Back To The Beginning Of Ming To Do Charity CH 145 To Resist

Song Shizhao was riding a horse, holding a whip in his hand. At his age now he could no longer ride a horse a long time ago, but in order to get to Lin Yuan’s side as soon as possible, he simply put this old life on the line. Even the servant persuaded him: “If you rush to travel like this, once you arrive you will fall ill, the gains outweigh the losses.”

However, Song Shizhao wouldn’t listen. There was only one thing in his mind, and that was that he had to be with Lin Yuan when he attacked Dadu.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

If he was not there then, in the future…..

So as expected, Song Shizhao fell ill.

Lin Yuan went to the carriage to look at him, and saw Song Shizhao’s ill state with sunken cheeks. He was old, but now he looked more haggard, and only that pair of eyes were frighteningly bright.

The servant was persuading Song Shizhao to drink the medicine. When Lin Yuan came, he quickly knelt to one side.

Lin Yuan said to him: “Have Mister Song drink the medicine.”

Song Shizhao didn’t dare not drink the medicine. He closed his eyes and poured the medicine down his throat. The servant quickly handed him a piece of candied fruit.

Song Shizhao’s mouth was stuffed with candied fruit and he dared not speak, for fear of indecent behavior.

Lin Yuan sat in the carriage and sighed: “Mister, you still have to take care of your own health. You are not a young man in your twenties.”

Song Shizhao hurriedly said: “I just rushed a little bit too impatiently. I just look weak, but my strength is still there! I am old but vigorous, so please don’t worry about me!”

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “You have to take care of yourself, as you will be busy when we enter Dadu.”

As soon as these words fell, Song Shizhao’s eyes brightened. He finally waited until this day. He could watch Lin Yuan ascend the throne and claim the title of emperor with his own eyes. Was there anything more exciting than this? What the ancestors could not do, he, Song Shizhao, managed to achieve!

Lin Yuan also knew why Song Shizhao rushed on the road so urgently. He rode a horse during the day and rode in a carriage at night. Not only was he tired himself but the servants and guards were also so tired they  fell asleep as soon as they arrived.

He not only sighed emotionally at Song Shizhao’s persistence, but also regretted that Song Shizhao could not be a few years younger.

Even if it was only ten years younger.

After Song Shizhao rested for half a day, he hurriedly reported to Lin Yuan about the affairs in Changshu.

“The common people are obedient. But those gentries are not very docile.” Song Shizhao leaned on the cushions, his energy much better than half a day ago. He said in an orderly manner, “So I set up a standing target and let them fight on their own. After they’ve almost finished fighting, their wealth and properties were then seized and confiscated. Some were sent to prison, and some were released and joined the common people. Although there are still many with discontent, generally there is no need to worry about them. Now Wu Changqing can be in charge on his own. With Zheng Qingfeng helping him, even if he is a dunce he will still be able to remain standing.”

Lin Yuan said strangely: “How odd, I actually hear the name of a fourth person from Mister.”

Song Shizhao was proud and arrogant. Wu Changqing, Luo Ben and Song Lian were the only ones who could be mentioned by him. Unexpectedly, there was now one more Zheng Qingfeng.

Song Shizhao begged for mercy: “Please don’t make fun of me. Zheng Qingfeng seems to be a man who likes to angle for fame, but he has some of the qualities of a virtuous official. The way I see it, Wu Changqing is not as good as him.”

Lin Yuan remembered Zheng Qingfeng. Before he arrived in Changshu, this was a man who ate but did not do work. After he arrived, he did show off his capabilities one or two times, but he did not impress Lin Yuan too deeply.

After all, there were many talented people who wanted to attach themselves to him and get more power from him.

If he had to remember all of them, Lin Yuan must have a genius mind with photographic memory.

“Has your disciple come to see you?” Lin Yuan asked.

Song Shizhao: “You are here, how could he dare to come?”

Looking at Song Shizhao’s proud look, Lin Yuan couldn’t help but laugh: “Are you not afraid that he will be at odds with you?”

Song Shizhao truly did regard Yang Shaowei as his son because he had only this disciple at his advanced age and no wife and children. He could only count on Yang Shaowei to provide for his retirement in the future.

Song Shizhao lowered his head: “You can only use him if he passes this test.”

Lin Yuan didn’t speak.

It was common for young people to be impetuous, and they have to be chiseled some more. But before Lin Yuan began, Song Shizhao came in person.

Even if Yang Shaowei had grievances, it would only be directed at Song Shizhao instead of Lin Yuan.

Although Lin Yuan seemed to have no shortage of people in his hands, there still remained only a small number of people who could do big things, were prudent, and could lead the masses.

There would always be a day when Song Shizhao retired.

Only when he retired would Yang Shaowei have a chance.

Otherwise, it was impossible for Lin Yuan to let both the shifu and disciple occupy a pivotal position.

In previous battles, Lin Yuan lacked people in his hands, and they were all used in more than one position, but now it was different. He was soon to become the master of Dadu, so the issue of civil servants must be given importance.

The Yuan Dynasty’s capital Dadu was located in modern day Beijing, and Lin Yuan did not plan to move his capital.

After all, Beijing’s geographical position was very good, and the capital before Lin Yuan’s transmigration was also Beijing.

Lin Yuan raised his head.

Speaking of, he hadn’t thought about what happened before transmigrating for a long time.

Occasionally, he would only think about whether the pot of spider plant grown in his rented apartment had died or not.

Or maybe because he hadn’t paid the rent in so long, what would the landlord look like when he saw his corpse?

It must be really smelly in that apartment.

Lin Yuan and the others were in the back, while Zhu Yuanzhang, Chen Baisong and Li Congrong were in the front.

This time they brought 400,000 troops. The march was slower than before, but it was fast enough.

After all, the cavalry opened the way, traveling day and night, and only stopping to repair and rest when encountering rain or rugged terrain.

The soldiers didn’t complain, what was there to complain about anyway?

They could now be assigned to some meat every day, even if they just tasted some meat, they were happy enough.

The general also said that when they won the battle and captured Dadu, they could eat as much as they wanted.

With this, they all wanted to go to Dadu early and fight the battle. They would definitely win. When they won, they would eat meat.

“What is Dadu like?” A soldier talked to people around him during resting time. He took off his shoes and shook out the sand inside, the smell so strong it caused even himself to lean back away from it.

The people around him also pinched their noses and urged him: “Hurry up and put it on.”

After he had put on his shoes again, and when the smell dissipated, the people around him said: “How do I know, I have never been to Dadu, but I heard that Dadu is full of gold!”

“Gold everywhere?” The soldier sneered, “Doesn’t that mean every household is rich? If they are so rich would the officials below still be coveting the common people’s wealth?”

Others: “I haven’t been there either, what’s the point of saying this to me!”

“When we win the battle, we still have to listen to the South Bodhisattva. Maybe we will stay in Dadu, or maybe go off to another battle. Whatever is the case of Dadu, it is not relevant to us now.” The soldier thought about the future, “We can retire after ten years of service. The court will also arrange for us to get a job after retiring from being a soldier. After I am discharged from the army, I will marry a wife and give birth to a few babies. If there is land to farm that will be great, with land life will be stable!”

Others laughed at him: “You have no ambition, I will not retire. I want to be promoted to platoon commander and then battalion commander, you can also marry a wife and have children without leaving the barracks.”

Each person had their own ideas, and with the battle imminent, chatting and talking about the future made them feel better.

No one talked about what to do if they lost.

Zhu Yuanzhang and the others were in the tent now, and the lieutenants and Luo Ben were also here. They had to discuss how to attack Dadu.

“Infiltrate from here.” Luo Ben’s finger landed at a point on the sand table.

Everyone followed his finger and looked over, and there was no objection.

It was not too difficult to enter the city, but to enter the palace was the difficult part.

However, it was only a matter of time as even the city gates could be broken, but no one wanted to delay it for a long time as who knew what variable would show up if they took too long.

Chen Baisong asked Luo Ben: “Where are the least common people?”

Luo Ben shook his head, he also didn’t know.

However, it was impossible not to accidentally hurt the common people when a war started.

It was just the difference between more and less.

The tent fell silent, and Luo Ben continued to talk about the battle strategies. Some people asked questions in the middle, and they all decided on the final plan after some discussions.

After knowing how to fight, it now all depended on their ability on the battlefield.

But when they arrived at Dadu, they were all dumbfounded.

Even as steady and calm as Luo Ben, couldn’t believe his eyes.

Although everyone knew that with the number of soldiers in Dadu now it was not possible to defend the huge capital at all, but it still shouldn’t be so…..

The soldiers standing together was definitely far from the number of 50,000.

What about the rest?

These “50,000” troops did not even last for half a day.

Many of them were not soldiers at all, they were recruited directly from the common people, and many of them were also the sons of big families and their family servants.

When asked, none of them knew anything.

Though the leading general was not temporarily recruited, he also didn’t look to have much importance either, and didn’t know anything either.

Luo Ben: “Oh, no! This is just to delay us back! They want to move the capital!”

Chen Baisong and Zhu Yuanzhang got on their horses immediately, and Luo Ben shouted: “Head towards the north!”

Chen Baisong and Zhu Yuanzhang did not find them, because they were still in the palace.

The Yuan court still had 100,000 soldiers and horses, and the ones stationed outside could no longer be called over, as the distant water couldn’t quench the present thirst.

These 100,000 soldiers and horses were their last means of saving their lives.

Originally they had thought about leaving Dadu today, but they didn’t expect the troops of the Southern King to come so quickly. They could hear loud sounds of footsteps and hooves and shouting even in the palace.

No one cared about the palace maids and eunuchs, all of them hid in their rooms and as for fleeing? Outside were His Majesty’s soldiers, and if they ran outside, before they were even killed by the rebel-thieves, they would surely be killed by His Majesty’s soldiers first.

When Li Congrong led his troops into the palace, he did not expect that there were 100,000 soldiers and horses in the palace.

They are all in the martial arts practice field.

Li Congrong was not afraid, and charged over on horseback with his weapon in his hand and his troops at his side.

He had experienced hundreds of battles. Although he was not as successful as Chen Baisong, he had also been tempered by numerous battles.

Li Congrong shouted: “The South Bodhisattva has said, there shall be gold for those less than five heads, and promotion for those with more than five heads!”

The soldiers went crazy.

Promotion! Even if just a squad leader that still meant power, and the monthly salary was twice that of ordinary soldiers!

If they could be promoted to battalion commander…..

Where were there enemies in front of them? It was simply just money, beckoning to them, asking them to cut off the other’s head.

When Chen Baisong and the others withdrew back, what they saw was a one-sided scene.

However, they didn’t get involved as well. Instead, they surrounded the entire palace, and even a rat could not escape.

In a small room in the imperial palace, Emperor Yuan Shun just hid inside. He grabbed the hand of his confidant eunuch and sat on a chair shivering.


You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The eunuch was also afraid, and at this moment he could only try to reassure him: “Your Majesty, there is nothing to worry about, God will not let the rebel-thieves succeed.”

“We still have one hundred thousand soldiers and horses.”

How long could 100,000 soldiers put up resistance?

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