Back To The Beginning Of Ming To Do Charity CH 146 Taking Over

The palace was beautiful, but it was not as beautiful as the Forbidden City that Lin Yuan once saw in Beijing. The imperial palace of the Yuan Dynasty was of course also lofty but the Forbidden Palace had a longer history and experienced more renovations. And in addition to the advanced technology of the modern times, it was of course more beautiful. Lin Yuan stopped on horseback at the Chongtian Gate, feeling like his past was a world away.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He didn’t expect that he would actually take over Dadu one day and walk into this palace.

The Chongtian Gate was equivalent to the Meridian Gate in the Qing Dynasty. The architectural style of the imperial palace was the legacy of the Song and Jin Dynasties. There were three imperial city watchtowers on both sides of the road, and the roof was double eave with a sweeping curvature.

Song Shizhao said behind Lin Yuan: “Boss, let’s go in.”

Lin Yuan spurred the horse forward, Song Shizhao and the others dismounted and followed.

Except for the emperor and his favored courtiers, no one could ride a horse on this road.

Song Shizhao felt the land with his feet. His expression was very pious, but it was not because of the original owner of this land, but because of the meaning of this land, the imperial throne, the supreme imperial power, and the position that has all people of the world bow their heads. His ancestors failed to enter the Song Dynasty imperial palace, but his feet were now standing on the land of the Yuan Dynasty imperial palace.

Starting today, he must be even more cautious, loyal to the Heavenly Son. He wanted his name to remain in the history books for the admiration of future generations!

He accomplished what his ancestors did not accomplish!

Zhu Yuanzhang, Chen Baisong and the others have already been waiting in front of the Da Ming Hall.

Seeing Lin Yuan riding over on a horse, they all knelt down.

The soldiers who were still in the palace also knelt down, and Song Shizhao and the others at the back especially so.

Lin Yuan was the only one riding on a horse, looking around all this, Da Ming Hall was right in front of his eyes, the imperial throne and jade seal were within reach, and Lin Yuan dismounted and got off the horse. His heart suddenly surged with pride, this world was now his world, he could change it according to his will, his enemies were either dead or curled up in a snail’s corner, and as for his officials, took his will as their will and his ideals as their ideals.

Whatever he said was correct, no one will say that he was wrong.

Of course, this had a chance to blind his eyes and make him become arbitrary.

But there was a bigger advantage that all problems were incomparable to, that was, the decrees and policies he issued would be implemented without any barriers.

Only when a country was united and twisted into one rope could the country be strong and prosperous.

Throughout the ages, all sage rulers have had a unified identity——arbitrariness, even if they would be courteous to virtuous talents, but that was just a way for them to cover up their ruthless methods.

Lin Yuan walked up the steps and then straight inside the Da Ming Hall.

The other people were still kneeling in place, and so long as Lin Yuan did not tell them to rise they would not do so.

The Da Ming Hall was the largest building in the imperial palace, and it was the most luxurious and bright. The hall could accommodate hundreds of courtiers. The columns were carved with dragon motifs. Standing at the door, one could see the layout of the hall at a glance, but the most attractive thing was the throne above the stepped platform.

Speaking of which, the throne was nothing more than a seat. Perhaps it was not even as comfortable as the soft chair that Lin Yuan preferred the most.

But this was not just a chair, it was a symbol of power, something that only the most powerful person in the world could sit in.

A chair that people with lofty ideals all over the world coveted.

Right now it was in front of Lin Yuan.

But Lin Yuan did not go up the steps. He just took a look and walked out of the front doors of Da Ming Hall.

If he was to ascend the throne, he must have everything new, a new throne, a new jade seal, and a new ritual system.

Since there was a need for reform, then it should start at this time.

Someone had already cleaned up the personal residence. This was the first place to be cleaned up, which was located right behind Da Ming Hall.

The two palaces were connected to each other with one in the front and one in the back. Lin Yuan first walked out of the hall and told everyone to rise. Then he called Song Shizhao, Yang Shaowei and Luo Ben to follow him into the personal residence palace. The generals had their own duties, they had to deal with the corpses and prisoners of war.

Look at the sky, there was still much to be busy over.

As for Emperor Yuan Shun, no one could think of him at all at this time.

Looking at the corpse, the soldiers had a headache, especially since the man was still wearing an imperial robe.

No one thought that the emperor would die with an eunuch in such a small hut. The soldier opened his mouth and took a look. Black liquid flowed out.

He had died of poisoning.

Don’t know if he ate it himself or was fed by someone else.

“There are no orders from above?” The soldier asked his squad leader.

The squad leader also had a headache, and said to him: “You wait, I’ll report it.”

The squad leader searched for a while before he found the battalion leader. The battalion leader didn’t know what to do, and went to the platoon leader. The platoon leader…..the platoon leader directly found Li Congrong.

However, Li Congrong had no experience at all in such matters, so he turned around and asked Zhu Yuanzhang.

After all, that was the last emperor of the Yuan Dynasty in any case, so the corpse should be cleaned up and buried?

Zhu Yuanzhang was taken aback by Li Congrong’s question, and he smiled and said: “Drag it out and bury it, the prodigal dog, do you really think he should be put in the mausoleum? Starting today, there is only one emperor in the world.”

Li Congrong turned his head and thought, it seemed that this was very reasonable.

So Emperor Yuan Shun’s body was thrown into the pile of corpses, but the soldiers responsible was cautious and stripped off his clothes.

Of course these clothes were also burned.

The eunuchs and maids and internal officials in the palace were kept in the side hall, guarded by soldiers.

They didn’t know whether they would die or live, so they dared not cry too loudly, only cry quietly.

Lin Yuan sat in the personal residence palace, and had Song Shizhao and the others sit. Er Liang had already served tea.

“Let’s talk about the imperial palace first.” Lin Yuan didn’t go around in circles, but looked directly at Yang Shaowei, and asked, “Are you able to do it?”

Yang Shaowei’s heart was beating hard in his chest, and he quickly said, “I wish to share the worries of my Lord!”

Lin Yuan nodded: “The things that should be changed should be changed, and the rules should also be changed as well.”

Yang Shaowei looked at his teacher, hoping that his teacher would help him to ask, but Song Shizhao was motionless, so Yang Shaowei had to toughen his skin and ask: “Don’t know what changes you intend?”

Lin Yuan: “The existing eunuchs in the palace can stay. As long as they are innocent then there is no problem, but there will be no more eunuchs in the future. This will be the last batch.”

Yang Shaowei lowered his head.

Why were there eunuchs in the palace? Because of the concubines in the harem.

There were too many concubines in the emperor’s harem, and they couldn’t all be managed, but the emperor was also afraid that the concubines would cuckold him, so eunuchs came into existence.

Only by not allowing the concubines to see a normal man could he ensure that the concubines would give birth to his own children.

In addition to this, the eunuch was lacking and could not be an official, moreover their reputation was also damaged. Appointing and using eunuchs was not too dangerous.

But their Boss… seemed that so far, he didn’t even have a favored maidservant, let alone a wife. There was a concubine before, but turned out to be a spy, and couldn’t be more dead by now.

Yang Shaowei wanted to say that it was time to recruit beauties, but when he saw his teacher’s appearance, he closed his mouth again.

…..Just wait, when Lin Yuan had ascended the throne, they would then be able to admonish him on the grounds that the country could not be without a crown prince.

Besides, men were not like women. It was difficult for women to have children when they were older. But even if a man was in his 50s or 60s, he could still father children so long as he wanted to.

What was more, Lin Yuan didn’t indulge in beauty, and it was also a virtue to say this.

Lin Yuan also said: “I wonder if there are any good designers among the people who have followed over? The dragon chair, the jade seal and the crown must be reworked.”

Yang Shaowei said solemnly: “This is natural.”

Lin Yuan smiled at Yang Shaowei: “Then I will entrust it to Qingqing, don’t let me down.”

Yang Shaowei’s cheeks flushed when he heard what Lin Yuan said.

His response was full of vitality.

Then Yang Shaowei was sent off.

The expression on Yang Shaowei’s face became steadier as he walked out of the personal residence palace. He turned his head and looked back, pressing his lips lightly together.

He would not do these things all the time, he would let the South Bodhisattva see his abilities.

One day, he would climb up to the position of his teacher.

“How are the common people of Dadu?” Lin Yuan asked Luo Ben, “Is there a good strategy?”

Luo Ben said: “The people were all fleeing. Although a lot of them have been stopped, there were some fish that have slipped through the net.”

Lin Yuan: “You don’t have to worry about those who escape, just those who are still in the capital.”

“This capital city should also change its name.” Lin Yuan said suddenly.

Song Shizhao repeatedly echoed: “Naturally, it should have a new name now that there is a new master.”

Lin Yuan smiled at him: “Let us call it Beijing.”

“Good name!” Luo Ben was a step late earlier and rushed to praise at this time.

The history of Beijing as the capital began from the Yuan Dynasty. Later, Zhu Yuanzhang took over the capital of the Yuan Dynasty and changed the name to Beiping, which had a meaning of rooting out and treading flat. Later, Zhu Di took the throne from his nephew and moved the capital from Nanjing back to Beiping and changed the name to Beijing.

In the Ming Dynasty, Beijing was once called the capital of capitals.

The Qing Dynasty also used this name.

Later, the Republic of China was established, and the capital was set in Nanjing. It was said that because of fears that the warlords would regain their ambitions to establish a government, Beijing was changed back to Beiping, and it was only changed back to Beijing after the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

So the name of Beijing had been present since the Ming Dynasty.

Lin Yuan was also used to it, and he didn’t plan on creating another one himself.

Anyway, starting from the Yuan Dynasty, the country’s capital had repeatedly jumped between Beijing and Nanjing.

Lin Yuan still had feelings for the place name of Beijing. He remembered that he once took a train to Beijing that lasted four days and three nights. He got up at two or three in the morning and waited to see the ascent of the flag. The roads on both sides were full of people. He wore a backpack and held a binocular to see the flag raising.

At the moment the national flag was raised, Lin Yuan also felt an inexplicable pride.

This was his country, even if it had been swayed by storms, it still stood tall.

He also went to see He Shen’s former residence and ate Peking duck.

Sitting in the personal residence palace at this moment, Lin Yuan had the illusion that time and space were reversed.

Song Shizhao said softly: “I have already asked people to calculate the auspicious time. The eighth day of the next month is a good day for ascending the throne.”

Lin Yuan closed his eyes: “Then set the eighth day of the next month.”

Song Shizhao and Luo Ben looked at each other and retreated.

Er Liang waited for Lin Yuan to lie down on the made bed, and then muttered, “The bed should be changed too!”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Then change it.”

If the old did not go, then the new would not come.

He didn’t know what direction he would take this country to, but he would do his best to let the people live and work in peace and contentment during his lifetime, so that both the elderly and the young would have support.

Chatting and laughing with great scholars, and among my guests there is no unlearned common man. (TN: from poem “Inscription On The Crude House” by Liu Yuxi, Tang Dynasty poet)

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