After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 108 Counterattack & Tao Mu’s Proposal

On the day Tao Mu uploaded the all-angle uncensored video to the Internet, the keyboard warriors who have always liked to point out their IQ on the Internet once again felt the fear of being dominated by “faceslaps”.

Yao Shengan said that he was tricked by the Song family to the ancestral tomb of the Song family at four o’clock in the morning, and waited for two hours in the dark and cold winter night while the Song family arrived at a late and leisurely time.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

——But the result was that Song Daozhen’s few words in the video wiped out the pitiful atmosphere created by Yao Shengan. #He said that he was willing to kneel for a day and a night in order to ask for forgiveness, but he refused to kneel for just two hours, and even complained that Song Daozhen should not let him wait this long. Sure enough, the body is more honest than the mouth #faceslap bam bam bam.

Yao Shengan also said that in order to win the forgiveness of the Song family, he was willing to give over the recipes he had studied for many years. But the result was that Mr. Song did not care for it at all. His words on returning what belonged to the proper owner, coupled with the sincere and unpretentious Song family motto, directly pushed Yao Shengan’s scheming shrewdness into the cracks in the ground. Faceslap again.

In the video edited by Yao Shengan, the most controversial and what most dissatisfied the netizens, the “expelling with cudgel and curses” part, in truth turned out to be a result of Yao Shengan cursing the Song family in front of the Song family’s ancestral tomb to have their bloodline end and even coveting the Song Ji brand.

Damn, don’t mention the only descendant of the Song family who had been pitted by Yao Shengan for most of his life, even unrelated netizens who heard this wanted nothing more than to yell at him and throw him out!

This was too shameless! Standing on the grave of the Song family and cursing the Song family to die out and their family skills to be lost forever. Yao Shengan, did you forget that the reason why the Song family fell into this place today was entirely caused by you, you old bastard?

How can you make such a request so shamelessly? The netizens’ three views were completely shattered, and all their jaws dropped in shock.

Sure enough, the people who could create such a big corporate group from scratch were different from us mere mortals. This black-hearted shamelessness was simply unmatched.

After uploading the complete video, Tao Mu asked the notary department to issue an appraisal to prove that the video had not been edited at all, and threw it all online. By the way, the online water army accounts hired by the Yao family, as well as the remarks posted by these accounts that deliberately provoked the rebellious psychology of netizens, were also circled and publicly exposed.

Things having progressed to this stage, all the truth and points of contention were now clear. If it was said that the ordinary melon-eating people were just in awe. The keyboard warriors who had been hired by the Yao family to lead the slander campaign completely felt their faces become swollen.

Once again, they felt that their IQ and conscience had been crushed and humiliated. In addition to their anger and embarrassment, these fickle keyboard warriors once again rushed to the FlyNews account of Sheng’an Group and Yao Shengan himself like a flood of beasts, venting their resentment with scolds and curses.

All kinds of foul language greeting the Yao family’s female relatives were simply outrageous. At the critical moment, it was Tao Mu who stood forward and tried to dissuade the keyboard warriors who were blinded by anger: “Mr. Yao is in his seventies. He is also an old man from the grandpa generation. You grandsons——I am only referring to age, can you have some of the most basic Chinese traditional virtues of respecting the old and caring for the young? Why are you swearing in such ugly ways?”

“Mr. Yao is in his 70s. He just posted a video on the Internet to set a rhythm, and when he was interviewed by the media, he just pretended to be pitiful. He didn’t point a gun at your head, forcing you to believe and sympathize with him and fight against injustice for him. Isn’t it all done according to your own will and pleasure? It’s currently the Chinese New Year holidays, yet you don’t play mahjong or watch TV with family and friends, but instead go online and vent your passion. Even if Mr. Yao wants to build and stage and sing opera, it is you people who are willing to cheer for him below. Now the song ends and the curtain falls so you don’t want to be a ghost and just want to pretend to be a human being? But you guys hiding under a layer of anonymity still appear like sneaking demons and monsters!”

“You guys actually dare to scold the founder of a corporate group worth tens of billions of dollars. I say, your heads are all quite inflated! Aren’t you afraid that Mr. Yao might become angry, and in a fit of anger, the powerful lawyers of Sheng’an Group will come and sue you all one by one. After all, Mr. Yao is a fierce character who dared to curse the Song family to die out while still standing in the ancestral. The fellow wasn’t even afraid of the Song family’s ancestors jumping out of the coffin to seek revenge on him, so how could he be afraid of you clueless and blind idiots who so easily fall into the trap set by the water army?”

“Although defends your right to speak freely, it will not stop Sheng’an Group from using legal means to protect their legitimate rights and interests. Just as an advice, you guys scolding me at ordinary times is no problem. After all, I am the founder of Just for the sake of traffic, I won’t do anything to you. At most, I will just hand out some faceslaps and help you test your IQ. But some narrow-minded and thick-faced people are a completely different story.”

“It being the New Year’s, I advise everyone to eat more pig brains to supplement your own brains, and when looking for death don’t take shortcuts.”

Tao Mu’s way of talking and chatting, especially when it came to bitching out others, possessed the essence of Mr. Song. This whole typed statement was full of the mean and sarcastic sneering that made people feel refreshed and full of enthusiasm after reading it.

Not mentioning Yao Shengan and a group of keyboard warriors who were ridiculed by Tao Mu. Even the irrelevant melon-eating people broke out into a cold sweat and felt relieved they hadn’t followed along in the slander campaign after reading it.

Of course, there were also some keyboard warriors of unknown attributes who actually became Tao Mu’s fans because of Tao Mu’s long-winded scolding statement. Such fans didn’t care about Tao Mu’s career, nor did they care about Tao Mu’s scandals. They just eagerly waited for Tao Mu to have his next bitch out with someone on the Internet.

They were just that weird.

But these were all afterwords.

Just in time for the New Year’s, Yao Shengan, who was unprepared for Tao Mu’s installation of pinhole cameras and monitors on the tomb, once again tasted the bitter fruit of trying to gain an advantage only to end up worse off. Yao Shengan and the Yao family, who deliberately guided public opinion only to be bitten by the keyboard warriors, were both terribly scolded.

When Tao Mu’s hearty scolding speech was posted on the Internet, even the Sheng’an Group, which had been working hard to reduce its sense of presence, was not spared.

First, Yao Shengan’s old scandals were exposed, and attracted Tao Mu and Xiaoheng Capital to jointly attack Sheng’an Group, causing the stock price of Sheng’an Group to plummet; later, there was the incident of the Yao family’s eldest son-in-law embezzling public funds and waste oil scandal; then finally Yao Shengan cursing the Song family line to die out in front of the Song family’s grave and coveting the brand of Song Ji was exposed. Although Yao Sheng’an himself was scolded by netizens, the Sheng’an Group was also burdened with losing any image they managed to hold onto. The corporate reputation plummeted once again.

Things should not be done more than three times. This time, even the shareholders of Sheng’an Group, who originally supported Yao Shengan, or did not dare to easily remove the chairman because of their concerns, couldn’t bear it anymore.

In the absence of Yao Shengan himself, the shareholders of Sheng’an Group rushed on the fifth day of the Chinese New Year to hold another shareholders’ meeting to discuss the removal of Yao Shengan’s chairman seat. In the end, except for Yao Shengan and the Yao family who objected and Zhou Shenxing abstaining on behalf of Song Daozhen as usual, all the remaining shareholders voted in favor.

Yao Shengan, the founder of the Sheng’an Group, who used to be the chairman of the group, was undisputedly expelled from the board of directors.

After the news spread, Yao Shengan, who was still in the capital, instantly appeared to age more than ten years. He actually expected this day when Tao Mu took 20% of the shares of Sheng’an Group from the Yao family as Song Daozhen’s representative. And everything he did after that was just because he was unwilling to give in without a fight.

It was a pity that Tao Mu got in the way, and he couldn’t get his wish in the end.

Perhaps the Yao family’s luck was exhausted. When he hung up the phone, Yao Shengan stood silently in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows of the hotel room, quietly staring at the snow-covered Beijing City.

If he didn’t have the attitude of calculating Song Daozhen when he came here, but discussed cooperation matters with Song Daozhen openly and honestly, would the development of things be different?

Yao Shengan asked himself and shook his head silently. Probably not. He knew the temperament of the Song family too well. This was a group of hard bones who were determined not to compromise with the enemy for the sake of profit. He believed that Song Daozhen would rather take the Song Ji plaque into the coffin than lend it to him to tide over the difficulties. Even if it was a win-win cooperation.

Fine! Even if Yao Shengan lost his seat as chairman of the Sheng’an Group, he still owned 20% of the shares of the Sheng’an Group. So long as the Sheng’an Group did not collapse, he would still be an entrepreneur with a net worth of tens of billions in this life.

He want to see with his own eyes how Song Daozhen will bring the plaque of Song Ji into the coffin after the Song family line died out!

On the other side, Tao Mu and old man Song obviously didn’t know that a certain someone was silently cursing them and wanted to wait and see the day when the Song family line and family skills died out. The old man Song looked at the two uninvited guests who came from afar, and was even more surprised by the invitation from the two.

“Invite me to be the chairman of Sheng’an Group?” Song Daozhen repeated in disbelief, and couldn’t help asking: “Are you well?”

Chairman Shen was displeased in his heart, but smiled amiably on the surface: “Don’t get me wrong, Mr. Song. We have absolutely no intention of joking with you. Otherwise, us father and son would not represent the Sheng’an Group to come knocking on your door. In fact, inviting you to serve as the new chairman of Sheng’an Group is a decision passed by all shareholders of Sheng’an Group after a collective vote at the general meeting of shareholders. We all know Mr. Song is a man of character, as well as the golden quality of the Song Ji brand. Besides, you also own 10% of the shares of Sheng’an Group. Please come to serve as the new chairman of Sheng’an Group, which is something everyone is happy about.”

This was indeed the case. The old grievances between the Yao family and the Song family were well known on the Internet. The reason why the company’s reputation and image plummeted was because of this damn thing when all was said and done. Therefore, asking Song Daozhen and Song Ji to join the Sheng’an Group was definitely a booster for the current Sheng’an Group. Not only could it successfully turn over the past events of Sheng’an Group’s unrighteousness, but also increase the publicity and positive image of Sheng’an Group.

One must know that the Song family motto Song Daozhen recited in front of the Song family tomb was now circulated all over the Internet. Many netizens were therefore particularly interested in Song Ji’s past and took the initiative to post on the Internet to ask about various anecdotes related to Song Ji. The Song family had a history that was passed down from the Qing Dynasty era to the present, and the historical accumulation of more than a hundred years was more likely to arouse the national pride of netizens.

So now, Song Ji was definitely a time-honored Internet celebrity that netizens were very concerned about. If they could borrow the Song Ji brand, then the scandal embroiled Sheng’an Group could definitely get a fresh start, if not totally forgiven.

It must be said that even if Yao Shengan’s methods were dirty, his calculations were excellent. The Shen family father and son were also inspired by Yao Shengan’s actions. They believed that the Sheng’an Group did not necessarily need Yao Shengan. If Song Daozhen could replace him and take charge of Sheng’an Group, it is likely that the effect would be better than Yao Shengan remaining as chairman. Other shareholders of Sheng’an Group watched the video and thought this move was particularly good as well.

Unfortunately, Yao Shengan underestimated Tao Mu’s combat power. The Sheng’an Group also knew nothing about the temperament of the Song family.

Song Daozhen even refused to accept the dozen or so recipes that Yao Shengan added to the “Song Family Cookbook”, so how could he accept the Sheng’an Group created by Yao Shengan himself?

“I’m not interested!” Song Daozhen’s face sank immediately after hearing the words of the Shen family. What was their meaning? Let him take care of the food group created by the enemy? This was to use his Song family’s reputation as a rag!

“Out! Out! Out!” Song Daozhen impatiently picked up the broom and pushed the people out of Song Ji.

It was the New Year’s, why were these people so annoying, couldn’t they let him have a peaceful New Year’s!

“Mr. Song, please think about it again.” When the father and son of the Shen family were kicked out of Song Ji, they did not forget to continue their lobbying: “The current situation of the Song family is indeed true that there is no successor. I believe that Mr. Song does not want Song Ji to end with you either and for this brand to disappear. Your joining the Sheng’an Group is a win-win for both Song Ji and Sheng’an Group. “

Father Shen turned his head to look at Tao Mu, judging others with himself: “Mr. Tao should also persuade the old gentleman. Isn’t the best way to get revenge on a person by watching his career after decades of hard work end up belonging to others? Besides, Yao Shengan’s craftsmanship was originally inherited from Song Ji, and now if Mr. Song becomes in charge of Sheng’an Group, it can also be considered a product of the karmic cycle——”

“Obviously our old man’s thinking is not the same as yours.” Tao Mu smiled slightly and interrupted Chairman Shen’s words: “Do not do to others what you don’t want to do to yourself. Back then, Yao Shengan coveted the recipes passed down from the Song family’s ancestors, and did not hesitate to harm the whole Song family. If today our old man went to the Sheng’an Group to be the chairman of the board for revenge, how would his behavior be different from that of Yao Shengan? The Song family’s clean reputation over several lifetimes built the Song Ji brand. We really don’t have the desire to be a rag cloth. I suggest that the Sheng’an Group invite another talented person to fill the spot.”

“But Song Ji——”

“Please!” Tao Mu firmly saw them out the door: “It’s freezing cold, be careful of slippery roads.”

If it was said that Song Daozhen and the Shen family had a dissidence of opinion, Tao Mu and the Shen family have nothing to say to each other at all. After sending the visitors away directly, Tao Mu turned back to Song Ji. He found that the old man Song, who had just now kicked people out with a broom so energetically, was sitting silently in front of the kitchen stove with his head down and silent.

Tao Mu knew that no matter how firm and strong old man Song appeared on the surface, those bastards’ words were actually stabbing into the heart of the old man.

The old man was really worried that after he passed away, there would be no successor to the Song family, and the brand of Song Ji would also die out. Tao Mu, as a direct disciple of the old man, since he had been carefully trained by the old man, even if he ran off to act and do business, he still had the obligation to inherit and carry on the Song Ji name.

He wouldn’t just watch the old man be troubled.

“Old man,” Tao Mu half-squatted in front of Song Daozhen, looked up at the old man’s gray hair and wrinkled face, and asked warmly, “Do you want to open a chef school?”

“Huh?” Just now immersed in his own thoughts, Song Daozhen hadn’t paid attention to what Tao Mu said.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“I mean open a school to teach people cooking.” Tao Mu said patiently: “The way I see it, we can use the brand of Song Ji to open a chef school and recruit students from the whole society. The Sheng’an Group’s 10% dividend is enough to pay for opening a chef school. We can recruit people from here first. You can consider carefully to see which student’s talent meets the requirements of the Song family apprentices. We can accept some apprentices and then slowly cultivate them. We can even use the Song family motto as the school rules, and all students must recite the family rules. And the Song family rules will be taken as the code of conduct and professional standards. If there are people who are particularly pleasing to the eye, you can always accept them as direct disciples and pass on your craftsmanship in person. After they have completed their studies, they can go to open a branch of Song Ji or stay in Song Ji as chefs.”

“This should be a big project. But we can take it slowly. What do you think?”

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