After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 102 Winter Vacation

After the end-of-term extravaganza was over,  winter vacation arrived. That night, Tao Mu led the group of classmates to play in Night until the second half of the night. Early the next morning, everyone staggered up from all corners of the private room. It was like a scene from “The Walking Dead”.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Brother Mu, you’re awake.” Everyone in Night knew about Tao Mu’s relationship with the two bosses. Last night, Tao Mu brought his classmates to play, and brother Yao made a special call to tell them to take good care of Tao Mu’s classmates.

So last night, after Tao Mu’s classmates let loose and were running around all over the place, it was the staff in Night who dug them out from various corners and sent them back to the private room opened by Tao Mu. Otherwise, the boys were fine, but the girls very likely might end up being “picked up”.

“Be careful in the future!”

Night’s staff were all old fried dough sticks (TN: slang for experienced, street smart), so it was natural to see that some of Tao Mu’s classmates, probably for the first time in their life, came to a nightclub to play, and they got so excited they threw all caution to wind. It was fine here, but if they went to another place, it was very possible to might get involved in an unfortunate circumstance and suffer a loss.

“There is no breakfast restaurant nearby. If you want to have breakfast, go to the kitchen to make it yourself. Or go back to school to eat. I won’t accompany you anymore.” The manager of Night who was talking to Tao Mu yawned. He hadn’t slept all night last night, and now it was time to go upstairs to rest.

“Thanks, brother Ting.”

Zhang Ting patted Tao Mu on the shoulder, so sleepy he couldn’t keep his eyes open. Sure enough, when people got older, their energy was not enough.

Tao Mu grabbed out two packs of sobering pills at the bar.

There were a total of twenty-five people in class 1 of Beijing Film’s 2008 class. Tao Mu called seven cars and sent them all back to school. They then had breakfast in the cafeteria. During this period, Tao Mu emphatically advised the girls who were running around after getting drunk last night, and almost entered other private rooms. He told them a few examples of girls who got raped in nightclubs and were taken advantage of and threatened with naked photos. This frightened the girls into turning a chalk-white paleness.

Tao Mu had a good memory and a careful observant mind. He still remembered how many glasses of wine each girl in the class had last night and counted the numbers in front of everyone. At the end, he said: “Remember your alcohol limit. In the future, if you go out for work meals or play with friends, keep it in check a bit. You are all people who want to be big stars. Don’t end up ruining yourselves with this kind of thing. It’s not worth it.”

Speaking of which, Tao Mu also told everyone a lot of examples of how men got girls drunk at wine gatherings, and even deliberately added drugs to the drinks. All in all, don’t drink anything that goes out of your sight for even a second. Don’t drink beverages or mineral water that have been twisted open by others.

“Don’t think that boys are just being considerate when twisting the bottle cap for you.” Tao Mu picked up a bottle of mineral water and took out the hangover medicine he had just brought with him from Night from his pocket. Then he unscrewed the bottle cap in front of everyone, and after he finished twisting it, he shook the bottle in front of everyone.

It was only then that everyone discovered that the hangover pill had fallen into the mineral water bottle at some point. Instantly everyone broke out in exclaims.

Tao Mu took a sip of mineral water mixed with hangover medicine: “So, girls should pay attention to safety.”

Glancing at the male compatriots who were shocked into a pile of startled huskies, he paused and added: “Of course, boys should also pay attention to safety.”

“How can one even pay attention to safety!” The group of children who had never seen the darkness of this world suddenly went crazy. With a look of “this baby is afraid”, they screeched: “The world is too sinister. I don’t even dare to go out to clubs in the future.”

Tao Mu chuckled: “If you don’t dare to, then go to Night. Report my name to the manager. Let them take care of everything. Of course, it can’t be guaranteed completely. The most important thing is to be careful yourself.”

After teaching safety knowledge to the group of boys and girls who were not yet deeply involved in the grown-up world, Tao Mu threw the rest of the hangover medicine in his pocket to everyone: “Have you finished your meal? Take the hangover medicine after breakfast. When you go back it is best to drink another glass of milk or honey water. Those who need to catch a train or a plane later should remember to buy motion sickness medicine. You may get motion sickness in the car after drinking too much.”

The group of people all looked at Tao Mu like chirping little baby birds that just flew out of the nest. After being comforted by Tao Mu’s head patting one by one, they each left and went back to their dorms to catch up on some sleep. After waking up, basically those who live out of town have to catch the train and the plane.

Tao Mu, whose hand was now covered in hair oil, didn’t go back to the dormitory. He still remembered his promise that “when reaching over 100 million registered users of he will dance in women’s clothes”. There were now more than 98 million registered users. Posts by netizens reminding him to fulfill his promise have also been posted on the homepage of

Tao Mu had no plan to ​​renege on his promises. So these days, in private, Tao Mu was also practicing his dance performance secretly.

But it was not the kind of dance everyone imagined, what Tao Mu would be dancing was not the kind of sexy, provocative or sizzling dance routine, but one of the traditional Chinese classical dances——water sleeves.

Just in time for the Chinese New Year, Tao Mu also specially ordered a bright red ancient costume dress. Because when Tao Mu was an extra in H Town before, he specially asked a dance teacher to teach the water sleeve dance. So he could be considered to have a solid foundation. In addition, he was a man and had a greater physical strength, so when making the water sleeves part of the costume, he directly had it made to a length of seven feet.

On the first day of the winter vacation, the originally lively dance studio was quiet and still. Only Tao Mu himself, wearing a bright red ancient costume dress and holding seven-foot long water sleeves, practiced diligently in front of the mirror for a whole day. Shaking the sleeves, tossing the sleeves, sweeping the sleeves, flinging the sleeves, throwing the sleeves…..hook, throw, dash, toss, sweep, strike, raise…..

Tao Mu was a very focused person. He could also be very ruthless towards himself and endure much hardship. Many people only pay attention to Tao Mu’s good appearance and good acting talent. Every time he made an appearance, whether it was interpreting a role or dancing and singing, people would be delighted by his above the standard performance. But in fact, not many people have paid attention to how long Tao Mu had actually been practicing in private.

Including this final performance drama, everyone only noticed that even though Tao Mu took a half-term leave, he didn’t fail at all to satisfy during the rehearsal of the big play. But in fact, few people paid attention to the fact that after each rehearsal, when everyone went back to the dormitory to rest and chat on the Internet, Tao Mu still stayed in the rehearsal room to practice alone.

Except for Tao Mu’s three roommates.

As Wen Bao said when teasing Tao Mu, a person with a heavy idol baggage was like a white swan floating on the water. You look at him and he appears quite easy and elegant, but you don’t see how diligently his two feet were paddling under the water.

Just like everyone only knew that Wen Bao led a yangko sensation at the end of the play, but no one cared that Wen Bao did not know how to dance yangko at all before the filming of the end-of-term drama performance. Just because Du Kang, the part-time director, made a casual remark——that dancing yangko echoed the character of Mama Ruan, and it could set off the atmosphere. So Wen Bao found a video and a teacher in private, practicing diligently for half a month. Only then on the official day of the performance did his yangko dance have the power to infect everyone.

There were so many talented people in this world. But what really made a difference was not just talent, but in addition to talent, it took ten times and a hundred times more effort than ordinary people put in.


The closed door of the dance studio was pushed open. Student Wen Bao, who was 1.75 meters tall, came in from the door, carrying the lunch he bought from the cafeteria in his hand. There were Tao Mu’s favorite mashed potatoes with roast lamb leg.

“Still practicing! Eat first.” Wen Bao walked barefooted to Tao Mu’s side and sat on the ground: “Du Kang and Xiao Chuzi just left. We wanted to call you out for lunch but were afraid of delaying your training, so we didn’t bear to call you. Anyway, it’s not that we won’t be able to see each other anymore.”

Between men, no matter how good the relationship was, it would not be too sappy. Wen Bao handed over Tao Mu’s lunch: “Do you have any plans for the winter vacation? I mean, do you want to film?”

“Someone looked for you to film?” Tao Mu detached the chopsticks and poured and mixed the mashed potatoes into the rice. He complained a little: “Why didn’t you add some coriander for me?”

“It’s in the pocket, packed alone. I’ve also put onions for you. There are no outsiders here. You can eat whatever you want. I won’t be disgusted by your eating preference.” Wen Bao saw that Tao Mu couldn’t find it after searching for a long time, so he got up and dug out the coriander pack himself and handed it to Tao Mu: “There is a crew, they invited me to act a small supporting role. It is estimated that the shooting time will not be long. It’s a war drama, I will play a traitor in it.”

As soon as Wen Bao said this, Tao Mu instantly remembered. It was indeed Wen Bao’s first drama. It was a particularly reliable war drama with big names gathered in it. Wen Bao played a small supporting role in which he appeared in less than three episodes. His scenes were mostly with the male lead and the second male lead.

The male lead was a well-known veteran actor in the industry, and the second male was a young actor supported by Longteng Entertainment. But the result was that, in the scenes, those between the male lead and Wen Bao were fine, the two actors with slick acting skills acted together, and had all the audiences excited when seeing it. But in the scene with the second male lead, Wen Bao’s acting skills overwhelmed the second male lead completely. The emotions acted were so natural, and all the audience immediately remembered the little traitor who appeared in less than three episodes.

Later, when the little traitor who was a natural coward was killed by the enemy in order to save the male protagonist, many audiences cried. When Tao Mu watched that scene for the first time, his eyes also felt a little wet. He finally understood what acting was.

“Actually, I think your acting skills are better than Yan Sheng, Wang Boyuan and the others.” But for various reasons, although Wen Bao won three best actor awards in his last life, his influence and remuneration were far less than the former.

Wen Bao grinned and said: “A thing like acting, I always think that it depends on the viewer. In fact, it doesn’t matter whether it is good or not, as long as it is enough to use. When acting, it mainly depends on the character. How the character should behave, we should just behave like so and that’s it. I found that you sometimes think too much, so you often go over the top when acting.”

When Tao Mu was acting, sometimes he would always worry that he was not acting good enough. But Wen Bao was not like that. His acting was acting, however the character needed to be performed he would perform, containing a certain degree of relaxation and freedom. He would not deliberately suppress others in the scene nor would he suppress himself on the count of others. On the contrary, when he acted, he liked to pull others into the scene itself. Therefore, when acting with Wen Bao, there was often a refreshing feeling of hearty pleasure.

Just like the final scene in the end of term performance drama, everyone was led and immersed into the scene by Wen Bao and had a lot of fun playing together.

“Actually, I think you were in very good shape during the end of term quiz performance. Don’t think about those unrelated things. Say, you are already a big boss with such a wealth of money. Why do you insist on acting when you can just be a domineering CEO? Wen Bao threw an arm around Tao Mu’s shoulder and patted him: “I think it should be because you are the same as me. Because it’s fun. Since it’s fun, you should forget everything and enjoy having fun. Don’t be afraid that others will always compare you with others. Actually, when you think about it carefully, it can’t be compared all that much.”

Wen Bao had naturally heard rumors that Tao Mu’s performance style was similar to that of others. He really felt it didn’t matter: “So what if it is similar? It’s not like this kind of thing has a trademark. It doesn’t mean that just because you have a similar acting style, you have to give half of your filming salary to the other for the scenes you shoot.”

Tao Mu instantly laughed. After laughing, he asked Wen Bao: “Then don’t you think that when I act sometimes, I not only fail but end up doing a poor imitation as well?”

Tao Mu was referring to his previous life, no matter what he did, fans of Shen Yu and Yan Sheng scolded him like that. If in the beginning Tao Mu was humiliating himself just in order to attack Shen Yu, then in the end, he really couldn’t change it even if he wanted to.

Some things, some encounters, some subtle influences have been integrated into the blood. These things penetrated inside bit by bit. If you want to pull it out, you have to peel off the skin, and even change the blood flowing in the body in order to make a brand new change.

“Who said that?” Wen Bao solemnly looked at his roommate, and squeezed the arm around Tao Mu’s shoulder slightly: “We say your idol baggage is heavy yet you don’t admit it. No one says that, you are the only one who thinks this. And I really don’t think your acting style has any resemblance to that of Yan Sheng’s acting style. Especially the scene you performed for the end of term quiz…..Film emperor Yan had never acted as ugly as you did.” Of course he had also never acted so simple and natural as Tao Mu did.

“Piss off!” Tao Mu glared at Wen Bao in annoyance, did he really think he didn’t want his idol baggage?

“Okay! Then I’m going to piss off now. Go ahead and keep practicing.” Wen Bao packed up the plastic bags and lunch box that he had eaten, and before leaving, he didn’t forget to shoot Tao Mu an eyebrow wagging look: “Hey, don’t mention it, but you look good in women’s clothes. Do you also plan to put on makeup and wig on the day of the video recording?”

Tao Mu looked coldly at Wen Bao’s particularly maliciously amused grin.

Wen Bao gave him a thumbs up as he walked: “Nice, very nice.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Before he finished speaking, a coat flew towards his head. Tao Mu directly grabbed the down jacket on the ground and threw it on Wen Bao’s head. Wen Bao took off his coat and ran away. After running outside the door, he stuck his head in again: “I’m serious. About this script, should I accept it or not?”


After Tao Mu’s response, he heard Wen Bao continue to ask: “There is also another traitorous character who has returned to China from abroad. The director intends to choose you. But he is too embarrassed to call you. He wants me to ask you… you want to take it?”

Tao Mu: “…..” Why was it another traitor!

TN: bonus chapters coming up!

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