themselves who got tired in the relationship but they insisted on placing that responsibility on Tao Mu. And they dare to put on an innocent victim’s face, accusing Tao Mu with a wounded expression, and shamelessly say that they didn’t expect Tao Mu to be such a scheming and ruthless person——motherf**kers, is this is the first day you all met me?

Every time he was pursued and began dating, they would end up as enemies. No wonder Tao Mu was now reflexively wary when he heard related words.

He really had a headache. He wasn’t happy at all about being pursued and liked by an excellent suitor. On the contrary, the better the person who liked him, the more worried Tao Mu would be. If this was the case, how much effort must he put in to settle the civil strife?

Besides, he didn’t see how Li Xiaoheng liked him?

The two of them, since meeting to now, in total had only been half a year, and the number of times they met in person could not be said to be a lot. During this period, there were only a handful of times when they talked about private affairs——most of the time, they only talked about work and how to short the international market.

That’s right! Tao Mu came back to his senses when he thought of work. Sh*t, most of his wealth was still within Xiaoheng Capital.

He originally thought that his luck had turned for the better after rebirth, and he could easily hug a golden thigh. The two would cooperate happily and tacitly, with one responsible for providing financial reports and the other responsible for the specific trading. Tao Mu could also enjoy the pleasure of having a large amount of money flowing into his bank account just while he relaxed on the bed.

Unfortunately, his partner experienced a sudden and unexpected convulsion, suddenly confessing nearing the end of their meal.

——F**king mental! On a whim? Struck by lightning? Could this be any more messed up? Ordinary white-collar workers still know not to engage in office romances. Yet a big capitalist with a great future like you insist on talking romance with your business partner?

Even if they both liked men, rabbits still don’t eat the grass around their nests. Everyone is a bunny here. Couldn’t you follow the most basic species habits and ethics inherited from species genes?

Thinking of Li Xiaoheng’s methods and the great affluence of the Li family, Tao Mu, instead of being delighted by being confessed to by such a suitor, felt the fear of being dominated by the “friends to enemies halo of hatred”.

If this talk accidentally took a turn for the worse, could his little bit of savings withstand the revenge of Li Xiaoheng?

Tao Mu took a deep breath and felt that he was about to have a heart attack. Should he think of a way to first withdraw his funds from Xiaoheng Capital?

However, the top priority now was to appease the business partner who suddenly went into convulsions when he was not looking.

“Brother Li.” Tao Mu forcefully suppressed his complaints and slanderings, and said with a gentle smile: “Your sudden confession is really surprising to me. How to put it, I think we don’t know each other that well. You know what I am like, I am not that kind of innocent and pure good person——”

“I know.” Li Xiaoheng nodded and interrupted Tao Mu’s words: “You don’t believe that I really like you. Maybe you are even worried that after rejecting me, I will become angry and ruin our cooperative relationship.”

Tao Mu didn’t expect Li Xiaoheng to directly point out his worry. Suddenly he was a little embarrassed: “How could that be. I still trust brother Li’s professional ethics. Our cooperation has been pleasant so far, and we have earned tens of billions of dollars in the international crude oil market. It is conceivable that the future gains will definitely be greater than now. Mr. Li is also a businessman, how can you let emotions take over reason.”

Tao Mu’s words were so conclusive, sincere, and earnest, that ordinary people might really believe it.

However, Li Xiaoheng was not an ordinary person: “I know you don’t believe me. I admit that today’s confession was too abrupt. I didn’t make you feel the importance I attach to this relationship. Or, to be precise, I didn’t make you feel the serious attitude a pursuer should have, but I really hope you can give me a chance to pursue you formally.”

“You don’t need to accept my confession. I just need you to officially allow me to pursue you.”

In Tao Mu’s heart he let out a sarcastic chuckle and asked, what kind of attitude? The more formal and solemn your attitude, the more lethal the damage would be in the future when you go back on your words. All of this is directly proportional.

Besides, everyone here was an adult. What was the use of just looking at attitude alone? So long as the benefits were sufficient, he could even put on a kind and caring face towards Luo Yang and Cheng Baodong and show them the utmost respect. But did that mean he really liked these two people?

In fact, Tao Mu was not afraid of Li Xiaoheng discussing interests with him. Because he believed that he could bring his business partners huge profits that were beyond the expectations of the other party. He was only afraid that Li Xiaoheng would become headstrong, and would not even discuss interests with him.

At this time Tao Mu thought of Luo Yang again. Suddenly he remembered that Li Xiaoheng was Luo Yang’s childhood friend. Although the weight of this ‘childhood friendship’ was still to be discussed. But at this moment, the wise saying that birds of a feather flock together was now showing its lethality.

Sh*t, each and every one of them just liked to give him headaches.

Tao Mu’s inner bullet screen was continuously plated in the background, but he still had to remain calm on the surface: “Business is business. I really feel that the relationship between the two of us is not suitable for dating.” The following projects they had in their agenda were worth at least tens of billions of dollars.

Isn’t it a good thing for everyone to sit together and make money, why do you have to think about romance and dating. At that time, you become emotionally unstable and want to split up, how much money would I have to lose!

Tao Mu scratched his head with his hands miserably. If Li Xiaoheng could maintain his emotional stability the whole time, even if he wanted to date him because of suddenly being hit with convulsions, he could lower his head and coax Li Xiaoheng for the sake of their business cooperation.

But could Li Xiaoheng’s mood remain stable the whole time? Who could give a guarantee!

Even someone like Zhuo Yan, who was promoted personally by him, could betray him just like that, without any hesitation, and even aiming straight at his lifeblood.

Tao Mu knew about his own affairs, he knew that his character was ruthless and vicious, and the longer others got along with him, the better they would be able to see his personality. After some people turned their heads and became enemies, the main reason their methods when dealing with him were so ruthless was because they were afraid that he would retaliate, so they wanted to strike first and gain the upper hand.

This was human nature, but he couldn’t understand it: “Tell you the truth.”

Tao Mu carefully looked at Li Xiaoheng’s expression: “Although I like men, but in this life I have never thought of seriously dating and being in a relationship. Brother Li, you are a good person, so I won’t delay you?”

Xiao Mu doesn’t like me.

Although he didn’t know Tao Mu’s previous life experience, from Tao Mu’s reaction after hearing his confession and his subconscious attitude of weighing the pros and cons, Li Xiaoheng still clearly saw the most important point.

This was long expected.

Li Xiaoheng inhaled slightly, and he smiled slightly at Tao Mu. With a gentle smile that had a trace of affection: “My willful confession caused you trouble, right?”

Tao Mu’s polite words were about to blurt out when his eyes touched upon the unconcealed warmth and affection in Li Xiaoheng’s eyes, and he hesitated for a moment. Slowly he nodded, and smiled bitterly: “A little bit.”

“Sorry.” Li Xiaoheng continued to smile. He poured himself a cup of warm tea, took two sips slowly, and calmed himself down: “You are right. If it was for long-term cooperation, I shouldn’t have willfully confessed. We should not mix too many personal feelings into our relationship. This will lead to our cooperation becoming unstable because of personal feelings…..”

Li Xiaoheng’s mind was a bit messy that moment, but he was also very clear-headed. He knew he had to do something to soothe the leopard who was so nervous that he was about to explode.

“I’m really ashamed. Despite being several years older than Xiao Mu, yet on these issues, I am not as clear-minded as you.”

Tao Mu smiled gently, and observed Li Xiaoheng subtly, judging whether the other party was making polite talk, or he really thought so.

Of course, no matter what Li Xiaoheng truly thought. If he could be rational, he should know that their stable cooperative relationship was far more important than the relationship controlled by hormones.

A future capitalist bigwig should understand how to weigh these two relationships.

Thinking of Li Xiaoheng’s reputation and status in the international capital market in his previous life, Tao Mu was still optimistic about Li Xiaoheng’s decision.

“So after careful consideration, I have decided…..”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Sure enough. The bigwig is a bigwig. Even if they occasionally convulse, their reason and sense could still be trusted——

“Just like when we are working together, with you choosing when to short on a project, while I am responsible for the specific trading. I will also give you the power to decide on our personal relationship. I am only responsible for pursuing you. As for whether to accept my pursuit, it’s up to you to decide.”

“…..Huh?” Tao Mu looked at Mr. Bigwig Li with a dazed expression, you messing with me, right?

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  1. Woah. Brother Li too cool. I really like the way he approached xiao mu’s reluctance. My poor Mu Mu he has been scarred because of all those scum. Thanks for the chapter. Kinda sucks to be ill during the festive season. This really made my day ❤.

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    1. Seconded, Brother Li has instantly become a personal favorite ❤️
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    1. Disrespected? On the contrary, he thought it was genuine so he was scared, while MuMu pointed out the Li XiaoHeng’s capital as his fear, the underlying motive for the possible threat was LXH having feelings for him. He was quite traumatized, especially with that Zhuo Yan when he was cautious, he was still bitten badly. Even if LXH won’t get caught up by that idiot’s halo, it’s a matter of feelings after all, who can guarantee such a thing, just changing their relationship alone can make him think of various troubles let alone if there’s any conflict between them. Even if LXH won’t do anything, there’re still others, his business can get implicated, business offers could get hindered, people could make troubles for him, LXH currently is like his umbrella in the business world so losing him can really jeopardize lots of things, not to mention that idiot’s entourage and followers.
      That was from cost and benefit. From an emotional point of view, MuMu is a stubborn person who likes to do things in an orderly and structured manner, step by step hunting prey like a seasoned veteran. Romance is a variable factor to him, and the bad experiences taught him what the consequences could be. He also has inferiority complex. He never imagined a love life for himself, having friends and family was already a dream come true for him. Not just that scum, his experience with his adoptive and biological family also taught him not to have high expectation (expect the worse so one can be prepared).
      All these things added together, even if MuMu looks fine on the surface, it wasn’t so on the inside. He already gave up on romance. Just like those novels and mangas about failed romance, how could it be so easy to start a relationship after tasting bitterness? It hasn’t been that long since the last one (especially since he was busy and his days full). Even if he yearns for one, he needs time. MuMu was never the type that fell in love at first sight, even more so after those things, in a relationship he needs something concrete and steady. And for romantic relationship he needs more stringent requirements: proven with dedication, time and trials, and after that he may still have doubts. Anxiety, insecurity, inferiority complex, PTSD, these kinds of things can’t easily be solved.
      And if I guessed correctly, those exes, may have targeted things that are important and vital to him, as someone who is protective and possessive, as well as stubborn and paranoid, being treated like that by someone who he put in his heart who then attacked him for the sake of the “enemy” and join the crusade to fight him…

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