After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 106 Shamelessness & A Murder Case Caused By A Pair Of Cotton Leggings

In fact, old man Song didn’t sleep for long before Tao Mu carefully woke him up.

“Grandpa, we have to go to the grave.”

According to the rules of the Song family, the ancestors would be brought home on New Year’s Eve and then sent off on the first day of the new year. When sending off the ancestors it must be directly according to the auspicious times, and before sending off the ancestors, thirty-six dishes must be made by the Song family to pay tribute to the ancestors. In order to prove that the Song family line had been inherited continuously, so that the ancestors could go back with confidence.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

To make thirty-six dishes, it naturally took some time. Although before this, the basic preparatory work had been done. But it still took at least an hour or two on the stove alone. If it was before, when there were many children in the Song family, each person may only have to be responsible for one or two dishes, and it would be faster. But now there were only the old man and Tao Mu, and the old man had to cook twenty-eight dishes by himself. This was a big project.

When Song Daozhen was woken up, he felt a little dazed. After being dazed for a long time, he came back to his senses.

Tao Mu turned on the hot air conditioner, placed the jacket hanging on the radiator over the old man, and pulled out the cotton trousers covered by the quilt. When putting on shoes for the old man, he frowned and said, “Why is this room still so cold? Should we hire someone to set up floor heating?”

“Don’t bother with such an old house.” Song Daozhen waved his hand. This ancestral house of the Song family was handed down since from the Qing Dynasty. It was said to be an antique, and it indeed looked very impressive. But whoever lived in it knew what it was truly like. Cold in winter and hot in summer, and in addition the lighting was not good either. A few years ago, the water, electricity and heating was finally set up with difficulty, but over the years, the pipes had aged, and there were always problems.

Last year, Tao Mu made money in H Town, and when he came back, he overhauled the pipelines of the orphanage and the Song family residence. In particular, the east and west wing rooms of the Song family residence. He also specially went to Liulichang Cultural Street to hire an engineering team that repaired cultural relics and historic sites. From the windows and walls to the interior decorations. At that time, the yard was full of chaos and noise, annoying Mr. Song terribly.

He survived that period with great difficulty, and he was not willing to suffer it a second time.

“But you don’t like the hot air conditioner.” Tao Mu squatted on the ground and put on the old man’s shoes for him: “Electric hot air is an open flame, which is too unsafe. And after a long time, you’ll feel dry in the mouth. We should at least find a way to warm up the house.”

“Blowing the air conditioner makes me sick.” Old man Song waved his hand. He was too old to enjoy the blessing of the air conditioner: “Besides, it’s quite warm in this room. I’ve been here for so many years, and I’m used to it. It’s all you young people, who look very strong and hotblooded, but in actuality are not resistant to the cold at all.”

As old man Song spoke, his eyes fell on Tao Mu’s long, slender and straight legs. Only a thin pair of jeans wrapped Tao Mu’s legs, giving him a shockingly out of place thin look. Old man Song frowned and found that things were not that simple: “You are not wearing cotton pants again?”

“We are taking the car when we go out, and there is heating in the house.” Tao Mu blinked, pointed to the basin of warm water on the washbasin rack, and said, “I’ve filled it up with wash water. I’m going out now——”

“Stinky boy, not wearing cotton leggings in winter, and it’s minus fifteen or sixteen degrees outside…..why don’t you freeze to death!”

Tao Mu hurriedly fled but still could not avoid the scolding. The loud scolding from Mr. Song standing at the door directly awakened the others in the courtyard. Everyone grinning and wrapped in down jackets and large cotton-padded jackets to stand on the veranda to watch the scene.

When the old man finished washing and entered the kitchen, Tao Mu was still squatting in front of the stove, silently guarding his dignity as an idol——resolutely refusing to wear cotton leggings.

“It’s minus fifteen degrees outside, and the northwest wind is blowing harshly. If you don’t wear cotton leggings today, we won’t send off the ancestors.” Old man Song angrily stood on the other side of the stove: “I imagine the old Song family ancestors also don’t want to see the direct disciple of the Song family freeze to death outside because of their stinky vanity.”

“We’re taking the car when we go out, and there is heating in the house…..” Tao Mu still said, “I don’t feel cold either.”

And besides, how could celebrities wear cotton leggings to keep warm? Do you still have the dignity of an idol? Especially when walking the red carpet or watching a fashion show, how could you put on a layer of cotton leggings because of the cold? Those female stars even bare their thighs and show their shoulders. Us men were already much better off, alright?

“And I have heat packets inside my jacket.” Tao Mu said cleverly, “It’s really not cold.”

“You know that old Liu at the entrance of the alley, who drank too much outside on the 28th of the twelfth lunar month, stumbled and slept by the street lamp, that drunkard?” Mr. Song gave an example to tell Tao Mu of the consequences of not wearing cotton leggings in the north: “When the street sweeper found him the next morning, he was already frozen to death, purple and blue all over. Frozen stiff and didn’t look good at all.”

“Also, Principle Yun came to Song Ji for dinner two days ago, and told me that some little girls are now learning to dress up like those in Korean dramas, wearing cotton clothes on top, no cotton leggings underneath, just bare legs and skirt. In the end freezing so bad they urinated blood…..”

Tao Mu was about to explain that he was different from them, only to look up and see old man Song’s firm gaze. Got it. Nothing to say now.

“I’m going to wear cotton leggings.” Tao Mu went back into his room gloomily, and pulled out a pair of thin cotton leggings. Old man Song followed and stared: “Wear thicker ones.”

Tao Mu was even more unhappy. When he put on thick cotton leggings with jeans, he felt very bloated. This time, old man Song was satisfied: “That’s right. In winter, you have to wear thick clothes that will make people feel warm just by looking at them.”

Despite his desperate struggles he still failed to keep his idol’s dignity of never wearing cotton leggings. Tao Mu turned on his phone gloomily. He had always been a person who liked to share his bad mood with others. This new year, he originally wanted to show kindness and turn a blind eye to the actions of a certain old bastard. But now…..this baby was not happy anymore, so what did he still care if the old bastard was happy or not?

Tao Mu harrumphed twice and messaged FlyNews Entertainment to send two reporters to squat outside the Song family’s ancestral tomb. By the way, he also had drother Da Hui go over in advance to make some preparations as well. Although it was New Year’s Day, the entertainment industry always celebrated the New Year when there was gossip, and not when there was no gossip. Therefore, entertainment reporters, gossip magazines and paparazzi were also the same as the special types of work in the country. They only have shifts and no holidays. Of course, as a CEO who was keen to go home for the New Year, Tao Mu treated those who couldn’t go home for the New Year, or who couldn’t rest during the New Year, such as the employees of FlyNews Entertainment who need to always devote themselves to the cause of gossip very well. The overtime pay for the New Year’s holiday, which was ten times the daily salary, and the luxury New Year’s Eve dinner delivery ordered from a five-star hotel were provided, and as a result the reporters of the FlyNews Entertainment Department nearly fought over who could take the New Year’s holiday shift——

So long as your family was by your side, you could celebrate the New Year every day. But ten times the overtime pay was only available for a few days of the year!

Not knowing that his grandson wanted to find someone to vent his annoyance, old man Song supervised as Tao Mu changed into the thick cotton leggings, and only then did he slip back to the kitchen to prepare dishes for ancestor worship in peace.

When the dishes were ready, one old and one young solemnly placed thirty-six Song family dishes one by one in front of the ancestral tablets, making three bows and nine kowtows, and then respectfully invited the ancestors to have a taste. After that was the journey to send the ancestors back to the ancestral grave.

Tao Mu noticed that old man Song also held a red sandalwood box containing the “Song Family Cookbook” and felt a little curious.

Facing Tao Mu’s curiosity, old man Song didn’t say anything. He sat in the back seat with a gloomy face, the shadows on both sides of the driveway flickering past and causing old man Song to look like he was about to melt into the darkness.

By the time Liu Yao and Meng Qi drove them to the Song family’s ancestral tomb, it was already more than six o’clock in the morning. There was a smear of white in the sky.

Yao Shengan, who arrived at the Song family’s ancestral tomb on time at four o’clock, waited in the car for more than two hours before seeing their car. Immediately, he got out of the car with a dark face: “Didn’t you say four o’clock?”

Old man Song held the ancestral tablet and glanced expressionlessly at Yao Shengan, who had a very ugly expression on his face: “Didn’t you say that you want to kneel in front of my father’s grave for a day and a night? I’m worried that your old bones won’t be able to stand it, so I prepared for you to kneel for two hours. Yet you didn’t kneel in the end at all.”

“Then why have you come here so early?” Song Daozhen looked at Yao Shengan with a puzzled expression.

Yao Shengan was almost angered to death by Song Daozhen’s remarks. He almost forgot, Song Daozhen had always been such a person who liked to make bogus accusations since he was young.

At that time, the Song family hadn’t fallen yet. The patriarch of the Song family accepted a total of two disciples, one was him, and the other was Wang Yipin. Song Daozhen was the only son of the old patriarch of the Song family, and the only heir of the Song family’s generation. His age was also young, so he was naturally spoiled by everyone. Therefore, Song Daozhen was also a hell child since childhood. He had a lively personality that did not allow him to sit still. He was always full of bad ideas and tricks, often angering the Song patriarch into using the family punishment on him, punishing him to kneel in the ancestral hall.

Later, after going through that special era, the whole Song family died out or scattered, and Song Daozhen was hit hard and unable to recover after many years.

Thinking of these past events, Yao Shengan couldn’t help but sigh: “I didn’t expect you to think so. If you explained it to me, I would naturally keel here willingly and ask my teacher for forgiveness.”

Song Daozhen sneered: “What I think is my business. It has nothing to do with your actions. If you truly have the heart, since you have arrived in front of the Song family’s grave, you should kneel and cry for forgiveness. It’s not like the ancestors of the Song family would jump out from their coffins to stop you. Why do you still need to ask for permission?”

Song Daozhen, when either speaking or doing things, never bothered to show face to others. Speaking whatever was on his mind: “You insist on kneeling in front of others to apologize, and have others watch you kowtow and offer incense. Whether you really have the heart to apologize or this is all just a pretense, you know it yourself.”

Song Daozhen said, looking coldly at the two reporters who got out of the Yao family’s car carrying cameras: “It seems like it is me who thought too highly of myself. Looks like it is not me you want to put on an act in front of.”

Song Daozhen placed the tablets of the ancestors of the Song family on the grave. In front of the ancestors, he returned the sandalwood box that Yao Shengan had sent back: “When I was sorting out the “Song Family Cookbook”, I found that there were more than ten extra recipes in the back, which should not belong to the Song family. Now what should be returned is returned to the rightful owner.”

At that time, when patriarch Song was still alive, Song Daozhen had not inherited Song Ji, so he was not qualified to read the ancestral recipes. Song Daozhen based it on the time——the day Yao Shengan took someone to seize and confiscate the Song family, stealing the ancestral recipe. From that day onwards, Mr. Song tore off all the dishes recorded in the “Song Family Cookbook” and returned it to Yao Shengan together with the sandalwood box.

“In the Song family’s teachings, what is not my Song family’s things, we must not be greedy and covet it. If there are descendants in the family who studied outside the art of culinary, and want to record the dishes they have learned in the “Song Family Cookbook”, they must obtain the consent of the other party. Either exchange recipes, or buy them with money, and if necessary, they could provide for the other party’s retirement. If in the future, the descendants of the person who gifted or taught them the recipe lost their ancestral recipes and asked the Song family for it, the Song family can’t shirk the request. They must not hold an overly sentimental attachment to it. They must remember their gratitude…..”

Song Daozhen stood in front of the Song family’s ancestral tomb and recited a paragraph of the Song family’s family motto. Then he looked at Yao Shengan with a blank expression: “Mr. Yao had betrayed his teacher to set up his own business. Since then, he is no longer a member of the Song family. The Song family also doesn’t want to have a good relationship with Mr. Yao, nor do we want to hold gratitude towards you for passing on your art. So I return to you everything that belongs to Yao Shengan. You can check it over yourself.”

Yao Shengan looked at Song Daozhen with a complicated look. This was the character of the Song family. Even if they had been ravaged by wind and rain, they would never veer off from its original intention.

“This is my kind regard. It is also my compensation to the Song family. I hope you can accept it.” Yao Shengan smiled in self-ridicule when he said this: “After all, I also learned this skill from the Song family.”

“I already said, so long as the Song family’s recipe collection is completely returned. Since it is complete, whether it is one dish missing or a dozen new dishes added, it will not be complete.” Song Daozhen’s mindset were very clear: “Although your cooking skills are learned from the Song family, you also betrayed your teacher and deceived the ancestors. Therefore, there is no longer any kindness between you and the Song family. If you want to mention the word relationship, then this relationship is that of enmity. “

“If you still have face and conscience, you should stop using the Song family recipes to benefit your Yao family. After all, you have established your own business. Instead of continuing to use Song family recipes like a thief, you might as well find a way to promote the Yao family cuisine, which can also be considered as proving your Yao family name.”

Song Daozhen lit three sticks of incense while talking: “Now, kowtow to make amends. After kowtowing, you can leave.”

Yao Shengan didn’t expect that Song Daozhen would actually respond like this before he could even find a chance to make scene. In just a few words, all his previous plans were shattered.

That was why he hated people like the Song family the most. No matter what the temperament of the family’s descendants was like, they all possessed such an old-fashioned and sour temperament down to their bones. Everything had to be according to the family rules. Please, what era is it now? Everyone paid attention to interests and profit first, yet Song Daozhen holding the “Song Family Cookbook” and guarding such a Song Ji that had fallen to disrepair, what kind of accomplishment could he even achieve?

After another ten or eight years, when Song Daozhen also died, the Song family would face the danger of losing the family art and the breaking of the family bloodline. Instead of watching these things get lost, why not let him use them instead. It could not only solve the crisis of the Sheng’an Group, but also promote the Song Ji brand.

What was more, Song Daozhen was now a major shareholder of Sheng’an Group. It was useless for him to guard an empty Song Ji, and it was better to leave it to the Sheng’an Group to take care of it instead. Else the brand of the Song family also completely declined with the end of the Song family bloodline.

Song Daozhen didn’t expect that Yao Shengan still had plans on Song Ji, and immediately became angry: “Get out of here!”

Song Daozhen picked up a stick and directly beat Yao Shengan and the bodyguard and reporter he brought with him out of the Song family’s ancestral tomb. Watching Yao Shengan hide pathetically behind the bodyguard.

“Think about it. Don’t be so impulsive when you are already at such an advanced age. Although you hate me, you don’t want Song Ji to disappear in your hands, do you? When the time comes, you will have no face to meet the ancestors of the Song family. How will you explain to the ancestors of the Song family!” Yao Shengan knew Song Daozhen’s weakness, and every word he spoke stabbrd at Song Daozhen’s heart.

Yao Shengan saw that Tao Mu didn’t bring reporters here, and the only two cameramen present were those he brought with him and were naturally on his side. So his speech and demeanor instantly relaxed a lot. In front of Song Daozhen, Tao Mu and the others, he brazenly said some harsh words, and then got into the car surrounded by bodyguards and drove away.

Song Daozhen clutched his chest angrily and cursed loudly. He had never seen such a brazenly shameless person. He ruined the Song family, and now he still had the nerve to covet Song Ji. Even if he brought the plaque of Song Ji into the coffin with him, he would never let Yao Shengan succeed.

“Grandpa, don’t be angry. That old bastard won’t succeed.” While Tao Mu comforted his old man, he looked at the two FlyNews Entertainment reporters who suddenly appeared out of nowhere, as well as brother Da Hui, who came to make arrangements ahead of time.

“Everything was filmed?”

The two reporters nodded viciously. Yao Shengan really was a shameless bastard. Even two onlooking outsiders like them couldn’t stand it any longer.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Da Hui walked behind the Song family’s ancestral tomb, and took out a few pinhole cameras hidden in the corners that had been secretly recording everything. The sky was still hazy, and it was dark everywhere. Yao Shengan and his people didn’t notice these “mechanisms” at all.

Tao Mu sneered. His days had been spent too happily, and he had been more willing to put on a kindly appearance, so it seemed some people forgot and really regarded him as a holy father.

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  1. And that’s why the ML likes him. He’s not willing to allow himself or those he cares about to be wronged and his means are legion, with hardly a bottom line. Precisely the behavior any strong businessman should be capable of undertaking even if they choose not to in order to maintain their public image.


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