The Cruel Tyrant CH 131 Extra: Su Mochi

On the large pure gold dragon bed, a thin young man lay curled up on the bed with frowning brows. He had pale unhealthy skin with a trace of gloom, and a layer of sweat on his smooth forehead.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

A girl’s crisp voice sounded in his ear: “Sixth Prince…..Sixth Prince…..”

“Qingxue…..” The fragile and helpless voice of the young man sounded in the dark.

The girl’s eyes curved into a pair of small crescents, as warm as the spring sunshine.

Suddenly, blood stains appeared on the girl’s face, and the joyful smile turned into an expression of fear and pain.

Then, with a “bang”, the girl’s whole body shattered like colored glaze, and the whole world immediately fell into frightening darkness.

Su Mochi felt that the ground beneath his feet suddenly gave way, and his whole body fell down directly…..


The young man lying on the bed suddenly sat up, but the fear in his eyes had not disappeared.

Then, almost instantly, the look in his eyes were replaced by gloom and murderous intent.

Unspeakable emptiness and longing rose from behind. This familiar feeling made him so angry but he could not escape from it.

“Bring two people in.”

Like the voice of the devil, it sounded in the gloomy palace. The guard’s legs couldn’t stop trembling, but he didn’t dare to hesitate at all and said, “Yes, Your Highness.”

Then, two struggling young men with outstanding appearance were pushed into the Crown Prince’s bedroom.

“No…..let me out…..let me out…..I’m the eldest son of Imperial Censor Wu, you let me out!”

The other person was already so scared that he couldn’t utter a word at all.

Then, a bright light suddenly appeared in the room.

Wu Yuchen and the other captive young man stopped yelling, and looked at the naked young man in front of the candlestick. His black hair was a little messy and hung down his snow-white back. The slender and smooth legs and perky buttocks could make even women envious.

A pair of dark eyes stared at the two without emotion, like an elf that was born out of the darkness.

“Who…..who are you? Where’s the Crown Prince?” Wu Yuchen’s eyes searched around, carefully asking the young man in front of the candlestick.

Su Mochi ignored him, picked up the bottle on the table and walked to stand in front of Wu Yuchen. He then grabbed Wu Yuchen’s chin like lightning and poured half of the bottle into his mouth.

Then he did the same to the other captive young man.

These two people had no martial arts, and they were not Su Mochi’s opponents at all.

Pouring such a huge amount medicine would cause irreversible damage to the body, but Su Mochi didn’t care at all.

The effect of this kind of medicine came very quickly. Su Mochi clamped a hand around Wu Yuchen’s neck and threw him on the bed like he would a dead object, and then did the same to the other person.

A violent and brutal feeling rose uncontrollably from his heart. Su Mochi grabbed the young man’s wrist and twisted it fiercely, and the young man’s arm was directly torn off.


The miserable screams echoed through the palace, but it caused no reaction at all.

The hot and sticky blood quickly spread and soaked over the entire bed.

Wu Yuchen’s face was chalk white, and now he finally understood that the ethereal young man in front of him was the notorious devil Crown Prince!

Even if the thing between his legs was still hard, Wu Yuchen was so scared that he had felt none of the medicine induced desire at all. He rolled and crawled out of the bed, but a large suction came from behind and brought him back.

Su Mochi grabbed his hair and pressed his head to collide against the head of the young man.

“Ah!” “Ah!”

Two screams sounded, Wu Yuchen felt that his eyes were blinded by the hot and sticky liquid, and the metallic scent seemed to overwhelm him. Wu Yuchen understood that it was blood flowing from his head, the pain finally registering after a while.

The other young man was frightened out of his mind, and begged: “Your Highness, please have mercy…..”

“Noisy.” Su Mochi’s eyes were fierce, and he directly stretched out his hand to crush his chin.

Then, Su Mochi crushed his heart with a palm without warning, and threw him out of the window with internal force without even sparing a look.

Su Mochi pressed his lips tightly closed, not letting any sound escape, but the sheets in his hands were all torn apart, and the red liquid flowing out under his fingers was the blood that the previous young man had left on the bed.

Wu Yuchen was a playboy. He spent half the days of a month lingering about in brothels and the pleasure district. He never thought that one day he would wish for this kind of thing to end soon.

This was not just torment, but abuse and torture!

Su Mochi’s body was stiff, subconsciously resisting the overwhelming pleasure coming from behind.

Seeing Wu Yuchen, who was still afraid to stop even after he was satisfied, he suddenly cut off Wu Yuchen’s head with the palm of his hand.

Su Mochi didn’t even look at the head that rolled to the side. He stretched out his right foot and kicked the body that was still in him off the bed.

Still naked, he walked into the bath with no expression on his face, washed himself clean and then walked up the steps of the bath, saying: “Change clothes.”

The palace maid who had been waiting outside the door immediately walked in with the clothes she had prepared. Wu Yuchen’s headless body was lying in the way of the maid. The maid hurriedly removed her eyes and quickly stepped over the corpse.

When the clothes were unfolded, Su Mochi’s dark eyes suddenly burst with a violent storm. He suddenly slammed the maid into the bath with a palm, and then caught the maid’s right foot in a lightning fast grip, hanging her upper body to completely sink into the bath.

The maid kept struggling fiercely, but Su Mochi’s arm was like cast iron, not even moving a single bit.

After the time for a cup of tea, the maid did not move any more. Su Mochi released his grip, and the maid fell into the bath, her black hair floating in the water, like a ghost that was about to crawl out of the water.

The maids standing behind Su Mochi did not dare to even breathe. No matter how hard she tried, the fear in her eyes could not be hidden at all. A maid’s legs gave out and she fell directly to the ground.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

When Su Mochi turned his head and the icy cold eyes fell on her, the little maid was so frightened she fainted unconscious.

Fortunately, Su Mochi didn’t intend to take her life. His dark eyes looked forward without focus, but his voice was sinister and terrifying: “Don’t let me see blue colored clothes again.”

TN: well, that’s the official end to The Cruel Tyrant. This translator will miss the year long journey and all the lovely readers and supporters along the way T.T And with that being said, the complete ebook version of The Cruel Tyrant can now be found on my Ko-fi for those interested💕

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20 thoughts on “The Cruel Tyrant CH 131 Extra: Su Mochi”

  1. Awwww, I will really miss this !!!!

    One of my favorites harem Genre.

    I really want more but it still will end , so sad but still thankful to this wonderful novel, hard working author and translator.

    Thank you so much for sharing and finishing to translate this until the end !

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  2. Thank you for your hardwork translating. Glad Su Mu have his own little heaven here. The original Su MoChi really a mad man. Hiah. Sometimes psycho is not born but made. Thank you

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  3. I was still hoping for a good ending on Su Mochi like also transmigrated on the modern day and was able to find his fated lover.

    And also MC and his Gong’s will transmigrate to modern time to hehehe and xxoo there hahahahahahah lels

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  4. Omg I knew he was a lunatic but reading the details was something else 😲😲😲
    Thanks for your great translation. I enjoyed every minute of reading this amazing novel

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  5. Thank you for this work, its sad that SU MOCHI life became like that or a bastard that took advantage of him… bun sadly Sxxt happens sometimes, thank you for you work Translator-sama uwu it was and enjoyable journey owor

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  6. Dude this was such a nice read! For a harem I usually don’t have a lot of hope, but this guys are really something.
    Thank you for sharing your work! The translation was very good. Loved it, thank you very much ❤️☺️

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  7. hot damn, we really ended with an excerpt of how Su Mochi lived his tragic and ruthless life 。゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。

    I’ll pretend that the previous chapter was the last HAHA

    thank u so much for translating this novel, I had so much fun reading it!


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